Week In Review (October 28 – November 3, 2013)

Happy November!  It seems to me every year that my days grow increasingly packed as we get into the thick of the autumn season.  I mentioned in my last WIR that Halloween feels like the kick-off of the holiday season to me, so it makes sense that there is more to do in any given day, considering the flurry of activity that starts to swell from now through mid-February in our family.  This busy bee loves it!  Between juggling three YouTube channels, three websites, and all of my social media platforms as well as holiday planning, prep, gatherings, and travel, my days are indeed filled to the fullest!  Of course, I think it’s important to find time to enjoy the special moments of life, both big and small, no matter how busy things can get.  There’s something about the last quarter of the year that really grabs my attention in this way.

Fall’s Fading Beauty

OJ|MHWL_11-04-2013_01I love being outside and fall is a special reminder for me to savor moments enjoying fresh air and nature before the weather turns from warm to chilly and the sky from blue to grey.  After dilly-dallying for all of a gloriously beautiful October, fall now seems to be picking up the pace with the leaves falling quickly in our neighborhood and the flower annuals fading fast.  I took photos of our own garden just a week ago at their peak and they’ve now started to brown thanks to overnight frosts.  The leaves on my favorite tree this year in the neighborhood are suddenly half gone.  It is a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life.  Nothing is permanent, but everything returns anew and slightly different.

More Fall Treats

OJ|MHWL_11-04-2013_02I have been enjoying the sweet (literally!) moments of fall as well, including the return of more favorite seasonal hot beverages.  I love being able to create these taste treats at home where I can control what precisely goes into them.  One of my favorite fall indulgences is a tasty Cinnamon Plum herbal tea from Rishi that I steep in local apple cider instead of water.  I also recently figured out how to make a decadent and frothy green tea latte at home using my Bialetti hot chocolate maker.  Although I’m trying to eat less sweets myself, I do enjoy baking for my friends and family whenever I have an opportunity.  I recently whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies that I took out to my Grandma for a visit, who might just have an even bigger sweet tooth than me!  I shared this recipe during my Holiday Baking Series last year.  I changed it up a bit my replacing the M&M’s with peanut butter chips with great results.  It’s such a blessing for me to be able to share home baked goodies with my Grandma who first taught me how to bake when I was just a little girl.

A Spooktacular Halloween

OJ|MHWL_11-04-2013_03Halloween has officially come and gone.  I celebrated with a spooky-themed bath earlier in the week using one of my favorite seasonal bath bombs from LUSH called The Enchanter while watching Halloween tutorials on YouTube and sipping tea out of my favorite ghost mug.   I guess that’s my adult version of Halloween treats!  Don was away on a business trip for the day itself, so Winnie & I headed over to my SIL’s house to help hand out candy there and hang out with the family.  That little ruffly tush is my niece, Grace!  She is 5 months old and amazingly gets cuter every time I see her, which seems impossible because she’s always the cutest!  It was pouring rain for the majority of trick-or-treating hours and I felt so sorry for the kids getting soaked, but they didn’t seem too fazed by it.  I guess the promise of free candy makes a walk in the rain seem not so bad after all!

The Handbag Charity Auction Is Live!

OJ|MHWL_11-04-2013_05The biggest news of the past week is that I launched my Handbag Charity Auction.  I could not be any more excited about this and the response I’ve received already is blowing me away!  You guys are amazing and I’m so happy to be sharing this kind of fundraising experience with you.  You can check out my post about it here for links to all of my listings, a video sharing what’s up for auction, and a description of the charity I chose to support.

I wish all of you a very happy start to the month and hope that you’re finding ways to savor the special moments both big and and small amidst the hubbub of everyday life.  Take care!



14 thoughts on “Week In Review (October 28 – November 3, 2013)”

  1. Wow, the colors on the flowers are so beautiful. I love it. I’m definitely going to try the green tea latte with my hot chocolate maker. Thank you for sharing.

    Congrats on the auction, so happy for you and the charity!

  2. I love Autumn. All summer long I yearn for it, and then it’s such a short season. But good while it lasts.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Vlogtober with you. And yes, you are a busy bee. Lots always going on with you. I’ve been making myself a cup of tea (Fortnum’s afternoon blend usually, I’m too British for flavoured teas & the like), and enjoying your newest vlog.

    I must away. Early here, and I have to get my daughter ready for school.

    Enjoy November.

  3. Good morning….that was fun to read. You have a wonderful way with words that I enjoy. Have a great day and take care!

  4. Love these week in review posts Jen, you take the most beautiful Instagram pictures. Was just wondering if you could enable us to follow your blog on Blog lovin? I know a lot of people use that as an easy site to follow lots of blogs- just a thought 🙂

  5. Do tell…what is that gorgeous arrangement of what looks like mums and blue roses? I would love to recreate that for myself next year.

  6. I also enjoy being outside before the coldest days arrive! But here in Barcelona (spain) it didn’t start to get a little bit chilly since two days ago! I love summer but I like that cozy sensation when you have to put your coat on too!

  7. Thanks for the post Jen and it’s great to see the auction taking off! In reference to Halloween, it’s the parents that have to suffer in the rainy weather! You are definitely right that the kids don’t mind but, being in the pacific northwest, I know all about walking in the cold and rain! There’s no end to the sacrifices we make for our kids, it’s worth it when you see them having a good time though! Enjoy the rest of Fall Jen!

  8. Jen I am doing a school project on you and could I use a picture of winnie from tumblr ill send you the project in mail please thankyou

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