Week In Review (April 8 – 14, 2013)

Hello, friends!  I decided to officially move the posting of my WIR’s to Mondays from now on (but still will be reporting on the previous Monday through Sunday).  So, you’re probably thinking, “But Jen, it’s Tuesday!”  Yes, I know.  I was planning on posting this yesterday but then all of these terrible things in the world happened and it just didn’t seem appropriate.  I’m not going to cover said terrible things in this post since they didn’t technically take place last week.  I do want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy as well as the earthquake in Iran.

I See Stars

I’ve been back in Utah since last Monday.  This apparently caused a bit of a stir in the comments of my MHWL vlogs from early last week with some wondering why on earth I need yet another vacation after returning home from an incredible week in WDW just over a month ago.  I’d like to reply to this inquiry with another question: If you had the opportunity to travel to somewhere as beautiful as Utah and stay in a family home where you have all of your belongings you need already as well as access to a car while only having to pay for your airfare, gas, and food expenses, wouldn’t you go, too?  I love Utah and am extremely fortunate to have the chance right now to enjoy it as frequently as I do.  Opportunity is fleeting.  I think it’s important to take advantage of good things while you can.  My being here certainly isn’t hurting anyone.  Plus, I can see the stars at night out here.  I really don’t feel the need to explain myself beyond that.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


I unfortunately cannot find the original source for this image. Here is where I discovered it.

Fresh Air Seems Fresher In The Mountains

The air actually probably is fresher up here at 6,000 feet and higher, which is yet another reason on the long list of things I absolutely love about Utah.  There’s nothing quite like living in the prairie midwest at a mere 500 feet above sea level where people call the slightest incline a “hill” to make you appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the more fierce mountain landscape.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Chicago and all it has to offer culturally.  Plus, the lake is beautiful.  Most importantly, the majority of my family lives there, which is my most favorite part about the area.  I’ve only started traveling to Utah without the entire Ross clan in the past couple of years and as much as I absolutely love being with the family, there’s something deeply rejuvenating about some solo time out here.  Of course, I have my constant companion, Winnie (she IS my co-pilot, after all).  I enjoy taking my little furball on hikes where I can safely bring her along to explore the local beauty.  I know I’m going to get questions about how I can take my pretty little princess with all that hair on hikes in the mountains.  In the past I’ve found little paved trails that I can easily take her on and I just don’t let her go off trail.  You wouldn’t imagine the kinds of things that can get ensnarled in that girl’s hair!  I also have a sling-style backpack I keep out here that Winnie fits in quite comfortably for the less paved sorts of paths.  That girl loves to be in any bag so long as it means she’s coming along for the ride!  I’m considering investing in a proper hiking backback and rigging it out so I can harness her into it securely while allowing her head and upper body to be out for air.  I’ll let you know if I figure that one out over the summer.  It’s critically important to always be sure to bring plenty of water, food, and an emergency first aid kit for your pets as well as yourself when hiking and to check everyone thoroughly for ticks, bugs, and other irritants when home.


The Desire For Adventure

Even after coming out to the Park City area for so many years, I still find something new to experience each time.  I am definitely a creature of habit, cozy comforts, and a complete and utter homebody, but nothing gets me out the door quite as fast as the promise of a beautiful view and time spent in nature.  As I’ve grown more comfortable with getting around on my own out here, Winnie and I have been going on more mini adventures of sorts to different places within a short driving distance (an hour or less).  I have big hopes to venture out much further for the first time this summer.   On my Utah to-visit list: St. George and Zion National ParkMoab and Arches National Park, and the Canyonlands National Park.  I’d love to visit even just one of those amazing places this summer.  Closer to home is the Uinta National Forest, which Winnie and I drove up to this weekend for a look around.  It was still too snowy to be able to take her on a walk, but we enjoyed the sights we could see very much.  We will most definitely return again in the summer for a proper adventure.  Utah is so beautiful!


Everyday To-Do’s

I realize all I’ve talked about in this WIR is the beauty of Utah, which I could rhapsodize about endlessly.  While not outside or dreamily ogling the mountains, I’ve been up to my usual antics.  One of the benefits of coming to Utah is that I can quite comfortably carry on with my day-to-day tasks, including filming and editing videos for YouTube, blogging here and on my two tumblrs (see side bar for links), and hopping around social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as I do when I am home.  One of the other benefits of coming to Utah is that there seems to be much less house-related work for me to do (especially when it’s just me and Winnie out here), which opens up some time for journaling, watching favorite movies, and just plain vegging out.  I also manage to eat better, workout more, and sleep longer and deeper.  Let’s not forget the all important return to my absolute favorite ice cream I’ve ever tried.  My new obsession is the vanilla and heath bar shake.  YUM!


Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

As you can see, I am having a grand old time.  Don flies in tomorrow to spend the last four nights here with me, which is how much work he felt comfortable taking off.  Some people were surprised I’d chose to spend so much time away from Don.  Of course I love my husband more than anything on this planet and miss him very much when we’re apart, but I think a little distance now and then isn’t a terrible thing in a marriage.  At least it isn’t in mine.  You know the saying, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder?”  Maybe it doesn’t work in everyone’s relationship, but a week or so apart a few times a year helps keep things fresh for us right now.  That being said, I am like a schoolgirl giggling with excitement at the prospect of jumping into his arms tomorrow!

I hope you are all safe and well.  Even though a tragedy might not directly affect us, it can still take its toll.  We’re all connected, whether we like to admit it or not.  I know I am certainly shaken up by the events of the last two days.  I take comfort in knowing that there are so many people in the world sending prayers and thoughts for recovery and healing to those directly affected by the tragedies.  I’d like to send a BIG HUG and LOVE & COMFORT out to each and everyone of you.



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  1. Hey Jen, I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago, and this is my first comment. I really enjoy your videos, and I need all the organizing tips I can get. You have such a sweet vibe. I find myself looking for a new video from you when I need to take a break from my transcription work. Love Miss Winnie, and you and Don are so sweet together. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be watching and learning! I just have to say, if I had a place in Utah to go to, I’d be there every time I could get there! By the way, my sister and I love Disney and really enjoy your trip vlogs there, too.
    Sandy in Gulf Breeze, FL

  2. People seriously need to stop the trash-talk and embrace their own opportunities, instead of questioning those who embrace theirs. I would completely 100% without a doubt travel wherever and whenever I could, and I do. It isn’t often mind you, but I would do it often if I could. Also, you don’t really spend that much time away from Don. You are a person too, with a life, interests and passions. You work hard(despite what ignorant viewers might say), you dedicate a lot of time and effort to family, bettering yourself, your home etc. Utah is a 2nd home to you, in reality, it is practical that you go there, help take care of the place, and rejuvenate. Besides, it is good for your career. A different scene/inspiration for you, provides something new to us- your fans. Lots of peoples jobs take them away from home and have them travelling all over. I don’t see it as such a big deal, if you have the opportunity, the means and the desire…then go for it. I am happy you are confident in who you are and take peoples comments such as those, with a grain of salt.

  3. Jen, I didn’t read comments, If I had a family vacation home I eould certainly go as often as I could! What’s the big deal! I will say I was surprised. You usually say something in your vlogs about going to Utah before you go! It looks so beautiful out there. I have been married 17 years (April 13th),there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending time alone. My daughter & I go to Virginia every summer for a week witout my hubby. My MIL lives there. I enjoyed your Q&A video. I am praying for the people of Boston also..

  4. Ha Jen,

    It’s jen from Mi. Spoke with don and he said to contact you on here, dnt worry about the negative talk. I’m goig threw the same thing with my busiess.I live in very small town. You will never make everybody happy. I let it get to me and just 4 days ago i ended up in e.r room thinking i had a mini stroke, im only 41 yrs old. Way too young, so i got to learn not to stress out. Enjoy ur time at ur vaccation home. When’s don coming?

      1. Thanks for the wishes, ya…i got work out lots more too. I use to really get into kick boxing..thats alot of fun! Just want to let you know that i had sent you a xmas card and you sent one back with you and winnie on and my 12 yr. Old daughter just lite up seeing,she loves,loves winnie.i still have ur card hanging up on my cork board per her request, it just might be there in july. L.ol.
        That girl you spoke of beuty go roo? From that new book? You did a review on? I sjowed my daughter,she loves it, shes a big divia…..loves the bling. I would love to be a little pen pal via email if ya want to…..? I do have a face book account, u will see me and my family pics, next message i send ill do a family member introducing to you, u will see my babies i have- dogs, i mean that is. Have a awsome day girl…. jen s.

