The Great Stroller Debate | 2015

The title of this post sounds so dramatic, I know, but it’s not too far off from my feelings on the subject of choosing a stroller.  As a first time Mommy-To-Be, the prospect of whittling down the dozens of amazing stroller brands and models has been daunting and I’ve taken it quite seriously.  Since I basically know next to nothing about what will be the right fit in terms of baby gear having no prior experience, I’ve relied heavily on user reviews and product ratings to make decisions.  Finding the right stroller might seem trivial, but it can end up being an expensive mistake, so I’ve put a lot of research and thought into it.  I thought I’d share my top picks and process with you.

All image sources that are not originally my own photos are from the links provided below.  Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  I very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!


There are so many amazing strollers available in baby-land right now that it can be hard to know where to start.  I began my stroller research with the latest edition of Baby Bargains, a book I’ve found extremely useful in navigating the overwhelming sea of baby gear.  This book provides concise reviews and a clear rating system of currently available products.  I like that the authors incorporate both their own opinions and user reviews into their rating system.  I decided what would suit our lifestyle best would be a full size stroller that could easily convert into a travel system (meaning you can attach the infant car seat to the stroller frame).

nuna pipa 2015

I have more or less settled on the Nuna Pipa as our infant car seat of choice.  It gets rave reviews for excellent safety features and ease of use.  I really like that it comes with a stability leg for extra security when installed in a car.  It’s also super lightweight at just 7.7 pounds with an amazing full coverage canopy (their “dream drape”).

There are still a few other options in the running, including the Britax B-Safe 35 Elite, the Chicco KeyFit 30, and the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40 (all three highly recommended from Baby Bargains).  The UPPAbaby Mesa is also a thought based on one of my stroller picks.  I am at this point, however, strongly leaning towards the Nuna Pipa.  Taking this in consideration with stroller compatibility combined with  the useful information in Baby Bargains helped me to narrow down my choices to my top three picks:

nuna mixx 2015
Nuna Mixx Three Mode Stroller

– Weighs 25 pounds
– 50 lb weight limit
– Unfolded: 23.4W x 44.3″H x 33.5″L
– Folded: 23.6″W x 16″H x 35.8″L

– Three modes – forward-facing, parent-facing, & flat
– Adjustable handle height
– Foot brake
– Large storage basket
– Oversized, extendable canopy
– 5-position recline (to true flat)
– Rotating, removable arm bar
– Adjustable let support
– Included rain cover
– Optional snack tray (not yet available)
– OEKO-TEX certified fabric

uppababy vista 2015
UPPAbaby Vista Convertible Stroller

– Weighs 28 pounds
– 50 lb weight limit
– Unfolded: 26.5″W x 39.5″H x 37″L
– Folded with Seat: 26.5″W x 14″H x 33″L

– Three modes – forward-facing, parent-facing, & flat
– Adjustable handlebar height
– Foot brake
– Included arm bar
– Large, easy-access basket
– Included Bassinet & Toddler seat
– Included rain shield & bug shield
– Can accommodate 2 children
– Optional insured travel bag

baby jogger city select 2015
Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

– Weighs 28 pounds
– 45 lb weight limit
– Unfolded: 25.75″W x 43.5″H x 38.5″L
– Folded: 25.75″W x 12.5″H x 32.75″L

– Three modes – forward-facing, parent-facing, & flat
– Adjustable handlebar height
– One-handed fold
– 16 configurations that can accommodate 2 children
– UV 50+ sun canopy
– Hand-operated parking brake
– Seat-back storage compartment
– Large under seat basket
– Optional arm bar

I haven’t included every feature of these stroller in my lists shown here, but rather the points that made the most sense for comparison for me.  All three strollers include the front and parent facing options I’m looking for as well as truly easy fold and unfold actions, large storage baskets, adjustable handlebar heights, safe harnesses, and adequate canopies.  Don and I both have rather roomy trunks so we are not concerned with the fold size, but more the ease of the fold.

We decided to go to a local shop that carries all three models to test them out in person.  I went in thinking that I’d prefer the Nuna Mixx since it’s a bit smaller, lighter, and definitely compatible with the car seat I’m interested in.  As it turns out, all three strollers are equally compatible with the Nuna Pipa, so that ended up not being a determining factor.  While the Nuna Mixx is a bit smaller than the other two, the actually weight difference between them is negligible.  When folded, the Nuna Mixx takes up just about the same amount of space as the others as well.

