Week In Review (March 31 – April 6, 2014)

I’ve got a quickie edition of my WIR post for you this week since I spent half of the week in Arizona (yes, again) and will be posting a proper Trip Recap on Wednesday.  Here’s the second half of my week:


I was away from Sunday until Wednesday which coincided with a business trip Don took out east so we weren’t away at different times.  We spent the rest of the week glued at the hip.  We usually spend quite a bit of time together, especially since we both work from home, but we spent every waking minute together this past weekend.  I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder!  Don’s been whipping up some more seasonal items for dinner (and yes, I do realize how lucky I am to have a man that cooks for me.  Trust me, I know and appreciate it greatly!).  We’ve been big on his dill salmon lately, adding it into our weekly dinner rotation.  He also made some delicious garlic shrimp which were amazing!  It’s almost grilling season here, which means shrimp fajitas should be on the menu again soon.  Yum!

Last week we seemed to *officially* transition from winter-like temperatures to more mild spring ones.  Let’s hope this sticks!  On Thursday I was in my winter coat and scarf, but by Saturday I was able to wear peep-toe shoes out to dinner since things have warmed up.  I can’t wait to start wearing some of my lighter clothing!  I added a couple of springtime Emma Bridgewater mugs to my collection in celebration.  They are my absolute favorite kind of mug!  Don’s been super sweet and attentive lately, upping his usual romantic self with full-on breakfast and lunch services this weekend.  He even printed out a sweet menu for me!  We enjoyed a very lovely night out downtown at Henri, A “French-influenced” restaurant on Saturday Date Nite and took a delightful walk into town as a family (with Winnie our pack totals three) on Sunday morning where we chatted and grabbed Starbucks.

So, as you see, life is good as the Ross Family transitions from winter to spring.  Sometimes life throws you curveballs, but it’s all part of the learning and growing process.  I am grateful that this spring is bringing along positive changes for me and my loved ones.  I wish the same to be true for you.  Take care, friends!



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  1. Where did you get the word “pack” from? I’ve never heard anyone use it like you do – did you make it up? Just curious – and awaiting your trip recap…esp maybe more discussion of the Tarot cards?

    Also – is that the pumpkin soup? Can you have your mom post the recipe? 😉

  2. Oh I am so happy you had such a nice week! It’s a wonderful thing when a husband & wife take good care of eachother, it really is! You & your Don do that – that is apparent! A very cute thing happened to me too this week :O I went to have my night time bath & there was a beautiful bunch of flowers waiting for me, complete with candles lit & a cup of my favourite tea. I am very lucky to have such an amazing husband in my life & I am very grateful for the life that we have.
    Hey – off topic, have you seen the Broadway musical Wicked? It is coming to Vancouver, BC & our kids have bought tickets to go see it. They are very excited as they both love musicals! If you have, what did you think?
    I’m so glad things are going well for you & yours!
    Enjoy 😀

  3. You are an amazing person. Should say your whole family is. My prayers are always being sent for you guys. Love all your vloggs. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  4. Your weekend sounded lovely. We are so happy for spring to finally be here also. (Kansas) It seems like Arizona keeps calling your name. Maybe another family vacation home in the future ? Sounds nice doesn’t it. I’m looking forward to your upcoming video’s.

  5. Dear Jen ,
    It is so lovely to hear that you are both doing
    Really well . You sound so happy and I’m glad
    you took the time to step back and see what
    really matters .
    I’m in the same place at the moment in trying
    to work out what is important .
    Love your videos . It’s funny you must get this
    a lot but I think that if we had ever met we would
    be great friends . And good friends are hard to fine xxx Bec

  6. I would love a video or (just a response would be fine) on how you travel alone while dealing with social anxiety. I find it really hard to deal with cabs and other forms of transportation plus the check-in process and also the whole spa thing. I’ve gone for various treatments but it ends up not even being very relaxing because I’m feeling stressed during the whole process. I would really LOVE some pointers! Thank you Jen!

    1. I’ve traveled solo quite frequently in my adult life and as with anything, I think it just gets easier over time. Being as prepared as possible with my packing and planning helps. Taking deep breaths and trying to just savor the moment also helps.

      1. I’m in my late 40’s and went on my first trip to Europe (I live in the us) in 1982, probably before you were born! We travel extensively and I have taken several trips either solo or with my young daughter and I am super organized and feel like I am good at packing, etc ( that’s why I started watching your videos -just looking for extra tips ) and it is still so very hard on me! Does don maybe pre-arrange things for you or something?

