Week In Review | August 24 – August 30, 2015

I can’t believe our last weekend out at the family home in Utah has come and gone so quickly.  We certainly made the most of our remaining time out here.  I’d like to share some tidbits from my life last week as well as an accompanying photo recap with selections from my Instagram and Snapchat (@prettyneatlivng) feeds with you.

week in review family time 09-01-2015

This past week has been all about enjoying family time at the house.  There’s been a lot of home cooked meals and baked goods (muffins made by my niece, Grace), as well as hanging out on the front porch or back patio together taking in the beautiful scenery.  I just love how I can gaze out at the same mountain range and for it to look completely different every day.  That’s the beauty of wide open spaces.

week in review national dog day 2015

I found out via social media that it was National Dog Day last week, so I thought I’d pop in a few photos of my sweet Winnie girl.  She has been glued to my side lately!  I’ve taken to working on my laptop while sitting in this big leather chair we have in bedroom at the Utah house and Winnie usually squeezes herself next to me and my growing baby bump.  She’s my snuggle girl!

week in review winnie 09-01-2015

Winnie and I enjoy our daily rituals out in Utah just like we do at home, although they’re a bit different out here.  I actually drive her into town for our morning walks where there are sidewalks and nice curb grass which she’s used to as a suburban pup.  The folks who work at the little coffee shop gush over her every time we pull through the drive-through.  In the evenings I let Winnie romp around our big yard leash-less, which she absolutely loves.  It’s so cute to see her charge around in the grass!

week in review cravings 09-01-2015

You know I can’t go a week without talking about food.  It’s become even more of a favorite topic since I’ve been pregnant with a growing mid-second trimester appetite.  If you’ve been following my pregnancy updates you already know all about my weekly cravings.  Lately I’ve been really into caesar salad with homemade dressing made by my sweet hubby.  I’m also really enjoying the fresh apples that are popping up in stores now that summer is waning.

week in review food 09-01-2015

Don took on the role of official Utah house cook last year and we are spoiled by his delicious creations.  His grilled chicken is always a big hit, but his smoked meats are definitely the most talked about by family and friends alike.  While I normally prepare my own breakfast, lunch, and snacks, Don has taken to checking in on me periodically throughout the day since I’ve been pregnant to see if he can bring me food.  That man takes super good care of me and I am so grateful for him!

week in review friday 09-01-2015

I enjoyed an absolutely glorious weekend, which kicked off on Friday with another fun day with Don.  We headed back to Deer Valley for another hike and spa date, since we enjoyed it to much when we went earlier this month.  We picked a different trail this time, which was fun.  Afterwards we had a couple’s massage at the St. Regis Remède Spa and then grabbed a bite at the restaurant there.  I certainly don’t mind repeating dates like that!  There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a prenatal massage, especially now that my bump is growing so much.

week in review saturday 09-01-2015

On Saturday we threw one last party at the house.  I was so happy my friend Kristina (you may know her from K Werner Design) could come as well.  It’s always so nice to see her when I’m out in Utah, since she lives in the area.  Don made grilled flank steaks, garlic bread, and his amazing caesar salad.  Yum!  After dinner we all sat out on the front porch and watched the full moon rise.  It was pretty spectacular!

week in review sunday 09-01-2015

On Sunday the family headed up to Stein Eriksen Lodge for brunch, which is a tradition every time we come out to Utah together.  It is seriously my favorite breakfast buffet spread.  The maple glazed bacon is to die for!  We drove up a little early so we could walk around the beautiful grounds together.  Grace was a big fan of the pretty flowers and babbling brooks.

That evening we headed over to our neighbor’s house for a fire pit cookout.  There was a storm passing by, which turned the sky amazing colors and produced a beautiful double rainbow.  Luckily, it didn’t pass over us, just around, so we were able to stay outside and enjoy the views.  Talk about an incredible way to end the weekend!

I vlogged during the weekend if you’d like to see more:

The past week has felt like an enchanted dream, it’s been so lovely.  It’s a little sad to leave knowing I won’t return until next summer since we’re expecting our Baby Girl this winter.  The memories of this amazing month will certainly carry me through until next year and I am grateful for each moment I spent here.

Wishing you all beautiful moments with your loved ones ❤︎


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


17 thoughts on “Week In Review | August 24 – August 30, 2015”

  1. Thank you for sharing your final week in Utah, Jen.
    Also – wanted to let everyone know- Ulta has a 20% off your entire order on their website right now. 🙂 You’ve got me wanting to try Pacifica and they are having a sale on their products as well… so I am heading over there today!

  2. What a lovely post!! You are so wonderful to share your life with us. You are truely a joyful soul. I always feel inspired by your blogs and videos. Just think of the pure joy you will feel when you and your family are able to return to Utah after such a long time away. Thank you for always caring about all of us the way you do. Best Wishes to you, Don, Winnie and your new arrival.

  3. So sad that you guys are leaving and won’t be back for so long, however when you do make it back it will be extra, extra special with baby girl! That was a great effort on the golf tournament info Jen ☺️ Will you be doing any travel vlogs of Maui? That’s our favorite place to visit, it would be interesting to see if you and Don hit up the same places we do. TFS, have a great week at home.

  4. What a lovely vlog! Seeing it makes me want to visit Utah. It is so beautiful!!!
    For as much as I enjoyed the vlog I am looking forward to your video on your pregnancy journal:) I have been ever since you mentioned it in you announcement video. We are trying for our first child and I would love to see how you made your journal work for you. With it being the first pregnancy I want to document everything, Im sure you can understand that feeling. I can’t wait for you to share!

  5. Hi Jen! 🙂
    Little girl sure is growing up, your little bump is coming out little by little more and more 🙂 You look wonderful.
    So sad your trip to UTAH is coming to an end, really enjoyed your vlogs from this part of the country . . . I hope your furniture comes in before you leave and everything is alright with it.
    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  6. The moon rising looks beautiful! It sounds like you’ve had a great time in Utah, and I think it’s so sweet that Don has been taking care of you and making sure you’re good 🙂 I’ve never been to Utah, but you certainly make it look like a great destination.

  7. Hi Jen You are looking wonderful , but I must say so is Don lately , respectfully I say this of course. I love all you are sharing and I wish you the best . But in one of your posts above you mention Winnie romping around with out a leash , I wish you had made a little video of that since I am a fan of Winnie she is so beautiful and I also have a shih Tzu ,wonderful dogs they are next time you get a chance maybe you can do that .I love to see her in your videos ,she is so cute right behind you lots of time on your bed .Thanks again Jen and my Best for you and Don

  8. I’m 2 months new to your blogs and utube. Thank you for sharing your weeks and thoughts, I listen to your purging videos while I myself start to work on a project and inspires me to plan the next project.
    I enjoyed your photos of your scenery, very beautiful. Glad you made such wonderful memories till next year. Safe travels home.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the latest WIR. Love Love the green dishware. What is the name of it? Thanks much…..PS – Grace is getting so big!!

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