Week In Review (February 1 – February 8, 2015)

My Week In Review posts are just that: a review of my past week.  I can’t believe my last one was all the way back in November!  I hope to post an update here again every Monday sharing some tidbits of my previous week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram feed.  Here’s the buzz from my week:


While I traditionally recap from Monday through Sunday, I wanted to include a few of my photos from last Sunday, otherwise known as my husband, Don’s birthday.  And Super Bowl Sunday.  And blizzard Sunday for my fellow Chicagoans.  We spent most of the day trying to keep our driveway clear for our crazy friends who decided to travel from not-so-near distances in the not-so-safe weather despite our protests to spend the evening with us in celebration of Don’s special day and football fun.  Luckily, they all made it to our house and then back home safely, although I still feel worried just thinking about it!  I had offered to put out a spread for Don’s celebration, but he insisted he wanted to make his amazing homemade chicken nachos.  We didn’t put up a fight!  Did I mention Don’s nachos are AMAZING?  While Don no longer films cook nooks for YouTube, perhaps we can figure out a way to share his recipes here in the future.  This one would definitely be top on my list to share!


Looking back over my Instagram feed last week, I now realize I went a few days without posting, which is kind of unusual for me.  You may have seen my post here last week about Recent & Upcoming Changes, in which I talk about combining my YouTube channels back into one channel (or two, depending on what I decide to do with my vlogging and the future of MyHousewifeLife) and embarking on a “rebranding” journey (as they call it in the biz).  This, as I am finding out, is not so simple as deciding on a new name, buying the domain, and transferring all of my past content onto it.  I am super excited about this new path I’m taking, but it’s also a bit of a nail biter trying to change up my look when I’m already at least somewhat established as Organized Jen.  I talk more specifically about my reasons for change in target=”_blank”>this video if you’re interested in hearing more.

I’ve decided to go the whole hog and hire a company that specializes in this sort of thing and can help me bring my vision of a new site and look to fruition, since I don’t have the design and web development know-how to undertake such an overhaul.  While this will ultimately save me the time of doing all of the detail work myself, I’m beginning to see it’s actually going to monopolize quite a bit of my time and attention over the next six months (and yes, that is how long it takes. I know, I was surprised, too).  I spent more time on the phone last week than I have in the last five years altogether and I haven’t even officially hired anyone yet!  (Phone calls stress me out.  Am I the only one who really dislikes talking on the phone?  I always feel really awkward on the phone for some reason.)  I know this is all part of the journey and it’s super important to me that I am fully immersed in it so I know I have put my all into it.  Already I feel more confident talking on the phone after just one week, so that’s a bonus!  That may seem like a silly thing to celebrate, but it’s actually meaningful to me that this experience is already broadening my horizons and teaching me new things about myself just at the very beginning.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of this every week.  I’m just especially excited right now since it is the very beginning of this journey for me!  I will do an in-depth process post when all is said and done (six months from now?) if there is interest.


In short, I basically spent the bulk of my time last week brainstorming with people (like you guys! Thanks for your input on my video).  I am delighted by the openness to share and enthusiasm about my branding facelift I have encountered in the past week alone.  It warms my heart when people are not only willing but genuinely excited to share.  That’s one of my biggest joys in life and I get so giddy when I see it in others as well!

I wrapped up a busy week with a relaxing weekend spent with loved ones.  On Friday we joined Don’s family for a belated birthday celebration at our favorite local sushi place, Blu Fish.  We hadn’t seen everyone since our return from Utah late last month and it was so nice to be reunited again!  Don and I went downtown Saturday night for dinner at Sixteen, our current favorite Chicago restaurant located at the Trump Hotel.   We’ve gone to Sixteen once every quarter over the past year or so to enjoy their innovative and fresh seasonal menus.  The winter menu is a stunner!  It focuses on blending old culinary techniques with newer trends.

We happened to stumble across a Wonut stand in our travels over the weekend and decided to pick one up to try as a special treat on Sunday morning.  If you’re unfamiliar, a wonut is a cross between a waffle and a donut.  I’m a big donut lover but not a huge waffle fan, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  To me, it tasted like a traditional waffle, but one that was deep fried, glazed, and garnished.  It was pretty tasty, but a good ol’ donut still reigns king in my books!

