Trip Recap | Southampton, Long Island | June 24 – 28, 2015

Another week, another family trip!  We’re on a roll lately between St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, the family reunion in Southampton last week, and an upcoming family trip to Pennsylvania next week.  Family fun time, indeed!  I thought I’d recap our stay in Long Island and share some pictures with you.


We flew out to New York on Tuesday, traveling with Don’s folks and his sister’s family.  We landed at LaGuardia airport and then caravanned out to Southampton, Long Island, where the Ross family reunions are typically held.  Don’s paternal grandparents have a summer home by the beach (lucky ducks!) and it’s always a pleasure to visit with them there.  Were it not for these reunions, I might never have an occasion to visit this beautiful spot.


You know you’ve arrived in the Hamptons when you’re greeted by tall hedges obscuring the view of most homes in the local neighborhoods.  Most everyone with a house here seems particularly keen on maintaining at least some semblance of this Hamptons icon.  I always wonder if the taller and more pristine the hedge is, the nicer the house might be behind it.  It’s hard to know, because you really can’t see much of the houses here, but what glimpses you can catch are generally pretty breathtaking, especially as you get closer to the beach with the more expensive plots.  Some of the houses are absolutely massive!


The town of Southampton has old American charm, with quaint shops and eateries dotting the main street.  The town comes to life in the summer months when people tend to visit the most.  Everything from the town streets to the public parks is beautifully maintained.  I especially enjoyed the lovely flowers shop and restaurant owners display in town.  I always enjoy walking through town and window shopping, especially if I have a goody from Tate’s Bake Shop tucked in my bag for snacking!


I decided to bring my dog, Winnie, with me this year, because we were renting a dog friendly house.  I love to bring her anywhere I can whenever I can.  It was nice to take her to town for our morning walk together every day before the rest of the house stirred.  She also joined us for lunch outside a few days and was a big hit with the kids at the family parties.  There’s something extra special about being able to travel with my girl.  She’s my sidekick and we’re happiest when we’re together.  Winnie loved smelling all of the new and exciting things in Southampton, especially considering how many other dogs are visiting at any given time.


We arrived in Southampton on Tuesday, two days before the reunion’s official festivities commenced, to take advantage of a week-long house rental and to get settled before the long weekend.  Tuesday was mostly a travel day.  On Wednesday, we enjoyed both lunch and dinner out in town.  We visited Don’s grandparents in the afternoon and enjoyed some pool time.  Luckily, the weather was really nice for the first few days we were there.  On Thursday evening, we hosted the first reunion gathering at our rental home.  Most all of the family was already in town.  We decided on an informal hors d’oeuvres style party, which we had catered.  It was nice to be able to hand off the food and cleanup, especially while we were not in one of our own homes, so we could all fully enjoy the party.


It was supposed to rain on Friday, but thankfully it ended up being beautiful and sunny instead.  I took advantage of this by trekking down to the beach during my niece, Grace’s afternoon nap.  There is something so calming for me about being near the ocean.  Cooper’s Beach has beautiful, soft sand and an expansive coast line.  Walking with my toes in the sand and surf filled my heart with such joy!  I’m very happy I decided to go at the last minute, because our planned beach day on Saturday was thwarted by cool and blustery weather.


There were two other family parties, one Friday and one Saturday night.  We spent most of Saturday hanging out with the family, watching the kids bravely swim in the pool and then taking a picnic lunch to the park despite the cool weather.  I’m so happy we were able to enjoy a few days of sun before this switch!  Much of the trip was spent with the family, either just the seven of us at the rental house, or with the larger group at Don’s grandparent’s house.


I feel so blessed to have married into such a warm and loving family.  Not many extended families make a point of coming together like this on a regular basis.  It’s not always easy for everyone to make the trip between their respective family and work happenings.  The fact that everyone finds a way is very telling of the kind of bond this family shares.  I hope we continue this tradition for many years to come.

I vlogged during our trip if you’re interested in seeing more:

Time spent with loved ones in a beautiful place is time well spent!  I’d love to know if your family gets together for reunions if you care to share.
Happy & Safe Travels!


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