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TBBB The Current Custom/Exit Art Haul 1/7/2013

I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from The Current Custom (an online branch of Exit Art, a store that sells specialty jewelry, art, & household goods) over the past few years, including my favorite gold & rose gold Cuff Bracelets and cutie patootie Sydney Evan Owl Necklace.  I like the jewelry that The Current Custom sells, which includes high quality, beautiful pieces with everyday functionality.

I placed an order the day before Cyber Monday (November 25, 2012) to take advantage of a 20% off coupon code for the Labradorite on Gold Link Chain necklace and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet set.  I’d been eyeing these pieces for awhile and waited for a good sale to invest in them.  Since I’ve ordered from The Current Custom in the past I knew it would be some time before I received my order.  A few weeks went by with no sign of my package or word from the store.  I emailed to inquire about my order’s status and received a brief email back from Exit Art owner Debbie that they were “putting orders together and [my] package will go out soon.”  I was assured that an email would be sent once my package shipped.  That was on December 10, 2012.  Two weeks later as we were gearing up to leave for Utah I still had not received my order or a status update.  I finally got my package today (January 7, 2013) with a postmark of January 3rd.  It took exactly 6 weeks for my order to get to me.

Now, I am generally not one to fuss, but 6 weeks with virtually no communication on the store’s part as to my order status or expected delivery time does not seem like good business to me.  I would have never heard from the store if I hadn’t sent an email to them first.  They did not send another email once my order shipped contrary to what was told to me.  Had they given me some notice that the pieces I ordered would take some time to get to me that would have been more than acceptable.  I understand that sometimes jewelry pieces must be ordered from the supplier and can be patient if given some notice.  It’s not as if I ordered these items for a time sensitive gift.  Consider if I had purchased some items as Christmas gifts.  One would think that one month is enough time to order and receive something for the holidays.

I don’t mean to rant, because I really do like The Current Custom and would like to support this business.  I admire the jewelry offered on the site and will probably make future purchases from there.  I will certainly enjoy my new jewelry pieces as stunning additions to my collection.  Just be warned that it could take a very long time to recieve an order with very little communication on the store’s part.

*All items shown were purchased by me.  I am not affiliated with The Current Custom or Exit Art.*


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  1. Hi Jen – I had the same experience. I ordered the Lisa Taubes necklace and it took forever to get from FL to NC. No communication either. Very disappointing. Haven’t bought anything since. I wonder why it takes so long? And if they were up front about it, that would make it easier to understand!

  2. Hey Jen

    I had the same issue back in July. I had ordered a pair of earrings and they came 4 weeks after I ordered them. I finally broke down an emailed Debbie about 2 1/2 weeks later. She was great, and communitaed back as to the status of the order. It seems like once they get the orders, that they in trun order the product from the supplier and then ship to the end customer so it takes a while. I love my earrings from them and I will order again. I, like you, just have to expect a serious delay in the shipping


  3. Beautiful pieces! (: I agree with you on the fact that taking that long to send an order without communication is a very poor way to run a business…to me it shows that they could care less about the customer and just want their money! Personally, if I had been given some sort of notice that it would take that long for my items to get to me I would have been more OK with it, but to me, no communication about that is just unacceptable.

  4. Hi Jen,
    I had the same experience with them …I ordered one of their cuff bracelets back in October or even end Of September maybe? And it took forever..I too , e-mailed and was told orders were going out ‘soon’ and that they’d e-mail me when it got sent. Never got another e-mail and then after two or three more weeks my item finally arrived. I was very happy with the bracelet , it seems high quality and is beautiful and I love it. But, I was disappointed with the service. Luckily I didn’t order anything as ‘gifts’ either so it wasn’t so bad, but I’d have been upset if I had ordered it for something special and it took too long to come….

  5. BTW I’ll probably order from them again, as I really do like the bracelet and had planned to get a few more. And at least now I’ll know to expect that it might be quite a few weeks before they arrive.

    1. Hi if you ordered the cuff bracelets the hammered ones u can buy straight from the designer. His name is David smallcomb and he ships next day. Look him up online and he has a Facebook. Have done alot of business with him and am always pleased.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Jen…I love the jewelry but my absolute pet peeve is when a business shows a lack of communication. for that reason..I would still order from The Current Custom but I will do so with caution.
    I love to order from Etsy for unique handmade items because I find that all the sellers have excellent communication…I will often receive a personal message within seconds of an order and after that several follow ups.
    Thanks again! Good” Lookin Out” my friend!

    1. I need to start looking at Etsy more…Don ordered some things for advent for me from there & had great experiences as well 🙂

      1. Etsy vendors are awesome.. They really show an appreciation for their customers. I do not mind paying a little extra for something that was hand crafted…. That being said, most custom orders could take a few to several weeks to be made and shipped… I don’t mind that either but sheesh, at least keep me afloat and let me know that things are in motion!
        Jen, on a side note I want to say congratulations on the personal growth that youve acheived . It is very brave to step out of your comfort zone in order to do so. Well done and Best Wishes & Great Things to come in 2013!

