What I Got For Christmas (2014)

Merry Christmas!  Every year I receive requests to share what I find wrapped up for me by my sweet husband under the Christmas tree.  I have decided to show my gifts this year.  Please know that in doing so I am in no way trying to brag or show off.  This is simply sharing, nothing more.  I am very grateful for my husband’s generosity and thoughtfulness.  The best gift of all that no material item could ever hold a candle to is his love, and I am blessed by that gift every day of the year.

Here’s a look at what I found under the tree this morning:


✻ Frends Taylor Tortoise Oil & Slick Bundle – I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous headphones forever.  I love the tortoise package Don picked out for me!

✻ Hoodie-Footie Winter Whimsy Snuggle Fleece – This has to be my most favorite gift of all!  It’s been decades since I’ve had one-piece PJs.  I’m super excited about this cozy and festive set!  Don even had my name monogrammed on them.  Yay!

LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favorites – Every year Don stocks me up with a great big LUSH gift set filled with bath goodies.  I’m all set for winter now!

Jo Malone Travel Candle Collection – I’ve had my eye on the gorgeous Jo Malone candles for ages, but they’re so pricey I’ve never taken the plunge.  I can’t wait to try out this festive gift set!

Swarovski Winnie the Pooh Christmas Ornament – Don and I have a tradition of exchanging ornaments every Christmas.  This year he went above and beyond with this gorgeous crystal Pooh ornament.  It’s too pretty to hang on the tree!  I think I might hang it by my desk instead so I can enjoy it every day.

Parfum Divine de Caudalie – I’ve been obsessed with the Caudalie Divine Oil for the past few months, using it almost every night on my legs and arms before bed.  I can’t get enough of the beautiful scent!  Who knew they had a matching perfume?  It smells just the same and I couldn’t be more excited about my new signature scent.

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker – If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I sadly broke the glass kettle of my beloved tea maker last week and was super bummed that they don’t sell that replacement part.  Don was quick to find a replacement for me.  He’s such a sweetheart!

Check out this video where Don & I share what we got in our stockings this year:

 I’d love to know what you got or gave as holidays gifts if you’d care to share.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what Don gave me for Christmas this year.  I love every single item and know I’ll get so much use and joy out of each gift.  Best of all is the gift of the love we share. <3
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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32 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas (2014)”

  1. Wow you got some really nice things. Hopefully I’ll get the teamaker next year.
    This year I received a new handbag, a hairdryer, a little wooden figurine and some money.

    I hope you and your loved ones have nice holidays!

  2. I am in love with the pyjamas!! But they are so expensive!! I think I am going to save up and buy them without the name, can’t wait!

  3. I don’t think you’re bragging at all. I look at posts like this in the same way I did Oprah’s Favorite Things. It’s very inspirational. Thank you for continuing to share and …. Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas, Jen. Had to let you know I purchased some of your suggestions (The Wedge, Thermapen) and my husband and daughter loved their gifts. Thank you for wonderful suggestions. They were greatly appreciated!

  5. Merry Christmas to you, Don, and Winnie! 🙂
    That onesie is adorable, I think it’s such a nice gift. I may have to keep that in mind for next year.

    My significant other was incredibly generous. Just before Christmas I got a new cell phone, but for Christmas, he went all out. I got a cover for the Kindle Paperwhite, a micro-SD card, and makeup. But not just any makeup. He got me the three palettes I had set my eyes on and was so undecided about. I knew I was going to get a gift certificate to a makeup store similar to Sephora here in Germany, so I figured I would just take it and get one of the three palettes, but no, my love got me all three for Christmas (and now I have a gift certificate I still need to use). He got me the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette (now I have all three!), the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette, and the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. Can I say I feel blessed? He’s so generous <3

  6. Merry Christmas to Jen, Don and Winnie!

    I’m glad you decided to share your gifts this year. It’s nice to see what other people received, so I can think of ideas for next year 😉
    I absolutely love that Pooh ornament, it’s so stunning. Great job Don!

  7. Aw loved seeing the hubs in a video! You are one of my favorite newfound you tubers! You inspire me to be more domestic, lol. You and don are so cute together and he is so generous! You are a lucky girl. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  8. What lovely gifts and a thoughtful husband 🙂 I have a thoughtful and loving husband too! He outdid himself and bought me a Keurig. We set a price for each other and we’re not allowed to go over that limit. Love our tradition!

  9. My hubby gifted me a Faber Castell fountain pen, a Seven Seas Writer (journal), and a fancy tea sampler from Trader Joe’s. My FIL gave me a $100 Etsy giftcard which I used to buy a beautiful handmade wooden box and a cover for my new journal 🙂

    While I love receiving presents, I have to admit it’s even better seeing my family members faces as they open theirs!