        1. Sorry forgot da me…. darinjennysroka@yahho. Com. . Face book name and email. . U see on main pic a building? Its my store. I do have business one too suds.andmore@ yahoo.com time to get going to work bye. 🙂

          1. Wow you own a business! Would you mind sharing the name? Also, do you have a website I could order items online from? Love, love, LOVE small businesses! Hope to be a supporter of you and your business! I suffer from anxiety. And I worry way too much. 🙁 I used to get stomach aches and went to therapy for it and… POOF!!! It all went away. Until, four months later. I just started to freak out over the smallest things. At school, I always think people are talking about. But they really aren’t. It can be very hard to sleep also. I worry about being able to fall asleep at night. Really unhelpful. :'( Do you have any ideas on how to help myself. Such as meditations or activities? Thank you so much Jennifer S!
            Oh and by the way, my name is Bella. 🙂
            Bella 🙂 lots of hugs for you and your future help! ((HUGS))

  5. I am so happy you have the opportunity to enjoy time alone in such a gorgeous place as Utah. Time alone can be very rejuvenating and much needed sometimes. You owe no one apologies for your vacations, purchases, choices, etc. I love your vlogs and that you share your life and loves with all of us. Enjoy your remaining time in Utah, give Don and Winnie hugs and save one for yourself 🙂

  6. Enjoy your stay and the beautiful stillness. I traveled to Utah for the first time a couple of years ago and my favorite spot was Bryce Canyon ~ magnificent. 🙂

  7. Hi Jen,
    If the chance to go away comes, I take it, chance to eat good food, I take it, chance to live a life, we all need to take it. Thank you for taking us on your jaunts around the place. Take care, Maggie

  8. Jen, it is apparent, from the snippets you so openly share with us, that you lead a life full of love, work, happiness and generosity. Of course not everything you do is “go on vacation”, though even if it was, who are we to judge?

    This concern sparks my memory of a beloved book from my preteen years: To Kill a Mockingbird. Maybe you remember reading it in your 8th grade class as well? Anyway, it was one of my favorites, and so I’ve read over quite a few times. There’s a good lesson in this quote that the father says…“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

    By the way, though it’s certainly no Utah, I am lucky to have the keys to my Uncle’s beach house. I often go solo for a few days until family joins me and find it to be so relaxing and peaceful. 🙂 I’s nice to have a few moments of peace in the family oasis, as well as to have the time to make house and prepare for others!

  9. Bueller….Bueller…..Bueller….I love that movie! 🙂 Gorgeous pics of Utah, by the way! I went to Arches National Park as a teenager and got in trouble for carving my name in the rock. Which I am now appalled at having done! Anyway, it is awesome! Speaking of awesome, that shake looks delish! Glad you have enjoyed your time. Hey, I’ve been married for over 20 years and we all have to do what is best for our own marriage. No one else’s opinion of that matters. You take care of you (another movie reference…do you remember?)!

  10. Jen, when I was younger, I use to take care of everyone in my family. I was the keeper of the “family calendar”. I knew everyones birthday,planned every party and get-together, ect. One day my grandmother pulled me aside and asked it I was taking care of myself just as well as I was taking care of others. I had to stop and think… and the answer was no. My grandmother said that if I didn’t take care of myself, I would burn myself out and I would get to the point where I would no longer want to take care of others. I was young and dumb and didn’t listen and low and behold, I burnt myself out. I no longer did tasks with joy but with resentment. I have sense learned my lesson and I treat myself with grace,kindness and respect of my time and personal space. People are not upset with you that you have taken a solo getaway they are upset at the fact they themselves cannot do the same thing. Maybe just maybe if those same people become happy for you and what you do and are happy for your success, they will recieve more happiness in their own lives.I’m just say’n!

  11. You bet your britches I would! (and anyone who is really honest know they would if they could as well)! In a way I can relate because my mom has a spare room at her home in the country that I can visit anytime I want (and even when she is not there). Enjoy your retreat time. You always look so much more relaxed and peaceful after your visits to Utah. Honestly I think you explained more then you even had too! LOL

  12. Girl I agree with you…enjoy it while you can!! I’m glad you are having such an awesome time in Utah! The photos are gorgeous and it sounds fabulous! A heath bar/vanilla shake…yum! Anything combined with Heath Bar, I’m in!! :0)