The nice thing about the UPPAbaby Vista and Baby Jogger City Select strollers is that you can convert them into double strollers if needed down the line.  Don and I decided this wasn’t an important feature for us at this time, but it is a bonus.  Both of these strollers have extra roomy storage baskets and awesome wheels for easy maneuverability.  I thought I’d prefer the Nuna Mixx’s extra large canopy, but the ones offered on the other two models are more than adequate.

A helpful sales associate walked us through the features of all three strollers and taught us how to fold and unfold them, change the seat’s orientation, and attach the Nuna Pipa car seat.  All three strollers maneuvered nicely around the store, although the UPPAbaby Vista was a bit smoother in general.  What sealed the deal for us ultimately was the height of the infant car seat when attached to the stroller and the height allotment for a growing toddler.  The Vista clearly had the upper hand in both categories, offering a much higher position when the car seat is attached (which means less bending over, especially for my 6′ tall husband) and more head and foot room in length for a toddler.

As you can see, the price difference is pretty big between the Vista and the City Select.  We loved the bassinet that is included with the Vista.  You can purchase one separately for the City Select.  The City Select doesn’t come with an arm bar but must be purchased separately.  Once you add up these features as well as the other extras the Vista comes standard with, the prices are about the same.

What sealed the deal for us on the Vista is the insured travel bag you can purchase for it.  We travel quite a bit and plan to take our baby to the family home in Utah next summer, as well as other places.  Airlines are notoriously rough on strollers, which are known to suffer a lot of damage in transit.  UPPAbaby will cover the cost of repair or replacement of your stroller if damaged in transit inside of their travel bag so long as you have registered it prior to departure and the stroller is within the standard 2 year warranty.

Don insisted this was an absolute must-have feature for us.  Plus, he really enjoyed the feel of the stroller and how high the infant car seat is positioned.  It’s extremely important to me that he genuinely likes whatever stroller we settle on.  We both agreed that the UPPAbaby Vista is the right fit for us.  We’re waiting to purchase it until a bit closer to our due date so that the warranty is effective for as long as possible.

When it comes to picking out a stroller, everyone’s needs and preferences are different.  I highly recommend doing your own research when looking into a stroller purchase and test driving your favorites in person.  You may be surprised to find what you think you want initially isn’t actually the best fit once you try it in person.

I’d love to hear what your favorite stroller is and what you love about it if you care to share!


 * Post contains affiliate links.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


72 thoughts on “The Great Stroller Debate | 2015”

  1. I have had a Stokke and an Orbit. Love them both. The Orbit car seats with their swivel are AMAZING for this short Mama trying to get in and our of a Yukon. As a stroller though, I loved by Stokke the best. I never transferred from infant carrier to stroller, so I may not be the best source, but I loved the bassinet option and when they got older the height of the stroller was amazing no more need for a high chair at restaurants, they just pulled right up!

  2. I absolutely love my City Mini! I would recommend it to anyone. It’s so easy to open/fold. It maneuvers easily and it’s slim enough I don’t have issues pushing it through most stores. I’ve heard great things about the Select too. I highly recommend that brand in my experience. I bought a lot of crap with my 18 month old daughter but my stroller is one of the decisions I haven’t regretted once.

  3. The Vista is awesome!!! I have an 11 week old and we use it every single day. We especially love the bassinet. Although originally we thought we would only get use out of the bassinet when traveling as a place for our baby to sleep as mentioned in many reviews online, we use it daily for the ease and convenience of getting baby in and out when walking the dogs!

    1. Nice! I also didn’t think the bassinet was a necessary feature for us esp since baby will be born during the polar vortex time of year, but we learned it’s super useful to use when we go to other people’s houses for baby to sleep in and if I plan to take her on outings it’s best if she’s flat for extended periods of time when newborn.

  4. We love our uppababy! I am very tall so the adjustable handle height has been key! Also the basket is huge! If you look at things like the stokke or bugaboo – they are tiny. The uppababy is awesomeness we have three kids now but have had the uppababy since our first child! We use it as a double and will be purchasing the stand for my oldest to stand on

  5. we are due the day after you. I worked for a large nursery company in the UK a few years ago and dealt with faults on all products. Most of the complaints I dealt with were stroller related, so I knew instantly which brands I DIDN’T want! We too went for a Nuna product for our second stroller, the Pepp which is absolutely perfect for when we travel abroad. The main stroller we chose was the Bugaboo Buffalo, as we needed something nice an robust for our walks in the country with our dog! We’ve gone for the limited edition Escape which is a beautiful sage green. I cannot wait to set it all up. It’s currently at my parents house as everyone in our family is superstious, so no pram in the house before baby is born!

