The Beauty Buzz: February 2014

Hi beauties!  As I mentioned in my February Miscellaneous Monthlies video, I tend to gravitate towards purples and greys this time of year and my makeup has definitely reflected that!  Additionally, I’m enjoying products that give my skin a bit of a glow since this part of winter tends to be particularly tough on my complexion.  I share my favorite beauty products from the past month in the video below, including makeup, nail polish, and fragrance:



I would love to know what some of your go-to beauty products were last month if you care to share! :)


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10 thoughts on “The Beauty Buzz: February 2014”

  1. This is a little off-topic (sorry!), but will you be doing an updated desk organization video soon? What about an updated office series? Those are some of my favorite videos! 🙂

  2. I have been using my fresh picked hand cream from BBW and my eos lip balm. Weather has been crazy and these two items have been my lifesavers.

  3. I have been using matte eye shadows too this month….I bought the Tarte beMATTEnificent palette and I really like it! I’m looking forward to orchid/lilac colored nail polishes for the spring!

  4. Hey, Jennifer! Do you have any experience using La Mer’s oil absorbing lotion? I’ve wanted to try this product for years but the price has always put me off. Since you have oily skin too I was just curious what your thoughts were about this product if you had any experience with it. Thanks!!! 🙂

  5. Just got a new mascara. I’ve been loving the Chanel Le Volume mascara and decided to try the one in prune. On your lashes it looks like a soft brown/grey. Love this formula even though it is pricy./ I also love the Khaki Bronze shade as well!

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