Week In Review (July 7 – July 13, 2014)

My Week In Review (otherwise known as WIR) posts are just that: a review of my past week.  I post an update here every Tuesday sharing some tidbits of my previous week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram.  Here’s the buzz from my week:


Hello, summer weather!  It finally really feels like summer here in the midwest with gorgeous hot sunny days mixed with a bit of mugginess and a few storms here and there.  We’ve had so much rain this year that everything is very green and vibrant outside.  Our summer flowers are thriving as well!  I just love being outside in the summer.  There’s nothing like a super cold and long winter to help you appreciate the glories of summer weather.  Sometimes I like taking my dog Winnie for walks by the lake where it tends to be shadier, cooler, and slightly less humid.  I haven’t made it to the beach yet this year but it looks beautiful as ever!  One of the great things about living in the Chicagoland area is the vast beauty of Lake Michigan.  Some days it looks just like the ocean!


I talked about being a creature of habit and enjoying my usual summer breakfast of yogurt with granola and berries last week, but something strange happened since then….I actually changed up my breakfast!  Crazy, I know!  I’ve been lacking a bit in the protein department, so I decided to beef up my breakfasts by scrambling a couple of eggs with whatever leftover meat and veggies we have on hand.  This has turned out to be a most delicious experiment!  Some of my favorites of last week were the hamburger, bacon, and green beans combo as well as crab with broccoli.  I had no idea crab would taste so good with eggs!  My very favorite, however, was using the leftovers from our shrimp fajitas.  Talk about flavor!  I’m very interested in what you like to eat for breakfast if you care to share.  It’s fun to know what other people like. 🙂


I have been working on cleaning up the other areas of my diet more lately as well.  While I do generally stick to the 80/20 rule (be good 80% of the time and don’t worry about the other 20%), I’ve been learning more about nutrition and want to take a more active approach to it.  It’s so easy to forget that what we put in our mouths is actual fuel for our bodies, not just tasty treats for our minds.  While I do stick to a pretty healthy diet during the week, I am always a bit stuck on healthy snacks and tend to reach for my favorite Pretzel Crisps and Veggie Puffs without thinking much about it.  I’m trying out new snacks like fruit, almond butter, guacamole, and nuts.  Again, I’d appreciate any healthy snack tips you guys have if you want to share!

I picked up a few fun things last week, including new gift wrap for my filming backsplash from The Container Store.  I had popped in to buy some mailing supplies when I passed by a brand new display of Treeless Gift Wrap.  I must have stood in front of that display for a good five minutes with my mind brainstorming all of the fun things to do with these colorful beauties!  I ended up picking eight of the rolls in a rainbow spectrum for my summer backsplash.  I haven’t bought new paper for a long time since I have such a nice collection on hand already, but was running low on my summer options since I do use the wrap for gifts as well as display.  I’m so happy this new collection caught my eye.  The rolls look so colorful and cheery on my wall!  The wrap is made from calcium bicarbonate and is touted to be tear and water resistant.  How cool is that?

Lastly, I decided to get a swift and ball winder to make winding my yarn from skeins into balls (or cakes) easier.  I tested these out for the first time last night and can’t believe how fast and easy it was wind my yarn!  I’ve started working on a new pattern called Flow by Andrea Rangel which is a beautiful lace edge scarf/shawl.  The pattern is already kicking my butt, but I know it’s just a matter of time, patience, and some good old internet research until I get it down.

Don and I had a marvelously uneventful “No Plans” weekend where we deliberately stayed home, did things around the house, and just hung out together.  We’ve been so busy this year with jam-packed weekends of friends, family, and travel (all good things for sure but sometimes you need a break), that we decided we were due a hermit weekend at home.  It was divine!  I finally had a chance to finish work on my closet, which I will be sharing a look at later this week.

If you’d like to see more from my weekend, check out my vlog:

As I mentioned earlier, I’m very curious about what you like to eat for healthy meals and snacks and would love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like!  Take good care <3


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209 thoughts on “Week In Review (July 7 – July 13, 2014)”

  1. I think it may be time to get rid of the boots. Well the ones you haven’t worn in 2 years at least. My general rule of thumb is two years for clothing and shoe items.

  2. Hi Jen and Don . I was wondering how you decieded that Jen would be a housewife. Which one suggested it and how did you make that comment and how has it affected your marriage

    1. Hi Jen &Don just want to say thank you for your blogs and vlogs I was having a rough day and when I saw your no plans week end and how happy you were it made me smile you and Don are great for each other such a darn sweet couple love you guys …now the boots the ones with the heels get rid of since they hurt your feet (one of your viewers might even want them). The ugs well those you might still use on a really crappy day and not care or worry if the get too dirty since they are not new ….and last Winnie I love to see her I have a Shin Tzu too her name is Sadie wish I could see more of Winnie in some videos she is so beautiful and well taken care of by you hugs and snuggles for Winnie the Tzu ♥♥♥

  3. I think if you haven’t used the Uggs in more than a year then you should
    Part with them 🙂 My question would be What would your ideal date be? (You can
    Both answer)

  4. About what you should do with your shoes, I think you should keep the Uggs because you can wear them when its really cold and since they are worn, it wouldn’t matter too much if you get them wet in the snow. Now about the high heeled boots, I think you should get rid of them because if they hurt when you wear them then they don’t fit properly. But they are really nice, see if you can give them to someone who doesn’t have problem feet. Now, I don’t have a question for your Q&A with Don, but I look forward to watching it. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Jen & Don!

    Love watching your videos and getting little glimpses of your life and family. I have picked up some great tips from you, Jen, on how to organize my home and how to pack more efficiently 😀

    My question for both of you is whether or not you had considered posting/sharing more of the recipes you feature in your vlogs? I watch your videos regularly and there are tons of yummy looking dishes featured but a written version would be super helpful as I don’t always catch everything that is listed or the amounts that are used. Don knows his way around a spice rack!

    Thanks and all the best to you both (& Winnie)

    1. Dear Jen and Don,
      What is a dream you have, or something you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?

    2. I would also love to know the recipes from this post. Both the dinner and how you re invented them in the morning!!!

  6. Hi Jen,
    First I want to say that I absolutely love your blog. I came across it after looking on Erin Caldron’s Website. I’m a teacher and I love to look for new ideas. I have gotten so many great organizational ideas from you. Then I saw your video on the Kate Spade Bag. It is beautiful buy the way…I was looking for a way to organize my store cards. I ended up buying one of those card cases and It is perfect. If I keep watching your videos I might end up buying everything you demonstrate, lol. I can’t wait to have a home of my own so that I can organize all my things just the way I want them. Oh, I think you should definitely keep the shoes. You should just make outfits so that you can wear them. Oh and the wall photos…not sure if it’s possible but could you make something or buy something that covers the electronic boxes? Just some thoughts I had watching that segment. Anyways. Thank you again! I’m looking forward to more ideas. One question I have…have you started using your Erin Caldron planner? Is it useful? I need a planner/organizer but also need something that doesn’t take up much space and I will get a lot of use out of. I’m not sure if I should look into a filofax (which I got a lot of information from your video) or try the Erin Caldron planner. Well..thanks again!

