Week in Review (February 17 – February 23, 2014)

It’s been quite the week!  There are lots of changes afoot, both in my personal and online life, but hopefully they will be for good.  At this time in my life more than ever I am discovering just how strong I really am as I lean on that strength to navigate new and unfamiliar paths.  Change is a necessary and predictable part of life.  It is in honoring my true self that I am able to accept the inevitable changes that life sends (and sometimes hurtles!) my way and hold fast to firm footing even while everything else is up in the air.

OJ_MHWL_02-26-2014_01One of my tools to keep myself grounded is to use planners and journals as guides in both the daily details and big picture experiences of my life.  I posted an update on my Filofax last week where I shared a look at how I keep track of my daily schedule.  I thrive within structure.  I find it especially important for me to use tools such as planners since I am at home most of the time and do not have the built-in structure that comes with attending school or working outside of the home.  Planning out my to-do list for the next day allows me to let go of any worrywart thoughts that have a tendency to take over my mind.  I sleep easier knowing I have a plan in place for the next day, even if I don’t always end up following it to the letter (and I typically don’t. I use my planners & lists as guidelines, not strict absolutes).  Additionally, journaling is a way to give my emotional and spiritual self a bit of structure.  I keep a daily gratitude journal so I am always ending my days on a thankful note regardless of what might have transpired.  I’m also trying to make a point of keeping up with my personal journal on a more regular basis.  The more consistently I write, the better I am in tune with myself and the more equipped I am to handle change, both good and bad.

OJ_MHWL_02-26-2014_02I agree with the quote above that it can take time, patience, and compassion to truly embrace who you are deep down inside for yourself.  I also believe it is a lifelong journey.  I am constantly learning new things about myself.  For instance, I recently discovered that I find purple-tinted baths quite soothing (who knew?).  I’ve known for years that I love Martha Stewart cookbooks, but am hoping to learn something new from her book on living a full and healthy life.  I may not agree with some of the choices she has made and shared with the public in her life, but I do respect the wisdom she has acquired from her journey.  Another thing I learned just this week is that many people do not recommend reheating tea once it’s been brewed.  I am currently running an experiment to see if I taste a big difference between my freshly brewed and reheated cuppas.  I’ll keep you posted on my findings in my next Tea Time post (coming up in a couple of weeks!).  There are lessons both big and small in all of life’s moments.  The trick is being open to receiving them.

OJ_MHWL_02-26-2014_04One of the big changes of last week involves my MHWL YouTube channel and the kind of content I will be posting there from now on.  After much consideration, I have decided to discontune the Weekly Vlogs I have been posting so far this year.  I filmed a whole (typically long-winded) video sharing my reasons for this, which I suggest watching if you’re curious:

I do have one last Weekly Vlog to share before I switch up the kind of content I post on MHWL.  You can watch it here if you’d like:

I want to send big hugs and lots of love to all of my YouTube viewers and blog readers who have supported me along the way.  This online journey has been an unexpected but delightful roller coaster ride of self-discovery and connection with others that I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined just four years ago.  There will certainly be changes along the way, both big and small, as I navigate the online world and share my feelings, opinions, and experiences.  One thing, however, will remain the same: my grateful heart for all of the love and encouragement you have shown me.  I wouldn’t be on this crazy, exciting, and educational journey without you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart 


* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


52 thoughts on “Week in Review (February 17 – February 23, 2014)”

  1. Hi Jen, I will very much miss the MHWL vlogs and channel. I look forward to the videos and etc. You will continue to post though.

    Take good care of yourself, Don and Winnie.


    1. I love the vlogs and some people are miserable and want you to be miserable like them. To me if they honestly don’t like the vlogs why do they take the time to spread negative comments. Leads me to think they are doing this on purpose to make you leave or to take away your joy. You sharing your life helped me during a very trying time. I was able to not focus on my situation but on the great content in your vlogs. You are not the only vlog channel I watch, but I appreciate you and you are a very nice person. No one is perfect and it is not like you are hurting anyway or being rude. Ignore them please in the future if you decide to come back. They probably have no life sorry to say and maybe they need to get a life before they judge yours. God bless you and your family Jen.

  2. Once again I say ((Big Hugs)) and that I look forward to whatever you happily choose to share! I’ve been watching your Vlogs since May 2012, you have made such a positive impact in my life! While I love seeing the daily fun bits of your life it’s your sweet and loving attitude that inspire me. My favorite videos are set in Utah or share family time, I certainly hope to see both again in the future but for now I’m having fun re watching Vlogtober 2012! I hope you know that what you’ve shared has been many a blessing to viewers who love and admire you. You once said “Whatever you do, just own it!”, I will forever be grateful because no one in my personal life has ever said that and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for the difference you have made and will make in many lives!… Much Love, Mandy

  3. Bummer. I’m going to miss your weekly vlogs. It was something to look forward to on Wednesdays. I feel like I did in elementary school when the few troublemakers caused the whole class to miss out on recess. Stay strong! I’ll never understand the mentality of those who choose hate when there are so many other choices to express oneself.

