Under the Sink Organization (Kitchen Series 2013)

The under the sink cabinet can be one of those trouble spot areas in the kitchen where a good organization system can make a big difference.  There is often a mixture of both frequently and rarely used cleaning supplies stored in this cabinet.  Without an established order, this space can become a frustrating jumbled heap of products, making it difficult to know at any given time what you have on hand and what you might need to pick up at the store.   The under the sink cabinet in the kitchen of our family vacation home in Utah suffered from such disarray.  It took just fifteen minutes for me to turn this space into an organized one by utilizing a few organizational aids and grouping like items together.


We’re fortunate to have such a roomy under the sink cabinet in the Utah house kitchen.  Without any working organization in place, however, this space was a black hole for all sorts of cleaning products and other items that had no place in the kitchen.  I started by clearing the cabinet of its contents and relocated items such as shoe polish and bathroom cleaners to the mudroom where we store those types of things.  This left more space for cleaners and like products that belong in the under the sink cabinet.


I purchased a few organizational aids from Bed, Bath, & Beyond to add some structure to this roomy cabinet.  I used an 18-Inch Non-Skid Turntable to group together kitchen cleaning products.  It’s easy to reach the ones in the back by simply rotating the turntable.  The other organizers I picked up were two Mesh Stacking Bins.  We have quite a few backup sponges and rubber gloves on hand, which is most likely a result of them getting lost in the jumble leading to purchasing items we already had because we couldn’t find them.  These bins now keep the backups front and center in the cabinet, both easy to see and locate.  The rest of the items are few enough to keep under the disposal, including extra dish soap, drain stoppers, trash bags, and dishwasher tablets.  I taped the wrench that comes with the disposal to the interior wall of the cabinet for easy access in the event that we need to make adjustments to the appliance.  This is an important tool to be able to easily locate even though it is rarely used.

If you’d like a closer look at this under the sink organization, including a view of the space before I organized it as well as more information about my organizational progress, I recommend checking out the video below:

Stay tuned for a look at pantry organization in my home kitchen, coming up next in the series.


* I am not affiliated with any of the brands or stores mentioned in this blog post or video.  All opinions are my own. *


23 thoughts on “Under the Sink Organization (Kitchen Series 2013)”

  1. very organised. I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering & reorganising of my kitchen this week. November is my month to really sort and purge the house of unwanted ‘stuff’. That way December – and Christmas – doesn’t feel quite as messy as it might otherwise!


  2. I am really enjoying your kitchen organization series. It inspired me to make my own last weekend and that’s a big thing for me because I am a disaster at home! I have to say that, since I did it, it is way easier for me to mantain my kitchen organized! So thank you so much for being so inspiring! 🙂

  3. Hi jen ,

    Since there is a lot of us out there who cannot afford bed bath and beyond and the container store I was wondering if you could do a dollar tree or 99 cent store only reorganization series. Please understand that the majority of people don’t have the funds that you have but still want to get organized this would help our tons of your viewers and we will really appreciate it

    1. I understand this and there are others out there who provide great DIY or less expensive alternatives for storage (DoItOnADime is a great one!). I show what I personally do in my own spaces, hence the name of my channel, organizedlikejen. Maybe at some point in the future my channel and blog will evolve to include projects that I do just for show, but for now I just share organization I actually implement in my home, including purchases I would make regardless of sharing my projects.

      1. Wow Jen, this reply really comes off as stuck up, like going into a dollar store is SO beneath you and your home. Even if it is, you should be careful not to alienate so many with this type of response.

        1. I’m sorry if my response came off that way to you. I never mean to offend anyone and I certainly did not mean to imply anything negative about the dollar store. I think it’s a great place to shop for organizers if you have one near you. I don’t know of any stores like that close to my home, which is why I typically purchase my organizers elsewhere. I believe that organization is a very individual thing, not a one size fits all type of deal. How one chooses to organize their home including what types of organizers one might buy, is completely a personal decision. I share what I genuinely use in my own home and it’s as simple as that. I’m not trying to tell anyone you have to shop at specific stores or use certain items for the best results. I hope you understand it is never my intention to belittle or offend.