    1. I am using my Erin Condren planner. If you’re looking for something smaller you could try a pocket sized calendar. You can get some inexpensive options at office supply stores or Target. Then, if you decide it works for you, you could upgrade to a Filofax which is more pricey. That’s what I would do if I were just starting out with using agendas.

    2. Erin Condren makes a teacher planner that is awesome! It’s bigger than the life planner, so there’s extra room to write your lessons.

  7. As a fellow golfer I just came to say Congrats on a great round to Don. I looked at your shoes and thought “wow that is a lot of shoes!” I remember having so many when I lived in Chicago too! You literally need different shoes at different times of the year. I live in LA now which means year round I can pretty much wear the same stuff. When it comes to the boots-try inserts and see if that helps if not….I’d keep them for one more season. Get rid of them during the winter if you see yourself not wearing them then. Happy summer!

  8. Hi Jen & Don,
    Loved the video as usual! I have a few questions for the both of you 🙂
    – What did you guys study at college and which college did you go to?
    – how did you guys meet?
    – what is your all time favourite book?
    – most important lesson life has taught you?

    Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend off.

    Love from the Netherlands!

  9. Q&A qeustion: You’ve talked about children in the past. Do you guys agree on the same names for future children? Care to share a couple? Thanks!

    Ps. It’s time to get rid of the boots 😉 I find if it’s been a year without use I don’t regret it. Plus it’s more space for new ones! Haha

  10. This may be too personal so I completely understand if you wish not to discuss the topic but I was wondering about any plans for children. If you have plans? What made you decide to wait or if there are other health reasons for the delay. I don’t want this to sound negative. You two are so lively and sweet and would make amazing parents. Your comment about little hands getting into the shadow boxes is what made me wonder once again.

  11. I’d say it’s definitely time to bless someone with those gorgeous J.Crew boots and comfy Uggs. I know it’s so hard to get rid of things sometimes! When I’m going through my clothes if I doubt it or think I wouldn’t buy it today… it goes! There is someone else out there that would see those and not hesitate.

  12. Hi, Jen and Don. Thanks so much for the videos. I’ve really enjoyed them over the past few months as a newbie to YouTube.

    I had a recommendation on the photo display of your wedding frames and the utility gadgets underneath. As a visual way to distract from the collage, how about buying a frame the same depth, color, and style of the two above it that would be big enough to go around the collage (but without the glass front so the gadget dials are accessible)?

  13. Keep the shoes for another season and see if you wear them.

    My question is: who is the decision maker? Or do you each have your own decision making on different topics, ex vacations? Money spending/budget? Dinner? Ya know?

    I really enjoy your vlogs, hope you consider doing vlogust 2014 again this year.

  14. My question for you both is; When do you plan on starting a family? I know you have mentioned your future children a few times but I don’t know if you’ve mentioned when you want to have them. Being that you have been married for a few years, I’m curious. I believe you both will make amazing parents. Thanks! I am somewhat new to your videos (been watching for about 8 months) and I really enjoy them.

  15. Hey Jen and Don!

    For a healthy meal, I love making myself a fruit protein shake. It consists of one banana, seven or eight frozen strawberries, 6 ice cubes, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, and two large scoops of vanilla Greek yogurt (I also add 3/4 cups of water so it’s less thick). It’s a yummy breakfast alternative…. And it’s very filling too 🙂
    Love your videos!

  16. Thanks for sharing, Jen! For the boot situation, I would say give 2 pairs of black uggs, and 2 pairs of heeled J-crews away. Maybe to a friend? (If you have a friend or family member with your same shoe size.) Since you haven’t worn them in so long it’s not really worth keeping them any longer when someone else might get lots of wear out of them. Plus it feels so good to have empty spots in the closet!

  17. Hi Jen!
    Have you ever tried stretching the boots? If you’re only wearing them an hour at a time you’re not giving the leather enough time to conform to your foot. They sell the wooden boot stretchers or you could take them to a cobbler to do it for you. Worth a shot =)
    Have a great week!

    1. They actually fit my feet perfectly but something about the arch always gives me a foot cramp. I wear other heels with no problem. It’s baffling!

  18. Hi Jen!
    I think it’s definitely time to donate the J Crew heeled boots! If you haven’t worn them in that long, likelihood is that you won’t wear them again! Also with your foot problems, I’d suggest giving those away because your feet could suffer further damage from wearing them for only that first hour because even if you don’t feel pain immediately, the fact that you do later on just means that your feet have been under stress for that first hour!
    I’d suggest keeping the black uggs (mainly because I love mine!), but the ones with the zippers can definitely go!
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us again!
    🙂 Taryn

  19. Time to give them away.. I was like you, you pay a lot & that’s why we hate to get rid of them. We say I may wear them again but that day never comes. I just went through a good clean out of all my closets got rid of anything I have not worn in a year & it feels so good.

  20. Hi Jen and Don!

    My question for you is are you planning on having children in the future? You both seem great with kids and would be great parents! Thanks and take care!

  21. You must have an iron stomach to eat all that rich food/eggs!
    Are you calling Don “mister” because of Ingrid?

  22. Hi Jen and Don!

    First off, I love watching your videos and vlogs! I especially love the Disney ones. I was a cast member at Disney World in 2012for the Disney College Program, so it brings back great memories.

    My question for you is how and when did you guys meet?

    All the best to you both!

  23. Love your vlogs !
    I do have a question. If You have answered it before I am sorry , I missed the answer ‘

    DON ” what do you do for a living ?

    Have a wonderful day

  24. Hi Jen & Don!

    My question is for Don, what was your reaction when Jen told you about starting a YouTube channel? Were there any concerns?
    Also, I assume you were a bit inspired to start your own channel as well? … bring back your cook nook! 🙂

    Thanks & hope you two have a fun time filming this Q&A!

  25. I love your weekend vlogs! I can’t wait till you show your closet organization and what you use the smaller boxes for. My “advice” for your shoes…if they hurt your feet get rid of them. Nothing worse than sore feet! As far as the ugg boots I guess I would just keep them and use them as needed. Since the boots cost a lot you could possibly do the charity sale like you did with your handbags. Thanks for sharing your life with us! Have an awesome week….give Winnie a pat for me….

  26. Hey Jen,

    I think if you kept one pair of Uggs just in case we have a crazy winter this year would be good. If the boots with heels hurt you after a hour then I would get rid of them. You could always keep your eyes open for a pair that would be perfect for you.
    You should have a pair custom made for you. ( I think people do that with western boots.)

    A question for you and Don.

    Do you ever think about living any where else besides Chicago ?

  27. I am 29, and my rule of thumb since college, when I started moving every other year or so, has been to get rid of anything I haven’t touched all season. I switch out clothes and makeup colors seasonally to help keep my hangers/makeup organization decluttered. But I go through everything I own. There are always exceptions, of course. But with more expensive items I decided to give a couple seasons for whatever reason, if I haven’t touched them in a year, they have to go. It means I have way less “stuff” than most people, but that everything gets good use. I actually take this approach with almost all of the items in my house that aren’t decor. Usually if I have enough of something that one isn’t getting reached for (including towels and kitchen tools), I feel like it means I have more than I truly need.