        1. No, I’m always the “travel agent” in our family. I like having control over the details. It makes me feel more secure.

    2. If I may chime in – cause travel is hard on a lot of people. Is it all the overwhelming details and possibilities that arise in your mind, from being away from home, which is where you have access to everything you need, know where everything is, and there is more routine?

      I know for me (and this could be completely unrelated to what you are mentioning) I enjoy travel but get super crazy overwhelmed with all the details and all the possibilities that it takes me forever to pack, even though i am a good packer, if not an over-packer. I am an over-thinker. I have watched others pack and they go in the bathroom and grab some bathroom stuff and they think of the number of days they are going to be away and grab an item or two for each day plus something dressy, something warmer or cooler, and they are done.

      And as much as I enjoy trips, I find that I have expended so much time and energy with the over-packing and over-thinking that I don’t chill until I am pretty much through the security gate. But then I am fine. Until I get back home. I don’t know if any of this will make any sense. I am probably not making sense. But, I think, for me, it is the transition from home (known, secure, routine) to someplace else that creates a lot of stress for me. But, I don’t have stress once I am at my destination. Again, I don’t know if I am making any sense. This is just my experience.

      Some people I know almost never travel, rarely leave their home area, town or neighborhood. Things are very routine and known. There are no strangers to approach, no new roads to take. Some I know travel a lot, hardly fully unpack their suitcase. They don’t give the prep too much attn. and it’s little more than maybe what a long commute would be, except for with a few more items. The plane is sorta like an extension of a bus or commuter train. They get on and get off and are ready to go. Me, I fall in between and while my systems have improved the packing process – yes, I am super impressed with what I have with me when away – I still always have trouble with the transition from home to new place and back. Always. The disruption in familiar throws me off my axis.

      Hope something in here helps or i was just blathering on

      1. I can relate that traveling in itself can be stressful, but I’ve found that over the years and many, many trips, I feel best prepared when I’ve thought through all of the details that I can realistically prep for ahead of time. I do have a travel routine of sorts, which you can probably see from all of my packing videos over on OLJ. Routines definitely help me manage my stress, but at home and on the road.

  7. Thanks for doing a quick WIR recap 🙂 Sounds like it’s been a busy week – lots going on!
    Can’t wait for your Trip Recap then! Those are my fav!!

  8. Lovely to see you’ve had a nice week! I love spending time with the hubby…love it even more now with our little one. Also enjoying the nicer weather at the mo…can’t believe how much I love walking now I have a pram to push lol! I never used to go for a walk for pleasure but now it is fab in the lovely sunshine-not that we get too much if that here in the UK! Hoping the Spring will be more positive for you and look forward to your trip recap video!xx

  9. I watched your first video yesterday and then decided it would be a “jen kind of day” and watched the entire thing. I love your videos you are awesome!! Wishing you all the best!!!! xoxo

  10. How do you wash your Emma Bridgewater mugs? I have been handwashing mine but would love to put them in the dishwasher. I worry about the image fading even though they say they are dishwasher safe. I love the polka dots. I have it in the baby size. Just precious.

      1. Makes sense. And thanx for introducing these. They have become my favorite mugs. It’s not the look because they did not look great to me, at first. It’s the feel. Very, very comforting. Enjoyable.

  11. I don’t often hear people talking about absence making the heart grow fonder. I, along with a lot of my friends, am a military wife and those words never go hand in hand when we’re talking about absences. They’re too long and happen too often for us. 🙁 Speaking of the military, I hope your nephew is doing well! I think of him often, knowing he’s in the Navy! 🙂

    1. As always, I never mean to put my words in other people’s mouths. My videos and blog posts are just me expressing my opinions, feelings, and sentiments about my own life. I cannot imagine the heartache that goes along with living with distance in a military family. I hope always for everyone’s loved ones to be safely returned to them as soon as possible.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you were putting words into anyone’s mouth. 🙂 I am forever grateful for every day I get to spend with my husband and look forward to the day that we actually get to spend a week straight with each other! Over the years, meeting so many people, it seems that I always know of at least one person that’s deployed. I know it’s not something that everyone understands. Was just adding to the conversation. Hope you have a good rest of your week. 🙂

  12. I just really loveYour day in the life things and wish to see more.
    Hope your family is well and good luck on new things.

    Love Jenny sease

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