Trip Recap: The Phoenician, Arizona

Don and I flew out to Phoenix, Arizona last weekend for a very last minute getaway.  We both really wanted to get away for a bit and Arizona sounded like heaven on earth, so we hopped a plane for a long weekend stay at The Phoenician, a beautiful resort located in Scottsdale.  Our main purpose for the trip was relaxation, and we definitely accomplished that between indulgent spa treatments, lazy afternoons spent by the pool, and delicious food.  Most of all, it was just so refreshing to be outside and we certainly took advantage of the beautiful weather during our weekend stay, dining al fresco for all meals.

Here is a slideshow of pics I snapped with my iPhone (so handy for travel!) during our trip:

[portfolio_slideshow id=2623]

I talk more about our trip in the video below:

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our Arizona Weekend Getaway.  Have you been dreaming of a getaway this winter?  Where would you go for just a weekend away?  I’d love to know if you care to share 🙂


* This is not a sponsored post.  I am not affiliated with The Phoenician.  My husband and I paid for our travel expenses. *


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  1. I have always wanted to see the west coast. I am a recent college graduate/wife/mom, which means I’m broke. I would love to either visit LA or San Francisco.

  2. I started to tear up when I first started watching the video, I saw the emotion in your eyes and I thought something happened to Winnie!! Then I teared up when I saw her precious face seeing that she was ok!! I miss your vlogs so much but totally understand how hard it must be to put on a brave face when you’re going through something. Take care of yourself, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xoxo

  3. Glad you had a great weekend Jen! I hope whatever is going on in your life gets better soon (however that may be). I know that I for one miss your vlogging but whatever is best for you is what is best for your viewers, the ones that truly care about you. I can tell from your videos that you truly are a kind-hearted person and deserve nothing but the best, and I hope that is what comes for you. Take care.

  4. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for showing your weekend get-a-way video & photos. As a Arizona Native it’s nice to see & hear from others how they like our state. You & Don picked the perfect time to visit too. The weather we’re having is so calm & relaxing. It’s my favorite time next to the few weeks after the hot scorching summer late October early November. If I had to choose between this time of year would be it. Sunsets are so beautiful too. I’m glad you & Don were able to relax & enjoy yourselves.

    You’ll be in my thoughts & prayers for whatever you’re going through. Remember ‘This too shall pass’.

    An AZ fan!


  5. Jenn – I have never commented on any video or post of yours before. I just wanted to say that in this crazy techy world people tend for forget that the people on the other side of the screen are real people too….we all have ups and downs, sadness and sorrow, happy and exciting times. Your emotions come through even when you try your best to push through a difficult time and carry on as if nothing is wrong. I hope this explanation on your last video about personal sadness in your life at this moment helps others to understand that it’s not ALL ABOUT YouTube all the time…your emotions are coming from personal sadness in an area outside of your youtube world and being the kind hearted person you are, it shows in your spirit even when you are trying to keep it together to film a video. I hope others will take this information and let go of the fact that they seem to think your sadness is coming from YouTube itself. You are a smart woman and are doing what it best for you and your family and it was a smart decision to step back and rethink where you wanted to go with all of this! I hope the near future brings you happiness and your happy spirit returns soon. Best Wishes!

  6. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a hard time. I know that for me getting away with my husband makes everything better. This year has been tough, I feel that I’m hanging on by a thread. Your recommendation to read the Simple Abundance book has helped me so much. I am also a stay at home wife and live a very blessed life. Unfortunately bad things happen, it is how we deal with them that matters. Why is it that people assume that if you have money you have everything you need in life? I think I need a Winnie in my life!! We travel so much that I would also need an Aunt Julie. You have such a grace about you try to focus on “shinning through the shit” and all your blessings. Especially Don! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Take care, Kim

  7. Beautiful warm sunshine. The Phoenician looks amazing. Glad you had a good time. Missing warmth around here as we are having another snowstorm in Ontario. Winter letting us know its not over yet. But spring will be here soon. Very soon. Pool opening is scheduled for May 13. It will be here before we know it. (am I sounding desperate for spring?? lol)

  8. Last winter my boyfriend and I went on a mini break to Venice and it was SO dreamy!

    We both really needed the break and spent the entire 4 day trip getting lost down the Venetian streets, eating ice cream in St Marcos Square and taking gondola rides (okay, maybe we only did that once, they’re pretty pricey!)

