The Bag Buzz: Henri Bendel The Scarlett Saddle Bag

I was just changing my bag to my new Michael Kors Selma Medium Satchel that my DH (I just found out this stands for Darling Husband! I know, I live under a rock…) very sweetly gave me for Christmas when I realized I never put up my Bag Buzz for the green beauty I was carrying for all of December!  Sadly, it’s too late to get your hands on this one as it was a fall 2013 seasonal item available only for a limited time at Henri Bendel, but I figured some of you might be interested in a peek at it all the same.  Here is The Scarlett Saddle Bag:

OJ_TBBB_01-16-2014_01I actually pinned this beauty last September under my Bag Lust category.  My husband is not only cute but very smart and knows how to stalk my Pinterest page for gift ideas, which is how I came to acquire the dark green Scarlett (as well as the previously mentioned MK bag, which you will see in my next Bag Buzz).  I have been pretty obsessed with this shade of emerald green for the past six months or so and knew as soon as I opened the gift box that this would be the perfect December bag.  The color just screams holiday to me!  The Saffiano leather is both beautiful and resilient.  Our early December weekend trip to a very rainy NYC put the bag’s durability to the test and she passed with flying colors!

OJ_TBBB_01-16-2014_02The Scarlett is definitely the smallest day bag I’ve carried in recent memory.  Come to think of it, it might just be the smallest bag I’ve used as an everyday purse since I graduated from college (10 years ago now!  Wow, time flies…).  I’ve been leaning towards carrying smaller bags lately.  I’m not one to follow trends usually (please make note of the aforementioned rock I live under), but I’m pretty sure this has become the mode du jour in the handbag world recently.  At least I’ve been noticing a lot of smaller-sized pretties on the market lately!  I was skeptical I could actually fit all of my day-to-day purse essentials in The Scarlett, but was pleasantly surprised that I was able to manage by paring down the lot and switching into a new Walking Pharmacy case (more on this in a bit).

Here’s what I stow in my Scarlett Saddle Bag:


1. Orla Kiely Sweet Pea Beauty Organizer – My new Walking Pharmacy, this Target exclusive has great organizational elements built right in.
2. Vinyl Zip Pouch with Coupons – Exact one shown is no longer available but I also like this alternative from The Container Store.
3. House keys on  a keychain sent from a viewer in Malaysia.  Thanks, again, I love it!
4. Two Pocket Card Holder from ATime4Everything on Etsy – A great way to cut down on bulky card cases!  I stow gift cards & business cards in mine.
5. Henri Bendel Mind Your Business Case – I now keep my special store cards in this beauty.
6. Mulberry Bow ID Purse – My new wallet!  Perfectly sized to carry in smaller bags.
7. Small tin filled with treats for my pup, Winnie.
8. Car keys with my favorite Henri Bendel Bow Stripe Key Fob and Swiss Army Knife (this has come in so handy over the years!)

I can still comfortably fit my vlogging camera (a Canon Powershot Elph 330 HS) and iPhone inside as well as a small snack bar or bag of nuts, but that’s just about it.  I’m realizing I don’t need to tote around huge amounts of stuff for everyday outings and errands and am enjoying carrying smaller bags like this one.  I think I prefer a slightly bigger bag in general, because it’s nice to have room to toss in a small water bottle or other items when necessary, however, I do love my Scarlett Saddle.  She served me well during my holiday shopping outings last month.  It was nice to have a lighter bag especially when weighed down with bags filled with gifts!

Even though this exact bag is no longer available, Target actually has a couple of less expensive alternatives in similar shapes and sizes.  I’m loving navy for winter!  You can see them below:

I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my bag!  I’d love to know what you’re carrying right now if you care to share.  Bag lovers unite!  As for my new Walking Pharmacy, I will probably put up a video and blog post update on this in the next month or so.  Also, I hope to post these Bag Buzz updates around the same time as my monthly favorites mini series on TBBB from now on.  Stay tuned 🙂


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32 thoughts on “The Bag Buzz: Henri Bendel The Scarlett Saddle Bag”

  1. Hi jen, even if this MK bags are over my budget, i really enjoy reading your blog post !! TFS
    For my bag, I always carry my wallet, keys, blocknote, pen and i gess that’s it, definetly gonna add the Walking Pharmacy !

  2. I am carrying a Rebecca Minkoff MAC on weekend. And I love it. On weekday I carry a LeSportsac. That’s my work bag. I also has a walking pharmacy. Thanks to your YT video. 🙂

  3. Love your bag & all the goodies it holds! I sent a pic on twitter to show you what I’m carrying cuz it’d take me forever to describe 🙂 @SouthernDainty

    1. Thanks for tweeting me the pic! I love how similar the bag is to the HB one and am posting it as an alternative with this blog post. TFS! 🙂

      1. Awesomesauce! I’d really like the navy version myself, it has a blurple-ness to it that I could carry into spring.
        Yes, I said blurple-ness 🙂

    1. I was just thinking this too! Haha When I first saw that you posted something I was “YAY!!” And then I said to myself “wait a minute, Jen is supposed to be doing something else but not work!” 🙂 Thanks for the post 🙂

      Also, could you quickly show the features of the Swiss knife item? I looked online and I can’t find actual photos of all its components – it seems like a neat tool, but since it’s rather expensive, I would really appreciate a closer look at it before I save for it…

      Have a great Sunday, Jen!! 🙂

      1. If you click on the link in the post, you can see another picture & description of the knife – it includes a mini LED light, blade, scissors, key ring, retractable ballpoint pen and nail file with screwdriver.