  13. I don’t think you should have to explain yourself and why you do anything that you do. Either people enjoy your videos or they can go somewhere else. I for one would travel as much as I could. If I could be at Disney every month, I would. It is where I am the most happy and I would want to be there as much as possible. I also go to Disney once a year. Actually this year I will be going twice. You do have to enjoy life as much as possible and if the events in Boston don’t show people that, then I think all hope is lost on them. 🙂

  14. Jen I am so happy you are having a week of respite and filling your soul with the beauty of nature. You deserve this and dont let anyone tell you differently. We live in Denver and have a condo in the mountains (talk about elevation, we go from 5280 ft to 9600 ft) and it is a wonderful retreat for us! My husband and I usually spend long weekends up there a couple of times a month, but last summer I spent an entire week up there alone and it was such a rejuvenating time! I hiked and ran and spent time crafting and recharging the batteries. I too am a housewife like you who does a small blogging business so our lives are very similar. I hope this week for you has been refreshing and thank you for sharing with us! I look so forward to watching every single vlog of yours. Take care and have a blessed week, enjoy your reunion with Don!

  15. Beautifully written, Jen. I am really enjoying your blog posts. In regards to the frequency of your vacations, my hope is that everyone can try to understand that travelling is a privilege and that if you get the opportunity to do so, do it! I hope that everyone has a time in their life when love or curiosity brings them to a familiar or new place, in or out of their comfort zone, or to a place overflowing with culture and history. Travelling certainly teaches us patience, appreciation and humility. It reminds us to live in the moment and not take anything for granted. I am so happy you are enjoying your time in Utah. You certainly deserve it. x Christi

  16. Jen,
    I’ve been watching your videos for several months now, but have only left a few comments. I figured there was a better chance that you’d see this comment here rather than on a video. The tragedies that have occurred in the past few days have really made me want to let the people that are a part of my life know just how much they mean to me.

    I discovered your organizing videos last summer, working at a horrible answering service job I hated. I was pregnant, in a bad place with the father, and in a horrible, dark place in my life. Your videos and vlogs became my escape from the situation I was in, and in the final months of my pregnancy (where I could barely get off the couch), I don’t know what i would have done without your videos to look forward to.

    After I gave birth to my son, I slipped into an even darker place and post-partum depression hit me like nothing else I have ever experienced. I won’t get too far into it, but I definitely didn’t see the point in living anymore. Fortunately, I was still able to care for my son, but in those early days when he would sleep most of the day, I would just sit on the couch and bawl my eyes out. All day. The only distraction and escape I had was watching your videos.

    With the support of great friends and family, I’ve come out of that dark place I was in, but I still watch every single one of your videos. I know that there will always be negative people out there cutting others down, but I want you to know that if you ever, for any reason, doubt the impact that you make in the world, I believe that you had a part in saving my life.

    I may not know you personally, but I want to thank you for being there for me.


  17. Hello my friend, Jen :), So glad you mentioned the tragic events and my hearts and prayers are with the families and survivors. I know what you mean by “what people call mountains” are really dinky inclines, as I am in flat Florida. I love the pictures and video of Utah, keep them coming, I am traveling vicariously through them. I will be traveling to Montana in August, so excited!. You make me laugh almost every video or post! So thank you Jen, that is really a nice thing to look forward to for me.

  18. Hey, remember this…It’s none of your business what other’s think about you! Jealously is an ugly thing.
    You are a wonderful person who does not have to defend your actions. You bring joy and good ideas to us everyday and I for one am grateful and happy to have the opportunity to watch your vlogs! Enjoy the rest of your vacation in Utah!

  19. You are doing a great job letting negative comments roll off of your back! It is sad that people have to say things to make you justify why you are enjoying a family getaway spot. Enjoy your time and keep on being you. 🙂

  20. I’m baffled by people who spend hours watching your videos, only to criticize and critique you! I think you responded graciously and appropriately, and I for one am happy you are able to have and enjoy and appreciate it all.

    1. Humans are fascinating subjects to study, which is why I think some people will watch videos of people they don’t care for. I can’t blame them for that!