    This gives me space for new things, helps my “things” sort of grow with me as I get older and my styles and preferences change, and means I never have an unmanageable amount of stuff. You have a much larger home, so you can store a lot more than I can in a medium sized one bedroom apartment, but if you haven’t worn it, get rid of it. Perhaps replace the uncomfortable boots with new ones with a heel that don’t hurt?

  28. I vote for getting rid of the high boots and the unused Uggs. Consider them used up 🙂
    A question for you both – what is an activity/hobby/time waster you enjoy but we don’t see much if anything of in the vlogs?

  29. Regarding the shoes — I think you should give them one more season and make a great effort to wear each of them at least twice. If you are finding it hard to find outfits to wear them with or you wear some more than others, donate the ones you wore the least and keep the ones you wore the most. If you put in that effort to wear them, at least you are getting use out of them for a season and then you can actually tell if they fit in your wardrobe.

  30. If shoes and boots hurt…sorry, even if they are cute…get rid of them. Can you take the UGGS to Utah?

  31. Hi jen!
    Just wanted to make sure you knew petsmart has Martha Stewart dog beds on sale 30% off right now!
    I just got my dog one for $20.99

  32. Hi Jen … I loved your excitement for your weekend at home. I totally “get it”. I love our home, so I love being able to spend some down time in it. I’m glad you had such a nice weekend. #1 – No clue on the shoes. I’d be torn as well. Sorry, no help there. #2 – Would you ever consider doing a grooming video on Winnie? I know you have done a video on how you give her a bath, but I’d love to see after that. How you brush her out, clip her when she needs trimming, and especially how you get her bows to attach so well. I have a Yorkie that I want to start grooming myself, but I’m not doing such a good job. Winnie always looks so pretty. Finally … my question is for Don – How long have you been playing golf and which course that you have played is your favorite? My husband is an avid golfer as well. We live in Florida and his favorite “local” course is Sawgrass. His favorite out of state that he has played so far is Pebble Beach in California.

    1. I was wondering that too! Hopefully sometime in the near future but I understand if this question may be a little too personal 🙂

  33. I don’t have a question, but a suggestion for the wedding shadowbox placement. Maybe you could install a shallow shelf above all the fixtures and prop the boxes on it; that way it would be clearly level on the shelf?

  34. About the boots: give them away. If the uggs are in very good condition you can see if someone in the family is interested? Maybe? Or just give them away. The small black one that you use occasionally can substitute all the other ones in any outfit. (:
    Like, if you have good substitute for them, no point in keeping them. You already used them enough, let someone else give them another chance (:

  35. Another great vlog, as always. I think I’ll miss not having one next week but I am looking forward to the Q&A. I think it is great that you and Don welcome us so freely in to your lives!

    Regarding the shoes, I’d keep the Uggs for another winter season, but ditch the high heeled ones. The Uggs have a lot more benefits in terms of comfort and warmth. Will you let us know what you do/have decided? I’m interested to know what you did with the dresses from the previous vlog. Looking forward to the unveiling of the wardrobe completed. Whilst my wardrobe is miniscule when compared with yours, the tips you share always seem to be transferable to our own spaces.

    And lastly, (long comment, sorry!), I just wanted to say that your skin is looking lovely at the moment – I was particularly struck by that thought in the post bath clip. I know you’ve had a few problems with it of late (let’s be honest, we all do!), as you’ve shared with us, and what you’re doing seems to working well!

  36. Hi Jen & Don!

    Jen, I stumbled upon your youtube channels while searching for Disney vlogs and ended up finding a fantastic treasure! Your blog and vlogs are so very inspiring and motivates me to become a better person. Thank you for that! 🙂

    My question for both of you is have you discussed if and when you plan on trying to make some babies? 😉 My husband and I are currently trying and thought how awesome it would be if you ever started a blog about babies/kids…not that Winnie isn’t precious enough to see all the time.

    Thanks for all that you do and Happy Summer!!

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    P.S. I would definitely keep all of the boots! You never know when you might need them again.

  37. This. I have missed the relaxed/just hanging out/puttering around the house Jen. Its been a rough couple of weeks for me and watching your vlog felt like visiting with a longtime friend. Thank you.

  38. Hi Jen and Don! My question is…are kids in your future? When Jen made the comment about little hands reaching the shadow boxes…my heart just melted. You guys would be such great parents 🙂

  39. Loved this vlog so much! These are the kind of vlogs I miss from you! 🙂 Just the kind when you’re hanging around the house, doing day to day stuff. Cooking, cleaning, organizing.. I know you said Vlogust and daily vlogging isn’t in the cards for you right now.. but maybe you can surprise us with a random vlog during the the week, every once in awhile 😉 (fingers crossed) appreciate all that you do and thanks for sharing!

  40. Hi Jen & Don, My Question is I love when you both show what you are cooking. Would you be willing to do more of these types of Vlogs? Hi to “Lil” Winnie she is the cutiest!! 🙂

  41. Hello Jennifer!
    I have been using cucumber slices, instead of chips, for hummus! As far as the boots go, since you have the space, keeping them another season to decide whether you’ll use them or not, wouldn’t hurt and then you will feel good about the decision (either way)!!
    Hugs & Love!!!

  42. Hi Jen, the relationship that you and Don, share is very admirable and intriguing. Both of you live very enriching and gratified lives with friends and family. You invited questions from your current vlog. (1) As both of you grow older do you regret not having any child/children around ? (2) In the future do you plan to adopt or have biological children of your own ? (3) Jen are you afraid of the weight gain or labor that a child would bring ? (4) Are both complete, even without children running around the house ? (5) What about legacy?

  43. Hi! My question to you two would be what do you like most about eachother? I really love your vlogs and am truly grateful for your ernest and open willingness to share your life with us. Regarding the shoes I would recomend you wait a bit more. Since you don’t have an urgent need to free up that space it’s always better to wait a bit more. As an idea you could try to use them once or twice to really decide if you like them still. Thank you, God bless and tons of hugs to Winnie!!!!!

  44. Hi Jen,
    I have just started watching your channels and following your blogs within the past few months and I am truly enjoying them! I came upon them searching for housewife tips on the internet after just recently becoming a stay at home wife. I just wanted to thank you because you have been an inspiration to me and have made me feel like it’s ok to do what makes me happy (that I’m not crazy for being a housewife at 26 years old, no kids!) even though other people may not be very nice about my decision. My question for you and Don is how did your family and friends react to Jen staying home? One of the major reasons I am home now is due to my anxiety and some of my family don’t understand my decision, any tips?

    Thank you so much for all that you do Jen!

  45. Hi there, Jen and Don!

    Q: Jen, this question is geared more towards you. Has being married/having someone as awesome as Don in your life helped you cope with your anxiety? or does it not have any sort of effect?

  46. Hi Jen and Don…. I watch your videos here at work while I’m eating lunch every day…you’re both an adorable young couple and I really admire you both a great deal. My question is: I know you met in college….but can you elaborate a bit. Did you meet through friends or in a class together? What qualities first drew you to each other? What was your first date…etc. You seem so well suited and even after all these years together, I love the love, respect and friendship you still show each other.

