The Bag Buzz: Fossil Marlow Flap Crossbody

I’ve been really into crossbody style handbags this year.  I posted my first Bag Buzz post just two months ago featuring my Kate Spade Santa Rosalia Scout, which I wore for a solid three months.  That’s a long time for a bag lover like me who likes to switch out my handbags on more of a monthly basis!  Today I want to share a closer look at the purse that I carried for all of August, my Fossil Marlow Flap crossbody bag.

TheBagBuzz_Aug312013_01My husband Don and I spent most of August at our family vacation home just outside of Park City, Utah.  Since we do end up spending a large chunk of the year there, we have clothing, toiletries, and accessories that we keep permanently at the house.  I’ve had a Longchmap Le Pliage medium tote bag as my “Utah purse” for years.  It’s a great bag and I will definitely continue to use it out there, but I really wanted a crossbody style option to leave at the house as well.  I was lucky to find the Fossil Marlow Flap at Macy’s during a sweet 20% off sale last spring, which put this beautiful bag in my preferred price range for my second Utah purse.

The bag is made from a beautiful chestnut pebbled leather that is super soft.  The matching jacquard lining has a subtle but pretty print.  This bag actually reminds me a little bit of my Mulberry Alexa Satchel with a similar feel, color, and the ever useful handle.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed my Fossil Marlow Flap or my Mulberry Alexa by the small handle and thought to myself, “Gee, this is handy!” (pun intended).  Of course, the Mulberry Alexa is about ten times the price, and so is higher in quality and quite a bit bigger in size, but for $150 the Fossil Marlow Flap is an incredible bag at a truly reasonable price.

TheBagBuzz_Aug312013_02One of the features I actually prefer in the Fossil Marlow Flap as compared to the Mulberry Alexa are the useful pockets it has on both the exterior and interior of the bag, which helps with organization.  I absolutely love it when bags have a discreet pocket on the back side of the exterior (closest to your body when you’re holding it), because it’s the perfect place to slip my phone and vlogging camera (above, left photo).  The Fossil Marlow Flap has, as its name would indicate, a flap (of all things!) with a turnlock that acts as the main closure.  There is a handy slip pocket just inside that main flap where I keep my current coupons in a ziplock bag and, of course, poopy bags, a must for any dog owner “just in case!” (above, right photo).  The interior of the bag is pretty simple, with most of the space left open.  I appreciate the two smaller slip pockets on one side and the always useful zip pocket on the other (above, center photo).

TheBagBuzz_Aug312013_03Even though the bag is on the smaller size, I can fit quite a bit into it with plenty of room to spare.  All of these items stay in Utah, as well, which makes it easy for me to travel to and fro without thinking about packing my purse essentials every time I go out for a visit.  So what’s in my Fossil Marlow Flap crossbody bag?

1. Vera Bradley Credit Card Case from several years ago. I don’t think they make it anymore.
2. Small Walking Pharmacy, Utah Edition, in a Sonia Kashuk case.
3. Owl Change Purse that I use to stow lip products and gift cards.
4. Mini Hair Claw.  Don’t leave home without one!
5.  The ever essential local caramel candy.
6. Reisenthel reusable shopping bag (although I prefer ones with longer handles).
7. Toddy Gear Smart Cloth, an absolute essential for anyone with smudgy screens!
8. Small tin with treats for my dog, Winnie.
9. Trader Joe’s Ginger Mints.  Still obsessed.
10. Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper, a truly wonderful antidote to summertime oily skin.

I now look forward to being reunited with my Fossil Marlow Flap crossbody bag every time we go out to Utah.  It’s a great everyday bag that goes with just about everything and holds all of my purse essentials in style.  Sadly, the bag is no longer available at most retailers, but I did find it on discount at Maple&West for those who are interested (Please note – I have never shopped at Maple&West and cannot comment on their customer service).

I just pulled out my Mulberry Alexa to enjoy as we transition into fall, so you can probably expect to see a new Bag Buzz next month featuring that beauty!

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post.  All opinions are my own.*


13 thoughts on “The Bag Buzz: Fossil Marlow Flap Crossbody”

  1. I am in love with the Fossil bag, so much I almost bought the exact same one when I was in London a few months ago. Love the Alexa too, my dream bag.

  2. I love these bag buzz posts. It’s fun seeing how people organize their handbags, and what they carry. I adore that owl change purse!

  3. Thanks for sharing Jen. I’m really enjoying these glimpses into your handbag 🙂 By the way thanks to you I now also carry a walking pharmacy in my own handbag. Thank-you for all the great ideas and positivity.

  4. Hi Jen! Thanks for your videos. They have inspired me to organize in new & different ways! I was wondering – do you have a video about how you use command hooks in your home? I’ve seen your cable management video which is great. 🙂 If you havr other ideas for the hooks I’d love to see them! Also, do you use the cable hook things in your kitchen? I was thinking of trying it for my toastoaster, panini maker & scentsy warmer. Thanks again!

    1. I use command hooks for managing cables in many areas of my house. I also use them under my sinks to hang up kitchen towels, rubber gloves, and other things. The sky’s the limit when it comes to cable management! Go for it 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your new Utah bag. I’m a lover of purses as well! Recently I bought a new purse and have begun using your method of placing items in smaller bags so it is easier to change purses when I want to. Plus it has been helpful for finding things. Thank you for the tips!

  6. I purchased a new Fossil bag last week on Fossil’s website at a discount. I had been wisting over it for a year now and could never bring myself to pay that much $$ for a bag. They have AMAZING customer service too!! I called because the bag was missing the dust bag and brass key charm that hangs on the bag when it arrived. The girl apologized and said they would send me out a selection of key charms to choose from and keep!! She informed me that Fossil is re-branding themselves and are steering away from the “Key and Lock” theme and towards a more “Vintage & Classic” theme. That is why so many of their bags are going to deep discounts. So, if you have a “Key and Lock” them bag hold onto that sucker because once they are gone they are GONE!!

  7. so glad you showed this bag in detail. I’ve been looking for a new bag along these lines, so checked out the Fossil website. Saw something similar which I liked, but then I found the Marlow crossbody with zip top rather than flap top. And that’s the one I went for. Love it. It is perfect, and the softest leather.
    Would never have thought of looking at Fossil had you not written about yours, so I thank you.

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