Week In Review | December 21 – December 27, 2015

It’s been a rather exciting week between a surprise hospital run and Christmas festivities!  I’d like to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram with you.

week in review christmas eve 12-29-2015

Don and I found out that our baby is breech at my 36 week doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been working on encouraging her to flip on her own with at home exercises as well as the help of wellness practitioners.  When we went back for my 37 week check-up on Wednesday, we found out that not only had she not turned yet but my amniotic fluid levels were low.  We were sent to the hospital to prep for delivery.  The photo collage above on the left shows my nervous excitement and surprise checking into the hospital.  When they scanned me again, they discovered my fluid levels had gone back up into the normal range so I was discharged.  It was quite the whirlwind experience!  I talk about it in more detail in this video if you’re interested.

After feeling pretty convinced we would have a December 23 baby, we were quite surprised and a bit relieved to be released from the hospital and not have to deliver our girl in an emergency situation.  I’m happy she gets to cook a bit longer!  It was also a blessing to be able to spend the holidays with our families.  On Christmas Eve both sides of our extended families headed over to Don’s folk’s house for a delightfully festive celebration together.  My mother-in-law, Suzanne, put out her traditional Christmas Eve spread of soups, fried fish, and seafood with the help of some elves.  We feasted, exchanged gifts in a fun Secret Santa game, and sang Christmas carols together.  It was an evening filled with laughter and love.

week in review christmas morning 12-29-2015

Don and I spent what will be our last Christmas morning as just a twosome together in our usual fashion.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning exchanging gifts, drinking cocoa, and relaxing together.  We share a look at what was in our stockings this year in this video if you’d like to see what we got.  As much as I enjoy time with our families, it was nice to spend the morning quietly together with our pup after the excitement of the previous few days.

week in review christmas 12-29-2015

That evening Don and I headed to my parent’s house for Christmas dinner.  My brother’s family was in town for the holidays.  It was so nice to reconnect and be able to spend this special time of year with them.  We always laugh so much when we’re together!  We exchanged gifts and relaxed together.  My Mom made her famous “fat chicken” and other delectable dishes for our Christmas feast.  We are spoiled by all of the great food our family makes!

week in review weekend 12-29-2015

On Saturday, we took the family to see the Joffrey Ballet‘s The Nutcracker.  This was the last year they put on their traditional performance as they’ve commissioned a whole new version for next year.  Don and I have attended The Nutcracker every year since we’ve been married.  I’m so happy we could share this beautiful holiday tradition with our family before the change.  It was spectacular, as always!  That evening we headed back to my parent’s house for a casual dinner with my family to spend more time with them before they headed back home Sunday morning.  It was the perfect cap to a magical Christmas spent with loved ones!

On Sunday, Don and I spent the day prepping the house for the impending arrival of our little one, as she may very well come into the world this week.  We got all of the holiday decor put away and the rest of her baby gear set up.  I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did all of the laundry, and checked as much off my “To Do Before Baby” list as possible just in case.  We feel ready and it’s just a matter of time now!

I vlogged a bit over the course of the Christmas celebrations:

I’d love to hear about your week and how you spent the holiday if you care to share.
I hope you enjoy the last week of 2015!


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


42 thoughts on “Week In Review | December 21 – December 27, 2015”

  1. Congratulations and many blessings to you, Don and your family on the birth of your precious baby daughter Jen! You and Don will be wonderful parents! She has an amazing family surrounding her. Now tell us, does she have Don’s hair or not?! 🙂 Big Hugs!

    1. Aw, thanks. It’s a bit too soon to tell about the hair as I was born with the same exact amount and kind apparently. We’ll see what unfolds as she grows!

  2. Jen- I gave birth to a breech baby just over 6 years ago. I was scheduled for a c-section but went into labor two days before my scheduled surgery and he came so quick that I had him in the hallway at the hospital with no pain medicine. I completely blacked out during the birth.
    It was traumatic, but thankfully he was completely healthy.
    I wish you so much Love and Many, Many Blessings during this exciting time ❤️

  3. It’s so sweet that you and Don have gone to see The Nutcracker every year since you’ve been married. What a great Christmas tradition! You are looking great and I’m glad Baby Girl gets to continue cooking for a little longer. Hang in there!