  10. Thank you for the fun holiday posts! I love your content and you have inspired me to pursue blogging. I hope you guys are having a fabulous time with your family and that it is fulfilling, relaxing, and so very blessed! Merry Christmas from Washington State! Enjoy the snow for me 🙂

  11. Lovely gifts, Don always knows what to buy you, he’s so sweet!

    I’ve got my eye on a big Lush set as a post-Chistmas treat to myself, I’m just waiting to see if it happens to go down in the sale! I got spoilt by my Mr and family too, we had a lovely, albeit quiet Christmas, but lovely none the less!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  12. Hi Jen,
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Cute pj’s. Let us know how you like the headsets. They are gorgeous but I would love to know about the sound quality. It’s very hard to find headsets that don’t overpower a woman’s head. Also, where did you get the Toddy Gear Wedge for Don? DH would love that one. I ended up getting myself one as well as gifting one based on your video. One of these days I have to break down and consider that tea maker. We have the coffeemaker and love it (a bit high maintenance) and I am thinking of getting their toaster oven next.
    Tried your egg nog and loved it especially the next day with coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Oh how wonderous that was. Also gifted the PopSugar Dude box. Um…it was a bit of a chore to make him open everything so I think in the future I will pick out what I like and wrap each one myself. If he did not “get it” immediately, there was a face. But thanx, he loved the socks and put them on immediately and has been wearing the hat. He tried out the headsets. It just took too much explanation on my part so I may or may not do it in the future. It has to be familiar and useful immediately and has to feel good or be comfortable. If it scratches or itches or is too tight here or there or does not resemble something he already has or uses it’s tricky. Oh and the chocolate was perfect. He understood that as well.

    1. I bought the wedge on the ToddyGear website – it appears they aren’t stocking that design right now. Glad you DH liked at least some bits of the PopSugar box! I thought it was a nice selection 🙂

  13. I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas! My mother got me that lovely WS Hot Chocolate Pot in your gift guide, after I hinted how cool it was. 🙂

    How do you like the comfort/sound of those headphones, now that you have them? I too have been eyeing them for a while, the white rose gold pair, but I’ve been nervous about spending the money without knowing how they feel/sound.

    1. I haven’t had a chance to use them much just yet but I’m thinking they just might end up making it into a favorites post & I’ll talk more about them once I’ve used them more.

  14. Merry Christmas Holidays Jen!

    Truely I’m glad see your gifts. Really I’m proud follower of your blog sites and of you Youtube channel.
    Here in Spain there are a big crisis and few families can to do expensives gifts. But the important is the love.

    Here day of Christmas the gifts are generally for children. Years ago, this was not done, but the influence of your country (and of the Santa’s films) in mine made this began to be a new tradition here. Because here always the gifts are the January 6th, we also celebrate the day of the Three Wise Men.

    Then that day all exchange gifts.
    This year I still I don’t know if my husband and me will can do gifts to my two little men. (that they like, of course some gift they receive from us, although it is not desired by them.) I hope that yes, but still I don’t know. For the crisis. We have do numbers and see if we can. Because not is easy. Boys like gifts bit expensives and well they are 18 and 22 years ols and they know how is we home economy. Are good boys.

    Oh! hehe I write a lot about me. Well, I would like say to you that yours videos and blogs make me very happy. Is very beautiful the happiness you transmit. And help me to dream. All is possible with love, and with imagination.

    Yours items give me big ideas for all. Your videos make me dream and forgot others things.
    I think you would like know I start again to makeup after watching your videos with cosmetics. 🙂
    Also I am organized my home, I have this year a cute “finocam” (versus filofax) for my day to day, hehe and of course… Im organizing my life.

    My small gift for you is a BIG….: Thank you very much for all you time for us.♥

    1. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season. I hope the new year brings you and your loved ones better fortune.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing Jen! Always love seeing what other people get for Christmas! Looks like it was an awesome Christmas – Don is so thoughtful!!

    My husband gave me the same Lush gift set – I was thrilled!! Love Lush!

    The Swarovski Winnie the Pooh ornament is adorable! I collect Swarovski figurines – they are just so beautiful:)

    Loved your Stocking video too – you and Don are so cute together, thanks so much for welcoming us into your home on Christmas to share when you guys got in your stockings!

  16. Hi Jen, Thanks for sharing ! I got the Two Faced Chocolate eye shadow palette from my daughter. My husband got me things to use in my craft room to make cards. I got him stuff for his wood shop. My daughters favorite gift was hub caps for her car…..LOL. Two of hers had fallen off just before Christmas and her car looked so bad. Also she got several movies from TCM. Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Roonie. I hope you have a Healthy & Happy New Year !

  17. Hi Jen lovely gifts as usual! Did Winnie get a stocking too? Just wondering if there’s to be a Filofax update soon? (Or I think you’ve gone over to a Mulberry?)

    1. Yes, Winnie got a couple of new toys and a chicken jerky strip in her stocking. Hope to have a planner update soon 🙂

  18. Hey Jen! Just been watching your Christmas Vlog and wondered what was the model of Phillips Fryer you got Don? The sales are on over here in England and I have a John Lewis gift card to spend!! Happy New Year and thanks for all the vlogginess! XxX

  19. Oh my goodness! Your man has good taste- I love that Urban Decay B6 spray! It feels so good on your face, especially if you have dry skin. I won’t be surprised if it ends up on one of your favorites videos 🙂

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