  4. Hi Jen! I’ve recently moved to England from Australia and HAD to downsize my purse and handbag. I had been carrying a medium size Guess barrel bag for a year or so, and a large purse to fit all my cards in. Plus other bits and bobs so my bag was not unlike Mary Poppins’. I now carry a tiny purse, only has 4 slots for cards, and my new bag is a black leather satchel from the Cambridge Satchel company. And I have to say I am loving having a downsized bag with only the necessary items (which is due to having limited space in the satchel!).

  5. I have a hard time with handbags… I use backpacks a lot, the only “handbag” I use once in a while is this cute owl one:–pY/s400/1.jpg (which looks darker irl)
    but it’s way too small on the inside ): and even though i have lots of brown/earthy clothes, it doesn’t match with everything, haha

    i struggle way too much with this kind of stuff ;_;

    thank you so much for sharing! going to your bag buzz tag to get some inspiration and perhaps find the perfect handbag. i might be visiting the us in april or so and then perhaps i can go in a little handbag hunt hehe

    keep up the good work jen! seeing you posting always brings a smile to my face!!! 🙂

    1. Cute owl bag! I hope you have a wonderful trip in April. I recommend checking out Nordstrom which has a beautiful handbag department if you have a chance. Happy bag hunting! 🙂

  6. Hey Jen,

    I adore the colour of this bag! I’m not usually a green type of person, but lately I’ve been to drawn to deep greens and forest greens! I don’t own that many leather bags and I don’t usually buy leather bags. ( I usually only buy a leather bag if it’s one that I absolutely must have and I can’t get the colour etc in a different brand) My favourite brands are Bulaggi and Fiorelli, Smith & Canova ,I love their bags and their designs!

    At the moment I’m carrying my Marla of London Amgela brown croc satchel bag for quick outings, where I just need my keys and phone

    And for everything else I’m using my Fiorelli Brooke in tan

    I’m not at all into fashion, I just carry what I like and what suits me, I tend to switch up my bags quite a bit, maybe that’s because I can’t stop buying beautiful bags and have to justify my buys 😉

  7. Hi Jen
    Why set so many rules and deadlines?
    You might just realize you thrive better withOUT all the planning and pre scheduling and commitment of delivering certain content on certain days. Why set yourself up for such a regime, when it doesn’t seem to suite you anymore.
    Set yourself Free and Just Blog, and Vlog when ever you feel like it!

    1. I’m the kind of person who thrives under structure and feels freer with a schedule, so this really appeals to me.

  8. Hey Jen, do you ever carry a hair brush in your bag? I have long hair so I need to carry one, but no matter how I arrange it, the odd shape of a brush seems to be one thing I cannot figure out a good way to stash. Any suggestions? Thx 🙂

  9. Hi Jen, I love how you use different little bags to micro organize the inside of your purse. It’s very nice. Love your bag….it’s so pretty!!! xxoo

  10. My husband would have no idea how to find my Pinterest page. I don’t view this as a bad thing though, haha. Last year he had, unbeknownst to me, kept a list of the little things I said I wouldn’t mind having here and there. I couldn’t believe the little things I had under the tree this year and it was the sweetest thing.

  11. I love a larger bag and as much as I’ve tried (and I have tried) to be a small bag girl, I am just not! lol I am currently hooked on my new Fossil bags – the Sydney Shopper. I have one in a tan for everyday and a beautiful blue color that I searched forever for that I use when I just need that pop of color. I carry my day-timer personal (as a wallet) and normally my glass case, iPhone, little bag for all those little items we don’t want floating around, and my Kindle. Not much it seems unless you were to open up my little monogrammed catch all bag! Love your blog and videos. Have to comment too on your video dilemma. I write about being an introvert all the time. I am a very private person and too much videoing and being “out there” is too chaotic for me and I need detox time. Sounds as though you are seeing the same thing. I’m obsessed with personalities (especially my own). Any who – I enjoy visiting here. Donna

  12. What a lovely bag! I also have the MK Selma in black on my wish list it’s such a beautiful winter hand bag. As for what hand bag I’m using is the Coach Rory satchel in the color Cognac. I can’t wait to see a updated What’s in my walking pharmacy i just love the Prada cases you use, I also plan to purchase two of them in the Spring in the color black . And a big thanks for sharing what hand bag you are currently using I just love them 🙂

  13. I have struggled with choosing the right handbag, makeup bag, and what else to put inside. Your videos and posts have given me some great alternatives. I appreciate you giving the Target option to your green henri bendel as an option. I also appreciated the video on the Orla Kiely cases as well. There are always so many choices today and your videos are quite helpful. Thank You

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