Week In Review (April 1 – 7, 2013)

Well, hello there, friends!  Long time no WIR (Week In Review), right?  I’m sorry I haven’t posted one of these in a couple of weeks.  I did say from the beginning that I wasn’t planning on posting every single week, but I did not intend for two in a row to pass with no post.  Time sometimes can get away from you, you know?  If you’ve been keeping up with me on Twitter and my MHWL vlogs, you probably haven’t missed out on too much.   It’s recently occurred to me that I share a whole lot of my day-to-day life with you.  I’m not sure why I didn’t really consider if before.  It’s a good thing I like sharing, as you well know by now!

Leftover Easter Treats

Last weekend revolved entirely around Easter with lots of food preparations and time spent with family.  I am the baker of the family and supplied the family favorite baked goods as I usually do for the Easter feast.  My personal favorite Easter specialty is Paska Bread.   It’s so much fun to bake bread!  It’s even more fun to eat bread fresh out of the oven!  I plan on sharing this recipe at some point due to all of the interest in it.  It’s a tasty treat and makes for beyond excellent morning toast smothered in butter.


Spring Has Sprung

It’s official.  Spring is here at long last in the Midwest!   Sunny days mean longer walks with Winnie and daffodil shoots peeking up in the flowerbeds.  Not to mention longer days in general, which I absolutely love and appreciate.  Spring always puts a certain pep in my step.  The weather’s still on the chilly side, but warm enough for the lighter of my winter coats and even some fleece-only days.  I’ve been enjoying wearing my new favorite American Eagle Skinny Jeans with my J. Crew boots.  I also noticed I tend to wear more grey in the spring and lots of purple and green eye shadow.  I hope to have a few new spring current looks up soon on TBBB [link] featuring my favorite spring makeup!


Spring also means tons of new releases and lineups in the beauty world.  I lucked out and cashed in on some pretty sweet sales at Walgreens this week and stocked up on Maybelline mascaras and Wet ‘N Wild eye shadow palettes in pretty spring colors.


I Work Out

After taking a full month off running after the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon (see this post for more info) when I injured my left knee, I decided to give running a try again about a couple weeks ago.  Sadly, the knee injury popped up again about a mile in.  After a discouraging walk home, I decided to finally make a doctor’s appointment.  Unfortunately, I can’t get in until late April, which means at least another month off running.  I miss it, but I am really quite lucky that my knee only seems to hurt when running.  I’ve been able to do other types of exercise, including HIIT workouts on the elliptical, yoga, and cross and strength training with my favorite Jillian Michaels and Tone It Up workout DVDs.  I’m on a real exercise kick right now, which tends to grab me every spring.  I’ve been aiming for a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise six days a week, including a 30+ minute cardio session first thing in the morning (otherwise known as a Tone It Up Booty Call) with an additional 30+ minute cross/strength training workout or yoga session later in the day.  I’ve designated Friday as my rest day, but I still go to a 75-minute yin yoga class to stretch my body and my brain out after a long week.  I don’t know how I’d get through any of my workouts without my beloved VS Pro sports bras.


Harry Potter

I’ve been on a huge Harry Potter kick since we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter At Universal’s Islands of Adventure on our most recent trip to Orlando.  Don & I have watched an HP movie every weekend since, finishing up with the fifth (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) just last night.  All of this HP goodness really makes me want to read the books again.  I have way too many new reads on my bookshelf to do so at the moment, but I feel like I will probably venture back to the HP series sometime this year.  I decided to take a Sorting Hat type of quiz online a few days ago to see what Hogwarts House I would be placed in if I were ever to attend.  I’m a Hufflepuff!  Fun times!


Cake Is Good

We celebrated Don’s sister Emily’s birthday this past weekend.  Our family loves to get together, celebrate life, and eat delicious food together.  Does it get any better than that?  If you watched my target=”_blank”>vlog from party day, you’ll see that Emily has really popped even just since Easter.  Baby Girl’s arrival is only one month away!  I’m incredibly excited to be an Auntie again and even more excited for Emily and her husband Dave to begin their new roles as parents.  That is one lucky Baby Girl!  I’ll definitely keep you posted when she does make an entrance.  In the meantime, I’ve already started daydreaming about all of the cute outfits I can buy her and tea parties we can have in a few short years.  Auntie’s are meant to be spoilers in the best way possible.


I’m actually on a plane as I write this, heading out to the family abode in Utah for a couple weeks of R&R and catching up on projects, correspondence, and quality time with Winnie.  I hope to check in again next week with another WIR.  In the meantime, you can find me all over the place, links always on the right sidebar here on OrganizedJen.com.  I hope you all are having a great day!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂


38 thoughts on “Week In Review (April 1 – 7, 2013)”

  1. Hi Jen! I would like to make a request that you please do a video on all of you workout videos that your viewers can do at home. You could go through each one briefly & give a summary on the length & intensity & what body parts it works on. I think this would really be motivating for the spring exercise season that’s here! Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m certainly no expert on fitness, but I do share my favorite workouts from time to time. Maybe I can get them all in one post in the future 🙂

  2. I’m Hufflepuff as well 🙂 And I totally understand the HP obsession. I think I read the books about 5-10 times each and God knows how many times I have watched all of the movies 🙂 It’s an amazing series, I love it! 🙂

  3. i did the Harry Potter quiz after you mentioned it in your vlog and i was a Gryffindor – brave, chivalrous and courageous 😀

  4. I like the picture you post of make up. It’s so funny that heaven is on the 9th cloud for american (“on cloud nine”), but on the 7th cloud for us french people (“au 7ème ciel”) ! ^^ I get it is heasier to go to heaven from France … (just kiding) ^^

    I took the harry potter test to and I am RavenClaw, Intelligent, Capable and Witty. I like that

  5. I would join you in the house of Hufflepuff! We are going to FL for vacation this year and my oldest (21 year old) wants to go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again. The temperatures have been very nice here in Ohio for the past couple of days and it really has raised my spirits. I want to start working out again but am looking for a good starting point so I don’t overdo it. I’m starting to pack for a girls’ weekend at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale!

