Week In Review | October 26 – November 1, 2015

The last week of October is always a festive time of year with the neighborhood all decked out for Halloween.  I had a busy but fun week embracing the season!  I’d like to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram with you.

week in review fall beauty 11-03-2015

This is generally the time of year when the Chicagoland weather transitions into what I call the November Gloom.  While October is generally mild and filled with gorgeous, sunny days, November can be a bit drab and grey between overcast skies and the last of the foliage tucking in to hibernate in preparation for winter.  Fortunately, we enjoyed some beautiful sunny days this past week.  There’s still some colorful leaves on the trees and the hardy annuals and perennials have not all faded.  The colors are just breathtaking!

week in review tasty treats 11-03-2015

The temperature continues to drop despite the sunshine and hints of the upcoming winter winds are picking up, making for some chilly morning walks with my pup, Winnie.  I love coming in from a particularly blustery day and enjoying a hot cup of something with a little treat on the side.  I made my first cup of hot chocolate of the season last week.  What a taste treat!

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week in review hauls 11-03-2015

I did a bit of fun fall shopping last week I thought I’d share about here.  I picked up a couple of autumn-themed Signature Soy candles on sale from Target on a whim.  We’ve already burned halfway through one of them in the family room during our nightly family hangouts to watch TV and read together.  I’m enjoying burning soy candles lately as I find they burn a bit cleaner.

I also stocked up on some of my current favorite skincare items at Ulta thanks to a well-timed coupon I received in the mail.  I absolutely love the Juice Beauty line that I shared about in my recent skincare update.  I’ve gotten into the habit in recent years of switching up most of my skincare products when I run out, but I’ve stuck with Juice Beauty since I’ve been pregnant.  It’s working well for me right now.  I also snagged the new holiday scents in my favorite body moisturizer and hand lotion by Pacifica.  I love special holiday releases like these!

week in review winnie 11-03-2015

I realize I’ve been neglecting Winnie’s blog this year, which was never my intent, but it gets pushed down on the priority list when time is running short.  I’ve tried posting more photos of her on Instagram lately to make up for it, although I would like to get back into maintaining her blog at least somewhat regularly.  She’s such a beautiful girl and absolutely loves this time of year when the weather gets cooler (“Winnie Weather” as I like to call it) and there’s a lot of leaves to kick up and frolic in at the park.  She’s my autumn princess ❤︎

week in review more winnie 11-03-2015

Winnie gets into the October festiveness with her fun Halloween bow collection from Doggie Bow Ties and Beauty By Paris.  I like to dress her in a different one each day in the week leading up to Halloween.  I can only imagine how much fun it will be when I have two girls to cuddle and get into the festive spirit with!

week in review halloween 11-03-2015

Speaking of festiveness, I, too, donned my Halloween garb in celebration this past weekend.  I purchased this cute Disney Inspired Mickey Pumpkin Halloween Maternity Shirt from MommasCraftCorner on Etsy.  Lots of trick-or-treaters complimented it! 

We always get a lot of kids in our neighborhood and typically buy about 400 bars of candy each year, which we go through with no problem.  This year was no exception!  We actually ran out of candy, including our mini reserves, 15 minutes before the official trick-or-treating hours ended, but fortunately we didn’t get any more kids at our door after that point.  I like Halloween for its emphasis on fun and frivolity.  What’s better than giving the gift of candy and cheer to children?  Fun times 🎃

I snap-vlogged every day for the month of October over on my Snapchat, prettyneatlivng.  It was a way for me to daily vlog in a super casual way for a change of pace.  I also compiled that footage into a weekly vlog in case you’re not on Snapchat.  Here’s my fifth and final weekly compilation:

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my week!
I’d love to know what made your week special if you care to share.
Happy November!


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12 thoughts on “Week In Review | October 26 – November 1, 2015”

  1. Always enjoy watching. Love Winnie! I also have a fur baby….Tucker(Cocker Spaniel). He also has long hair. Don’t you love/ hate it? I love how beautiful he becomes when his leg hair and skirt is long. I just hate the maintenance though.

  2. It was sad last vlog in october.I love halloween always did as a child it’s picking up well in the UK.a lot of parties going on here.look forward to your vlog in November Jen.

  3. You are so generous with the candy you hand out. The kids must love you guys! We only had about 50 kids and they were so adorable. No problem having leftover candy though…hahaha!

  4. Love the vlog it was fun seeing snapshots of the day. My shih tzu lilly loves the fall as well and chasing the leaves around . Though it’s always a scavenger hunt finding all the little ones that hide in her hair as she’s in full coat as well. Is winnie’s coat super thick as lilly’s is quit thick so curius to see if maybe it was common as I don’t know to many people with the full coat .

  5. Halloween isn’t such a big deal in the UK. Children dress up, actually some adults too if they are going out to parties or something. This year we had no one call to the house, I don’t think there are too many children in our area though. I love your little pumpkin T shirt.

  6. I just watched your mailbox haul….I enjoy your channels so much and all that you share with us…I am a bit older than most of your subscribers and although I no longer wear make-up,nail polish etc. I still love seeing it.I was a manicurist for almost 30 years…the business of beauty is in my blood….You are a delightful part of my day…Thank you Jen….

  7. Soy may burn nice, but the production of soybeans are actually a big contributor in the deforestation of the Amazon! Something to think about.

    On a happier note, I just love that pumpkin shirt! It looks like so much fun to celebrate Halloween in the US.

  8. Will have to try those Pumpkin Pie cheesecake cookies from Whole Foods. Two of my favorite desserts rolled into one…yum!!

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