  4. Oh Goody! You are very strong. Remember that. People have bad days. They get stressed, frustrated. They get caught up in the sea of negativity with others and only know how to add on to it. Some may believe they are helping when they are hurting. And many seem to have forgotten how to give feedback in an adult manner as shockingly many are actually parents, yes moms. Be that as it may, how others act and conduct themselves is a reflection on them. Constructive feedback is useful, the other stuff is not and little more than childish games, but sadly from adults. I don’t want to continue to stir that put but just know these are life tests. Tough ones, admittedly, but you came through with grace and courage when many might have found it easier to just get down and rumble.

    You are very good at what you do. I also get a kick out of your videos and like others I have my favorite topics. Those are the ones I gravitate towards. I had no idea you did so much until I start clicking on things recently. You’re here and there, allover. I don’t know how you do it. It’s a lot of work. (Hence the need for planners…several) You’re sort of like a t.v. personality with like a morning talk show or something. Don’t under estimate what you do. Shows have scores of people working from them, doing the pre-research that you do, writing the copy that you do, filming, editing, moderating forums, etc. etc. Don’t think it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I have wanted say this for a while but I also wanted to stay on topic in the other posts.

    They have teams of people doing everything for them, setting up shots, fluffing hair. So, don’t let anyone underestimate what you do and how much goes into it. And those big shows on t.v. don’t provide the links you do. They say it will be on their web site. Good luck finding it. And don’t underestimate how much you do for all these stores. They should pay you. You have sold more products than you probably know. Vera, Emma, Erin. They should pay you. You give 3D life and dimension, as well as feedback we have learned to trust, to products that no web site does. It is so hard to buy online based on one lame picture. I could go on and on but I have been meaning to share this for a while.

    A wise woman once told me, “Don’t Let ‘Em Steal Your Joy”

  5. A quote I remember daily is “The only constant is change” ~Heraclitus. I don’t do well with change mainly because it makes me anxious. The older I get, the better I get at excepting that change is necessary, and isn’t a bad thing. I hope eventually we will see a vlog here and there.

  6. Jen,

    Thanks for everything you do! I love everything you share with us and how true you are. Don’t change a bit, because you don’t have to. I will continue to be a follower and strong supporter until the end. XOXO from MA 😉

  7. Really, really don’t understand why you gave up weekly vlogs if you enjoyed them, and it “worked for you”. WHO CARES if others don’t like!?!? Shut off the comments (which you already plan) and just keep going!

    There are lots of products out there I don’t like, I just don’t buy them, or use them, but the maker still makes them! Your content is the same thing…people who like can watch, people who don’t can pick something else to do!

    I get stopping if it wasn’t working for you – but when you openly said it WAS working I really really don’t get it!

    Great vlog!

    Confused viewer.

    1. Ultimately, it wasn’t working for me since the new style was not enjoyed by a great enough majority. After carefully considering the quality of the comment section over the past year and especially the last few weeks, I decided it would be best to take a step back for the time being.

  8. Enjoyed ure vlog Jen…hope you are feeling more positive about things…do what makes you happy 🙂 Loved ure finds at Target…such cute sticky notes! Glad to hear that you will still write about ure week on here and look forward to reading about it. Will look forward to watching some baking vlogs/posts wiv those new Martha Stewart books? 😉 xx

  9. Well sweet friend I’m sorry for the negative feed-back, I really am. What would I do, if I was you – likely the same thing. But you do know that very many of your “fans” didn’t feel or put out negative comments. You will be very missed by many of us as we have come to look forward to seeing you, hearing about your day, and you always seemed to give us food for thought. I will miss you terribly Jen, you have been a bright light in my day, I so enjoy your cheerful self. I will be hoping to see you in one shape or form again soon.

    Your Friend Shaunie Behr
    PS: give sweet Winnie a snuggle from me & Sophia ok

  10. Hi Jen

    I’m going to miss the weekly vlogs, but I’m excited to see what you come up with next. You are so creative I know it will be worth it. I have a quick question for you. I’ve been following along with the Filofax group too and I was wondering if you heard of the bullet journal format. After reading your post today I thought it might be a good fit for you. Oh well Thanks for all your hard work it’s much appreciated!