    The whole atmosphere is incredibly romantic- one of my favourite memories from the trip is getting lost down one of the streets and finding this incredible cafe. We ordered hot chocolates (which were like melted chocolate) and split a real authentic calzone. Even though that doesn’t sound like a stand out memory, the feelings that you get in those kinds of moments are so precious and it still makes me smile thinking about it.

    We didn’t go away this winter as we’re making a return to Disney World in April, we can’t wait!!

    I’m really glad you enjoyed your holiday, sometimes you just need some time to unwind xx

  9. Thank you for sharing your trip…and your update. My prayers continue for you Jen…you are amazing and I wish you only the best. Life can get tedious at times….but walking thru those situations makes us stronger and allows us to appreciate even more the good times. It feels strange…but I find myself missing you….and we have never met…lol. So I appreciate the times you share….even the sad times….we all go through them…but it makes me happy to hear your voice and see your smile. Take care and stay strong. Hugs coming your way! Patty

  10. On the case of vlogs, do what’s best for you and your sanity.
    I can’t imagine doing daily vlogs like Anna and Jonathan or Judy and Benji. Especially with the negativity that they get from people who think they have a “PhD in Life”. I applaud you for making the decision to stop, for the time being or permanently. Either way you go I will still watch whatever you upload and read your blog post. I enjoy you too much! 😀

    So glad you enjoyed our lovely weather 😀 Scottsdale is probably the best city in AZ at least to me. I live in Tempe which is pretty much dead center to every city in the Greater Phoenix area, but its college town! Even though I’m a college student I highly dislike it. I’d take Scottsdale over Tempe any day.
    If you plan (or last minute plan) on coming back anytime soon, you should definitely look into The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. It’s wonderful and right down the street from the Scottsdale Promenade.

  11. Hi Jen! What a nice trip. It was fun hearing about your tarot reading. I have some tarot cards myself that I use for fun. But I’d love to have a “professional” reading one day. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch. Your so generous with your time keeping up with MHWL even though you don’t feel like vlogging right now. Big hugs and positive thoughts being sent your way!

  12. Hi Jen, I am so sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. I started watching your vlogs in the fall while doing Disney “research” and just really enjoyed your bubbly personality and love for family. I am a total fan now. I certainly pray this season of your life changes in a more positive way. My early thirties were both sad (the loss of our first child through miscarriage) and exciting (moved to different cities and most importantly welcomed our firstborn into the world). I look back now 8 years later and I know that everyone that tried to comfort me and tell me “If the Lord brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it” really was telling me the truth! And I promise He’ll do the same for you whatever your struggle may be 🙂 P.S. Loved the food pictures! Looks so yummy.

  13. Hi Jen,

    It’s always nice to hear from you. It’s okay if you haven’t been into vlogging lately. I know you aim to please others, but don’t forget to prioritize yourself. If you don’t enjoy vlogging (which is becoming very apparent), then your viewers won’t either. Please take the time to recuperate from what has happened. Don’t prioritize social media over yourself, family or friends. It won’t feel worth it in the end. Life is too short to force yourself to do something you aren’t interested in doing even if it’s at the expense of losing viewers.

    It seems like you don’t know what direction to take with yourself and your goals in life. It’s obvious with how your content is all over the place and you spread yourself too thin and slowly let go of your projects. I’m sure someday you’ll find that calling in life that doesn’t require a huge effort on your part to stick to.