  47. Jen,
    Get rid of the shoes you don’t use. My rule is 18 months, except for large sporting equipment. Just imagine how thrilled someone without your financial resources will be to get them, whether you donate them or sell them at a discounted price. Some people can only get fancy stuff when others sell it used. Great Vlog! I love these.

  48. My moms rule, that I’ve kept with me, is if you haven’t wore it in 2 years you won’t wear it again. Just a little tip that has helped me when I clean out my closet.

  49. Being a Chicagoan myself and not far from you I have to say if you didn’t wear those Uggs this past polar-vortex-winter-from-hell, you will probably never wear them again and might as well donate them.

  50. I loved your ‘No Plans Weekend’ vlog, Jen!

    -Oh the shoes! That’s a tough one! I vote give them one more season 🙂

    -I love leftovers scrambles, too! My go to breakfast is always eggs & toast.. pretty much all of the year! Some other meals/snacks (not all super healthy :)) I like to do are fresh,whole fruits, green smoothies, small tortilla bean wrap w/salsa, occasional Larabar, quinoa ‘fried rice’, 1/2 PB&J, trail mix, chinese chicken salads w/orange, avocado & sesame sticks, avocado toast, tea time w/biscotti…

    I’ll comment back when I think of a question for you & Don!
    Have a great day!

  51. Hi Jen, I would keep the boots, they are good quality and you never know when your taste might change and suddenly you want your Uggs back! I know I have done some purging and gotten rid of things that I regret getting rid of. I would give them one more season, just to make sure. As far as the high heeled boots, have you tried any inserts or anything for them. I know I’ve seen inserts for high heeled shoes that you might try, if you haven’t already thought of that.

    I watched your couples tag, but I can’t remember if you answered anything about pets. Seeing that you love having Winnie so much, I wondered if you or Don had pets growing up?

  52. Hi Jen & Don

    I know why you were so excited and had an amazing weekend. I too love weekends where I don’t have to be anywhere or HAVE to do anything. I can just do what I want when I want. I wish I had more of those. So I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!
    I would get rid of the boots. I had the same problem with a few pair of dress shoes I had and loved. I kept holding on to them and they were just taking up space. So I asked around on my facebook page to see if anyone wanted them and I was able to give them a new home.
    Oh…do you have Don’s recipe posted anywhere for the shrimp and pepper fajitas? I would love to make it. I would so appreciate it if you would let me know!!!!
    Have an amazing week!!!!!!

  53. As a former professional organizer myself, I say if you haven’t touched something in over a year or two, like those boots, and you are debating whether to keep or donate, it’s time to find them a new home. If you truly loved them or had a purpose for them, you would either be wearing them more regularly or would not even think about giving them away. The very fact that you are asking whether you should, means you should. Especially the ones that hurt your feet, that could cause permanent damage to your feet, and since you are a runner Jen, you must pamper those tootsies!

    Just my two cents! 🙂

  54. I love weekends at home. Home is meant to be cozy and comfortable.

    Couples Q&A:
    For Don – You haven’t posted on your channel since last year’s 4th of July prep, do you ever think about making videos on there again? Your cooking vlogs and general chats were wonderful.

    For Jen – I know it’s still early, but I was wondering if Vlogust, Vlogtober, or especially Vlogidays was still a tradition you were considering this year?


  55. Hi Jen & Don,

    I adore both of you! You are such a cute couple.

    I would like to know if you have any Disney World plans in the works?
    Which resort would you likely stay at next?

    I really enjoy watching your Disney vlogs, hope there are more to come.

    Thanks for sharing! Take Care.

  56. Hi Jen~If I were you, I’d donate your Uggs. I did the same thing at the end of winter this year. I had a few pairs that I never wore for probably 2 years. They were in perfect shape, I just didn’t use them. I felt better when I got them out of the house. A fresh start. But that’s my opinion. I can’t wait til you post the closet video. It’s gonna be great! Have a great weekend! Love, me

  57. Hi Jen and Don!

    I was wondering when you knew Don was “the one” or when Don knew you were “the one”?
    Also would you ever consider doing a wedding series about how you planned and executed your guys’ wedding?

    Love watching you guys! 🙂

  58. Hi Jen,
    Watching Don cuddle Winnie reminded me of a YouTube video called “An Engineers Guide to Cats” where the two guys in the video do what they call “corporal cuddling” with their cats. (You can tell the cats just tolerate it) lol. We now use this term when we want to cuddle our dog or cat and they really don’t want to.
    Question for you two- do you ever do any hiking, biking or kayaking/boating during the summer months in Utah? I’ve seen you guys enjoy the king, but what’s your outdoor summertime fun in Utah?

  59. Hi Jen!
    Love your videos – you are such a sweet person.
    I was wondering if you can tell me where you purchased your measuring cups that you used in this video.
    I am in need of a good measuring cup set and the ones you have look like they’d last!
    Please get back to me if you can…Thanks so much!

  60. Hi Jen, get rid of the boots. Sell them though, maybe eBay or consignment stores? Aren’t there consignment fashion websites? I’ve heard some beauty gurus on YouTube talk about them!:)

  61. Jen: keep the uggs! You never know when you will need them. And as you said, you did pay a bit for them! Do you have a pair I. Your Utah house? I imagine you could need a pair there for the winter 🙂
    My question is, do you plan on getting another puppy friend for Winnie in the future?
    I *love* your vlogs. Keep them coming. Isn’t it great to have a weekend at home every now and then to do nothing. Enjoy the simplicity of just being at home with your loves.

  62. About the boots and Uggs, I would just get rid of them. If I find something to be uncomfortable or not being used often, I get rid of it and I’ve never regretted that. No need to keep stuff that I’m iffy about. ~~~ I also wanted to say that when you first turned off comments on your videos, I was kind of disappointed. But now that they have been off for a while I have to say that – I really love it. It just makes the whole experience so much more peaceful and enjoyable not having to see all the Negative Nancys out there. Just my two cents. :0)

  63. I would give up the boots that are uncomfortable, unless you can research and find a way to make them comfortable. And if you’re not feeling your Uggs any longer dont’ feel guilty about letting them go. Tastes change, nothing wrong with that.

  64. Hi Jen,
    I know it’s hard but I would let the Uggs and the boots go. I think you’ll feel relieved!

    My question for you, Jen:
    What storage ideas do you have for all your knitting supplies and yarn?( I subscribe to KnitCrate also.)

    Funny, I was just thinking of buying a knitting swift!

  65. Hey Jen
    Great vlog again!
    To respond to your questions, first I will keep the ugg it is walkways useful. Concerning the boots with high heels, give them to someone who can need them and wear them without any problem.
    I always say if you can not wear the clothes/ shoes without feeling great and if you do not wear them within the 2 past years give them to someone else who will use them every day.
    Concerning the pictures, I have the same situation in my previous appartement and I have created a kind of box in wood to cover the electronic stuff that we do not need to see. And I suggest to decorate the boxe with pictures of your family or also you can use the poems that don wrote for you.
    Thanks again for all your video

  66. Question for Jen: any tips for moving? We are moving into our new home in a couple weeks and I’m beside myself with the multitude of tasks!

    For Jen and Don: do you decorate your home with input from both spouses? Or does Jen handle all of that? (I’m talking decorating, not so much organization…)

    1. I would love to know about decorating too! I have to run everything past the Mister. It get’s frustrating! lol, is it ok to say that?! I wonder how it works with other couples.