          1. Jen, you don’t have to keep apologizing for your reply or the way or what you do on YOUR CHANNEL it was well said and honest. YOU share YOUR life with us to include some fantastic organizing solutions among other things. The majority of your viewers (except the ones with negative comments) love your ideas and the products use, I definitely do. You are a good person with a great heart thank you for sharing. If some people can’t afford to shop at Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store or Target they should learn to get ideas from you then shop for comparable items in their price range. By the way I think the mesh baskets from Bed Bath and Beyond are great (I purchased some today) and I already had a large lazy susan I wasn’t using, so again thanks for the tips.

  4. To Jess

    You can re-purpose items for use under a sink. Remember, a lot of it includes cleaning items and packaged items so you need not always put new under there. Look at Jen’s suggestions and go to stores you are comfortable with or even your closet or garage and re-purpose something. Perhaps a smallish bin somewhere, not in current use, can be used to hold sponges or cleaners. Even a box can contain the cleaning items and dispose of it when it gets gross. Use her suggestions as a guideline. These are great tips. Also, dollar stores and Big Lots and other stores are overstock stores (maybe not dollar stores). You can get some cute items sometimes but you just gotta grab them when you see them. Tuesday Morning, Ross, Home Goods, Marshall’s, Ross, Stein Mart all are examples of overstock type stores. I may be incorrect with some of these but you get the idea. You never know where you can find a turntable that was originally at Container Store or Crate and Barrel or Bed Bath and Beyond, for a fraction of the original selling price. It just didn’t sell. Or, there were only a few left. Too few to display. Stores need shelf space for the new items.

    To Jen

    I have a fraction of that space under my sink. All attempts at organization have failed soon after. I will try the lazy susan idea. If I can fit one in there. Thanx. I may tackle it. I don’t like looking under there.

    1. Jasmine

      I just have to say that those are great tips and suggestions you gave to Jess. It was also very kind of you to take a few moments to answer her questions. And you don’t even have an organizing site or channel!

    2. To Jasmine,

      I replied earlier, but it didn’t show up for some reason…

      I just wanted to say that was very kind of you to answer Jess. You have some really good ideas for organization. Those are all stores that have low cost, unique items that have dual purposes and can be used for storage etc. It’s amazing what you discover when you see something in a different light!

  5. Thanks for these tips and inspiration. I love to get organized!
    You mentioned in your previous video that there is a baby in the house. How would you secure these chemicals from the little one? Any ideas?

  6. Can you show us how you organize your clothes closet at your regular home? I need to organize mine and I was hoping to get some inspiration from you because you always have the best ideas!! Thanks!!

  7. Dear Jen,

    I really like your blog. Some themes don`t seem to be a big deal at first glance (like organizing the space below the kitchen sink), but your ideas are always very clever and inspiring. My living space is limited and I own lots and lots of stuff I appreciate your tips and your blog is a big influence for organizing all the stuff.

    I don´t have a car, because our cities public transportation system is quite good. but most days I carry my laptop*, some folders, lunch (the canteen at the university is terrible), water (buying water in the canteen is very expensive), a gym bag and various books (either bringing them to the library or got them from there) for the whole day. Do you have any ideas of organizing it? I’m sick of feeling like a pack mule.

    *actually broken – i’d like to buy a small one like an asus eee or a tablet. – Most of the books and articles i have to read are real books, if i want to use .pdfs i have to scan the books. A big laptop is way to heavy for carrying it around every day. At home I have a computer. What would you recommend for me?

    Viele Grüße (I’m from Germany, you might have suspected that. ),

    1. How do you feel abut carrying a wheeled case around with you? I know you can find smaller ones around and that may help you save your back from lugging lots of bags!

  8. That looks wonderful, you make it look so easy, and it is so inspiring looking at your organization videos.
    your family must be so happy to have you helping them with this, i know i would.

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