Week In Review (June 24 – June 30, 2013)

Hello there, friends!  Isn’t summer grand?  When someone asks me what my favorite season is I never know how to answer, because I just love them all, although for different reasons.  I think what I love most about the seasons is being able to experience them.  I like living in the Midwest, because we really do get all four seasons and all of the awesome changes in nature that come with them.  Summer is the heat of the year when everything is in full bloom, which also coincides with my most productive time of year as well.  I’ve always been pretty synced up with the sun’s schedule   I find I always have more energy during the summer months thanks to longer days.  When I’m productive, zestfully buzzing about, I am at my happiest.  Needless to say, it’s been a good week. 🙂

When It Thunders, There’s Lightning

Summer time and the weather is stormy!  As much as I love the sun, I always appreciate a good storm.  We’ve been getting quite a few of them this summer!  Thunder and lightening?  Bring it on!  As long as there’s some sun in between I am one happy camper.  The great thing about these summer storms is that they go as fast as they come, meaning I can still get my morning runs in and daily walks with Winnie.  It also means I haven’t had to water my lawn or plants much at all so far this summer.  The whole neighborhood is lush, filled with blooming flowers, green grass, and full trees.  Don brought home a beautiful bouquet of peonies for me last weekend that lasted for almost the entire week.  It was wonderful to be able to enjoy this gorgeous flower that typically only blooms through late spring even longer this year.

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Summer Heat Calls for Sweet Treats

I have quite the sweet tooth, as some of you may know.  My adoration of ice cream comes on in full force in the summer months.  Sadly, I’ve been having a hard time processing dairy for the past couple of months, so I’ve found other ways to get my ice cream fix.  I’m a big fan of the So Delicious Almond Milk Frozen Desserts, which are the tastiest dairy-free ice cream sandwiches ever!  I’ve also been enjoying hot chocolate made with almond milk, oddly enough.  I don’t usually go for hot chocolate in the warmer months, but it has sounded particularly tasty on stormy nights snuggled up on the couch with Don & Winnie.  Throw in a couple of cookies and I’m in heaven!  Of course, every once in awhile I just have to spring for the real deal.  Ben & Jerry’s never disappoints!

OJ|MHWL 7:1:2013_2

Reclaiming My Weekends

I realize some may find this hard to believe, because I don’t have a traditional type of job, but I typically work on my content in some way or another for the better part of each and every day, including the weekends.  In fact, I never even considered that the weekend days should be different from the weekdays until just recently.  One of my goals for this year is to reclaim my weekends for more personal endeavors, including time spent with friends and family.  I’ve found that it isn’t that easy to do when working from home.  It’s tempting to get caught up in projects and such because everything’s right here in my own house.  It’s important to me to build some boundaries between my work and my personal time, but it’s a challenge particularly because what I do started out as a hobby.  Even when it transitioned into a full time career in the fall of last year in terms of time and effort, I still have trouble looking at it as a job and therefore it’s all too easy to work around the clock.  Fast forward three quarters of a year later and I now know that I need to draw a line between work and play, even though I derive a lot of personal satisfaction from my work.  There still has to be separate time, so I’m working on it.  This past weekend was a great, more “personal” one for me.  I took a beading class on Saturday morning where I learned how to make wrap style bracelets and then we had our good friends over for an evening in.  We spent Sunday afternoon at Don’s parent’s house with the family, just hanging out.  I did work on things in the hours between all of these goings-on, but it’s definitely an improvement.

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All in all, life is good.  I am learning more about my self and my loved ones with every passing day.  I am growing, just like the beautiful (well watered and well sunned!) flowers in my garden.  Summer is the perfect season for it, and this year is looking to be my most productive yet in terms of personal growth.  I hope you are all having a great summer so far, too. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Week In Review (June 24 – June 30, 2013)”

  1. Hey Jen~~Happy July!!
    I know what you mean about working from the home. I “work” out of my house. Actually my “work” is a hobby that turned into a business too. It’s hard to set hours on something that you enjoy doing. I have been known to stay up till 2:00 am “working” !!
    Love your youtube channels and blog!

  2. Good for you on the personal growth, Jen. I’ve at least been thinking about that same thing lately; can’t say that I’ve done anything about it yet, but it is rumbling around in my mind. It’s so easy to put anything having to do with “me stuff” off to the side, but then there comes the time when you just have to dive in and do it. I’m glad summer is such a good time of the year for you. Personally, I like fall the very best. Sometimes in the summer, all of the sun and long days is just too much pressure for me. HA!

    Have a great week!

      1. Thanks for that encouragement; since my first comment, the “rumbling” has progressed to another step. Slow and steady works fine for me. 🙂

  3. I enjoy your WIR’s! You are a great writer, Jen! You can tell you put a lot of thought into what you write; which to me is important in writing. The wrap bracelet turned out cute! I’ll have to see if there are any jewelry making classes in my area. Have a great week!

  4. Trader Joes has a coconut milk ice cream that is scrumptious. I highly recommend it, as I’m allergic to soy milk.

  5. I think ‘reclaiming’ your weekends is a great idea! You deserve a bit of time away from it all, especially considering the amount of effort you put into your work 🙂

  6. This past week my hubby and I were on vacation and we splurged on the Ben and Jerry’s experience at the Beach and OMG, Phish Food is by far my favorite, but thanks for suggesting the other summer sweet treats, I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m out! 🙂 Thanks for all that you do!

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