    Love your updates!

    Mummy to be Charlotte x

  6. Excellent choice for a general use stroller. Since you’re a runner I would recommend also getting a BOB Jogger. I love ours!

    1. That’s good to know! I’m not sure how confident I’d be running with baby, but we’ll see down the line 🙂

  7. Before deciding on that travel bag, I highly recommend checking out the PramPack from Stokke. It fits just about any stroller, and it has metal rods or something in it, so when you close it around a stroller it hardens like a box. We’ve had one for years and are incredibly happy with ours, and it’s still in great condition after three years.

    And to be honest, I don’t understand why I rarely see Americans using bassinets on their strollers. In Norway, that’s the normal thing, you never see an infant in a toddler seat. The bassinet is so cozy and keeps wind out, which is pretty important for us living with cold winters. I’m pregnant with number two right now, and I’m getting Stokke Trailz or Xplory, I can’t seem to decide. They’re pretty expensive, but if you get a stroller you love you’ll use it almost every day for years, so I recommend not thinking of the price if you can afford not to.

    I highly recommend thinking of the strollers tires if you’re planning on using it in the snow. Bigger is better, and filled with air is king!

    Best of luck on your endeavour, having followed you for so many years I feel certain you’ll make the right decision for you!

    1. I am also not from America and I agree with you that you can’t see Americans using bassinets. I just think it’s because they don’t really go on walks with their babies. They use strollers to go to a mall or just run errands. Then it is more convinient to just click the car seat to the stroller. Here where I live new mommies go on a walk every day for hours while the baby sleeps and then the bassinet is a must. They do it so for a workout but also because babies sleep better in a fresh air. Here usually baby takes atleast one nap outside in a stroller. It may sound weird to americans but here moms let their babies sleep outside on a balcony or a terrance in a stroller alone while the mom herself is inside the house/apt. Here we don’t have to worry about kidnapping so it is totally okay.

      1. I’d love to walk with my baby but I fear our outdoor time might be limited until she’s a few months old since our winters are pretty harsh.

        1. I don’t think your winters are any worse than Norwegian winters, but it’s still normal to take the baby out. That’s probably why everyone has a bassinet up here. If you have a good one, and get a good sleeping bag for the baby, it won’t be cold and there won’t get any wind inside. They’re made to keep weather out. Add some fatty cream (without water) to their cheeks and it’s fine. Even at zero fahrenheit it’s still normal. I had my son i October and walked him every single day all through the winter. Lots of people don’t drive up here, so often walking is the only way to get around. It’s probably not as easy to get the right equipment in the US though, since it’s not as normal. Which is too bad if you ask me.

  8. Over 19 years ago, I used a 100- very basic, versatile Graco stroller that worked just fine. I look at the pricetags and wonder how much better any of these might be. I took this basic stroller on subways and buses and along walkways and all over creation and it was really fabulous. It didn’t fall apart or have any issues at all. It folded up nicely and was great. Just putting that out there for anyone out there who might feel discouraged by these pricetags. There are perfectly good strollers out there that don’t cost this much.

    I would, however, recommend a jogging stroller if you plan on jogging with baby. They are huge and don’t multitask well otherwise (They don’t fit in a lot of stores, coffee shopts, etc.). They are obnoxiously big, but they are needed if you want to jog with baby as they provide a cushioned ride for the little one, better stability, etc.

    1. I agree completely! My Graco was just fine…these prices are ridiculous! What a waste of money-whether you have it or not.

  9. When we first had our little one we bought the Britax B-Agile system which was great and worked well with the infant carrier. Fast forward to juggling a 30 lb almost toddler on my hip while trying to get that thing out of my trunk and holding a diaper bag. Yeah… no. That is our traveling, visiting the zoo, going on walks stroller only now. We have a joovy groove ultralight which stays in my car at all times. I can pull that sucker out one-handed and get it opened without having to play the jelly legs game. There’s also the Joovy square playard… which is so amazing… I wish I had bought that instead of the pack-and-play in the beginning… no degree needed to get that thing up and running. If you have any questions shoot me an email…

    1. Oh! And our little one was super fussy when she was really tiny and we would spend hours walking in circles in my house with the britax agile-b. Completely forgot about that somehow.