That sums up the highlights from my week.  I’d love to hear from you about your week if you care to share!
Take good care…


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


36 thoughts on “Week In Review (February 1 – February 8, 2015)”

  1. Six months is a long time but I think it will be worth it! Three channels are hard to follow. Having two channels may be easier to manage but still helps you organize your videos. Don’t forget about Playlists! That’s something that might really help you integrate into one youtube channel. You can always colour code the video thumbnail picture too!
    Anyways, good luck! Choose happiness!
    PS. Yes, I feel totally awkward on phone calls too haha!

    1. I’m definitely going to be working on organizing my content into playlists over the next several months. Good tip about the thumbnail color coding. You know I like to color code things!

  2. I have been homeschooling my 4 year old Grandson all while being super easy sick. I got my first two Kate Spade purses. That was really exciting. I also ordered earrings to give my daughters for Valentines from Kate Spade. We have had very warm weather here in El Paso, Texas. It has even gotten to 78 degrees. In a the evenings I have been sewing and love relaxing with Family.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jenn! It’s still so amazing that you are actually doing all this. I’m the type of person whow has a hard time with change so I’m so impressed that you are doing all this. Knowing what you want and doing what you wsnt is so important…doing what you love too! Honestly Jenn is it bad that I’m happy you’re still thinking about vlogging? I love your blogs so much and look forward to them more than you know but I’m sure no you hear thst at evry turn. I also know that no matter what you do it’s for the best for you ♡I hope that everyone understands this.
    So to get on with what I was intending to post (lol) this past week my husband and I were supposed to take a much needed grown ups weekend for ourselves in Yosemite National Park, but due to the massive snow storm that hit we have to turn around halfway there. We live in Orange County so it’s about a six to seven hour drive. so we just decided to go down to San Diego and have a much needed vacation, even though San Diego is an hour away. The weather out here doesn’t even feel like winter, what is winter? Today we are in the high 70, it’s a bit ridiculous. Anyways, thank you so much for the update, look forward to your Instagram, Twitter, and videos on YouTube. Have a great day, a great evening and a great rest of the week. Warm regards, Rebecca (imaharn4life )

    1. Are vlogs not being done anymore? I haven’t kept up with all this rebranding stuff. Too bad. I’d much rather see her personality come through in a vlog than read this. Too bad.

      1. I’ve been taking some time to consider my personal feelings about vlogging. I’d like to continue but I’m not sure how often or with what frequency I will. I appreciate your patience while I sort it out 🙂

        1. I see. I found your vlogs when looking for Disney trips and became a fan of MHL. Even my six year old bugs me to see your travel vlogs. I do hope you decide to keep it up. Unfortunately, I’ll end up in the group that stops following if you give it up. I’m just not interested in reading about something this way. It feels more about making money off your followers than really being yourself – unless that’s truly who you want to be now? Oh well. Good luck.

          1. It’s never been about the numbers or the money for me, but rather how I can best share in a way that feels right. That changes over time and I’m doing my best to adapt. I totally understand that not everyone will be excited about my changes. I hope you find the kind of content you like on YouTube! I know the SacconeJoly’s just went to Disney World for the first time, so their recent vlogs might be interesting for you 🙂

  4. You are not the only one who doesn’t like the phone. If I call someone I’m always afraid I’m disturbing them, when people call me they usually disrupt something important, then a great deal of the time the calls are not even for me or my husband! Yikes! I think of my phone as something for emergencies

  5. I definitely have phone anxiety too. I think not being able to see the other persons face and read their body language makes it awkward! I also think that sometimes if I have to make a call to deal with something I don’t fully understand, like my home owners policy or something, it makes me anxious because I don’t know where to start with the conversation. I’ve been trying to tell myself though that I don’t have to know how the result of this call is going to go. Just call and see what happens and go from there!

  6. I am very interested to see where your rebranding journey takes you. I love the look of your site now, and I’m sure with all the work you will be doing, it will be even better once the “renovation” is complete.