    Your Subscriber

    1. I appreciate your support, however, I have to disagree that my content “is all over the place.” I like to share a variety of my interests, which is why I have separate YouTube channels – one for organization-related topics (OLJ), one for beauty & hobbies (TBBB), and one for sharing more personal “slice of my life” tidbits (MHWL). You can also read the content of my blog broken down by these categories if you click on the particular one that interests you on the righthand sidebar (OLJ, TBBB, or MHWL). I have those categories set up for that exact reason. I also do my best to stick to and see through my projects once I start them and feel strongly that my content reflects that. I very much enjoy all of the content I put up or I wouldn’t do so. While it is certainly a major commitment in time and energy, it is not a burden on me; rather, it is a joy to be able to share with others. I hope that others can witness my joy in sharing and that is what they enjoy most about my content.

  14. So glad to see you back !!! Enjoyed the video and room tour. I will defiantly keep you and your family in my prayers. Luv ya Jen !

  15. Hey there lovely. Firstly, I’m so happy for you and your hubby that you had a relaxing weekend! It sounded like it was very much in order for you both to do that. I’m glad that you did it! Also thank you Jen for refering “your fans” to other blogers that we may be interested in viewing. Sadly, they are just not you 🙁 . Don’t get me wrong – no pressure ok, but for me you are the only one I am interested in sharing any part of my day with. So I will wait for you “if” you choose to return to regular blogging.
    You know what, I think you’re right “poop” seems to come at us in waves – and I guess the best we can do is buckle-up and go through it. “This too shall pass”.
    I’m sending you positive thoughts, I do look forward to seeing that wonderful twinkle in your eyes again 🙂
    Best Wishes Jen!
    Your Loyal Fan
    Shaunie Behr

  16. What a beautiful and relaxing long weekend Jen. I’m so glad you were able to getaway and enjoy your surroundings.
    I know you enjoy the positive feedback from your viewers, but thank you for disabling the comments. Seeing all the ‘nasties’ is such a energy drainer for all. It’s been so refreshing to just watch your video without any negative energy looming below.
    Thank you for always blessing us with your content. Big hug and lots of love coming your way.

  17. Hey Jen,
    oh I love those trips! We do that very often, we picked up our little dog, some cloths, some books or magazines and then … up and away;-)) It’s a short break – but it feels sooooo good!

  18. Hey Jen
    Your latest youtube video literally brought me to tears. I don’t know exactly what loss you had to suffer, but it reminded me of my loss this past year. I had a miscarriage- and it has been extremely tough for me to get through it. So I’m not here I say I know what it feels like- because I don’t know what you are going through. But please know that I have routing for you. And hope whatever loss you had will bring you full circle- and that something good can come from it.
    Everything does happen for a reason- even if the reason isn’t as clear as we would like it to be
    Take care
    Sending so much love and positive thoughts your way

  19. By hugs… <3 glad you got to relax after a crappy time. I am going through the adoption process and it's pretty stressful at times…I have learned you just have to take it one day at a time and know God has a plan, right! I am not super religious but I do believe that. I try to always focus on the blessings, but we are human, I have my moments, too 😉 You're not alone and I will keep you in my prayers! Sometimes videos or blogging (I have a blog about adopting) are a good outlet, but sometimes I just don't feel like it, and if you don't either, we respect that. Those who don't can…hmm…go kick rocks? Lol

  20. What a great trip for you both! I live in MN and the winter has been dreadfully long here. I leave for Jamaica in about a week…then I will get to do what you did in Arizona! I can’t wait to relax and swim and eat and play! Thank you for sharing and I hope whatever happened in your personal life is better. I will pray for you to have better times.

  21. Big hug to you, Jen! I hope whatever your ailments, you get better soon and bounce back stronger than ever! You seemed a little better in this video, so I’m glad for that. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I’ve never been to AZ, but it looks lovely! I hope you’ll come back to vlogging as soon as you feel ready to. Best of luck with everything and much love to you! <3

  22. Lord God, Heavenly King, Please bless dear Jen with your amazing healing power for whatever tough thing she has endured – whether it’s physical, emotional or both. Give her that awesome “Peace that passes all understanding” as only You can. Wrap Your arms around her and let her feel Your guiding, loving, grace-filled, Agape love. Make her all the stronger for it Lord. Call all her viewers to a place of kindness, goodness and understanding. Help them to bring forth and speak into her life only good and positive things. Help them to support and encourage and strengthen her. Call her to Yourself and protect her.
    In Jesus’ name,