    2. Thanks for sharing your story! We were impressed that you can pull the UPPAbaby Vista out of the car while it opens at the same time as well. Seems like a handy feature!

  10. Hey Jen!
    I have the Britax B-Agile stroller and the B-safe car seat that clips right in. What I love about the stroller is that it has three wheels which makes it so easy to maneuver! It can move in a 360 circle.

  11. I’m sure this will sound excessive, but I doubt you’ll end up with just one stroller. I had a snap-and-go stroller which was great when I didn’t feel like lugging the big stroller in and out of the trunk and he was still in the infant seat stage. I had a big “touring” stroller with lots of room underneath to stow stuff and my son could lay totally flat and have a good nap. Perfect for the pool, festivals, boardwalk, trips to the zoo, aquarium, Disney, etc. I also had a jogging stroller for power walks around the neighborhood. My touring stroller was supposed to be able to handle the sidewalks, but we live in an older neighborhood with lots of trees and uneven sidewalks and there’s nothing like banging into a sidewalk crack to wake up a sleeping baby. Once you’re baby is out of the infant seat you’ll probably end up keeping an extra car seat and stroller in the Utah house anyway. Just my two cents.

    1. I kind of figured this as well. I have my eye on the Baby Jogger City Mini Select as a possible second stroller for Utah, but we’ll see.

  12. I had two fussy babies that hated strollers and wanted to be worn. Ended up never using our travel system with our first and got a deluxe umbrella stroller around 4 months when she outgrew the Moby wrap. For the second I had invested in woven wraps and used those, occasionally pulling out a click and go stroller (but big sister always wanted to push it). Spend some time looking at wraps and ergonomic carriers, as they are great for shipping when you need your cart (never put a cat seat in the upper section as it’s a call hazzard unless the cart has a special attachment for it). Babywearing also gives you hands free time, and can be a lifesaver for clingy or colicky babies. I liked my Moby Wrap and Ring Sling for little infants, then an ergo or tula or kinderpack for older babies. Though I also use a woven wrap for longer times wearing as I find them the most comfortable.

  13. I’m a Peg Perego momma. Venezia for the first then the pliko p3 for the second and the Skate system for the third and fourth. Their infant car seats are top of the line in safety and the new ones are so much lighter than they used to be!

  14. A few years ago I was a nursery advisor for a popular department store over here in England. I always recommended the Bugaboo prams as the option (22 year old & childless!) I would choose for a multitude of reasons, until we got an Uppa Baby Vista in stock one day, it was a new (to us) brand and about half the price of the bugaboos and truly, twice as good. From that point on it was my no.1 recommendation and I’m sure they’ve made improvements to the model I was selling then too. As you mention, the Uppa Baby models include all the extras too, it often works out that even a ‘value’ pram can cost more once you’ve added all those extras/essentials on

    While I rarely sold City Select to newborn-mums & personally wouldn’t choose it for a baby, I think they’re great for toddlers and slightly older children.

    My only advice about ‘travel systems’ is that it really is much better to have the baby in a bassinet when they’re small, if you think about how soft infant bones, how quickly they are growing and the position they are sat in in a car seat, they’re really quite squashed and curled up, it isn’t good for their bone development or lungs to be sat in a car seat and walked round a shopping centre (or wherever) for long periods of time, so while it takes an extra few seconds to set up the bassinet, it’s worth doing.

    1. Yes, I’ve read that about newborns as well and I know it’s not best to keep them in the carseat for extended periods of times, but it is convenient to have for quick trips out and about.

  15. Hi, we have an UppaBaby Vista stroller for our grandson. (I babysit him full time, so I needed a dedicated stroller for our home) Love this stroller and while we don’t use the stroller as often now that he is almost 4 years old (and 42″ tall and 45 lbs), we plan on taking it with us on our WDW trip in Nov with him. He is a “big kid’ now, but we want to be able to have a place for him to rest when the walking gets too much for him, later in the day and this stroller can handle the weight and size of an older child with ease. I just wanted to add that this stroller is useful beyond the first year or two. And we have been very satisfied with the quality and usefulness of this stroller. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!

