Week In Review (June 9 – June 15, 2014)

My Week In Review (otherwise known as WIR) posts are just that: a review of my past week.  I post an update here every Tuesday sharing some tidbits of my previous week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram.  Here’s the buzz from my week:


After a fairly cool and very wet spring, it finally feels like we’re moving into summer here in the Chicagoland area.  We were blessed with some amazingly sunny, mild days last week, which were perfect for morning runs, twice daily walks with my pup, and generally just hanging out outside.  Nobody knows what kind of summer we’re in for just yet, as it’s difficult to predict with the fickle Chicago weather, but these last few days of spring have been glorious!

Apart from enjoying some fun in the sun, last week was “business as usual” around here with most of my weekdays devoted to working on videos and blog posts.  There were a couple of small exciting things and one big one to note.  First on the list?  Discovering Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups.  These are beyond tasty.  My apologies if you buy some and get hooked like me!  Another small delight was flipping through the May 2014 Allure magazine when I stumbled upon a YouTube ad.  That’s right, a bonafide in the print paper ad for YouTube.  How cool is that!  After sharing that photo on Instagram many people commented that they’d seen similar ads on buses, in trains, and even on television!  YouTube is growing!

OJ|MHWL_06-17-2014_02The big excitement for me that happened last week was the launch of the Erin Condren 2014-15 Life Planner range.  Planner Enthusiasts like me can understand how this is exciting news.  Every time your favorite planner brand releases new products it’s a big deal!  I was so excited when they reached out to me prior to the launch and wanted to host a giveaway (now closed), which was a big hit.  Ten lucky folks received gift cards to put towards a new Life Planner.  I ordered one of the new Life Planners myself first thing last Thursday morning, which was the launch day.  If you’re curious, I picked out the Turquoise Platinum Life Planner as well as the Charcoal Party Pops additional cover (these are interchangeable now!).  I’m curious if there is sufficient interest in an unboxing/first impressions video and blog post for my new EC LP.  Let me know what you think!

You can receive $10 off your first purchase when you sign up for the Erin Condren newsletter (which means you receive the occasional email on current promotions and new products from them) by clicking here


Of course, things aren’t always hunky dory one hundred percent of the time.  My poor pup, Winnie, was not feeling well last week.  I really don’t like it when she’s under the weather.  I want my little girl to feel well all of the time!  She seemed mostly like her normal self, but was having some major tummy/digestion issues.  I didn’t worry too much at first since she was still peppy and eating well.  I decided to take her to the vet this morning, though, since it’s been a few days and her tummy problems are not resolving.  They checked her out and gave her a clean bill of health, but also sent me home with some medicine to help with her tummy issues.  It’s hard to be certain what was/is the cause of the issue since she tested clear of parasites, but it’s either something she accidentally picked up that made her tummy upset or stress.  She does tend to get anxious when I start packing when she’s not certain she’s coming along with me and we have been traveling a lot lately, so I’m wondering if my prep for our weekend trip contributed.  Whatever the reason, I hope the medicine does the trick and she is all better again soon!


As I mentioned, we took a mini trip this past weekend (with Winnie!) down to St. Louis to visit my brother and his family, especially to see my nieces’ dance recital.  We’ve made this trip for several years now.  It’s always fun to watch them dance and see how they’ve progressed over the years.  It’s also a nice way to have a little family reunion, since my parents come down, too, and some of my sister-in-law’s relatives make the trip as well.  Don drove while I knit and we both listened to The Hobbit audio book.  I’ve been hearing so much about this Audible app from other YouTubers and we finally made use of it!  It was nice to get the first book free, since this one was $28!


It was a whirlwind weekend in St. Louis with mostly time spent hanging out with family and going to the girls’ recital.  They were amazing!  I especially liked the tap number they danced to Step In Time from Mary Poppins.  We were happy to be reunited with not only our human extended family, but also our canine cousins.  It’s so nice that all of our dogs get along!  Of course, Bean Bunny made the trip with us, although there wasn’t any time for sightseeing this time around.  He did, however, very much enjoy the Krispy Kreme shop and I got my semi-annual donut fix.  Yum!

If you’d like to see more from my weekend, check out my vlog:

I love my family and being able to spend time with my loved ones who live farther away is always special.  We’re off on another whirlwind trip next weekend for a family reunion on my husband’s side.  Do you have any family reunions planned this year, big or small?  There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by your kin to make the summer even sweeter.  I’ll be back next week to share more family fun times with you!


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24 thoughts on “Week In Review (June 9 – June 15, 2014)”

  1. Hi Jen! I hope that you’ve been enjoying yourself on these little vacations lately! I have a question for you: I was watching your Dominican Republic vlogs from 3 weeks ago, and I was wondering what you meant by your expression of “fighting people on the beach” I’m just a little curious, as you seem like the type of person who’s super outgoing and relatable. I’m quite the opposite, myself, really: I’m very shy, nervous and anxious around people but I’m hoping that this will change with my new summer job and my new discoveries of the world of YouTube! I have a beauty/fashion-related question for you: I’m 20 years old (today, actually! :P) and I would like to start wearing makeup a bit more often, however I have the most-terrible hand-to-eye coordination, (and I’ve also failed my drivers’ tests 5 times!), I would love to know if you have any times, for me, any YouTubers that I can follow, what colours of eye shadow I should look for (I have grey eyes with blue flecks), etc…The only makeup items that I can use are: lip gloss, chapstick and nail polish! Whenever, I wear a “full face” I always have to ask my 15 year-old sister or my mum for help and it’s super embarrassing because they’re always like “Why can’t you do this yourself?… I’m like “I would do it myself if I knew what I’m doing properly…” You’re so lucky that you didn’t have any siblings younger than you…;) Hope Winnie is feeling better! P.S.: I used to be a dancer and I used to love having some family come to watch me dance! P.P.S.: I have a cousin who’s studying to be a vet and she told me that Winnie is probably experiencing some tummy issues with a combination of stress…my dog experiences this from time to time and all we do is reassure it that we won’t be gone for a very long time and that we will always come back home. Perhaps, that’s what Winnie needs. 🙂 Have a great day! P.P.P.S.: do people still send you things in your mailbox?