    1. @cindy, thank you for posting this! I’ve been reading some of the comments on Jen’s vlogs from the past couple of months and I was like: “Whoa! People get a life!” and that has made me realize that haters will hate and Jen’s LOYAL subscribers will stick up for her, no matter what through thick and thin. I’m glad that Jen has decided to take a step back from vlogging and do the right thing for herself and her family, and that’s all that really matters. BTW, JEN, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I shall do a special prayer for you and I will ask the Holy Spirit to send you a divine intervention [+] and it shall guide you through your troubled times. As a LOYAL subscriber of yours, Jen, for a year now! (How time flies!) I shall continue to remain your subscriber as you are a wonderful and inspirational person both on with your advice on things, your giveaway prizes, (BTW, thank you for the Coach Poppy tote bag and the other giveaway prizes from the holidays last year. I’m absolutely in love with them!) your beauty advice, and finally, your organization-related advice that you have given to me every now and then. P.S.: I’ve started working on my wardrobe reorganization overhaul and it’s slowly coming along. I went and spoke to my bosses from work and they’ve agreed to give some “vacation time” and I now have some free time to work on it.

    2. Thank you Cindy. I saw the video and my first thought was to pray for her. You said it so well. Jen I am so glad that you and Don got away and I pray that whatever you are dealing with that you will come out on the otherside stronger and even better then before. Just keep taking care of you and yours!

  23. Thank you for sharing these photos of your trip. I’m really sorry to hear you are going through a rough time right now and wish you all the best for a speedy resolution. You have such a positive attitude and great outlook, you brighten my day with your posts and photos. Enjoy Don and little Winnie 🙂

    Oh BTW – I dont know if you have heard of this, but the company Lakeland ( in the UK) offers some Dr. Who items, and I thought you may like to take a peek for the Whovian in your life . My favourite are the chocolate moulds and the dusting set 🙂 I bought them for my daughters birthday party.

  24. Your getaway looked LOVELY! I will be going to Disney during April school vacation. It’s just a girls trip with my Sister, my niece Victoria who is turning 10 and is the main reason we are going; to celebrate her birthday. I am taking my daughter who is 15 and also my sister’s best friend and her daughter who is 21! We all need this girl vacation together! I thinking about vlogging but just lam also a bit reluctant. We’ll see if I work up the courage to do so! Thanks for sharing Jen! You always inspire me! 🙂

  25. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Also sending lots of big hugs too 🙂

    Arizona does look amazing, it one of the many places I want to visit one day. I’m glad you and Don were able to get away and relax for a little while. I’m off on my own escape, or more of an adventure, in a couple of weeks to Iceland to chase the Northern Lights.

  26. I’m sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Hope you feel better soon and don’t worry about us… We will stil be here when/if you decide to start vlogging again. You have to do what feels right to you and do not compromise on this. If you feel like you have to stop all of your YouTube shearing for a couple of months, do that, just don’t force it because you feel obligated to post things. It’s not worth your energy when you need it for other things in your everyday life 😉

    Sending warm hugs and positive thoughts your way!

    1. Posting on my other channels is a good way for me to focus on more positive things, so I’m planning on continuing with my schedule, at least for now 🙂

  27. Jen,
    Sending you support in whatever challenges you are facing at the moment. Bad things always happen to me in clumps as well and it can be over-whelming.
    Thank you for sharing your trip with your viewers. I have been your fan for a couple of years now. I am currently on re-runs of organized Jen 🙂
    I will have my little one (Mac age 3) add you to her prayers tonight. I hope things get better quickly. Your true fans will understand and show compassion towards you at your time of need for privacy from vlogging. I eagerly await your new desk top organization post 🙂
    Best of luck!