  6. Many, MANY moons ago I took the Sorting Hat quiz and was sorted into Slytherin! I was so disappointed that I took the quiz again a few months later and was sorted into Slytherin AGAIN. I could not believe it!

    When I clock out for lunch I will take the quiz again. It’s been almost 10 years (to approximate) since I took the quiz so it will be interesting if Slytherin is my house for a third time. If it is, it’s official ;o) I’ll keep you posted on the results.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a Slytherin. Different folks, different Hogwarts houses 🙂

      1. I took the same quiz you took. And they said I was a Hufflepuff! Maybe my “age” has “softened” me (hehe, I’m just shy of your age). If memory serves me correctly, the quiz that was taken 10 years ago was on the official movie site. I don’t think the official movie site would have such a quiz anymore though which would be a better litmus test to see how I’ve changed over the decade.

        And, I know being a Slytherin isn’t necessarily bad but I would never guess that I fit the Slytherin mold, as I do not identify with characters from that house. I feel like a 12 year old even bothering to psycho-analyze all of this LOL! I’ll never grow up (on the inside anyway)!

  7. I laughed when I read “I Work Out”. Were you referring to that song “I’m Sexy and I know it”? lol

    My son has read the HP series three times and seen the movies a ridiculous amount of times. He loves it! This summer we will be going to Universal for the first time. Mostly Disney, but zipping over to HPWorld for one day. So excited!

    1. Any HP fan will LOVE The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Your son will have a blast! And yes, that was the song I was thinking about when I wrote that title 😉

  8. Hi! I took the test using your link and I am a Hufflepuff ! Thank you for sharing and Paska bread looks delicious!! I am from Argentina and never heard of it. Looks yummy!

  9. Hey Jen – Maybe one of these days you can do a what’s-in-Emily’s-baby-bag post (or video). The ones you did with your own bags in all the various sizes were terrific and gave me some good tips. (Plus, I love seeing what other people carry!)

  10. I was wondering what happened to the WIR’s! Glad they’re back 🙂 In the picture with the slice of bread, is that broccoli and eggs?

  11. Hey jen, on a completely unrelated note, I was wondering what you did about your fridge situation. I have a 19 year old sub zero that came with my house! So that speaks volumes as far as reliability and a good, long lasting product in my books. Just curious as to what undecided.. Update please! 🙂

  12. I’m a Hufflepuff too! That was a fun quiz, TFS. Quick question for you… I’m not sure if you ever mentioned whether you get anxious when you fly? I know you travel a lot so just curious how you deal with it. I’m glad you have Winnie with you this trip. I get so sad when we have to leave our doggie behind. On a side note, my Dad is really attached to his dog and he actually was able to get a doctors note to have his dog fly with him in his lap (he’s a Maltese) as a service dog. My mom even had a little vest embroidered for him that says “companion dog” or something like that! Lol! They were even able to take their dog to Hawaii last month! Have a nice vacay.

    1. I am an anxious traveler but having Winnie and/or Don with me helps a lot. I’m happy to hear your Dad’s dog is such a help to him. 🙂

  13. Hi Jen, I’m a Hufflepuff! I’m currently reading a HP book and watching the movie, read a book, watch the movie..it’s time consuming!:-)
    I know your bookshelfs must have become fuller and fuller…would you please consider doing a bookshelf tour?

  14. Hi Jen! I love your videos and have learned at lot about traveling, beauty and organizing from you. I first ran into your videos when looking up disney stuff. My hubby and went to Disney world and had a blast. I plan on running in the princess marathon next year. I know you looove lush but there are two online companies that make great prouducts. Fizzbutter.com and moonsharvest.com. Let me know what you think! Take care!

  15. Hi. Took the test and I’m a Hufflepuff too! Aunties are for spoiling. My niece and nephew that were born before my own children were spoiled and loved. Now I am a great aunt and I adore my great nephew. He will soon be a big brother so there will be more to love. Having a close family is wonderful. Unfortunately my husband’s side is not close. That makes me treasure the time I spend with my family even more. I love watching your family get togethers. Cherish them.

  16. I also took the the Harry Potter sorting test and my results were Gryffindor. I always thought that I would be sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I must be braver than I thought :). The quiz has made me want to re-read the whole series again since they are really starting to mesh together in my memory.
    I have re-read several series before, usually before the next book or movie is released. Do you re-read any of your books?

    1. I read the Tao of Pooh again every so often. I always find so many new books I want to read that there’s not much time to revisit old favorites.

  17. Turns out I’m a Hufflepuff too! I really admire your discipline for working out at home. I am attempting to stick to something I can do at home too but I always get sidetracked – usually by my computer lol

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