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I started a new Pinterest board called Bag Lust where I share my current bag obsessions.  I pinned the Coach Mini Tanner not too long ago after visiting it back in early September in the Coach store.  I ultimately decided not to purchase the bag, because, let’s face it, I need another bag like I need a hole in the head.  That hasn’t stopped me in the past but I decided to show restraint this time and let it go.  When my husband Don and I were in Utah in early October we spent a couple of hours one evening wandering around City Creek Center, which is a beautiful dog-friendly mall in Salt Lake City.  We stopped by the Coach store there (which I later found out is the only one in all of Utah which surprised me because there are so many near our home base of Chicago).  I was admiring the bag once again when Don declared he wanted to buy me a present.  I walked out of that store with this beauty in hand and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen on my face.  I am one lucky duck and I know it!


The Coach Mini Tanner in Deep Port is the perfect fall accessory for me.  It’s made from a beautiful, sturdy yet soft to the touch leather.  The bag actually comes with a detachable shoulder strap, but I much prefer to carry it by hand and leave the strap tucked away in my closet.  When I first brought the bag home I was surprised to discover that there was no dust bag included, which I thought came standard with all Coach bag purchases.  I actually ended up exchanging the bag we bought in Utah for the same model and color at a store back home in Illinois due to a small scuff (I am super picky about my handbags, which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing when buying more expensive items like this).  I asked for a dust bag when I made my exchange, which the nice gentleman helping me kindly gave me even though Coach apparently does not technically include dust bags with the Mini Tanners since they’re considered “accessories.”  I thought that was interesting since this is as much of a purse as any other bag Coach has in store right now to me!


The Mini Tanner is a smaller version of the larger tote size Coach has offered in the past.  While it isn’t a big bag by any means, I still find I am able to fit all of my standard handbag necessities inside comfortably.  I do have to squeeze in my large Louis Vuitton Insolite wallet a a bit to make it fit, but other than that I have all of the usual suspects in there.  The bag includes a top zipper (which I actually usually don’t close often for easy access), an interior zip pocket where I keep extra poopy bags and my house keys (not shown), and a small interior slip pocket where I stash my current lip products and cough drops.  I hang my car keys off of one of the attachment rings for the shoulder strap.  When I’m carrying around my phone and/or camera, I usually just place those on top of my Walking Pharmacy pouch since there is plenty of room to spare there.

Here’s a breakdown of everything I keep in my Coach Mini Tanner:


1. Small Walking Pharmacy pouch from Prada filled with all of my in-a-pinch items.
2. Henri Bendel Mind Your Business Card Case.
3. Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers.
4. Ginger Mints from Trader Joe’s.
5. Coach Card case filled with gift cards, reward program cards, and store credit cards.
6.  Vinyl Zip Pouch with coupons.
7. Current Lip Products Favorites, including L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm, Buxom Full-On Lip Polish, and Maybelline Baby Lips.
8. Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer (the best in my opinion!).
9. Ricola Cough Drops (a necessity this past month).
10. Small tin filled with treats for my pup, Winnie.
11. The ever important just-in-case-I-need-it caramel. 😉
12. Car keys (complete with my favorite Henri Bendel Bow Stripe Key Fob and Swiss Army knife I bought in Switzerland 12 years ago)
13. Louis Vuitton Insolite Wallet (complete with my Mesa Dreams custom wrist strap!).

I couldn’t be happier with my new Mini Tanner and am enjoying my cute fall bag immensely!  I hope you enjoyed a peek at my current bag obsession.  I’ll probably continue to carry this bag for the remainder of November before switching out to another (very green!) gift from my sweet hubby for December!


* I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post.  Some of the links provided are commission links.  All opinions are my own. *


26 thoughts on “The Bag Buzz: Coach Mini Tanner”

  1. Quick question what is the difference between 6 and 7 – What do you carry in 6? The reason I ask, I’m looking for a good case to hold my reward cards and was wondering if they would work in the mind your business card case?

