The Bag Buzz: Mulberry Mini Cara Delevingne Bag

OJ|TBBB_12-12-2014_01I’ve certainly been on a Mulberry kick lately and I can’t get enough of their gorgeous leather goods.  The wallet I bought last December (sadly no longer available) in New York is so nice that I haven’t switched it out once for another wallet in my collection, something I used to do regularly.  I also own a pocket size Mulberry organizer that makes me smile every time I touch it.  I understand that this all might sound kind of strange if you’re not a leather goods lover like me.  The Mulberry quality is worth the price in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoy every piece that I own.

Meet the newest addition to my Mulberry collection, my Mini Cara Delevingne Bag.  Isn’t she a beauty?  I actually pinned this bag a few months back, and my clever and super sweet husband promptly purchased it for me as an anniversary gift in early September.  He stalks my Pinterest page apparently!  Since then I have stopped pinning bags, because he often buys me what I pin (not that I’m complaining, mind you, I’m just weird about things like that).  I am happy to have this little lady in my collection and she’s definitely unique in design.

OJ_TBBB_12-12-2014_05The design of this bag is what initially drew me in, quickly followed by the gorgeous oxblood color.  It’s cute and boxy, measuring 8.75″ high x by 9.25″ wide x 4.75″ deep with a 2.5″ handle drop.  The bag reminds me of a vintage school satchel.  It can be worn three ways: as a backpack, a shoulder bag, or hand held.  My favorite ways to carry it are backpack style and hand held, so I keep the woven straps with leather details connected in backpack style, although you can configure them in several ways thanks to lobster clips and rings placed around the bag’s exterior.  I was worried at first that the fit wouldn’t be right to hold it square on the back, but it actually wears nicely and is easy to even carry off one shoulder like the cool kids used to do back in school (I was never one of those kids, if you couldn’t have guessed 😉 ).


The bag is constructed from a gorgeous natural vegetable tanned leather that is buttery soft with a nice distinct grain.  The interior of the bag is unlined, featuring a gorgeous suede.  It has a zip pocket on the inside, but not much else in terms of built in organization. There are several details inspired by the bag’s muse, model Cara Delevingne, including a small lion rivet and a heart shaped patch on the interior pocket, as well as a “Made In England” stamp on the bottom exterior (not shown) based on Cara’s tattoos.  I especially like the soft gold hardware, including the postman’s lock closure on the outer flap, and the pretty buckle that keeps the handles together.  The hanging fob with a hidden padlock is a signature part of the popular Bayswater design, which they’ve mimicked with the flap closure here as well.  The Mini Cara Delevingne bag is handmade in the Mulberry factory located in Somerset England.

OJ_TBBB_12-12-2014_03The bag is almost square, which is a nice style from the outside but can present some issues when packing the interior.  Even though it looks like it’s a similar size to the medium bags I’ve been fond of carrying lately, I actually had a bit of trouble fitting everything in until I figured out the right packing method.  Most of my purse must-haves fit into the bottom half of the bag, including my Walking Pharmacy (which I’ve actually pared down a bit since my last post about it), vlogging camera and case, extra cards, mints, and keys. I keep my most accessed items on top, such as my wallet and phone.  The bag is absolutely full with all of these items in it, but not overly stuffed and I do find it easy to access everything.

I will say that the design makes it a bit more time consuming than with another kind of bag to actually get into it.  I like to keep the little buckled strap secure around the handles when I am carrying the bag so they don’t flap around.  To get inside the bag, I must first unbuckle this and then undo the postman’s lock and open the flap.  I don’t mind so much, but I can see how this might be a deal breaker for someone else.

As usual, I am going to share the contents of my purse with you despite the fact that they are the same month after month.  I don’t switch these items up very often.  I may change my bags out fairly frequently, but I like to keep the contents more or less the same.


1. Orla Kiely Graphite Small Cosmetic Cube – My current Walking Pharmacy, this Target exclusive has great organizational elements built right in. Still available in a different print!
2. iPone 5S with Rifle Paper Co Clear Rosa Case – I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received on this gorgeous clear case!  The print looks hand painted.
3. Mulberry Bow ID Purse (no longer available) – My favorite wallet!  Perfectly sized to carry in smaller bags.
4. Two Pocket Card Holder from ATime4Everything on Etsy – A great way to cut down on bulky card cases!  I stow gift cards, store cards, and business cards in mine.
5. A small tin filled with treats for my pup, Winnie, and poopy bags.
6. Car keys with my favorite Henri Bendel Bow Stripe Key Fob and Swiss Army Knife (this has come in so handy over the years!).
7. My house keys on a keychain sent from a viewer in Malaysia.  Thanks, again, I love it!
8. My vlogging camera, a Sony RX1003 that I keep in an 1154 Lill Studio wristlet case (did this shop close? I can’t find their website anymore).
9. Vinyl Zip Pouch with Coupons – Exact one shown is no longer available but I also like this alternative from The Container Store.
10. Mints! – I’ve been on a mint kick lately.  My two current favorites include the classic tic-tacs and these yummy chocolate mints by Hint Mint (I love the sleek packaging!).

I am on a total backpack kick now, as you can tell if you watched my target=”_blank”>recent haul video on TBBB.  I’m guessing they’re on trend or at least were recently and that’s why I’ve been seeing them everywhere!  I’m not usually on top of what’s fashionable.  All I know is I love the convenience of a good backpack purse.  I hope you enjoyed this look at my mini Cara Delevingne bag.  I would love to know what bag you’re currently loving and carrying or just lusting after, if you care to share!


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19 thoughts on “The Bag Buzz: Mulberry Mini Cara Delevingne Bag”

  1. I love your bag collections, you have such gorgeous stuff! I’m lusting over an olive green Michael Kors bag that has a similar shape to the popular but way too expensive Celine bags. I found it at the outlet for 50% off when shopping with my mom and I know she bought it for me for Christmas…I have this problem where I ruin Christmas for myself because I know everything I’m getting. Really cute phone case, I’m considering one by Rifle Paper Co. as well! I have an iphone 5c and the cases are 70% now 🙂

  2. A dream came true this month and I finally bought myself the Mulberry Alexa in Oak that I have wanted for many years. Am very much in love!

  3. You know, I’ve always loved the idea of a backpack as well because it leaves your hands free but I always worry about someone stealing out of the bag in a public place as I wouldn’t know know if the bag was being opened from behind. What do you think? Am I just being too careful?

    1. I don’t really worry too much unless I am traveling or in an are I am unfamiliar with. It would be pretty hard to take something out of this bag without me noticing tho due to the buckle strap that holds the handles closed over the outer flap.

  4. I actually thought this bag was going to turn out to be really small from the initial pictures but wow, you’ve fitted quite a bit in there! I’m a backpack kick myself, Ive been getting horrendous shoulder pain from over the shoulder bags so a backpack has been a must! I love the colour of this, so rich and glam! Very pretty bag indeed!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. This is such a great buy 🙂 I’m sure you will get so much use, and the backpack feature is awesome for trips I imagine. I love how detailed your posts always are.

  6. I would love to see a post about how you use your mulberry planner. I don’t think I have seen it since the haul and I am so curious about it

  7. I was dying to get my hand on this bag and never got around to being able to get it, everywhere I looked it was sold out, you’re a lucky duck to have one.

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