  11. Hi Jen! I’m sure you want to move on and not continue to discuss again everything you’ve already said so my comment will be about journaling. I wanted to thank you for getting me interested in journaling. I’ve tried over the years to journal but always forgot or gave up. I even went out and picked up a pretty one and dedicated a special pen to it. I’m still having trouble remembering to write in it but I liked the way you kept a food journal so I’m going to combine it into an everything book, including gratitude. AND all the experts recommend writing your list before going to sleep to clear your mind – I’ve read lots of self-help books over the years!!!

    I have to give Martha credit as she has built an empire doing things we all do everyday but she was smart enough to make it look like something special that no one knew about! Her coined phrase “It’s a good thing” applies to your blog and utube videos and I look forward to seeing what you do next!

    Take care dear – sincerely, jeannette

  12. You really are cherished by many, Jen. I personally re-watch your old vlogs repeatedly as I just love watching you going about your day and your random musings- I look forward to what the future brings on MHWL 🙂 I have been going through a bit of a personal battle recently trying to figure out who I truly am as I constantly worry about other peoples’ opinions and seeing how you successfully grow and stay true to yourself really inspires me. x

  13. Hi, Jennifer! I found you through another youtuber and I was instantly hooked! I enjoyed all you shared and its a shame that some people leave such nasty comments. I will remember being told, if you have nothing to say, don’t say it at all. I just wanted to let you know, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all you’ve shared. I look forward to more. In the meantime, be well my friend

  14. I LOVE watching you, no matter what you are filming about or talking about at any given time! Ive picked up the fact that it appears youre pregnant……..which I am overjoyed about, as Im sure both of you are!! Some of the out fits you have been wearing and your reflection in your stove and again in your computer monitor clued me in! I haven’t seen others picking up on this–which Im happy about, with everything you have been thru w the comments lately! Im sure you were dying to tell everyone and share but at the same time wanted to keep it private and now with the comments Im sure you really want to keep it private….although those of us who love you would love to be sharing this A-Mazing time with you! MY LIPS ARE SEALED! Congrats from the bottom of my heart! I would love to hear back from you <3 ~Carolyn

      1. I certainly hope that when that time comes that you will consider sharing!!! I can already envision the wonderful organization (mommy related) blog posts and videos!!! I enjoyed watching your purchases for Emily.

    1. What?! Your pregnant!?!? AHHHHHH YAY!!! Vlogs are SO hard, I think you are amazing at doing so many that you do!! But now with a TINY baby! AHHH…You don’t look pregnant to me at ALL!!

      Congrats and I hope your feeling good!

    2. I adore you Jen and LOVE your channel. Don’t let anyone else determine YOUR future, if you want to vlog DO IT. If you don’t want to then don’t but make sure its on YOUR own terms not someone else’s lame opinion.

      Also your getting to be like celebrity popular and with any publicity haters are sure to come. But the more haters you have, that just means you have 3x’s the people that love you! How freaking exciting is that?!!?! Your awesome and I only watch awesome videos and REALLY my opinion only counts so do what your heart contents because we are all rooting for YOU!! GO JEN GO JEN GO JEN!! You inspire me and so many other people to be better….how in ANY way could that be anything but good?!

      Love you, big hugs and know that your amazing!

  15. Hi Jen!

    Happy that you will still be doing your Week in Reviews here as I always enjoy reading those and seeing the photos 🙂

    I will miss the weekly vlogs, but totally understand, and very much look forward to your day vlogs when you feel like doing those or for special events etc! I also love your trip/travel vlogs!!

    I definitely love the MHWL channel and am happy that you are not giving up vlogging all together! Thank you for having taken us along with you on your days as you vlogged – it was always like getting to hang out with a friend! Hearing your “Good morning friends” always makes me smile and puts me in a good mood! Anyway looking forward to seeing vlogs whenever you feel like vlogging something!

  16. It must be so hard reading so much destructive feedback and it takes a very special understanding person to continue to open oneself up to such negativity on a regular basis. I am going to miss your everyday life vlogs whether weekly or daily. I enjoy them so much. For me it is down time and I enjoy seeing how the other half lives in another country that I likely will never get to visit. Winnie is a star, I will miss seeing her walks, play, food etc and of course your wonderful family whom I think are great.
    I am ashamed that people can be so cruel to others, I find this behaviour appalling there is so much going on in the world where there thoughts/intentions could be put to more constructive outlets, rather than pick to pieces an innocent and really over what! enjoying life and being happy.

  17. Jen, you do such a great job at vlogging- you are made for it. I find it so motivating and really makes me what to be a housewife. I will really miss your daily vlog and now I wish I contrubited to the comment more often to voice my opinion. I do agree with you tho, you need to do what makes you happy and if it no longer does then it isn’t something you should be doing right now. I hope that you can take some time to reflect on things, just post what and when you want and try to ignore the negitivity. I suppse we all have ‘haters’ in our lives and we have to work out within ourselves how we choose to deal with it. Anyway, I hope I see you blogging agin soon!