  21. Jen, Please to not fret about folks who are not comfortable with your lifestyle. You are free to do what you want at this time in your life. many of us have other responsibilities such as children and work and therefore cannot take the luxury of vacations and time off as we would please. This is not your case, you are young and still have a long life ahead of yourself. No matter what you do, there will always be people out there to shoot it down for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s envy, sometimes it’s jealousy (which is not the same as envy), sometimes it’s just people reflecting on their own life and realizing that they are missing on it and resent you for reminding them they could be more and do more for themselves but have fallen short. No matter what the reason, live your life fully and with passion. I think that all of us who watch your videos and read your blog will agree with these statements. I know I come to your channels for inspiration and even though I am comfortable, I am nowhere near your financial freedom and stay at hoem opportunities. I am ok with that. I have learned to be grateful for what I have and I am happy for what others have achieved whether they did it themselves or it was given to them, I do not care. There is no doubt in my mind that you are grateful for your life and never looked at you as someone who wants to flaunt. There is a genuine desire in you to share happiness (and organization) with others. Don’t let the negatrons rent any space in yoru mind.

    1. Thanks for your support! I believe that finding happiness in your life and focusing on the silver linings as much as possible no matter what the circumstances might be is crucial for living life to its fullest. Life is too short and times goes by too fast to stay focused on the negative all the time. If you work with what you have, you can find happiness within yourself.

  22. Hi Jen! It’s Alina from Argentina! I couldn’t agree more with you. We have to “take advantage of good things while we can”. Utah is beautiful!! My parents own a house in Cordoba and its the best place to recharge batteries! ! When you do things like that you are benefiting your family too, you end up being a better wife, mother etc. It reminds me of our house there in the mountains. My kids love going there too. Please enjoy! We are certainly enjoying your videos too! Thank you and the best wishes to you from the south!

  23. Holy Smokes, if I had a vacation home in Utah, I would definitely be there as much as I can. I just don’t understand people questioning everything you do. I love the fact that you can do all these things and you take us along for the ride. I love it. I so need to take a week to myself right now, if I could, trust me I would, but hopefully next year I will be able to do so.

    P.S. I’m so loving Don’s channel, he is such a great cook :).

  24. It upsets me that you even have to explain yourself. I wish people would spend less time judging others (especially when they barely know them) and more time trying to be happy in their own lives. I think it’s wonderful that you get the opportunity to visit Utah & it sounds like a place that makes you very happy. I also think absence makes the heart grow fonder & it’s important not to lose yourself in a relationship. A little alone time is very healthy and revitalizing 🙂

  25. Hi Jen,
    I always enjoy all your videos and posts. If I had a family home and the chance to travel to such a beautiful place I would go as often as I could too! It must be so relaxing to spend time there. Enjoy the rest of your vacation with Don and Winnie! Looking forward to your Utah vlogs!

  26. I would do exactly what you do if I could and I think most people would if they had your circumstances. So don’t let it get you down,

  27. if i had the opportunity to travel frequently would i take it? HELL YA i would! i loved how you addressed that topic. and i love that you mention that opportunity is fleeting, and if you can, you should take advantage of it whileyou can…because you just never know.

    and honestly i feel like when you go on vacation, we get to go with you on a mini vacation as well ;p

  28. Hi Jen I just wanted to say do not worry about what ever any one says to you about taking a vacation. If you and Don are happy that is all that matters. I also like seeing you in Utah because you are more calm.

  29. I am very sorry as well for the tragedies in the last days. Altough I don’t live in the countries that were affected, my heart goes to the people involved.
    I just want you to know that you don’t have to justify any action that you take. You have the money and opportunity to travel and buy nice things, so why wouldn’t you? Any of the people that are watching you would do that even though they state they wouldn’t, I am sure of that. I love watching you and your videos because of who you are and what you do and there are plenty like me. I am sorry that the number of haters is increasing , but so is the number of followers and along with celebrity comes hate. I love your hauls and I noticed that because you get a lot of hate when you post them you don’t do them as often as you did before. Often you show what you bought in a vlog, but to be honest I think that sometimes you buy more that you show,and of course that it is your choice what to share with us or not, but I feel like before you shown a lot more in your hauls and that they where truly genuine. I am very sorry that you feel that you have to explain and justify a lot, is not fair for you and is not fair for the majority of us who loves you as you are.
    You are blessed,you have a beautiful family and you don’t have to worry about money, so be happy and forget about the haters and negative people and enjoy youtube and doing something that you love.

    1. It’s true I’ve been filming less hauls. I used to show about 98% of what I bought in hauls, but the backlash started to increase, so I decided to just film seasonal and travel-related hauls from now on. I’ve also been making efforts to buy less, so there is actually less to show. I know many people enjoy my hauls and I do enjoy sharing my purchases, but ultimately I had to make a decision for what felt right to me at this time.

