My Walking Pharmacy | 2016 Update

I’ve carried around a little pouch of on-the-go necessities since high school, which I call my “Walking Pharmacy.”  This includes items I like to have with me when I’m not at home.  They’re not necessarily things I use all of the time, but I feel more comfortable out in the world knowing I have my little “just in case” stash with me.  Over the years my collection of items has been whittled down as I’ve grown accustomed to carrying less (with the exception now of my baby’s things).  It’s been a couple of years since my last update, so I thought I’d share a look at my current Walking Pharmacy.

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walking pharmacy 2016

If you saw my last post, you know I’m currently carrying the beautiful Legacy Backpack from J.W. Hulme Co. as a hybrid diaper purse.  Most of the contents are for my 9 month old daughter except for my wallet, some snacks, lip balm, hand cream, and of course, my Walking Pharmacy.  I recently purchased a Rifle Paper Co/LeSportSac 3 Zip Cosmetic (still on sale for 25% off at the time of posting!) to house my on-the-go necessities.  I had one of these 3 Zip pouches way back in high school that my Mom gave me and remember loving the slim design, three zip compartments, and durable ripstop nylon material.  I’m a big fan of the beautiful Rifle Paper Co. print and the size (5″x7″) is perfect to suit my current needs.

Here is a look at what is in each of the three zip compartments:

walking pharmacy 2016

In the largest compartment I keep a pack of tissues, a pop up mirror & brush, poopy bags (both useful for my dog and stinky baby diapers), a phone charger, hair clip and one of my favorite hair ties.

walking pharmacy 2016

I have deodorant towelettes, a baby and mama-friendly sunscreen stick, stain remover wipes, makeup remover swabs, and bandaids in the medium compartment.

walking pharmacy 2016

The smallest compartment is the perfect size to house a small pen, nail file, eyebrow comb (mine are always out of control!), floss picks, and my house keys.

I’ve pared this down a bit since my last update in 2014.  Like I said, I don’t necessarily reach for these items on a regular basis, but I feel more comfortable when I’m out and about knowing I have them with me.  Everyone’s list is going to be different.  I’d love to know what your on-the-go necessities are if you care to share!


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23 thoughts on “My Walking Pharmacy | 2016 Update”

  1. Looks like a comprehensive walking pharmacy. Haven’t changed mine in quite a while, yours has given me inspiration for a few things (i.e. tissues (I use hankerchiefs but you can’t really offer that to someone else 😝 and a hair brush (my hair is so much longer now, was not really necessary before.) In mine, I also carry bobby pins and my favourite nail balm from Burts Bees (constantly putting on either a nail balm or a lip product 😁)

  2. Great post!!
    My walking pharmacy:
    In a small medicine bottle I carry about 10 tabs each of Benadryl, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Allegra, omeprazole.
    I also carry a chapstick, a travel sized bottle of sunscreen lotion, tissue packet, a pen, and 1 feminine pad.

    I have a few purses which I use interchangeably and it helps to keep each one stocked with all of the above. So I only change out my wallet, keys, phone, husbands reading glasses, and a small notebook.

    I should admit I’m a physician which is probably why mine centers most on medication. :-). But I can’t tell you how often I (or a friend/family member) has been grateful for it. I recommend everyone carry Benadryl–you never know when you (or someone you know) will need it!

  3. Love the pared down walking pharmacy. Things change at times. I like this, everything serves a purpose and therefore no extra weight too.

  4. I started carrying a little pouch like this because of you YEARS ago! So here’s the important question… have you kept the same pack of tissues for 2 years, or do you just get the same pattern package all the time? hahaha

    1. I laughed when I read this! You know, I very rarely use tissues, but this is a different pack from then, just the same pattern. I bought a package that came with several of the same pattern years ago and I’m still going through them.

  5. Wow, you did limit what you carry with now. I find it hard to but know I need to. I have two small pouches I throw in my teacher bag. Some of my favorite videos!

  6. I just purchased the LeSportSac small rectangular cosmetic (Hawaiian Getaway) because I like that it has 3 slip pockets on the inside. I might purchase this Rifle Paper one too, because it’s a really cute pattern and I’ve never tried the 3 zipper style before. Thanks for the suggestion! – Alisa

  7. Love all of your post. In fact, the Walking Pharmacy video was the first time I had ever watched one of your videos. My husband and I were planning a two week vacation to Utah and I needed to pack the right items. You are such an inspiration and causing me to go broke because I like EVERYTHING you purchased. You are AWESOME.

  8. Very pro active! Because you never know when you might need something, especially with little ones! ( including Winnie) 😊

  9. I was so excited to see this linked on Facebook! I watched the first walking pharmacy video years ago when I struggled a lot with my anxiety and leaving the house. I literally used to watch it at least once a day or sometimes more because it made me so happy and feel so much better. This reminded me of that time looking back and how although I’m still very anxious today, I have grown so much!

  10. I always have a walking pharmacy on hand!

    Nail clippers
    Nail file
    Leatherman multi tool
    Contact case
    Doterra oils
    Microfiber cloth
    Blotting papers
    Purell wipes

    And I have a similar bag to yours 😉 As a mom to three boys, I use almost all of things on the daily!

  11. If I think I may need stuff, my go to is a small wool pouch with a lip crayon, some mints, some almonds and a Kleenex package similar to yours.

  12. So glad you updated this! I love your “walking pharmacy” ideas! Currently, in mine I have:

    Nivea Lip Balm (they d/c the olive oil lemon one if you can believe THAT!!!)
    Small pack of tissues
    Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder to stop shine (I live in FL and its still 85*!)
    A oatmeal and honey Kind Bar (thank you SO MUCH for mentioning this in a post! They’re DELISH!)
    Clinique Happy Rollerball (makes me happy just thinking about that scent!)

    Having these on hand makes me feel like I could survive on a desert island for a few days if needed. 🙂
    Side note/request: It may be too personal, but I would love to see a video on how becoming a Mommy has affected your anxiety/IBS. You are obviously living your dream with that precious baby, but I know the first few months were tough with your yeast issues/feeding issues/etc. Have just had you on my mind and was curious if that had any impact on your anxiety/ibs issues, or if you’ve had any more insight on what helps you.
    I adore you, and think you’re such a great encourager, and you inspire so many of us to be better homemakers, wives, mommies! Bless you, Jenn!

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