    1. The Coach card case has dividers built in so I can separate gifts cards from store credit cards and reward cards, plus it’s a bit roomier than the mind your business card case which is really designed for business cards.

    2. Hi. I just got the coach mini tanner in black violet. But I am debating if I want the coach mini tanner in saffiano navy. I cannot find any postings of actual real pictures of the navy saffiano mini tanner. I only see it on coach’s website and it is hard to tell what it actually looks like. Does anyone have it that can post a picture of it? I am trying to see if it looks really dark or more vibrant, before I cut the tags on my black violet one. Thank you!!

      1. Hi, I know this thread has been a few years back, but I couldn’t help noticing this wonderful site and your question since I had acquired a black/violet color that was never been used and find myself justifying my love for this color. May I ask what you decided on and if you kept the black/violet or purple color how do you or did you like it? I had to spray Apple Garde stain resistant on the new cloth interior though. Thanks!

  2. I love this bag it is truly GORGEOUS!!! I don’t think I can add it to my Christmas list, since it already has SO many things I would love to have. I will just keep drooling over yours LOL!!!

  3. Oooh fun. Pretty. Pretty. You know you did just give away like a million bags so one replacement won’t hurt, right? Enjoy. Lovely fun color for this time of year. OMG, I just saw the Parchment studded leather one. It’s so Olivia Pope. Enjoy. Yes, it’s a purse, not an accessory but what do I know.

  4. If I show restraint from buying something I want, I can not even mention it to my husband or he will get it for me. There are times that I have had to talk him out of treating me to things that I might be looking at but don’t necessarily want or need. It’s nice to have a thoughtful husband though.

  5. Oh my gosh, I nearly passed out when I saw that your wallet costs upwards of $700. I don’t think I’ve spent that much on all of the purses and wallets I’ve bought throughout my life (I’m 38)! Wow. Cute purse, though!

  6. Cute bag! I too am a huge handbag girl but can’t bring myself to spend that much on a bag yet. Oh, and I live in Utah and happen to know there are more Coach stores than that. There is one at the new outlet mall they built last year in Lehi. :).

  7. Hi Jen,
    Can you point me towards a link or section of your site where I can see what you keep in your various walking pharmacies? I see your small walking pharmacy in here and think that is a great idea. . I also need to try those gingermints as I have a sensitive stomach and these could help…thanx.

    1. I actually haven’t posted this on here yet but I did show the contents awhile ago in an OLJ What’s in my bag series…

      1. Thanx, I just checked out some of your older videos and they were perfect. I have a list now and that should help in the future with various sizes of walking pharmacies. This is an area that takes too much time and space/weight when packing so I hope to fine tune it. And I need a little something smaller because I am switching out purses more lately. I learn so much and get great ideas from your videos and posts. etc. So, Thank You!
        Happy purse wearing. Truly, this one is win. I smile every time I see it here.

  8. The Mini Tanner is such a cute little bag and the Deep Port color is just stunning! I recently purchased a Legacy Duffle for fall/winter use and spent the week before my purchase agonizing over whether I should get Cognac (warm, neutral brown) or Deep Port. Unfortunately I only “need” one bag and Cognac won the coin toss. (Well, there wasn’t actually a coin toss, but it was close!) I’m absolutely in love with it but I still catch myself peeking at bags in Deep Port from time to time too. 🙂

  9. Do you know where you got 6. Vinyl Zip Pouch with coupons? I looooooooove it and have been looking for something similar.

  10. Hey Jen! There’s an app for the iphone called “Key Ring,” it’s free and you can store all of your reward program cards there. That way when you go to the store, they just scan your phone and you don’t have to be carrying all your cards. 🙂

  11. Very cute bag. It’s always nice to see what others carry in their purse. I now has a walking pharmacy of my own too… but it’s getting heavy. LOL. Need to learn how to trim it down, so I can have a “slim down” version for smaller bags.

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