  18. I’ve just recently started following you. I saw you last year and then lost you when I got a new program for my computer. Now I found you again. I love your videos and really love the journal blogging info. I am so sorry there are those that don’t care or are negative to you. Personally if they don’t like the videos, then DONT WATCH THEN.. duh. Same with TV if you don’t like the show then change it.. What is with people. So the negative comments wrecks it for those of us that love your videos/style. I hope you keep sharing and find a happy medium for you. It’s a lot for you to consider but go with your heart. Thanks for all you do and I truly love seeing your videos and so glad I found you again. Big hugs and look forward to seeing what you produce. Hugs to Winnie too.

  19. Hi Jenn,
    I’ve recently discovered Emma Bridgewater mugs because of your enthusiasm over your Big Love mug. I’m a tea lover also and it’s fun to drink your favorite tea in a beautiful mug. I just received my first Emma mug this week. I have the new Bee and Roses mug and it is as wonderful as you described. Thanks for the recommendation! Would love to see a tea talk video. ☕ Best wishes!

  20. Hi Jen,
    It’s so sad to see how a friendly vlog of your life can turn into something so sad. It’s an honor for you to share your life with everyone, and it is too bad that some people decide to air their frustrations and take it out on you. I am a new subscriber and have really enjoyed all of your vlogs and videos. It is important for you to take control and take care of yourself and your vlogs.
    I wish you all the very best and agree, this should be a very happy place to share. You seem like a very sweet person and I am sad that this has happened to you. Take care, and much love to you and your family. 🙂

  21. As Always you’re a Darling. Don’t let the hate dim the Light you bring to others… Darkness can’t survive in the light. Evil only has authority over you if you let it. I like you for you Jen. So many others do as well. We need positive energy in this world, you are one who brings that. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Don’t worry and do what makes YOU happy!! Take care Girrrl! (((BIG HUGS))) <3

  22. With regards to not wanting to cook for one when alone. When my husband was deployed for 1 year, and all the times over the decades that he has also been gone places for various amounts of time, I simply cook in batches when the mood strikes, and freeze meals into servings for 1 person. Lots of crock pot cooking & freezing. So I don’t need to cook something like soup & eat it every day for 10 days straight. lol I get variety this way. And don’t get bored. And when he is home, I still do this. Its nice to have individual frozen meals he can take to work, or if I don’t feel like cooking, and we want to eat different dinners. Never had a problem having dinner ready for myself while alone. You should try batch cooking & individual freezing. Its a huge help.

  23. Hi Jen, just wondered (as a Youtuber myself and new mac user) what the second monitor will be for or how it will help you? Always interested in new ideas (well new to me anyway) – if you have addressed this in the forthcoming video on the rearrangement of your desk then apologies for jumping the gun 🙂 hugs Amanda

    1. I keep so many windows open at a time especially when I’m working in FCP or PS that it helps me to just spread them all out over the two large screens. So far I’m keeping all of my day-to-day windows on the bonus screen (such as my inbox, calendar, and messaging program), and my editing programs and browsers on the other. Love it!

  24. Hello friend 🙂 Enjoy your online journey. At the end of the day, if you are happy with what you’ve filmed, posted, and/or blogged about, that’s all that matters. x

  25. Hello Jen
    I have watched your videos for a few months and enjoyed having a sneaky peak in to your life! I am sorry that you feel that you have to change your way of doing things because of nasty comments. The only advice I would give you is please do not take nasty comments to heart. There are some very unhappy people in this world who actively seek out sensitive souls in order to upset them. This is with the aim of making the other person feel as badly as they do inside. A happy person would not act in this way. Your job is to recognise these people and put up that invisible shield where they cannot drag you down with them. I look forward to your future posts. Jen x

  26. Hi Jen! I had to stop over here to comment after I saw you talking about your love of Speculoos cookies/biscuits in your last vlog. If you love those, you must try Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. In my local store it’s shelved with the peanut butters and jellies. It has a grainier texture than a peanut butter, because it is made from those Speculoos biscuits! I have never tried it as a sandwich, but I love it on apples and pears (or a scoop on a spoon!). Thanks again for sharing so much of your daily life, I have enjoyed watching and look forward to seeing what your MHWL channel will offer in the future!

  27. Hi Jen, I am just catching up with your house wife vlog and finding out all the stuff about the changes. I’ve been so busy lately myself so I am behind lol Ugh I am so pissed at the mean people out there. I can never understand some of these people, if you don’t like it then unsubscribe, stop watching and move on. Why do they feel the need to say hurtful things? Anyway as people at home say ignore the ignorant that’s all you can do really. Love your positive attitude you’re a gem and a half =) Hugs again! =)

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