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summer-scheduleHello Friends!  

I wanted to let you know that I am altering my posting schedule a bit for summer.  I plan to post my WIR’s and coordinating Weekend Vlogs on Tuesdays, a TheBusyBeeBuzz post and video on Thursdays, and an OrganizedLikeJen post and video on Friday or Saturday.  You can still catch new pics of Winnie on her blog five times a week, Monday through Friday, as well as occasional polish updates on Positively Polished.  I might not adhere strictly to this schedule, but it is more or less what I plan on following at least through August.  I hope you are all enjoying summer (or winter if you’re in Australia!) and I look forward to sharing with you over the coming months.

Thanks for your support!



10 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Posting Schedule”

  1. Well, we lose a video from you, which will be missed, but I completely understand slowing down and relaxing more in summer. You have long trips coming up too. There was no 2nd TBBB or OLJ videos from you last week, which at the time was unexpected, but I guess it was just getting ready for this schedule.

    Going a little bit with slowing down, I noticed you don’t really use twitter anymore, everything’s automatic mirror/sync updates. Was wondering what prompted that decision, or if it’s just a social platform you’ve found yourself drifting from?

    1. I guess Instagram kind of took over my love for Twitter. Plus, I like sharing on Facebook so everyone who follows me can see there and on Twitter.

  2. First – Love that picture of Winnie! My Yorkie Ruby had similar bows – they’re my favorites.

    I watch at work and just discovered about 9 months ago, so this might give me some time to catch up on oldies but goodies. 😉 My summer “break” is that I switch from non-fiction (personal development, historical, etc) books to fun, light romance ones. I also take a break from my mini organizing projects (I try to complete one monthly) and a lot of crafting and cooking/baking. It’s just a lighter time of year!

    Just wanted to share with you that I came across your site looking for packing tips. I am an organizer at heart; so it’s so fun to get to see another persons ideas and love of paper organization and journals! But I also find your posts uplifting and inspiring in many ways, and have been challenged by the way you balance your life, with not just home and work, but health – I was seriously lacking in that department! I started running again, just doing it gently, but have found that it has improved by stress management and and energy levels. More importantly; because I heard about the Disney Princess Half Marathon from you, I am registering for it today! I have read running books and learned so much in the last 6 months, I truly don’t think I would have challenged myself to try it if it wasn’t for hearing someone else talk about it!

    Sometimes we don’t realize that just by sharing something, we inspire other people to live better lives! I know I have had people tell me that by working with me, they want to organize their purse better or something silly, but it’s really true; when women are authentic and open, they can influence other women to be their best selves!

    Everyone has a little niche, something that other people might not understand, but it works for them and inspires other people. I am sure when you started blogging, you never thought your would encourage other women to run! Who knows how we touch the world, right?!

    Anyway, since I am registering today when it opens at noon, I just thought I would share that with you.

    Have a great day, and enjoy summer!! I

    1. Yay for the Princess Half! It’s such a great experience and training for it is a rewarding way to incorporate more exercise into your routine. 🙂

  3. Surprise us with a month of daily vlogs Jen! I’m sure many viewers are hoping to hear you will commit to one or two, between now and December! xoxo

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