    2. Hello Christine,

      My biggest tip after multiple moves is this… Get a flat cardboard box (I always use buy and use UHaul’s newsprint wrapping paper box). Set it on a free table, along with a couple of boxes of ziplock baggies (different sizes), small pieces of scratch paper and a pen.

      As you take things apart or down, PUT THE HARDWARE IN A BAGGIE, ALONG WITH A PIECE OF SCRATCH PAPER THAT YOU’VE WRITTEN DOWN WHAT IT IS. PUT THE BAGGIE IN THE BOX. Now, ALL your pieces and parts are in one place. Take the box with you in your car or have the movers put it in the truck LAST.

      At your new place put the box on a free table. As you unpack a bookshelf, rolling cart or hang a piece of art, all you have to do is go to your box to find the shelf holders, wheels and hook/nail/etc…

      This one tip has saved my bacon countless times. I also put scissors, packing tape, sticky notes and a spiral notebook/pen (and a bottle of water and my phone) on the same table to act as grand central station.

      Other tips… Make a list of what you will need your first night and first morning in your new place… They will probably be the last things you pack the day you leave. When you get to your new place, set up a bathroom, any bedrooms you or your family will be sleeping in, and an eating space. This means toilet paper, soap and paper towel (plus a bath towel, shampoo and soap for each person) in the bathroom… Beds (even just a mattress on the floor) made up with a set of clean clothes for the next day… Paper plates, paper towel, plastic silverware and cups along with the phone number of a pizza place and maybe McDonald’s breakfast the next morning… I’ve also had snacks and lunch items ready for a cooler and basket so meals on moving day are easier.

      I’ve tried to have a few “peaceful” tidy spots during the first week unpacking… beds clear and ready to sleep in each night, a table clear and ready to eat at, a clean kitchen sink, and a place to sit and chill (inside or outside). I don’t worry with makeup or doing my hair when moving; I focus on being clean and comfortable! 🙂

      It is important to contact all your utilities at both sites to insure a smooth transition. If you are moving any large appliances, hook them up immediately so you can start laundry and keep food cold.

      You’ve probably already thought of these tips but I hope they help! Good Luck! Moving can be stressful (and sad) but can also be very hopeful and exciting!

  67. I would probably donate the boots that you havent used in the past 2yrs, but if you feel like there is still a good chance that you might wear this this fall or winter, give them one last shot. Besides that, can you please tell me where did you get the plastic containers that you used to store your shoes in and the boot hangers as well? Another great video, thanks for sharing!

  68. Hi there, I really like your blog, so sweet! In terms of what to do with stuff you don’t use or really like, I’ve learned from this blog/channel:


    She has a very revolutionary approach to clothes, stuff and life. She spent six months in France and came back with a brand new way to live life. I’ve taken my closet from over at least 300 different clothes ‘stuff’ plus tons of shoes, to about 40 core items that I love and that fit well.

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts!

  69. Jen, My best advice when deciding to keep the boots would be that if you have repeats of the exact same thing then lose em. For instance, you already have black boots. So… anytime you want to wear black boots you have that covered. Why have multiple pairs for the same purpose? Just like you have beige sandals, beige heels, and beige flats.. one for every purpose. But you would not need 3 pairs of beige flats. Make sense? Just some thoughts to help!

  70. Hi Jen! (and Don) lol. I recently started a YouTube channel, “Thats Lenny” and my main audience as of now are my close family and friends and I have a whopping 7 subscribers! Lol. I’d really like to be a successful YouTuber and gain a larger audience, do you have any suggestions on how I can do this? I also just created a facebook page to correlate with my YouTube channel just FYI. I would love to hear your experience on how you built your audience and eventually made some money by making YouTube videos. Thanks in advance!

  71. Um Jen…. Don’t feel obligated to answer the “baby” question. It’s rude and intrusive. Furthermore, one can easily feel complete and at peace with life by NOT having kids. (Studies confirm that not having children can actually make for a happier marriage). You ARE a mom already to Winnie, obviously 🙂 and a fantastic one at that! I am 42 and child-free by choice and my husband and I have a happy, fun and fulfilled life. I have no regrets. I guess my biological clock and desire to procreate must be wonky because I am in the minority, this I know. I may be missing out yes, but how does one know what one doesn’t know? Furthermore, those I do know with children have a lot of chaos and clutter and crazy in their lives. I know myself well enough to know I don’t like chaos or clutter. It would make me crazzzzzy.

    Go to snacks: cocoroons (lemon pie), green apples and nut butter, guacomole and blue corn chips, kombucha, carrots and bell peppers and hummus w/ a handful of green olives, pretzel crisps and jalepeno cream cheese, gluten free toast w/ organic peanut butter and a glass of chocolate almond milk, dark chocolate dipped in sun butter.

    I am not offended if you choose not to post my comment due to possible arguments. I get it. The baby question makes people jump off the wall and lash out judgment especially if one chooses NOT to have kids. What if a woman wants kids and is having some issues with conceiving? It’s just downright intrusive to ASK. I just want to share my support of your privacy regarding the question and to share some snacky snack suggestions 🙂

  72. Hey Jen! Hope you are having a great week 🙂 Many bloggers.. Gurus etc etc have blog sales .. you can sell the items you’re not gong to wear any longer and give the money to charity? Your items are of great quality and you have kept them in very great shape. Question for you and Don: Have you ever considered adopting a furry friend for Winnie? I had a shihtzu and when she was 10yrs old we adopted Rufus our sweet boy who is a Yorkie … They were besties… Our sweet girl Kandy died this year at the age of 15yrs old .. I am glad that we did, because the same year we adopted Rufus, she lost her sight and Rufus kept her happy and healthy! He was her eyes and she followed him everywhere he went. Such sweet memories seeing them always snuggled in the same bed (they had 8beds all over the house, but they always chose to sleep together lol too cute I tell ya 🙂 I am now looking to adopt another friend for Rufus….

  73. Hello Jen and Don!

    I’ve been watching for a while and simply love seeing how you organize, love each other and winnie! As a 22 year old I love to daydream about my own future home and family life, and getting a peek of your family life and how you organize it is such a treat!

    My question is what is your most memorable vacation you’ve had together and why?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful family!

  74. Really appreciate the shift in the energy of your videos with having no comments. They can stay off permanently as far as I am concerned. I truly appreciate your positive contribution to my day.

  75. Hi guys…my question is for both of you. I know other people asked this and I am curious as well…Do you plan on having children? Jen you are such a great mommy to Winnie, I think you and Don would be wonderful parents.


  76. Since the boots are more expensive I would sell them. That’s just me though, I have a rule for myself that if I don’t use something at least once a year then it’s not worth keeping. You could probably find a more comfortable pair of healed boots come wintertime 🙂

  77. Also… would you PLEASE consider doing an updated purse/wallet collection video!?!?! I know you’ve made a lot of changes and there were some purchases that you didn’t share since the last one from a few years ago. Those are my favorite videos!

  78. Hi Jen,

    My 2 cents on the boots is to let them go – if you have not worn them in that long – let them go allowing room for other shoes or boots that work for you more.

