Week In Review (July 15 – July 21, 2013)

Long time no WIR, I know.  Now that I’ve finally managed to get on a regular schedule posting TBBB topics every Wednesday and OLJ topics every Friday, I’ve found that I’ve fallen behind on my Monday MHWL ones.  This whole blogging deal is definitely a WIP (Work IProgress) for me and I’m learning as I go.  I do feel as if the three standard posts a week are attainable.  Once I put my mind to something, I do all that I can to see it through whether I have the time or not!  Some may call this stubbornness, but I like to think of it as perseverance.  That being said, I am one stubborn gal!  I can’t help it, I come from a long line of extremely stubborn, strong-willed doers.  It’s written into my genetic makeup.  Luckily, I like being a go-getter/get-it-doner so I’m not complaining.  Hopefully next week I’ll have another WIR for you, and another one the week after that, and so on. 🙂

Goodies From Friends

As many of you know, one of my goals for the year is to catch up on my snail mail correspondence.  I’ve made great strides in that endeavor in the past few months especially, and have finally sorted through all of the packages and packets I had waiting for proper thankyou’s.  I have the sweetest, most thoughtful viewers and readers ever!  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – I hope you know that your letters and postcards mean the world to me, and although it is very nice when people send gifts, I’d much rather you spend your money on someone who needs it.  Whether it’s just a sweet pick-me-up for a friend or a donation to a local charity to provide a meal for someone who is hungry, those tokens are the best gift of all to everyone.  I do understand the desire to send a gift to a friend or someone you admire, however, as I am want to do the same, and I do very much appreciate the lovely things you send to me.  I’ve received all kinds of wonderful gifts from bee-themed kitchen accessories to my all time favorite European candy and teas from all over the world.  You guys spoil me!  Most of all, I love reading the notes, letters, and postcards you send me.  I’m hoping to be able to catch up (and remain so!) with my letters in the next few months and have already gotten myself on a regular reply schedule with the current mail I receive.  I share my mailbox goodies in a new monthly video on MHWL called Mail Love Monday if you’re interested.

OJ|MHWL 7:22:2013)_1

Back To Beading

Another one of my other goals this year is to make time to return to some of the crafting pursuits I put aside after becoming engrossed in YouTube and social media three years ago.  I love all types of crafts, including card making, scrapbooking, bow making, and knitting, among others.  I know I only have time to pick up one of my old crafting loves at a time right now, so I decided to return to my love of beading.  I’ve taken a few classes over the past few weeks, including a Beading 101 class to refresh my memory and learn more professional techniques as well as a wrap bracelet class to replicate the stunning bracelets made popular by Chan Luu.  I’ve been taking these classes at Ayla’s Originals, a store which I used to enjoy visiting frequently back when Don & I lived in Evanston.  I’ve made a few pieces that I am in love with and am looking forward to taking more beading classes to expand my crafting knowledge, including a wire wrapping class !  Beading is not just a way to make my own jewelry, but also an extremely calming, meditative practice.  I’ve taken to beading on the weekends in an effort to create more personal time away from work on a weekly basis (yet another goal of mine!).  Beading is a soothing practice for me.

OJ|MHWL 7:22:2013)_2

An Unplugged Getaway

It is very rare that I take time away from my work, whether it involves filming and editing topic videos or vlogs, posting on Twitter and Facebook, replying to comments and correspondence, or taking blog photos and writing posts.  I even usually film vlogs, post on Instagram, and answer tweets during the majority of our vacations.  In the last year I’ve realized it’s important to spend at least one long weekend getaway totally unplugged with Don.  This past weekend we took such a trip!  It’s very weird for me to not look at my computer or my phone for longer than several hours at a time.  I felt like I was forgetting something important for the entire first day of our trip.  It wasn’t until we arrived at our destination after traveling all morning that I realized what I felt I was forgetting was bringing along you guys!  You know how much I love sharing my life with you all and I have no plans to discontinue that anytime soon.  I must admit that it was nice to be free from the internet for a few days.  We spent a lot of time outside between the pool and the golf course enjoying the summer sun and beautiful views and we ate like royalty!  It was a heavenly vacation and I feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the summer, including a couple of weeks of dedicated work gearing up for an extended stay at our family home in Utah.  I am also planning on taking on Vlogust again this year where I will film and post vlogs every day for the entire month of August on MHWL.

