Week In Review | November 16 – November 22, 2015

It was a blissfully uneventful week at the Ross household which I’m thinking was the lull before the holiday frenzy begins.  I split my time between working on content and prepping the house (and myself) for Thanksgiving.  I’d like to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram with you.

week in review thanksgiving prep

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away?  I’ve updated my Thanksgiving prep plan and made my grocery lists (I saw that turkey cake at my local Whole Foods and couldn’t help snapping a pic, it’s so cute!).  I’ve been buzzing around the house getting ready for our annual turkey day festivities.  Our brother-in-law, Dave, helped Don move around the furniture in our combo living/family room to make way for the rental tables and chairs that were delivered last Friday.  It was almost like having a ballroom in our own home (for one day at least until we get the rentals set up).  I included my dog, Winnie, in my photo for scale. 😉

week in review food 11-24-2015

Our house isn’t the only thing undergoing a festive transformation as the holidays approach.  It not only looks like the holidays, but it tastes like it, too!  My Mom came over to enjoy Don’s homemade chicken soup for lunch last week and brought turkey stuffing flavored chips to share.  I didn’t know a potato chip could taste like Thanksgiving, but these sure did!  I was also excited to see that Shake Shack launched their holiday shakes last week and treated myself to the gingerbread version.  Divine!

week in review baby 11-24-2015

Our home continues to transform not just for the holidays but in preparation for Baby Girl’s arrival as well.  We set up the Halo Bassinet my parents gave to us as a shower gift in our room and I filled it with Baby’s unicorn plushies and a few homemade blankets for a decorative touch.  Of course I’ll remove those once she is here for safety, but for now I like looking at this sweet sight next to the bed when I wake up every morning.  I’ve also started organizing her closet in the hopes that I can start filling it with her new things in the next couple of weeks.

My Mom brought over some of my old baby clothes that she saved for posterity, including the outfit and blanket she brought both me and my brother home from the hospital in.  I love this collection of memories she is passing on to us now.  I think it’s a lovely tradition to save a few treasured pieces to hand down to your children as memories.

week in review winter 11-24-2015

We had plans on Saturday that we had to cancel due to our first snow of the season, which rendered the roads temporarily unsafe.  As bummed as we were to miss out on celebrating a special day with a dear friend, we were cozy and warm inside our home with the fire on watching the snow fall.  It was a winter wonderland out there!  The sun came out on Sunday and Winnie and I enjoyed a snowy romp together.  I know snow is inconvenient for many and can be dangerous to drive in, but it is extraordinarily beautiful to me.  Winnie can’t get enough of it, either!

As I mentioned previously, it was a rather calm week for me and I focused on my content and prepping for Thanksgiving.
I vlogged sharing some of my Thanksgiving prep on Sunday:

I’d love to hear about your holiday preparations if you care to share.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate!


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


9 thoughts on “Week In Review | November 16 – November 22, 2015”

  1. I’m watching your vlog now on my iPad!! Love seeing your day in the life videos. Totally can imagine you are tiring quicker, being 8 months pregnant! You did so much considering, and it was a Sunday 🙂 Love seeing these videos, because you are so active and it really inspires me to try and be more productive.

  2. Just watched your Thanksgiving Prep video. I know everyone doesn’t like the blog posts but I like to come over and read your thoughts also. Don’t worry about not doing everything as easy as before and the breathlessness. I remember that feeling and it is horrible but the memory fades. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. I know about tiredness I suffer with a underactive thyroid.that makes you tired slot.but in your case it’s pregnancy.

  4. Jennifer,
    I watched the vlog for thanksgiving prep and I can’t believe how perfectly perfect your table looks, so pretty. You deserve the best. Winnie is so adorable. I love watching your videos and reading your blogs, such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Don.

  5. I was so happy to see some of your Thanksgiving prep. You always do such a wonderful job. I have adopted some of your ideas for party planning and it has made the world of difference, thank you! Here in Canada we have already celebrated Thanksgiving, but I look forward to sharing a bit of your holiday through your vlogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Don, as well as all of your family!

  6. That snow though. I live on the coastal side of the Pac Northwest and we rarely get it. I have major inclement weather-envy…didn’t even know that existed! 😉 Your baby things look so sweet, my youngest is 9 and I wish I would have captured the smell of his sweet little baby head in a bottle (you’ll understand that’s totally not a creepy thing very soon, lol). Blessings to you and yours!

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