    Re couple question – is there a specific book or author that you both really love?

    Thanks for sharing so much with us all!! You guys are both awesome!

  79. I look forward to your weekend vlogs. About the boots…I’d get rid of what you haven’t worn….hmmm….that would make room for more handbags. Yay! Are you going to do any more mail vlogs? I love looking at the creative gifts people send you. I like the question someone suggested about what prompted you to be a housewife? What is your absolute favorite food and youtube site?

  80. Hi Jen and Don,

    Loved the lazy weekend vlog! All of the food looked very tasty! 🙂

    Question for you Jen, I remember you saying that you studied art history in college. That was one of my favorite things about going to art school was learning the stories behind all of the different types of art from all over the world. My question is who was/is your favorite artist? What art period do you enjoy most?

    I hope you are having a great week and thanks for all that you do!

  81. I think you should get rid of the high heel boots. you havent worn them in 2 years and i dont think you will again since they hurt your feet. make room for new ones 🙂
    Love your vlogs!!

  82. Any upcoming DisneyWorld trips for you & Don? What Disney hotel is your favorite? How bought Don? Love your blogs

  83. As for the question on breakfast, ….I have just started to eat what you have been eating .I switched my version up to Vanilla flavored low fat yogurt, granola, and either raspberrries or blueberries on top. It is very tasty and filling, plus I feel good about starting off my day w/a healthy choice. Thanks for the inspiration!

  84. Hello Jen!
    First I’d just like to thank you again for the Erin Condren giveaway. My items should be shipping Friday and I am beyond ecstatic!

    My question for you and Don is: How did Don propose? (I hope that’s not too personal, but if so I understand)
    I just love to hear proposal stories 🙂



  85. Jen, how does Don take care of you when you are sick, and how do you take care of Don when he is sick? This is my question for your upcoming couples questions and answers.

  86. I got this tip from somewhere, that I always keep in mind when I’m downsizeing: “Would I spend my money on this thing right now? Is it worth the x amount it would cost to buy?”. The shoes fit you, but hurt and therefor may need to go! Why not sell some of them on Ebay? 🙂

  87. Jen! I’ll take those black Uggs off your hands! Also, I actually took a page from your book and I divide large volume snacks into one serving size and ziplock it with the calorie count on the outside. Nothing is better than a lazy weekend with the person you love and your fur baby, glad you enjoyed!

  88. This is by far my most favorite week-end vlog you’ve shared, Jen! 🙂
    If I were you, I would move the uggs to the Utah house – since it is colder there you might get more use of them there.
    As far as the high-heeled boots, I would give them away – a shoe that isn’t comfortable to wear for more than one hour… that’s not very practical.
    I really look forward to the Q&A video! 😀

  89. My question for your Q&A: Will you please describe your typical (at home) day?

    I ask because I was a housewife for a year and just about went crazy. The hubs was at work all day, the kids in school. I was bored out of my mind after a couple weeks/month or so. I admire that you’re actually doing it and I’d like to know how you do it so successfully. The only housewives I know are homeschooling moms and I know that takes up a lot of their day. I didn’t have the homeschooling option. I’m just wondering what I could have done better to be successful at it. It’s what I always thought I wanted to do but when I had the opportunity, it just wasn’t what I pictured at all.

    I broke up my household chores so I’d have something to do every day, but that still left me with hours to kill until I wasn’t alone in the house … my home is rather small, it doesn’t take long to clean. I became tired and bored with shopping. And back then, daytime tv was a complete waste of time! My neighbors all seemed to be not home during the day, so I had no one to “have coffee” with during the midafternoons and I don’t live near family.

    I’m just wondering … what do you do? How do you pull it off? Of course, back when I was at home alone, the internet was just starting to be available in people’s homes and there was no You Tube to make videos for.

    You are an inspiration and I do love watching your videos. Thank you.

  90. Hi Don and Jen! My question is, would Don consider making some cooking videos? The meals that he prepares look so delicious and I would absolutely love it if he did some instructional videos! Thanks and I love your vlogs 🙂

  91. Hi Jen and Don! I’m 18 years old and I love watching your vlogs and your organization videos! I know that this question may be a little intrusive and don’t feel pressured to answer, but I was wondering if/when you were planning on having kids. I think that you two would be great parents, especially since you’ve been married for so many years and you have such a great relationship with each other already 🙂

  92. I don’t know if you enjoy cheese or can tolerate it, but I really enjoy Brie with Apple slices as a healthy snack. It gives me protein and a little fiber, fills me up and keeps my blood sugar balanced. I also enjoy pretzels and laughing cow cheese wedges, you could easily substitute your pretzel puffs I would think. Another treat is to take cottage cheese and add a small amount of honey and some cinnamon, it is delish, almost as good as a dessert but without all the calories. I guess you can tell I love cheese, lol, but I hope maybe one of these appeals to you!

    Loved the video, I enjoy being in my home and just getting things done as well. I don’t have nearly as active a social life as you guys, but I can imagine you need some downtime once in awhile. I loved seeing Don holding Winnie, her expressions were priceless 😉

  93. In your Vlog “No Plans Weekend” I noticed there is a shelf above your kitchen sink/window. Looks nice. When did you add that?

  94. Just a silly little question for the couples Q&A from a fellow Disney lover: What Disney or Pixar couple would you most identify yourselves with and why? Ariel and Eric, Belle and the Beast, Flynn and Rapunzel, etc, etc.? 🙂

  95. Hi, Jen and Don!

    First, I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your videos and appreciate all of the advise you give. Thanks for letting us into your lives and sharing your organizational knowledge.

    Here are two question for the Q & A:

    – What’s some marital/relationship advise that you and Don find helpful within your relationship?

    – How did y’all meet?

    Two Comments:

    – Loved Don’s Dr. Who t-shirt from a few vlogs back.

    – If/when you two decide to bring little Dons and Jens into the world, you guys are going to be extraordinary parents! 🙂

  96. Hi Jen, Don and Winnie!

    I’m been a long time subscriber to all of your social media outlets and I have enjoyed watching all of you grow and develop into such amazing people.

    My question for you is this (and I apologize if it may seem intrusive)… How do you both deal with life’s disappointments? As I get older I am realizing that life has a way of knocking you down… how do you two manage to stay positive and optimist? How do you overcome struggles and challenges that life throws your way? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this… if you care to share 🙂

    Thanks again for all of your dedication, commitment and love for all that you do. I’ve had the worst year of my life, but your channels have helped me get through.

    Be blessed always,
    Carmen 🙂

  97. ALSO! Found out I only live 20 min away from you guys! It has always been a dream to meet you both so hopefully I run into you guys some time I am out 🙂

  98. Question: Has Don always been so attentive with little details, like flowers and getting you gifts out of the blue? or is that something you can teach a boyfriend to do because mine has no details like that EVER and I was hoping to be able to change that. Any input?

    This is NOT part of the question:
    (we have been together for 4 years he is 26 I am 29)

    Boots: I found my Uggs literally disintegrated on the inside and had to put an insole to make them comfortable again but ended throwing them away becuse they felt worn down inside the boot. So what will you do when the brown ones go tatty? If they are in great condition get rid of the black ones but if they are starting to get “old” I would save the black ones for when you go out in the snow with Winnie. Boots with heals you never wear… Get rid of them, not worth the pain. At the end of the day it is your choice but I hope that helped.

