Trip Recap | Walt Disney World | November 2017

It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago we were back at our favorite place, Disney World!  Don, CC, and I traveled to WDW for a third (yes, you read that right!) time this year in honor of our last trip together as a family of three before Baby Boy makes his debut in the new year.  It was amazing, exhausting, and absolutely the most magical week of the year.  In short, we had a blast!

I vlogged throughout our trip if you’d like to come along on our family “babymoon” adventure:

It’s difficult to capture everything in one video, but I hope it gave you a sense of how much fun we had on our adventure together.  I usually write up a more detailed blog post for our trip recaps with pictures, but this one got away from me.  I might come back and update it at some point in the future, but I at least wanted to have the video for you here.  I hope you enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Trip Recap | Walt Disney World | November 2017”

  1. Very nice vlog, and I enjoy all of your recaps and youtube information. Disney is very magical and so much fun. I am glad that you all had a nice time. I think that you will be a lovely family of five. Winnie is family too, and love seeing highlights and pictures of her too, and thank you for sharing.

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