    1. Hi there! I’ll try to answer all of your questions 🙂

      – I did not mean that we literally have to fight people on the beach…it’s just an expression for when the beach is very crowded. We prefer it when it’s quiet and less crowded.
      – I’m outgoing in my videos but not so much in person. I’ve been working on my social skills over the past decade (I’m 31) and I’ve definitely seen progress there!
      – Happy Birthday!
      – I didn’t start wearing makeup really until I was about 26-27. I learned from watching YouTube, mainly MakeupByTiffanyD, missglamorazzi, and AllThatGlitters21. And practice, of course.
      – Yes, I still have a mailbox. The address is in my FAQ section 🙂

  2. Just wanted to put in my “YES!” vote for an EC unboxing/first impressions video. You picked one of my fav new combos too… also love the mint/gold.
    I’m torn about ordering now as I still have 6 months left in my current EC life planner. Would love to know if you think the upgrades are sufficient motivation to basically waste half of my current planner. While I love the changes, they seem mostly cosmetic and don’t really increase functionality, but I’d love to hear your thoughts cause I’m just not sure yet… Decisions, decisions!

  3. Hi Jen – Loved the vlog – probably because I love donuts! Did you used to live in St. Louis? Is that how you have friends there? It would be so fun to see you with some of your girlfriends, since I think of you as one myself! (Let me know if you need someone to star alongside you – ha ha) TFS!

    1. No, I’ve never lived there. My brother moved there after he graduated from college and met his wife there, too 🙂

  4. This is my second year with the Erin Condren planners. I love them! I ordered the same covers as you. lol I was up early in the morning to order but by the time I uploaded all of my photos for my photo stickers it was later at night (due to the server issues on the site). It says it won’t ship until the 23rd but I saw her put a photo up of planners already going out so I keep checking to see if mine goes out early. Totally ridiculous but lol I just can’t help myself. There is something about a brand new planner that is just too exciting. 🙂

  5. Hi Jen! 🙂 I just wanted to tell you that I am loving your weekend vlogs. Looks like you have been having lots of fun!:) Your nieces looked so cute in their dance costumes. My daughter just had her dance recital last weekend as well…it’s always a fun time every year! Hope Winnie is feeling better too! Sending you guys hugs and love from Ohio! 🙂

  6. Hi jen!!! I am just wondering what ur thoughs are about women my age wearing Jeans? and just so u know I am in my Fifty’s and u said your were mittiques is that the color i like the darker shades as well 🙂

    1. I don’t see why people can’t wear whatever they very well please regardless of their age. If you like it, then wear it! 🙂

  7. The cousin pups were so cute! They all looked like they were so sweet. I love that you & Don travel each year for your nieces’ dance recital – I am sure it is so special to them that y’all are there! Also: I LOVE the Justin’s peanut butter cups – the dark chocolate ones are my favorite!

  8. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. The girls looked really cute in their costumes! Every time I see bad weather around St. Louis on t.v. I think of your brother and his family and say a prayer for them that they stay safe! Tell Don the haircut looks very nice on him but he is handsom no matter what! Stay safe on all your travels this summer!

  9. Hi Jen!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!! 😀 When I came home today, and read your answers to my questions and I when I saw the words “Happy Birthday”, it truly made my day!

  10. Oh my goodness! Just watched your video. What type of dog is Mercedes? She looks like a husky but is the size of a pug! SO SO SO CUTE!

    1. I think she’s a mix of a few things. I’m not sure, though. She’s actually my SIL’s brother’s dog. I’ll be sure to ask next time we see her!

  11. I would love to see an unboxing/first impressions video. Searching for the planners was actually what led me to your site, and after reading your review as well as Shay’s at Mix and Match Mama’s is what led me to purchase an LP (as well as a lot of other stuff, ha!) from EC this past week. Thanks in advance if you’re able to do one! 🙂

  12. Thanks for another great Vlog! Looks like you had a great time in St Louis with your family! I loved seeing all the different doggies! I hope Winnie’s medicine is working for her and that she’s back to normal!
    Those Justin’s peanut butter cups look divine! I might just have to try to find some… or perhaps I shouldn’t 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Hey Jen! Winnie seems to have quite the sensitive stomach, and as one of my mom pups had the same issue, may I suggest looking at an all natural, homemade diet for her? Trust me, feeding them an species-appropriate diet is the best thing I did to my pets and my mom’s dog is now enjoying it very much! Never had issues after that.
    Since you and Don seems to carry a balanced and healthy lifestyle, I recommend it! There are many vets who specialized in the nutrition area, maybe start with one of those? I also recommend Dr. Karen Becker’s website for initial research (-:

    1. I agree with Mariana, Dr Karen Beckners youtube videos are quite informative.

      I cook my dogs their own food with the West Coast Canine Life mix (http://www.westcoastcaninelife.com). I add my own meat, vegetables etc to the mix (it comes with the recipes and is super easy to follow) and make them into burgers 🙂 I make a whole bunch once a month and then freeze them. They also have different mixes for special sensitivities too. It’s a Canadian product but you can order online for delivery to the USA too 🙂 Might be worth looking into for Miss Winnie 🙂

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