    Like your bloggs hope Don makes some more vids soon.

  99. Hi Jen! I absolutely love your weekend vlogs! I was in Chicago this weekend ( my daughter lives there) and it was perfect for relaxing. Not so much for waking around downtown… Anyway, I’m a military spouse and we move just about every two to three years. When it is time to move, I go through my closet and anything I haven’t worn in that time gets donated with no hesitation. So my suggestion would be that if you haven’t worn it or wanted to wear the boots in two or more years then it’s time to let them go. Besides, my daughter says if you didn’t wear them this past winter, you won’t wear them at all!

  100. With the boots, I would keep them until u find a pair that you love and then get rid of them and replace them with the new ones u got 🙂 for your couples q&a: have you guys been on a cruise, if not, would you go on one and would u vlog it and where would you go?

  101. Hi Jen and Don,
    What goals do you have as a couple that you are looking forwards too? For example getting another dog or a big trip or something 🙂 in short what are you excited for in the future!

    Lots of love from a loyal viewer and a fellow blogger

  102. Get rid of what you don’t use. You are blessed in so many ways, pay it forward. Does Don plan on doing any more cook nooks?

  103. – Can you tell us more about your plans on having kids? (timing, how many, how you think your lives would change to accommodate little ones)

  104. Hi Jen and Don, first thanks for brightening my weeks!

    I have a question for Don: I miss your videos!:( Will you be filming more soon?

  105. Hi! I guess because I have anxiety in social situations, I was wondering if you (Jen) ever have anxiety about filming in public. As a follow up, have either of you ever had odd reactions or inquiries to your filming? (I sometimes feel anxious just taking a picture). Thanks for sharing!

  106. Have you ever tried cashew butter? I’ve transitioned from peanut butter to almond butter, but I recently was introduced to cashew butter. It’s one of my favorite snacks (or light dinners) when spread over apple slices.

  107. I loved this vlog! I love the ones where you guys are out and about traveling/doing things too but I really do love just hanging out with you guys at home too! 🙂 Those are my favourite kind of weekends too where I have time to bathe my dogs, workout, do some organizing and just relax at home!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    I think you should include the boots in your next purse auction – it can be a “purse ‘n boots” auction 🙂

  108. If the boots hurt your feet, then they have to go. I would keep the uggs because you do live where it snows. Force yourself to wear them this winter and then you can decide that you still love them or they have to go.

    The scrambled eggs looked amazing! I look in my fridge and see what goodies I can put in mine as well.

    – side note here. I have a 31 yo autistic son that loves watching your videos with me. I think it’s so cute 🙂

  109. I’d really like to start earning some extra money online. Do you have any ideas? I know you make a bit of money with youtube and I’d be interested in learning about that.
    Ps-donate the uggs and boots 🙂

  110. Hi Jen! I recently found you on YouTube and LOVE your videos… on all 3 channels! Your Erin Condren planner review has already motivated me to purchase my own as well as starting a gratitude journal in the evenings. It has really helped with my perspective and outlook. As for the boots, I would recommend selling them to something like Paula’s closet or a consignment shop that will pay to purchase your clothing, since they were expensive you can use the money you receive to either buy a new/comfortable pair or put it to something you know you’ll make good use out of! Also, as for healthy snacks i have been loving mini sweet bell peppers with hummus, crunchy like chips but their veggies! One video I recently watched was your luxury gift guide idea from August and I was wondering if your husband has tried the golf-swing analyzer? I would be so interested in what he thinks about it… my dad is an avid golfer as well:) Plus, in your vlogs I’ve seen your husband wear Pebble Beach and Masters T-shirts! My dad loves Pebble Beach and has played there many times as well as attended the US Open and his dream is to go to the Masters someday! Hopefully when I make enough money (I’m currently in medical school) I’ll get him there!:) Hope your having a spectacular day, thanks for being a YouTube angel;)

  111. Hey Jen!! I would say keep the UGGS and give away the healed boots. UGGS are very comfy and warm. Maybe so you will wear them you can take them to Utah instead? I am sure you have a smaller selection there so they may get more use. I would say give away the healed boots. If your going someplace that would require healed boots, you will most likely be gone for longer than an hour

  112. Jen, I enjoyed your No Plans weekend vlog! 🙂 I too enjoy weekends like that. Questions for your Q&A: How did you know Don was “the one” and how did Don know you were “the one”? How do you both deal with miscommunication as a couple…dating and during marriage?

  113. If you haven’t worn the boots in 2 years or they hurt your feet, pass them on to someone else who might be able to love them and use them. Thanks for sharing!

  114. You seemed to have the best weekend just chillin at home. That’s great, why don’t you do that more often? It’s wonderful to travel but it’s exhausting.

  115. Love your blog and vlogs, Jen. A thought on the thermostats, alarm panels, etc on your wall. One idea is to have some frame molding painted to match the shadowbox frames and installed in a rectangle around them. This basically arranges them into a rectilinear space, that pairs well with the other rectangular shaped frames on the wall. And yes, keep the boots for one more season just in case. 🙂

  116. Hi Jen
    I would love to know if you and Don have a bucket list of things you would like to do together or places you would like to visit.

    I have been watching your videos for a long time and I am so glad that you both seem relaxed in front of the camera again. I am really enjoying seeing Don and the weekend vlogs 🙂

    My thoughts on the shadow boxes is to lower the one on the right slightly so they are stepped down so your eye is not attracted to the uneven gap.

  117. I still don’t get why the comments are completely disabled on the vlogs…I know you get mean and unnecessary comments but you are dealing with human beings rather than talking to a wall. I find your vlogs somewhat entertaining but haven’t really been watching as much because I can’t give input without coming here. With the extravagant lifestyle you have (in comparison to the ‘average’ person), you will always get some hate.

  118. Jen-
    I love your bridal portrait! You look so beautiful.
    As far as your Uggs…I vote to send them on their way. My rule of thumb is that if I don’t put it on for two consecutive seasons, then it must go. Because you take such good care of your things, someone will surely get plenty of use out of them still.

    Also, the way you hung your running medals looks great! Where is that frame from? I have been looking for a way to display my running bling.

  119. Check out YouTube healthnutnutrition for great snacks and all around heathy eating. She has some great ideas and a lot of new brands .

  120. Q&A: You and Don have such a good relationship. What is your secret and/or what 1 piece of advice would you give to new couples just getting married?

  121. Hi Jen & Don!
    I would like to submit a possible question for your Q&A video 🙂 What would each of you say is the most thoughtful gesture you’ve done for one another?

    Also, I’d probably part with the boots after that length of time. Out with the old and in with the new!! 😉

  122. Hi Jen.

    We’ll I know it’s hard having to manage all those shoes and boots;) But my two cents on the unworn boots is….while I know you love those boots I’m sure you love your foot health more. Have a farewell wearing of each pair and depart with them. Whether you donate or sell at second hand shop and maybe invest in a new pair of somethin’ somethin’. 😉

  123. Q&A: I know you have answered before, but do you and Don plan on having kids anytime soon or have you been trying? I know this is personal so if you don’t feel comfortable answering thats fine, I’m just curious haha I’ve been watching for so long I just get nosey haha. But if thats too much then I have an other question, what do you guys think is the most important thing in a relationship? I.e. listening, communication, or anything like that, I know you two aren’t perfect but you guys seem to communicate very well and work things out. Thank you! Love you Jen, and Don, haha!

