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I was very excited last weekend to meet up with fellow YouTuber Kristina Werner (otherwise known as StarOfMay) and film a few collab videos together.  Kristina was kind enough to share her travel closet organization with us.  She travels quite a bit for her work and has found that having this system in place helps her stay organized when it comes time to pack.  She dedicated some space in her hallway closet for her travel organization system, which was inspired by another YouTuber, Alejandra (HomeOrganizing).


 I am including links to some of Kristina’s favorite packing organizational aids below:


1. Clear Shoe Boxes from The Container Store makes it easy to store items by category for quick and easy packing.
2. Buying Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes from LA Fresh in bulk makes it easy to leave various makeup removers at home.
3. Using Curling & Flat Iron Covers by baggallini makes it a breeze to safely pack heat styling tools for safe travel.
4. The Cupcase Delicates Case protects and maintains the shape of molded bras.
5. The bright yellow eBags EXO Hardside Spinner luggage is  easy to locate, durable, and designed for efficient packing.
6. Keeping chargers organized for travel is a breeze using this Take Charge Charger Case Organizer Bag by Miamica.
7. eBags Packing Cubes are a great way to pack clothes and accessories for efficient use of luggage space.
8. Another great packing aid are the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders, which keep your clothes folded neatly and wrinkle-free during transit.

Please Note – All links provided are the image sources for the coordinating images shown above.

If you’d like to learn more about Kristina’s travel organization closet, I recommend watching this video for a closer look:

Thanks so much to Kristina for her generosity in sharing her space with us.  I think it’s interesting to see how others organize for inspiration and motivation to help in personal endeavors.  Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to organization, and sharing with others is a great way to pick up new tips that can help you find your own way.  If you’d like to see Kristina pack her eBag luggage, check out this video.  Be sure to check out Kristina’s YouTube channel, StarOfMay, as well as her beautiful website,, to see her beautiful paper craft and handmade card work.  It is truly inspiring to see someone’s talent at work!  Happy Organizing 🙂

* Neither I nor Kristina are affiliated with any brands mentioned in this blog post and video.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are our own.*


16 thoughts on “Travel Closet Organization with StarOfMay”

  1. Love this. I just set up a section in my closet for travel since I found I was going allover the place to find the things I needed to travel with. It works because the bathroom is right there and I can pull nearly everything I need except for books and technology to travel with. Love eBags. Their bags really work and can handle travel. I use them almost exclusively now. And I love that Cupcase. It’s big and oddly shaped but really works. Container store has these drawers and I find they work well to hold my packing cubes and other containers like jewelry pouches, etc. But, I have a lot of packing cubes. I pack in color/pattern. Makes it fun when I open the suitcase. Love the idea of a bedside pouch. Genius. Also, just starting having extra items so I am not using something the day of travel I have to quickly pack. Also love the Baggalini curling iron cases. Sturdy and well made. Feel like they could last forever. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks for the tour! I LOVE Mannie, Best cat, ever!!!! Winnie was so cute, just sitting at the bottom of the stairs!!! I would love to just spend the day with you and Kristina, Love what she does and it would be a blast! TFS

  3. Thank you for introducing us to Star of May. I have been watching her channel with my ten year old daughter. Her cards are works of art and has inspired my Daughter. She is great

  4. Hi Jen loved the colab with Kristina! You are the light in my day Jen I am 15 years older than you and its like watching my young self but sadly i got struck down with M.E/ fibro and have been housebound for 2 years, you my dear freind have been the light that has given me a reason to be exited about my day, and the ability to imagine what i can do again when i get better, from my bed i have sorted every drawer with you, labled every bin along with you. You have kept me company in long lonely days and sleepless nights. I’m starting to feel better and getting the organizing bug again for real thanks to you. I just wanted to let you know you kept me going over two hard years You are a sweet sweet girl and i pray my own 2 daughters grow up to be women like you, and my son brings home a girl like you … then I will have hit the jackpot!!!! by the way I figured out why you love the new art screensaver….. put it on your corner desk in the craft room and stand back….. look at your wall colour and the colour palette of your storage boxes… do you see what I mean? you have an artistic style.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments! I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I’m happy to hear my videos have helped keep you company! You’re right about the colors, I am definitely drawn to the vivid palette. Sending hugs and sunshine your way 🙂

  5. Ordered the Miamica Take Charge case in gold, off Amazon, and it arrived quickly. So cute. It has a clear top so you can see your items and dividers that can flex because one side of them is attached with velcro. The inside is cute too. Cheetah on the inside. Also got the Cupcase in Cheetah. I needed another in the correct size. It’s big though. Love all your travel videos and posts.

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