        1. As an Etsy seller, communication with my customer is CRITICAL. I communicate with a customer as soon as I receive an order so they know I’ve actually received it (I find it comforting when I shoot my hard-earned cash out into the world wide web to know that someONE on the other end actually knows I ordered something!), communicate with the customer throughout the process, especially if I’m making a customized order, and once again once the item has shipped with an approximate delivery date and a tracking number. I will always stand by the quality of my product, but most other e-retailers will, too – the thing that can really differentiate you (not just on the internet) is stellar customer communication/service!!

          I guess once I’ve gone to those lengths, I expect other retailers to do the same!

          Susie and Julie (and Don!), I’m glad you’ve all had positive experiences with Etsy sellers!!

      2. I adore ordering from Etsy. I ordered a bunch of jewellery once and the seller was in Korea so I didn’t expect to get the items very quickly but less than 2 weeks later they showed up and she had even added free earrings to my order as a thank you. I try and order from Etsy as much as I can.

  7. I love the necklace. I sell jewelry on etsy and if I can’t ship it out it does’t get listed, now having said that I also have some multi colored bath bombs that have put a delay on someone’s order, to the point to that will be the same policy with my bath products. I’m going to send some free soaps to make it up to them, it’s all about repeat customers, you’ve got to keep them happy.
    YT debbie38381

  8. I totally agree with you 100% Jen. Communication is the key when it comes to purchases made online. As long as you keep my posted on the status I’m good. I had the same thing happen to me a while back, where I ordered custom work and had no communication whatsoever. I had sent several emails and nothing. I finally got a hold of someone, and received an apologize, and immediately received my package a month and half later from the day it was ordered.

  9. Thanks for the heads up! It’s so refreshing to hear honest reviews of businesses-I feel that so many blogs focus on only positive reviews of companies, it’s nice to hear someone’s experience that didn’t leave a great taste in their mouth.

    Loving this blog-keep up the posts!


  10. To that is bad business as well. I was considering placing an order for a few things from them in the past but considering how long you’ve had to wait it might not be that worth it to me. I can’t stand poor communication from a company. I feel that you can at least tell the customer what the status is and keep them informed. If you can’t then perhaps you are understaffed and need to hire more employees to do so. That’s a big part of your customer service and credibility. So if I order something now, not knowing when I might receive the jewelry is a big no sale for me! Besides, who wants to wait for weeks when you can get good quality jewelry from the millions of other jewelry makers out there that have just as beautiful and artistic pieces! It’s just not worth it to me to have to deal with a lack of good communication when I’m paying big money for such a service!

  11. P.S. The pieces you have are nice Jen but seriously, you can get just as nice and even more ‘special’ pieces on Etsy, Artfire or from other jewelers. I’ve purchased one of a kind jewelry from those sites as well as museum sites that I adore. You just search for the artist that has the best style that suits you. I didn’t have to wait for weeks either and received great communication every step of the way! Even an email to tell me that the item was at my front door! Now that’s service…and where I don’t mind spending my money at! 🙂

  12. I agree with everyone else–communication is key. ESPECIALLY regarding black Friday orders. I am sure many people do a ton of shopping for others on their lists on Black Friday. They should definitely make that delay known when ordering and/or keep communicating with their customers.

    Your necklace and bracelet are beautfiul….but definitely look into Etsy. You can find very similar items there!!

  13. Hi Jen,

    I also own the David Smallcombe cuff bracelets. I ordered from current custom too but also got the chance to e-mail with David for size advice and he recently sent an e-mail telling me he is open online to shop for his jewelry. He is very nice and prompt to communicate.

    Here is his webpage:

  14. I agree 100 % with you. When you order without knowing when to expect it, it’s easy to think your order may have gotten lost. I like being able to track my orders. (One4UT)

  15. I get your frustration but she is very well known for this. So Im not really sure what the point of this post is other than TO rant. She doesnt have to move any faster since people keep coming back despite the slow service and poor quality customer service.

    1. I don’t think anyone wants her to move faster … they simply want communication. A note on the website saying that there is an expected wait on orders, an email confirmation of shipping when it was told there would be. It is possible that because there is no improvement in customer service that she will lose business. There are plenty of other places out there, and if enough people decide that it isn’t worth the wait, or lack of service, they will find something else.
      I don’t live in America, but having read this post … I wouldn’t even bother looking, as that sort of customer service (or lack there of) completely turns me away. So there is a loss of potential customer. So there is a point to the post, other than to ‘rant’.

    2. I agree! As long as her slow service and lack of communication is not affecting her business, why should she improve? Quality customer service should be expected, not requested!

    3. I would hardly call this a rant…..more like an honest review!

      Anyway as a side note you have to wonder where the order was all these weeks when it actually only took 4 days from posting to receiving it!

      Like others have said, it comes down to communication…basic rules of business one would think.

      Great pictures though…I love the Lisa Taubes jewellery but goodness knows how long it would take to deliver to Europe

  16. That gets me very frustrated. Companies should have better communications with their customers. I mean after all, it is us paying them for the service they are supplying to us.