  28. Dear Jennifer,

    I love your posts, videos and blogs! You can tell you have a caring, kind and compassionate heart! I am so sorry you are going through this hard time. You and Don are in my prayers! Please know you are loved by many people and we will be here when you return.

    Please take care of you!


  29. Here’s a ….((hug))…. for whatever bad things have happened these last weeks! 🙁 So glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend away! Hang in there and hope you come back to vlogging soon!

  30. Jen, thanks so much for sharing your trip with us…I just love the photos, esp. the food… oh lawdy help… those pickles! The Phoenician was a perfect choice for your getaway, I hope Don got in some golf while you were spa-ing! I want that polish! I was so blessed to live in Scottsdale during my “horsey phase,” it is incredibly beautiful, esp. this time of year.

    I’m so happy you guys got to get away, relax and recover from the “poop” storm… I am so sorry you’re going through these challenges, I love and appreciate your positivity, but please know that those of us who support you are here for you regardless… and we 100% trust your wise judgment on when or how to move forward. I totally agree with you that things in life can happen “sychronistically.” It seems like your recent step back ensured you were as well-prepared as possible to process the flying poo, so if we have to miss you a bit… so be it!

    Sending an abundance of love, hugs, blessings, prayers and positive vibes your way!

  31. I loved your recap, I went to Arizona many years ago with my mum and it was so funny that know one knew my Aussie accent, everyone thought I was from New Zealand, which to me is crazy as the accents are so different. I am so sorry you are going through hard times.

  32. Hello, I loved to see the pictures from your weekend trip. I live in Norway, and will not be abel to visit USA, so pictures are perfect. I must say I miss your videos, but understand your resons. Hope you will feel better soon, and that life will take a positiv way. Sorry for any writing mistakes. Its not often I write english. Best wishes. Elin A.

  33. Oh Jen; so sorry to hear you are going through difficult bumps in the road. Heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you. TYFS your Arizona trip and review of services. I often thought of going on a warm trip myself with this wicked Midwest winter we are having! Sending the upmost Love, Warm Hugz, & Respect that everything will work its way for the better and make you & Don stronger! Luv you Sweet Friends XO

  34. A weekend away is the best cure for the blues and the blahs! I hope life gets back to normal for you guys soon. I live in Gilbert, AZ and I go to the Phoenician at least once a year for Afternoon Tea which they do exceptionally well. I hope you had a chance to take in the wonderful art they have displayed there. Come back soon for a meet up!

  35. I only discovered you and your channel (and the lovely Winnie) the other week – and am still catching up on your content. You have been a more-than-busy bee!

    Remember, self-care is required before you can care for the loved ones around you (Winnie and Don depend on you!). Glad to hear you did just that in AZ – smart lady!

    The tough punches which life throws at us makes moments where we pause all the more important. After a difficult time, first you just have to get through a day. Then a few days. Then a week. We are changed by what happens. We find inner resources we never knew we had. It’s not easy to get through at times. We hug those around us and persevere. You are strong. You can do this.

    And thanks for the work you’ve done online – : )

  36. Jennifer, I would have love to have met you but seeing the video’ I can see you need time for yourself. Hugs from the Southwest. I live AZ hence by name “wink wink” but if you ever come back to AZ would love to meet you sometime. I pray that you will find comfort with family and friends and we be here when you come back. Take care

  37. Thanks for sharing! Travel is my favorite distraction! Life is so tough sometimes, and thankfully so wonderful sometimes too, but those tough times, man oh man. Hope you and Don got some R&R!

  38. I cracked up when I saw the owl and I wanted to dive into the pasta. Glad you guys had a good time. There is something so relaxing and rejuvenating about the Southwest. And that AZ air is amazing. Has a slight sweetness to it.

    Next time you are there, you might like True Food Kitchen. There are two locations there. Very clean and healthy food. We also loved the music museum but fair warning, you could be in there all day. The cafeteria is good. And we often go to the botanical gardens.