  16. I have the City Select and can’t say enough about it. It was the tallest stroller out there and the only one that I didn’t kick as I walked with it (I’m 5’10 and DH is 6′). It’s seat is actually slightly larger than the Vista, which allows for a taller toddler, and the space between the seats when you add a second is much roomier than the Vista -just things to consider. Also, as far as travel goes, trust me when I tell you that you’re not going too want to lug your big stroller through the airport, even if you have pre-check it doesn’t matter. Get a cheaper but nice stroller to keep at your Utah house and then get a light portable umbrella stroller for airport travel. We got a City Mini to keep at our family vacation house, and then we just travel with the umbrella stroller and/or Ergo Baby. Just figured I’d throw in my two cents given my travel experience thus far with our now 16 month old.

  17. Oh boy, your winters back there are not so cold as we have here i guess. When my first child was born it was 5 F outside and when she was 1 week old we started to go outside for short walks 10 min at a time and every day extended the stay for 5 more minutes. All these strollers featured here are unfamiliar to me. My favourite one is Emmaljunga ( but you don’t need such a heavy pram. Our roads get really snowy and we need real tanks here 🙂 Have fun picking the right Mercedes for you little one and enjoy you third trimester. All the best to your family!

  18. I have the baby jogger city select and really love it. It’s what I originally wanted but went with something cheaper (it’s quite a bit more expensive in Australia), I went through 3 prams before I finally just decided to get it. I love love love it! My almost 3 year old is still happy to sit in it and has plenty of room, plus it’s great that you can have the seat facing toward you so we you can have little chats while walking 🙂

  19. Im in Australia so not familiar with the actual brands over there, but my one tip would be to get the stroller with the smallest swivel wheels possible. I made the mistake of getting a stroller with big chunky wheels and suspension thinking it would be such a smoother ride for baby but it was such a big pain in the a$$ moving around with it and getting it in and out of the car that in the end I ended up getting rid of it after a month and buying another stroller with smaller swivel wheels and it changed my life! lol

  20. Hi Jen

    I have a vista, all be it its 2 years old now. It’s a great stroller in terms of height, size of basket etc but I will say that as time goes on it just got too big and heavy to be carting around all the time. I ended up buying a more lightweight stroller and wish I’d done that in the first place! Do you have bugaboos in the US? The bee is meant to be fantastic. I know tho how as a first time parent you just want the best there is so please don’t think I’m undermining your decision, just adding to the chat before you buy! All the best.

  21. I think it is a really smart choice to go for a stroller that converts to a double/tandem if needed! I have a newly one year old and, when pregnant and choosing her stroller, did not consider getting a convertible double at all. We just didn’t look that far in to the future. Now we are a bit further down the line and thinking about a second child, I REALLY wish we had; we are probably going to have to buy a double now even if we only use it for a short time.

    Good luck 🙂

  22. We have had our Vista for 5 years now and it has held up very well. It has gone through two children (still in use by my youngest). You will not regret your decision, and I believe it is a wise investment. Now it is a bit cumbersome to fold and fit into your car/SUV, but for me that is the only drawback.

  23. You are going to love your Vista! We loved ours and when you’re ready for an umbrella stroller I recommend UPPAbaby’s G-Lite. Great for travel and quick trips. 🙂

  24. Hello Jen, I just want to add my two cents here… I hope you are considering ordering your stroller from the bricks and mortar store that gave you the wonderful advantage of trying the strollers out in person, even if it costs a bit more money than making a purchase on-line. I feel so badly for bricks and mortar stores that incur the cost of having stock, seeing people coming in to try things out, and then leaving to make their purchase on-line. I do not own a bricks and mortar store; I just don’t want to see them completely disappear. 🙂 Carla

  25. Hi jen,

    I’m so happy u decided on the uppababy.
    This is the buggy system I’ve been admiring from afar for a while now.
    One of my friends recently got it for her little girl born in Aug and she says it’s amazing. Loves it!
    She got all black inc.the frame but it looks really smart when she has the pink baby blankets etc with it.

    I’m about 10 weeks behind you and all going well (please god) after my 20 weeks scan I’ll be going in to put mine on order.(they take a while to get to Ireland and there’s waiting lists I’ve been told).

  26. I have the nuna pipa with nuna mixx and love it! The mixx is no fuss no muss so easy to break down and it maneuvers great! My dog even likes to sit in the bottom area!

  27. I am so glad you are NOT going with a Graco! When I was a baby a Graco stroller malfunctioned with me in it and severed the tip of my finger off. Two years ago, (about 30 years later) Graco recalled a bunch of their strollers for the exact same reason! We have the both the Baby Jogger City Select and the Versa and we love them and they both are great in Disney!