OJ|MHWL 7:22:2013)_3

There will be lots to share in the next couple months on all of the social media platforms I partake in.  I’m back and I mean business! 😉

I hope you all are enjoying your summer (or winter depending on where you live).  Stay tuned for so much more to come…


20 thoughts on “Week In Review (July 15 – July 21, 2013)”

  1. Hope you had a nice getaway with Don. I received my card in the mail from you and I was beyond excited! I think it’s great that you take the time to acknowledge all of your readers who send you correspondence.

  2. Hi Jen! I used your 4th of July party tips (and thanksgiving and BBQ) to plan my son’s birthday last weekend. My hubby and I agreed, all the ahead-of-time prep we did made it our most enjoyable party ever! Thanks!

  3. I am glad you and Don had a wonderful vacation. I am glad you just forgot about social media and spent time with your man! But I am also looking very forward to Vlogust. I very much enjoy watching you in Utah. If you do not mind answering 2 questions for me. In one of your vlogs you mentioned a family wedding will you be filming that? Also will we be seeing baby Gracie in Utah. Thanks very much for taking the time to read my comment.

    1. I’m not sure if I’ll be filming the family wedding weekend yet. Gracie will be in Utah for half of out trip 🙂

  4. Hi Jen! I’m so glad that you took time off to relax and rejuvenate. It is so needed in our busy plugged-in lives. Thank you for sharing that gorgeous countryside with us. It looks so peaceful, and I couldn’t help wondering if you went horseback riding? On a side note, I would love to know how your new Vera Bradley 3-1-1 bag went over with the TSA, as I’m looking to purchase one for myself? Well, thanks again for the post which I loved and for all that you do for us. Take care!

    1. Worked like a charm! Not only did I use it for the plane, but it also came in handy for my pool bag & to take to golf with me 🙂

  5. I love the wrapped bracelet! I’m trying to remember to wear jewelry more often. LOL

    I can’t wait til my hubby and I can have a getaway for ourselves!! We need some R&R!

  6. Hi Jen glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation, my hubby is also on vacation too I am the happiest wife ever, it’s so rejuvenating to have my other half with me and the kids, can’t wait to watch vlogust yay!!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Jen! I love your jewlery that you made it’s so pretty and unique!! How long has it taken you to learn these techniques? PS-your vacation pictures look so tranquil, and relaxing 🙂 Thanks for sharing and so happy to see your vlogs again!! 🙂

  8. Welcome Back! Glad you and Don had a great getaway! So happy to see another WIR (My favorite content on your blog!) I think you’re doing really well juggling all the deadlines you set for yourself with your YouTube work. I remember watching your January 1st vlog on MHWL where you talked about the goals you made for yourself for 2013. So far (from my narrow perspective of watching a small part of your life on your vlog’s) you are working those goals and getting things accomplished. Even on your “off ” or “behind” days, you are intentional about getting back on track! So stay encouraged Jen and HUGE kudos to you!

    P.S. So excited for Vlogust 🙂

  9. Hey Jen. First of all I wanted to say thank you for replying to me. Your thank you card for your b-day was just so touching. I thought I would never get it but I know you had lots on your plate. It actually arrived last month while I was in NC visiting my mom. I guess hubby had the mail on the sectional sofa and the small card slipped thru the seats and I just found it lodged in there last night. You can imagine my excitement. I was jumping for jo, doing a happy dance and squealing as well, lol.

    I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s great that you have taken so much pleasure in your jewelry making. It seems like a real stress reliever and I need that with all of my anxiety. I am going to use your example as I have in the past and put my mind and hands to work. It’s real easy to get caught up in our troubles and weaknesses but I feel that you have always been an inspiration to me and I wanted to let you know you are appreciated as a person. My life has become better since I stumbled upon your first videos almost 3 yrs ago. You are a wonderful role model and your poise is something I admire greatly. This coming from a 41 yr. old housewife and mom of two teen girls.

    Your week in review made me very happy for you. A hug for you and Don and keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

    Love, Terry (LupieLola)

  10. Hi Jen,

    I love the turquoise necklace and the wrap bracelets you made. Have you considered to open your own etsy shop? I just started on etsy, it’s a lot of fun…very exciting and inspiring. I enjoy your videos very much 🙂

    Greetings from Norway!

    1. My beading work is just a personal hobby. I don’t have plans to sell my jewelry at the moment. Never say never, tho! 🙂

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