  17. Hi Jen,
    In the future are you going to talk about organizing stuff? I hope to see some of your organizing videos with photos and explanations about how you make decisions about organizing stuff. I really enjoy your You Tubes and am hoping you will have lots of hints, tips, explanations,etc. about organizing things in the future!

  18. Very pretty jewelry, Jen. However, I don’t know if I would continue to patronize this company. Etsy is awesome! I’ve never had a problem and I’ve found some really nice handmade items 🙂

  19. As I was reading your post today all I kept thinking was “I hope this was not a Christmas gift”. Glad to see that it wasn’t, but like you said, what if it had been? This type of customer service totally puts me off and it makes it really hard for me to go back and purchase another item from a place like this. First impressions are the most important and this speaks volumes, unfortunately.

  20. I would no longer purchase if it were me. Communication means so much to me, especially since you did reach out to find out where it was. I’m all for buying small business, (whch it looks like to me-i’ve never heard of them) but that should be the more reason for them to give you the respect for buying their pieces over somewhere else. I know when I sold on EBay I gave the courtesy to e-mail when it shipped with tracking number and a Thank You for buying from me.

  21. You got some fabulous pieces! Sad that it took so long and good thing that these weren’t for Christmas presents! That would have been terrible! Mendi ordered a couple of bracelets from them last year and it actually shipped out really fast. Wonder what is going on? I see that a lot of commenters had the same problem that you did.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  22. Hi Jen 🙂
    Your new jewlery is lovely!! Sorry it took so long to arrive. You now know if you need something for a gift to order 2 months in advance 🙂 Have a wonderful day. I enjoy your vlogs and your blog!


  23. hi jen, before i say what i have to say please know i mean no disrespect. but, um, what was the point of the rant if you are going to continue to support the current custom / exit art shop?

    i’ve purchased from them before and refuse to support them again. after waiting seven weeks i finally called and they told me my items would arrive when they arrived and i would get an email when my items shipped, nothing.

    1. Just giving an honest review. Now that I know it takes 6-8 weeks to receive something I am prepared for the wait. I like the jewelry & I like the shop owner (fellow YouTuber), which is why I choose to support the business. Everyone deserves a chance to change & constructive criticism can help bring about positive changes.

  24. I’m so sorry you experienced such poor customer service. I would think Debbie &/or Lorraine would be on top of things and believe that good customer service is essential to their business’ success.

    It’s probably not fair on my part, but I judge all stores by Nordstrom standards. Nordstrom knows good customer service and insists on nothing less. It doesn’t make sense to me why everyone else doesn’t have the same philosophy… especially in today’s economy when keeping your customers happy is paramount.

    Perhaps the best thing you can do is write Lorraine & Debbie a note and let them know how the jewelry is beautiful and how happy you are with the quality workmanship and you’d love to continue doing business with them… HOWEVER, their lack of customer service, lack of follow up and unacceptable levels of communication was abysmal and you would hate for this experience to prevent your future orders. How can they ensure you won’t run into this problem again? And if this is their standard operating procedure that won’t be improving, you’ll sadly find beautiful jewelry elsewhere. (But you have to be willing to really mean it and not give them your business again.)

    I figure the customer service is built into retail prices and it’s not worth the aggravation to pay for something you’re not receiving. Seriously, the Current Custom is an ONLINE business… how difficult is it to have the common courtesy to send an email update?

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do to rectify this situation.

  25. I am so loving this blog. So glad you decided to share with us! I always look forward to reading a new post! Thanks so much JEN!!!!

  26. If your happy overall with the price, company and items, can you not be more lenient about shipping? You ordered from them at probably the busiest time of year, not to mention the delivery services are stretched to the max in December.

  27. Hi – the cuff bracelets are beautiful. I have noticed, however, that you use the word “invest” for expenses. Jewelry is really only an investment if you’re planning to sell it later for more money – and if you are, dibs!

  28. Hey Jen,
    same experience…except I’m still waiting and I ordered on 1st September!!! I’ve emailed 2 or 3 times and Debbie is super quick to respond…but still no confirmation that they’ve recieved my items or sent them. On the website it says there’s a 5 week waiting period for the ring but I’ve been waiting months 🙁 I won’t ever order from them again 🙁

  29. I too had the same thing happen but not only once, twice! My first piece didnt ship for 2 months. My second piece never shipped. I called her after one month, two months and she kept saying it was coming. Finally when I was fed up I told her I wanted my money back which she agreed to. I had to call her twice to remind her of that. Both pieces were bought directly in the store so this has nothing to do with website issues. I later learned my friend had the same experience. What a mess! I will never order from here aga in!

  30. I am having the exact same problem atm.. I ordered weeks ago and was told they would be posted that week and it would arrive on the date two days ago now.. I’ve emailed them a few times with no reply.. Not happy!

  31. I found this post when I was googling… I have been waiting for my own shipment for 6 weeks! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has had this issue.

  32. I have ordered 6 pieces of Lisa Taubes jewelry from Current Custom love, love every one! My orders arrived within 5 days of purchase, I returned one and Lorraine communicated with me by email during the entire process. Just wanted to give you some positive feedback.

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