  124. I think if we are all honest, I think the biggest question everyone has is, when are those “little hands” going to be trying to get into those picture frames? Lol. I know you have briefly mentioned it before and I don’t ask disrespectfully, I just am very excited for you and I know the two of you would be wonderful parents!

    And Don I do miss your videos… and my husband misses me trying your recipes 😉

    The two of you are inspirational. Jen, it warms my heart to see you acting like yourself again. I think disabling the comments has really worked for you and the vlogs. You’re a sweet woman and doesn’t need anyone telling you other wise.

  125. Hi Jen, I love your videos I wanted to ask a question for you Q&A with Don! You and Don would make great parents are you going to have children or just stay a 2 person family?

  126. Hi Jen & Don! My name is Ashley, I’m from Arlington Heights, IL. Very close to you all! I love watching your videos. When are you guys planning on having kids? Your comment about little hands seemed like maybe soon? What names do you both like? Thanks!

  127. Hi Jen, love your videos! It’s fun to see someone else’s daily routines. I’m not sure if you’re still taking questions, but if you are can you talk a little bit about your sleep habits? It seems like you fall asleep pretty easily and wake up bright and early! Do you have a “bedtime” routine? Do you and Don typically go to bed around the same time?


  128. Love your videos. I would think that the uggs could still be useful in Chicago or Utah. I have the zipper pair in the tan color but since moving from KY to TX 5 years ago they get worn maybe 1-2 times a year 🙁 I would probably hold on to them another season before getting rid of. The other ones though if they are not comfortable and you haven’t worn then I would donate.

    My question for you guys is what does Don do for his job (not specifics as in what company or anything) and also when you say your work are you referring to the blog/vlogs (which I know is very time consuming) or do you also do something else from home?

    You have given me so many good tips! Thanks!

  129. Jen, if you don’t wear the shoes why don’t you do something like you did with your purses I believe an sell them on Ebay to get money for a charity.

  130. Hey Jen,

    About your boots, another you tuber, RachhLoves, did a video on going through her closet. Anything she isn’t sure of if she wants to get rid or not, she will put it on “lend” to a sister for so long and if she wants to suddenly wear it, she will ask for it back and the sister will give it to her. If after so long, she doesn’t want to ever wear it, the sister keeps it or she donates it. Thought a lender program sounded like a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I agree, they are so nice I wouldn’t want to get rid of them. I have a lot of stuff like that in my closet. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hb6Zn4Na04

  131. Hi Jen,

    I’m recently engaged and I’ve always wondered how Don proposed to you! Would you mind sharing the proposal story?

    Thanks for always staying positive.

    – Julie

  132. Hi Jen and Don! My husband and I enjoy roller coasters and theme parks and we love to watch your Disney travel vlogs. We are wondering if you ever go to other theme parks such as Six Flags Great America since it,s in Chicago. Thanks!

    1. We do go maybe once every couple of years. As much as I like rides, those coasters are a bit intense for me!

  133. Hi Jen,
    Just watched your vlog, can you tell me where you got you thong/ flip flop hangers from in your wardrobe? something like that would be perfect for me.
    My question would be if you were stranded on a desert island what are the 3 things you would take/ have with you?

  134. Hi Jen and don!

    My husband asked me this, so I’m posing it to you two! What are two things your things your spouse could do to be a better spouse?

  135. Being that you guys have such a close family and get together often, my question is what is your favorite Family Gathering/Holiday/Celebration Event?

  136. Thanks for chance to ask questions!

    Question for Jen: Why do you make YouTube videos?

    Question for Don: What do you think about Jen making YouTube videos?

    Question for both: Do you feel that Jen’s videos have a positive or negative effect on the young women watching them?

    Love your videos, TFS!

  137. Hey Jen and Don!

    I have a question for the Q&A video you will be filming. I am very curious as to what ethnicity you both are. Ross sounds English but I don’t know your maiden name, Jen and I’m very curious as to what ethnicity you are since you get so tanned! I know a lot of people are wondering the same.

    P.S I’m portuguese 🙂

  138. This isn’t so much a question as a wish . . . Don needs to make videos again! I have searched high and low for the recipe of the chicken (I think it’s chicken?) with the green sauce on them that you all used to have all the time and can’t find it in your vlogs. I’m dying to try it!

  139. Questions for Jen and Don: What has been your greatest accomplishment in life? What has been your biggest failure? Do you have any regrets or things you would change if you had a chance for a do-over?

  140. Hi Jen,

    First of all, those Shrimp Fajitas looked AMAZING! Recipe, please?

    As for your boots, I think because you do have the space to store them well and neatly, and because they do still fit and are in good shape, if it were me, I’d give them another year. They are an investment and, who knows, you may just be in the mood for them next winter. 🙂 It would be different if they were cluttering up your closet and were all piled on the floor.

    Also, your bare face is looking beautiful. I can’t wait to see the regimen you are using.

    As for the shadow box, I’d leave it the way it is – perfectly straight. One reason is that if you change the one on the right to mirror the crooked items below, then it won’t line up with the ones on the left. Second, it would bug the crap out of me, and I think maybe you, too, every time I looked at it if I knew it was deliberately crooked, LOL. And, lastly, I think even deliberately hanging it crooked won’t make the area feel “right”; I think it will all still feel a little “off” and that you are better the way you have it now. Of course, this is just my two cents; not only is it obviously your house and you should do it however makes you feel best, but, also, being there in person you have a much better sense of it. They are gorgeous and lovely to showcase.

    How did you cook the fries? When I bake mine, they never look as yummy as yours did. Do you have a convection oven, perhaps? The cheeseburgers looked delish, too.

    Couples Q&A question: Well, if it is not too personal, I am curious what Don’s job is? You mentioned he works from home, and I do, too, but my guess is his career choice was much better thought out than mine (IT programmer), LOL.

  141. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate suggestion, but I did not read through all your comments.
    On your picture frames appearing crooked because the panels below are crooked:
    Have you thought about hanging hinged picture frames over those items to conceal them, and at the same time make everything level?
    ala: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/82261130665684289/
    It may not work for your needs, but is a suggestion.

    New to your channel and blog, and enjoying your content!

  142. Just was watching this vid whilst eating lunch and enjoying your no plans weekend, perfect for a couple always on the go! With regard to the boots Jen, if you’ve not worn them in nearly two years, give them to a shelter or thrift shop or something and then someone else can enjoy them. This is what my husband and I do in our wardrobes. The other thing to know how often you’re wearing something. Turn all the coathangers backwards and then when you take something off the hanger to wear put it the right way round when you put the garment back after you’ve worn it. Hangers the wrong way round after a time limit you set yourself tells you that you’re not wearing that piece of clothing any more and it might be time to donate it to someone else who will love it as much as you have previously 🙂 Love your various channels and watch all the time!

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