      1. I knew that what was going on. I love your hauls and no I can’t buy all the things you can but I love to watch and sometimes I will go out and buy one or two items I didn’t think I would ever buy. Isn’t that what you started the busy bee buzz is so the people who aren’t interested in watching the hauls don’t have too? I guess if it started making you feel to uncomfortable I understand shy but it is a shame. So sorry

  30. If I had the chance I would love to be able to travel to a place as beautiful as your family home in Utah. What a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to get away from the stresses of life and relax. I think the people that have negative things to say in regards to this are just jealous and hateful.

  31. Hello Jen I was watching one of your old vlogs and you would make my day if you did a confessionall about your decision to become a housewives. Thanks alot

  32. Dearest Jen: I am so very happy for you & all your wonderful opportunities and I’m confident the majority of your viewers/readers are genuinely happy for you too. I wish you didn’t feel it necessary to justify your choices, but if it helps you deal with the negativity of a select few, then more power to you. You’re a smart woman and I trust you’ll always do whatever you feel is right for you and not worry about trying to please everyone else. And fingers crossed, perhaps one day those sad little people will finally realize that if you learn to derive happiness and joy from other people’s happiness and joy, you get to experience a whole lot more happiness and joy in your own life. But hey, we can only live our lives the best we know how with the tools and resources we have acquired along the way. Hopefully, one day soon, these negative Nellies will finally “get it” and stop their destructive negative cycle. I really, truly hope those living in that negative abyss will see the benefits and goodness in actually looking for and focusing on all the little snippets of joy that are everywhere in life! And, of course, somedays we might have to look a little harder to find them, but they are always there if we’re willing to search for them. It seems pretty logical that if we focus on the positive, and not the negative, life will be so much better and more rewarding and I believe we really do reap what we sow. Sooo, congratulations and thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to us by sharing, caring and taking us along with you on your life’s spectacular, bountiful and beautiful journey. Big squeezes to you and yours! (And extra squeezes for that sweet little Winnie!)

  33. Hi Jen,

    I agree with what most everyone else has said here: you absolutely should enjoy this beautiful place you have access to! And time alone can be SO nice, just to be by yourself with your thoughts and without quite as many responsibilities. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us through photos, vlogs, and keeks. I have enjoyed them all! Thanks for being your sweet, uplifting and inspiring self- enjoy your Utah time and your reunion with Don! 🙂

  34. Hi Jen, I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching your videos, and I think you should share away. If I didn’t like them i wouldn’t watch them, just the same as if I don’t like what’s on tv I change the channel. So for people who really dislike (for some unknown reason) your lifestyle, its extremely lucky that there are so many other things on the Internet to look at. Keep sharing, keep living your life to the fullest you can. Being a good person gives back in the world and I think negativity is a far worse crime than utilising your holiday home…

  35. I don’t understand all the people who make comments about you being alone and saying that they couldn’t do it or implying that there is an issue with it. Do none of these people know any military wives?? Thousands of women are going several months to over a year without their spouses. 10 days is nothing! Smh.

  36. I love that you have your say, to those questions and comments from YT, here on your blog. You say it so nicely but make it clear that your choice is your business! You go girl. You are awesome!

  37. Hi Jen I completely understand where your coming from I suffer from anxiety myself and I’m a total worry wort I worry about everything and anything I think that’s another reason why I haven’t started my own YouTube channel I don’t think I could deal with the negative things from it…but I’ve been working on my issues with the help of my wonderful therapist she’s amazing and has helped me alot and it’s actually helped my marriage as well…but anywho I wouldn’t let these people bother you life is to short and you have an amazing life so live it to the fullest if I had a vacation home you best ur lil booty I’d be there all throne cause what is the point of having the home if you can’t enjoy it ya know..so anyway thank you again for all that you do you have really inspired me in so many ways you have no idea..:) well enjoy tell Don I said hello (hope u remember meeting me at the Disney expo in Florida I’m the one that work at Disney: ) Oh and P’s I have a few goodies for you and Don from Disney just have to get to the post office to send it lol have a great week take care xo

      1. Me too Jen hopefully u will do another meet up next years when u come back: ) and hopefully I won’t be so nervous and talk your ear off again lol lots of new and exciting things happening here at Disney can’t wait for you and Don to see them: )

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