  4. Congrats on baby Charlotte!! She’s perfect! I am glad you got to enjoy special time with family over the Christmas holiday before her arrival. Charlotte’s safe arrival is certainly the best Christmas gift ever! God bless you all.

  5. I just saw on Instagram that your beautiful daughter has arrived! Congratulations Jen and Don. She is truly a gift. Jen, every wish for a speedy recovery. I know it may not seem like it now, but every day after a c section really does get a bit better. Enjoy your wonderful family!

    1. Thanks! I’m feeling a little better each day, just like you said. I’m sure I’ll be up and at ’em again in no time.

  6. My thoughts are with you both at this very special time in your lives.
    Wishing you all health and happiness for the future!

  7. What a wonderfull an exciting week you had! Thinking of you and the baby here in Munich. Thank you for sharing your Holliday festivities! It’s interesting how people all over the world celebrate the same but differently.

  8. Jen,
    Glad you had a wonderful family filled Christmas. I really loved the singing from Don’s Dad or your? He has an amazing voice! Good luck on the arrival of Baby Girl as well.

      1. I didn’t realize that was your dad singing! He is amazing! Can you sing like that, Jen? CC is a beautiful child. She looks like a living doll…perfect! I wait patiently for new pictures every day! Although your mug is nice, could you throw in more of the baby? I’d love to see her eyes open!lol

  9. I just watched this video and the week 37 pregnancy one. It’s so nice you were able to enjoy the holiday with everything else you had going on. I’m sending positive thoughts for a healthy delivery!

  10. Omgomgomg!! I’ve just seen your Instagram, Jen! Congrats!! She looks so pretty! How are you both doing? I can’t imagine how happy you and Don might be, and I hope you both can have such an amazing time with the new member of the family at this end of the year. Happy New Year to you, Don and to the new princess Charlotte Claire! What a pretty name by the way. Take care

  11. Congratulations Dear Heart. Just saw your FB page. She’s just beautiful. Have a wonderful New Year. So, so, so very happy for you!!!

  12. Hi Jen. Congratulations both of you. How kind to send pics so soon and let us all see your cherished photos. Beautiful baby and you look great!

  13. So excited for you guys!!! I will miss your vlogs but I know how precious these new experiences are going to be for you, Don and little Winnie!!
    Wishing you and Baby Girl a safe and healthy delivery!! Hugs and kisses from Texas!!

    1. Thanks for asking! Baby Girl (Charlotte) was born on December 28. I’ve been sharing daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, but haven’t yet had a chance to post here. I hope to start posting again next week. Stay tuned!

  14. Congratulations! You and Don and Charlotte look so beautiful and content. For once the baby is born people rarely ask you how you are truly doing. Yes it’s sore recovering from a CS, and nursing possibly every 2 hrs. Stay positive it does get easier. It took 1 month for my nipples to toughen up and then it was a breeze. I felt so rewarded that I stuck it out😋. But I truly hope you are doing well with the change in hormones. I can remember holding my sleeping son and start crying for that here was here, but then the overwhelming responsible i felt . I was also sad I was no longer pregnant knowing that special and intense bond I no longer had being pregnant. I don’t know if any of this has gone through your mind but it’s okay and normal. I realized when people other than my spouse would want to watch my child and I felt like if I left him it was almost like cutting off my arm. I knew he would be spoiled but I didn’t want to let go, not yet. Talking to other moms I realized I was not alone and I did think I was crazy for feeling this way. I hope Jen you are doing well and if you need talk to other moms about your true feelings it’s okay. Sometimes our spouses don’t understand. I like many others would love to see a video of you and your family, but don’t feel rushed to do. We will still be here for you when your ready. Take the time you need and try to get as much rest as you can. Thank you for the great pictures. Just don’t forget about you! We’re here for you and your family of course. But take of you. Congrats again and I will be thinking of you.

  15. Hello there Jen! I love and miss these posts of yours so very much! I would love to see “Week in Review” blog posts and vlogs again very soon 🙂 It would be so wonderful for your viewers to see how your life has transitioned since your adorable Charlotte has entered the world. Consider posting more regular and updating all of your eager viewers on how your new normal is going. I’m missing the recipes, the car vlogs, q&a’s with Don, etc.

    1. I hope to bring back blog posts like this at some point in the near future. So happy to hear you enjoy them!

  16. Hi Jen, hope everything is going well. 🙂 Ive missed these posts lately and was wondering if and when you will be bringing them back.

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