    I think I’m going to start making a list of some of the tastiest looking places you and Don go around Chicagoland so my husband and I have a nice list for date nights once we live there too. You guys have excellent culinary taste 🙂

  7. Jen, you’re not alone regarding the awkward phone convos. I hate talking on the phone. Who ever created text messages is my hero because I just don’t feel comfortable talking to people over the phone. Unfortunately answering phones is part of my job. You’d think after 10+ years at this job I would be used to it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Look forward to your new “image!”

    1. I’m leaning towards not having that bit in the name, but my content topics won’t change much and it’s a big part of my life so it will still be a part of my content.

  8. Fantastic review with so lovely photos!
    wow!its snowing , it s snowing!
    here in Tunisia we had rain , and cold weather ,but today sunshine is really beautiful!

  9. Thrilled to read the week in review! Looks like a great one!! Happy late birthday to your Don!! Really hope you continue to share through vlogs also…really enjoy them!

  10. I read the article you posted on twitter about bullying on the internet….and totally get why you want to reconsider the whole vlog thing ….Opening one’s self up to that kind of scrutiny must feel like getting completely violated on a daily basis….not only you but your entire family and circle of friends who appear on your vlogs. For those of us who come here to simply watch and enjoy the camaraderie it is a shame to see that perhaps the bullies have won. I don’t blame you if you choose to stop vlogging for the safety of you and your family. I will miss you ….you are fun to watch and your family is one that I admire for their willingness to support your interest in sharing. We live in a crazy world and need to look after one another…..so sad to see there are some who can’t or won’t be part of that change. Kudos to you for your courageous effort and your ability to establish such a large audience….I for one am proud of you…..you’ve come a long long way and it shows!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, there can be a lot of scrutiny (good word!) that comes with vlogging, but there’s also a lot of truly wonderful people I get to connect and share with as well. I hope to continue experimenting with vlogging and finding a way to adapt so that I feel comfortable and can still share in a way I truly enjoy.

      1. I don’t know if you remember me……I said “hi” to you while we were running the Princess 1/2 marathon at Disney World a few years ago right about the mile when you began to struggle with a a sore knee…… that run is sort of a metaphor for your endurance and motivation to vlog….you powered through that race….hopefully you can do the same with your you tube presence…..Where there is a will, there is a way!

  11. I’m with you…business phone calls stress me out as well, especially when the person you’re talking to isn’t very responsive on the other end. Looks like a great week! Wonuts sound really interesting!

  12. Jennifer, From your very first shared “To Do” list, you have won the hearts of thousands with your enthusiasm to embrace your love of organization. What fun you are going to have in this next step of your journey, and I am so glad you will be taking us along for the ride! Elizabeth PS In sharing my enthusiasm about Organized Like Jen with my circle of friends, a disorganized friend shared a joke with me that just made me giggle. I hope it will you as well. “Organized people are just too lazy to find things!”

  13. Loved reading this post about your week! I love your vlogs, of course, but I love your style of writing so I love this too! And on the phone anxiety topic… Totally me! I used to not be able to even call to order food or make a hair appointment without freaking out in my head and then I would end up putting it off (and trust me, my hair suffered as a result :p ). Thank you for sharing your lives with us, either in text, photos, or video! I appreciate it! 🙂 take care and I can’t wait to read or watch your next post! <3

  14. Funny Jen like you I hate talking on the phone, and I get stressed out by doctors – funny because I’m a medical secretary!!!

    1. I get stressed out by doctors, too….maybe not doctors so much as doctor offices and hospitals. I think it’s the lack of windows and excessive use of fluorescent lighting.

  15. Enjoyed reading your blog but unfortunately it does not compare to a vlog. Very sad also that Don has decided not to post any more videos on his channel. So enjoyed trying out his creations! It seems that you are very unique in that your youtube relationship is not really for the viewers, what they enjoy, which, lets be honest is vlogging.Maybe youtube is not the right format for you at all….

  16. Wow that snow is crazy! The chicken nachos do look amazing 🙂 Happy belated bday to Don! Yes, I get stressed about phone calls too! More than stressed, I think it just wears me out. A few phone calls a day is about all I can take. I am actually changing my day job from call center person to writer person this week, and so excited to make the change to less phone time! Looking forward to more WIR’s!

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