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I pulled out my Coach Willis crossbody bag to enjoy for March (and am still wearing into early April now).  This has become my official “March Bag” seeing as it’s the third March I’ve worn it!


I remember pinning this bag in early 2012, remarking how I really wanted to try out a crossbody style purse for a change.  Just look at me now with my lovely collection of crossbody’s!  This bag is where it all started.  I fell in love with the soft yet highly polished dove grey leather and fun blue and orange accent pops.  It’s kind of a funny shape with the dowel-like top and slouchy pouch style body.  When I look at this bag it screams March to me, which is a transitional month from winter to spring.  This is a transitional bag both in terms of its style and functionality.

OJ_TBBB_04-10-2014_02The bag wears beautifully.  Sometimes I find crossbody bags are either too long or too short even with adjustable straps.  This one is just right.  I was still in my North Face puffy jacket for most of the month and have found that I prefer crossbody styles in the winter months for the most comfortable and secure fit.  Shoulder bags slip right off my puffy coat!  I love how the Willis has both the long strap (which is adjustable) as well as the short handle, making it super versatile and easy to grab in a pinch.

OJ_TBBB_04-10-2014_03It offers pretty standard built-in organizational features for the size of the bag, which is medium at best.  As a blogger and vlogger I always appreciate a slip pocket on the exterior backside of the bag.  This one fits both my phone and vlogging camera comfortably.  The inside is lined in a gorgeous satiny fabric, which I believe is Coach’s legacy pattern (correct me if I’m wrong on this, though, I’m really just guessing!).  It offers a small slip pocket on the inside front as well as a more roomy zip pocket on the back interior, where I keep my house keys and poopie bags (don’t leave home without them!).  I can comfortably fit my current day-to-day on-the-go essentials in this bag.  And yes, these are the same contents I’ve shown Bag Buzz after Bag Buzz, because I do not tend to switch these up as often, but here they are again, nonetheless:


1. Orla Kiely Sweet Pea Beauty Organizer – My current Walking Pharmacy, this Target exclusive has great organizational elements built right in. Available in a new print!
2. Vinyl Zip Pouch with Coupons – Exact one shown is no longer available but I also like this alternative from The Container Store.
3. Poopy bag and my house keys on  a keychain sent from a viewer in Malaysia.  Thanks, again, I love it!
4. A small tin filled with treats for my pup, Winnie.
5. iPhone with Case Mate Barely There Fully Customizable Case – Don’t leave home without my phone! Love this fully customizable case option from Zazzle.  You can have any image printed on it that you like!
6. Car keys with my favorite Henri Bendel Bow Stripe Key Fob and Swiss Army Knife (this has come in so handy over the years!).
7. Two Pocket Card Holder from ATime4Everything on Etsy – A great way to cut down on bulky card cases!  I stow gift cards & business cards in mine.
8. Henri Bendel Mind Your Business Case – I keep my special store cards in this beauty.
9. Mulberry Bow ID Purse – My current favorite wallet!  Perfectly sized to carry in smaller bags.

OJ|TBBB_04-10-2014_05Coach has changed the design of the Willis since I purchased mine in 2012.  It’s more square in shape now and seems a bit structured to me.  The bag still offers both a crossbody strap and a handle with a turn-lock front closure and a back exterior slip pocket.  The interior is an unfinished type of leather now instead of the lining.  It also appears to be just slightly bigger than the old design, but still offers the same basic features.  The new style is offered in basic handbag neutrals of black, brown, and tan.  I hope they come back with some fun color combinations again!

Check out my coordinating video you’d like a closer look at my Coach Willis:

I hope you enjoyed this look at my early spring handbag of choice.  I would love to know what bag you’re currently loving and carrying or just lusting after, if you care to share!


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15 thoughts on “The Bag Buzz: Coach Willis”

  1. Actually, your version of the Willis is a redesign. The design in the picture you provided is the original design. I have a vintage one (in navy)that was actually made in USA (I think they’re now made in China) and lined in suede from the late 80s/early 90s (if I remember correctly). Coach reissued some of its original designs (Willis/Hobo/Penny/etc.), and they are now called The Legacy Collection.

  2. Hi Jen,

    You’ve mentioned a couple times about your adult acne flare-ups. I’m wondering if your brush spot-cleaning may be aggravating the problem. If you’re spot cleaning them, and then just wiping the brush dry with a paper towel or cloth, the cleaner is technically still in the bristles. Then when you go to apply your makeup, you are applying makeup and brush cleaner. I understand the brush cleaner instructions may say this is perfectly fine to do, but maybe your skin doesn’t like it? Just a thought. Happy to see you back on youtube!

    1. I have experimented with spot cleaning and going without and find my skin prefers the spot cleaned brushes to not. I think it might bother some people’s skin, but the brush cleanser has never affected me negatively.

  3. I am still so confused as to why you need a blog post and a video about this bag. One or the other. I’m sure you won’t approve this comment though, since your blog is a happy shiny place only for people who praise you.

    1. I like to have both the blog posts and videos. It’s my personal choice. While I do choose to monitor my blog comments to keep it a happy place, I only disallow comments that are unnecessarily cruel or crude or downright mean and hateful since they serve no purpose other than spreading negativity.

    2. I like both options. I often read the blog posts first and click on links before looking at videos, sometimes at a later time. Also, sometimes my computer runs slow and the video sticks a lot so I can get everything I need in a blog post. Other times i do video only. All depends.

  4. Thank you so much for this post and video!!! I am about to be in college and after years of having a purse, I still lack essential organization! I was just given new bag as an early present so I cannot wait to fill it with all you recommend! Thank you so much, Jen!

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