  28. Jen I was exactly like you when I was pregnant with my older daughter. (She will be 4 in Jan). We ended up getting the Uppa baby vista and LOVED IT. The stroller is well worth the price.

    Then we became pregnant with my second daughter (total surprise) when my older daughter was about to turn 2. She still liked to sit in the stroller when we would go out. So we wanted to convert the uppa baby to a double stroller. Well the weight limit for the Uppa baby second seat attachment is only 30lbs which would not work for us in the long run. We ended up purchasing the city select baby jogger and use that as a double stroller. We still use it and my daughters are 3 and 1. In the end, I kind of wished we would have just bought the city select in the first place.

    That’s just my 2 cents but you will enjoy either one. As someone who has both, you will not be disappointed with either.


  29. I totally recommend the Britax B-Ready. It is a double inline stroller. It converts from a single, to a double, and back to a single with ease! I LOVE OURS! I made the mistake with our first of going with the Graco stroller-car seat combo, and it was the worst mistake. When my second baby came along, I had to re-buy a new set because we needed a double stroller at that point. I would recommend starting with the b-ready. Great as a single, and when you have a second baby, you can buy the second seat attachment. Also, my graco infant seat still sat on top of the stroller with no problem, so we were able to re-use that.

    Also, if you have a costo, the Phil & Teds Inline Strollers are awesome.

  30. I have three kiddos and now have the Uppababy Vista and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I really cannot say enough about it, the seat is huge and the canopy is beyond awesome !! I am sure you will absolutely love it- the bassinet is sleep rated for overnight too which is handy !

  31. I have a Stokke Xplory for our little guy, but I think if I was doing it all over again, I’d probably go for the UppaBaby Vista, or a Bugaboo Chameleon. The Stokke is a great head-turner, and I love how much higher the seat is for the child to get a better view, but it’s not the easiest to fold/unfold, and there is VERY LITTLE storage.

    Great choice!

  32. Great choice – we got the Vista 2 years ago and still love it now. The bassinet is suitable for overnight sleeping so we used it instead of a Moses basket (baby was in it until 16 weeks) and baby number 2 has just started using it too.
    I do also have a baby jogger city mini which is great when baby is bigger – our toddler uses it most now. It’s great for air travel and has a big canopy so great for hot holidays. You’re right that the vista is such good value as it includes everything you might need – I hope you enjoy yours as much as we did ours. We got the wheat/Lindsay colour which is great and has not got dirty at all. Beware of black – my friends have it and snack mess and sun cream show up a lot more on theirs! xx

  33. One other piece of info – I have a JJ Cole Bundle me footmuff on my Vista which fits great and is really snuggly warm! I wish I could go in there

  34. Hey Jen, those strollers look great.

    Do you plan on using a basinet?
    I’m from Germany and I always get so irritated whenever I watch American vloggers who rarely seem to use those for their infants. Over here it’s not recommended to leave your baby in a car seat any longer than you really need to because it could damage their back.

  35. We have the Vista and we love it!
    I strongly recommend the travel bag. This summer we went to Hawaii and some parts of the stroller were broken but we got new parts (for free) and the stroller is like new again! Another plus is that going out in Chicago in winter time can be a struggle but the Vista’s wheels are strong enough to handle all that snow!

  36. Hello Jen, thank for above strollers suggestion. Currently I’m looking for a double stroller. A had read some review at this site: But it’s seem most of products was out of updated. I love a new product and find out that Uppababy double stroller is coming next month. Do you have any experience on it, please share some. Thanks

    1. I don’t have any personal experience with strollers yet as we’re expecting our first baby. I recommend googling for user reviews.

  37. I need an update from you! are you still satisfied with your stroller? What items, now that you are out of the newborn stage, were essential, and which maybe not so much? I enjoy your ‘haul’ posts, but which items are favorites or getting replaced from heavy usage, vs which are not being used much at all? All tips are strongly encouraged!

    1. So happy with the Uppbababy Vista & Nuna Pipa – so far no issues. Traveling with both next week for the first time so that will really put them to the test! I do hope to put up a newborn must haves soon…it’s something I will probably do again with more experience as well (such as 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc).

  38. I have the City Mini and absolutely love it. I am getting the jogging stroller to use for this 2nd baby. It is lightweight and folds up with the pull of a handle. I can also carry it with one hand. I have traveled with it on a plane, etc., and there is not a single complaint I have with it.

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