Week In Review | May 18 – May 24, 2015

My week didn’t pan out as planned, but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  I wanted to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram feed with you.  Here’s the buzz:

week in review back injury may 2015

I had big plans to start work on my home office purge last week, but they were unfortunately foiled when I injured my back on Tuesday morning.  I was hauling box after box of donations onto my front porch for a scheduled charity pickup when I felt the familiar crunch where my muscles seize and I knew it could only mean one thing.  This is not the first time I have sustained this type of low back injury.  The muscles around my sacrum basically seize up and spasm making it impossible to bend over or do much of anything really for a few days.  This happens when I stubbornly take on too much, which I have a tendency to do.

I’ve been lifting and moving a lot these past few months with my home purge project and haven’t asked Don for help because of his back problems.  Luckily, Don is mostly recovered from his back surgery and was able to help me during my down time this week.  He is the sweetest, most caring husband in the world and I am so lucky to be blessed by his love!  He took extra special care of me all week, finding clever ways to help me out like putting my soup bowl on top of stacked books so I wouldn’t have to bend over to eat it.  I was also attended to by my sweet pup, Winnie, who relished the extra snuggle time in bed for a few days.

week in review enjoying may weather 2015

Between Don’s attentiveness and the healing power of puppy cuddles, I was able to make a pretty swift recovery after only a few days of bed rest.  By the end of the week I was able to enjoy walks with Winnie again and take in the gorgeous weather.  I was especially grateful to be out and about to enjoy the annual blooming of lilac bushes, which fill our neighborhood with the loveliest scent.  The three of us also enjoyed lounging in the backyard where I watched Don and Winnie play “golf ball” where Don chips a ball and Winnie runs after it.  It’s pretty cute!

I believe a big part of the reason why I healed so quickly is that I am in good health and keep up with a regular fitness routine so my body is better equipped to bounce back.  I am certainly grateful for this as I do not like sitting still and not being able to work on my projects.  I am confident I will be 100% by the end of this week.  In the meantime I am relishing being back to posting and hope to start work on my office purge with the easier (read: less physical) task of paper purging.  Stay tuned this weekend for my post about how I tackle this big project!

week in review home cooking may 2015

One of the best indicators that both Don and I are feeling better is our return to the kitchen.  Don insisted on cooking dinner once again last week since he’s been feeling so much better.  As much as I enjoyed taking care of Don, I think it’s safe to say we both missed his amazing cooking.   For his first meal post-op, Don whipped up a batch of ground turkey tacos using his own seasoning blend and mixing it with diced peppers.  Talk about taking a simple meal to the next level.  Yum!

I was happy to be able to bake in time for my niece, Grace’s birthday party this past weekend.  I made a gluten free edition of our family’s favorite target=”_blank”>spinach squares as well as mini muffin versions of the gluten free banana bread I made for Mother’s Day.  It brings me much joy to make treats that I know my family enjoys.  We had a great time together at the party.

I vlogged during Grace’s birthday party if you’re interested in seeing more about how we spent the day:

 Its amazing how good food can bring people together.  I’d love to know what your family’s favorite recipes are if you care to share.  I hope you are all well and back pain free!


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *