Week In Review (March 17 – March 23, 2014)

I wish I could say that spring has sprung here in Chicago as we officially welcomed in the new season last week, but sadly, the winter weather is determined to hold on a bit longer here in the midwest.  Regardless of the chilly temperatures, we have been graced with beautiful sunny days and I’ve been enjoying celebrating the arrival of spring indoors while I’m waiting for the outside world to bloom.


I love keeping fresh cut flowers in my home year round, but there’s something extra special about a cheery bouquet when I am waiting for my garden to come out of hibernation.  Although the daffodils and crocuses have not yet poked through the still frozen ground, I delight in being able to enjoy gorgeous spring blossoms right on my kitchen counter.  My favorite place to buy flowers is Trader Joe’s, where I  can always find beautiful bunches at reasonable prices.  Having these spring lovelies greet me every time I walk into my kitchen reminds me that the outside world will start blooming soon again.   Spring is a season of new beginnings and hope.  Year after year, I feel inspired by watching nature come back to life after the long, deep sleep of winter.


Meanwhile, little touches of spring have been creeping up elsewhere inside my home.  I’ve already brought out my springtime decorations and now have cheery bunnies, festive wreaths, and dishes filled with pretty candies scattered around the house.  Additionally, I’ve noticed my diet has started to transition with the change of the season.  I’m the type of person who will eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch for months at a time before switching to something new.  I’ve noticed this seems to occur seasonally, and as we’re settling into the spring season, my appetite has begun to change.  I’ve started to swap my usual morning teas from spiced blends to more mild ones that include notes of coconut and almond.  I’ve even begun trading my lunchtime bowl of chicken and vegetable soup for homemade salmon and chicken salad.


I’ve also noticed that Don & I have been heading out of the house more often than usual.  Just like the plants and trees in our garden, we tend to hibernate during the winter months by staying home at more often after the hustle and bustle of the holidays has settled.  We’ve had jam-packed weekends and evenings out filled with dates together, family gatherings, and get togethers with friends these past two weeks.  Just this past weekend we had a lovely date at one of our favorite local steakhouses, Ruth’s Chris, on Friday night.  We shared a yummy seafood meal at Riva’s with my parents and saw Gypsy at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Saturday.  We headed back downtown on Sunday to hang out with friends at Eataly, a fun Italian market.  It may still be chilly, but it hasn’t stopped us from venturing outside our cozy house to have some fun!

Have you noticed any changes in your home and/or daily life now that spring is here?  I would love to know if you care to share!  I hope that the new season finds you and yours well 🙂



22 thoughts on “Week In Review (March 17 – March 23, 2014)”

  1. Hi jen

    It’s always great to read your blogs. I’ve noticed that things
    I’m eating are changing with the weather. I love in London
    And at the moment we are basking in glorious sunshine but with a winter
    Chill and strong winds even the bumble bees are becoming confused.
    Snow is expected in Scotland any day now and London in perticuler feels very spring like.
    For the first time in 4 years we had flooding rather than snow
    Over the new year and most of the country is still recovering.
    I’m going from eating fruit and cereal for breakfast to eating lots of coleslaw with chicken. Also drinking a lot
    More herble teas rather than sparkling water. My skin also suffers in this weather
    Much more moisturising needed lol. Hope you don and of course Winnie are well xx

  2. Hi Jen,
    We also have been venturing outside more now that spring is around the corner. Or actually that spring is officially started, it’s just pretty cold here on Long Island. I love the pretty fresh flowers you have on your counter top in your kitchen. Yes, they do make a cheery entrance to your kitchen!!! Hopefully very soon….the ground will warm up, the grass will turn green and then we can pull out our shorts and feel the sun on our skin!!! 🙂 Happy Spring Jen!!!! xxoo

  3. Hi Jen, while you are having a prolonged winter, here in Australia we are having a very long dry prolonged summer. The majority of the state I live in (Queensland) has been drought declared. This past week a few of the inland parts of Qld have been getting some rain (any is a blessing) and there was a descent amount forecast for most of the east coast but that has now changed and it won’t be anywhere near as much as first predicted. Where I live in Maryborough Qld on the east coast we haven’t seen any sort of rain and it’s not looking promising for us. Enjoy your spring and hope the weather warms up soon for you. Love your videos and blogs. Take care.

      1. Add my vote to the list for this one! I’d love some spring meal inspiration, and — dare I ask — some more from Don’s Cook Nook? His Greek chicken burgers and grilled zucchini are now a family staple for us and we make open-face egg sammies a few days every week. I’m going to tackle meatballs and homemade sauce soon too! <3

  4. We have rain today in Western Australia first for 4 months. Happy to say goodbye to summer and say hello to winter, our winters a not freezing and I have never seen snow, one day would love too. Autumn here is still very hot, I love spring when everything wakes up.

  5. Hello Jen

    Just to let you know “I love your sharing”,

    I live in Australia and here we are just in Autumnm, your fall.

    During this time I do enjoy walks along the beach with my husband,
    it is our special time together.

    When it is winter, we still go for walks, and there is nothing more refreshing than
    the cold sea breeze on your face. Then home to a nice hot cup of tea.

    In summer I don’t do as much crafting as I would like, so winter I love to catch up
    on lots of different projects. Quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting

    I love to cook too, but am not so organized as I would like to be with the cleaning.
    I watch your older youtube videos to give me idea’s and inspiration.

    Thank you for being the generous and caring person you are

    Take care


  6. What is going on with winter this year! My word you guys back east have been hit hard! We haven’t been hit near as hard in Western Canada – thankfully.
    So happy you had such a great weekend! That takes care of some of the winter gloom 🙂 Those flowers in your kitchen are in all of my flavourite colours – so pretty Jen.
    My husband – John & I have been busy puttering around the yard, getting our flower beds & veggie garden ready for planting. I order seeds online and start many of them in the house. I does my heart good to see those little sprouts pop up 🙂 It’s the little things sometimes 😉
    What colours are you planting this year? I’m thinking pinks & blues, but that may change as the season comes closer.
    I’ll send you sunshiny thoughts OK.
    Be well 🙂

  7. I love that spring is coming and that also means summer is close behind and I love the fruits and lighter foods for spring and summer. I like that you have flowers in your house all the time. I guess that is where I use candles all the time.. I love your view and when you have videos love them.

  8. I am in the North East of England near Durham City.
    We have had a couple of lovely sunny weeks and up to 60F
    However, yesterday the temperature dropped dramatically to about 48F!!
    The flowers and hedges are all confused. The hedge has been out in flower and now has green leaves.
    Except that yesterday we had snow and hailstones!
    What is the saying I found somewhere “mother nature is bi-polar” !! That is so true!
    Love your websites and all of your youtube stuff. Keep up the hard work!

  9. Here in California it seems winter skipped us completely, which I’m really bummed about. We have had summer/spring type weather pretty much since December. I enjoy my seasons very much (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

    Well my spring cleaning has begun and I notice that I tend to gravitate toward flowery scents and pastel colors around the house during this time. I don’t have much of springs décor, but I do have little things to brighten up the house.


  10. I love having fresh cut flowers in my house especially for spring – it just brightens up the room and makes things more cheery, even if the weather outside isn’t totally spring-like yet.

    Ooo I should pull out some of my spring decor too! I hope you’ll do a spring decor tour, I need some inspiration!

  11. I’m so ready for spring with the start of outdoor farmers markets and just simply being able to open the windows and air out the house! It snowed yet again today and on top of that I am home sick (hopefully with the last of the winter bugs out there!). Hope I am feeling better by the end of this week when the temps are supposed to be warmer. In the meantime, I can hunker down with this cold and catch-up on your blog and vlogs 🙂

  12. Beautifully written post, Jen! I personally prefer fall and winter weather (I live in Canada), but for some reason this year I am just itching for spring to arrive. We are getting quite a few sunny days here, but the cold weather is still persistent.; can’t wait to enjoy evening walks again, and see all the beautiful flowers. Looking forward to your posts next week:)

  13. That salmon salad looks delicious. Is it from Trader Joe’s, or is it a recipe you make?
    Spring for me is about being able to eat outdoors and spend evenings with friends/family outside. Warm weather is shyly approaching NYC. Can’t wait to put away my winter coat!
    HOpe you are well and having a good week.

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