    Hang in there. You are strong. Poop passes even though it is pretty funky for a while. 🙂

  39. I’m so sorry that you’re going through a “rough patch”, so to speak. We’re so lucky to have you share so much of yourself and your life with us, and I can understand that you prefer to always show a happy face to your “public”. You shouldn’t feel any compulsion to share any more than is comfortable for you, so don’t feel that you owe us any apologies. Speaking of meditative experiences during your getaway, I can thoroughly recommend meditation to help you get through bad times. Also, the Buddhist principles of nonattachment and impermanence and mindfulness can help to put things in perspective. Take care of yourself and your “pack”. We love you and support you no matter what.

  40. I have not been a subscriber for long, but I think I have seen all of your videos (across all channels!) Sending positive thoughts your way. My husband and I went through a loss (miscarriage) at 23/25 and I am near 36/38. It does get easier in time but I never forget- whether it is thinking about how old she would be, what school, etc. I have 4 pupsters (long hair doxies!) and they are who I spoil rotten. Kids for me never happened, and we are finally ‘okay’ with it. I am lucky to have 4 nieces and 5 nephews and they are they humans we spoil. I believe God had a plan for us and it just happened to be slightly different than what I thought. My husband and I have an amazing life, love spending time together, take mini trips, going out to eat, etc. We do what makes us happy and what we are able to do. I have much respect for you and Don and you remind me of me…just that I am only slightly less organized- but according to my hubby-not by much! Take care-

    Oh, you should visit New Orleans. At least for the food 🙂

  41. Jen,
    Sending you so much love, positivity, and prayer. I first stumbled upon your channel in college a couple years ago. You inspire me to be organized, cultivate relationships, travel, and care for myself. My heart hurts for your loss. Wishing you every happiness as you go through this season.
    ps. and for what it’s worth.. I have loved every format of blogs, vlogs, and basically any other outlet of your sharing. You radiate joy and positivity! Glad you are doing what’s best for you 🙂

  42. Hi Jen,

    I want to say thank you for sharing your life events and interests with us. You have inspired me and taught me a lot about being a good wife and mother. Your website and channel content has kept my spirits lifted during some of my tough times. Here’s a little story for you. I recently lost 6 years of information on an external hard drive. 🙁 Pictures, documents, things I created for home and work. After having a little tantrum I turned to some of your old vlogs. It truely cheered me up. I wish you and your family well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I would like to suggest AprilJustinTV on youtube to add to your list. They have an amazing relationship that they share on youtube. Just a thought. I hope that adds a little sunshine to day.

  43. Thanks for sharing your video! Know that many of us here care for you and even a small glimpse in your life makes my day! As to what you are going through, know that I am praying for you, Don and Whiney. Truly enjoy you! Thank you! Hugs my friend!

  44. Hi Jen ,

    I’m sure you are in pain for what you are suffering . Please don’t be sad , I can tell you from my life that I’ve had a worst year . Went through terrible ivf and then miscarriage … My heart hurts each day . I’m lonely and sad .. But , hope one day I’ll be a mom . God will give you strength to recover . Life keeps moving . Please email me if you need to talk to someone … You never know pain can be better if you share . Hugs Pooja

  45. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing. It looks like you had a very relaxing weekend. I am so sorry that you are going through a difficult time. You and your wonderful family will be in my prayers. I hope all is well soon.

  46. I enjoyed MHWL channel as watching you do the shopping and making the bed and all of the everyday tasks of domestic bliss let us know that just because we are not mega stars we are very interesting people. I totally enjoyed you decorating your home for various occasions, we love Christmas here but it gets quite hot here in Sydney.

    Ignore hostile comments as no one is forcing them to watch or subscribe.

    On a personal note I really enjoy watching all of your channels and look each day to see if you have posted.


  47. Dear Jen:

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful snippets of your trip to AZ. The resort looks and sounds fabulous and like a perfect little get away!

    I’m so sorry you’ve been going though a difficult time. I hope the time away has helped to heal some of the sadness and pain you’re experiencing with your loss. I often find when life is particularly difficult and painful, that really focusing on finding the beauty and joy that is still all around (even though I might not be able to see it as clearly through my sadness), it will bring me back to a happier place much sooner. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and hope things are better for you very soon. Big squeezes to you and yours.

  48. a lovely trip. I’m glad you shared it.

    I’m so sorry you are having a tough time right now. No, I don’t think you were fishing for sympathy. We all have ups and downs in life, sometimes it’s good to talk, sometimes absolutely not. There are topics that just aren’t up for discussion, and given all the poo you’ve had to deal with online, it’s wise to keep it private.

    Sending good and happy vibes from England.

  49. Jennifer, I’m so happy that you had a chance to get away for a long weekend. The desert is so healing, I think. The night sky so amazing. If you get a chance, visit Sedona. It’s magical!

    Sorry to hear of your personal woes. I hope that the clouds will soon disappear and you will see the sun in your life once again. Without bad times, we would not know how to appreciate the good times. Keep your chin up. Life is all about change. For nothing stays the same. Just enjoy every moment that you can and take one day at a time. Sending warm and comforting thoughts and energy your way.


  50. Ugh, Jen, I see that sadness in your eyes and I just feel for you. I wish we could do more than lend a sympathetic ear or voice our support when we see people hurting. I have no idea what is wrong but have experienced quite a few losses in my life, my parents, several miscarriages before my boys were born and one particular friendship that ended that nearly broke me. My go to place when I want to get away from the world and recenter myself is Captiva Island. North Captiva Island is especially wonderful with no cars on the island and a feeling of ultimate relaxation. ((hugs))

  51. Just FYI~ Many of your blogs that I receive , only the first picture uploads and no more. the letter is intact , just no photos. I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this? =(

  52. Hi Jen,
    So sorry you’ve been going through difficult times. I know it sounds cliche but I truly believe difficult times make you a stronger person in the end. Although it’s always so hard to see that when you’re going through something difficult 🙁 I’m so sorry you experienced a loss. I personally suffered a loss (miscarriage) last year this time and it was so, so difficult for me. But through healing and time I now can truly see how everything happens for a reason and in God’s timing. So glad you were able to just get away for a bit and that you really enjoyed yourself. Thank you for sharing and big hugs your way. Take care.

  53. I wandered onto your YouTube channels months ago when looking for suitcase packing tips. Then I bumped into your videos again when looking for organizing tips…then Disney ideas…then videos about tea…. Now, if you just had videos about cats and hockey (but not cats playing hockey) you’d be perfect. 😉

    And thanks for being so genuine and kind!

    Sending you a big, jumping cyber high-five!

  54. So sorry to hear about your loss Jen. It gets better with some time. Hugs!! Happy you are still doing things to make yourself happy and so happy that your Don is there to take care of you =) Hugs again!

  55. Hi, Jen – Thank you for sharing your trip. I too love the desert landscape. I’m from St Louis and live here now but I’ve lived in Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Phoenix. If I had my wish, I’d someday live in or near Santa Fe again in my life. If you love desert plants and ever get back to Phoenix you must go to their botanical garden. It’s my favorite. It’s like a living sculpture garden. So amazing.
    Take care. 🙂

  56. Oh Jen, I feel for you in whatever you are going through. We have all dealt with loss and hard times, and you just have to do whatever it takes to get you through the day, or sometimes the hour or minute. I hope that your days continue to be brighter and brighter. Best wishes!

  57. Dear Jen,
    I really enjoy your Winnie the Tzu videos, I have only seen a few of them so far, and have just today started looking at some of your other sites. I wish I knew if there was like a main page where you tell about yourself – like just a little about your life – like if you went to college, how you met your hubby, and a pic. of the 2 of you together. Just a little “get to know me” kind of thing. I found your grooming videos inspiring – I have been a dog Groomer in the past, and this sort of gave me a nudge to stay on top of grooming my own two consistently. I wish I had done a better job with their teeth, like you have Winnie’s. They have good quality food, but that’s not enough (apparently). So, you seem like a sweet person, and thanks for all the tips you share with everyone. I hope you can somehow make a living with all of this. I hope you feel better and have happier days! -Jeanne

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