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Happy Spring, friends!  In the natural world it’s the season of new growth after a long winter hiatus and this year I feel my personal experience particularly reflects that seasonal shift.  Today I want to share a peek into my current thinking about my blog,YouTube channel, social media, and current life perspective as it relates to my online sharing.

spring update 2016

Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods!  I love watching nature wake up after its winter rest.  If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile now, you already know I’m a real seasonal kind of gal.  I enjoy changing little things around my house such as decor and bedding with each season.  I even (subconsciously) change up my diet and workouts.  I’ve noticed over the years that my moods and motivations ebb and flow with the seasons as well.  Spring is a time of rebirth in both the natural and spiritual worlds and I typically find myself feeling rejuvenated with this season.

Last week I posted a video sharing my frustration with the increasingly negative atmosphere of certain social media platforms.  It’s incredibly disappointing as a content creator to have the joy that my online sharing brings me squelched by a few unhappy Negative Nancies who feel the need to spread malice.  I understand that the words and actions of these people speaks more about them than me and I truly don’t give their comments any mind personally.

I’ve been sharing online long enough to feel confident and secure no matter what people might think.  What does bother me, however, is how this malice affects others.  While unnecessarily mean spirited comments roll right off me now, I see others absorb and be affected by them.  It breaks my heart to know that this happens around my content.  While I am not an active participant in this negative atmosphere, I cannot help but be involved as it floats around my posting whether on Instagram or YouTube (which are both where I see the most mean action in my experience).

I’ve struggled over the past couple of years with finding the right balance of how much to share.  I’ve felt in years past that perhaps I’ve overshared and subsequently felt the need to pull back.  The thing is, I love sharing my life on the internet.  That’s kind of a weird thing to put into words, but it’s the truth.  It feels so right to me to film videos and write blog posts about things both big and small, special and mundane.  Feeling the need to pull back and censor my sharing first to protect myself and my loved ones and now my audience (hate that word but I can’t think of a more accurate descriptor at the moment) from the increasing amounts of negativity that anonymous online sharing attracts sucks the joy right out of what is otherwise a purely happy practice.

I’m often told I should just “ignore the haters” and that censoring my content only “let’s them win,” but I feel too deeply responsible for protecting the people who support what I share and try to stand up for me to do so with a clean conscience.  There’s two sides to online sharing and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the thousands (mind boggling!) of wonderfully kind people I’ve had the pleasure to interact with on the internet over the years.  I so appreciate the amazing support and encouragement I continue to receive and from people who have never met me (!).  That’s the beauty of the internet and being able to connect with people from all over the world who I would never have the opportunity to cross paths with in my ordinary (and introverted) existence.

People care about me and I care about them.  I want the places I choose to share online to be supportive and safe outlets for a community of caring folks.  It’s become increasingly clear that I cannot foster that kind of environment on all of the platforms I currently share on, so I think it’s time once again for me to start making different choices.  This is, as always, a learning process that continues to evolve with my feelings about the current internet climate and my own personal life happenings.

Right now I am itching to share again.  I took some time off over the past three months as I navigated new mommyhood and life with a newborn.  That was my priority then and still is, but now I feel like I’m at a place where I can and want to be both a Mama and a content creator.   Blogging is calling to me the most right now so I am going to answer that call and see where it takes me.  I still plan on putting up videos on YouTube (which I always share here, too) and posting on social media, but how much and what I choose to share and where is changing.

I’ve been able to cultivate a safe environment here on my blog so it feels right to settle in here for awhile at this point in my journey.  I’m going to experiment with posting more frequently and more casually here and I hope you will share with me if you’d like by interacting in the comments.  Please rest assured that I am actively moderating comments here and will only allow those that foster a safe and positive environment.  Constructive criticism of my content is of course allowed and encouraged but negative comments with no purpose other than to spread malice and/or bring down others will be not be approved.

I know many of you are disappointed that I’m not sharing day-in-the-life style vlogs currently.  I am, too, to be honest, as it’s my absolute favorite kind of video content to make, which is why I think I’ve recently taken to SnapChat with such enthusiasm.  I can post little snippets of my day and interact privately with people without public comments bumming everyone out.  You can follow me at prettyneatlivng (no second “i”) if you’d like to hang out.  Snap me so we can chat!  I hope to start sharing more day-in-the-life style content here again, as well.

I’m excited to share without the fear of playing a part in cultivating a negative environment.  It makes my heart sing to be able to do what I love.  I’m not going to make any promises about a posting schedule or content topics right now so as to just let myself share freely and let it be like it was in the beginning: the pure and simple joy of sharing honestly.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.  I can’t wait to see where this path takes me next.  You can bet I’ll share about it with you!

Here’s to sunny days ahead!  Wishing you lots of love and sunshine this spring ☀️


 * This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


121 thoughts on “Spring Update | Blogging, Vlogging, & Sunshine”

  1. It is really crazy how far people are taking the internet negativity these day on youtube, instagram, etc. Just today alone I’ve encountered two other posts like this one in my online travels talking about this subject. I will never understand why people go to such extremes when they have the anonymity of the internet to hide behind.

    I just want to say that I always love your content. You were responsible for getting me into youtube videos in the first place last year through your vlogs and organization videos, and you remind me a lot of myself. I will continue reading/watching as long as you keep creating!

    1. It’s an unfortunate side of the Internet but there’s also so much positivity & light so we just hVe to find new ways to share in a safe way 😊

  2. I miss your daily vlogs but completely understand why you have taken a step back. I am not a YouTuber, only a subscriber to others, and I often shake my head at some of the comments that people feel the need to leave.

    And I have been enjoying your snaps! 🙂

  3. I love watching you on YouTube and will definitely have to start following along on the blog as well. I just don’t take the time needed to sit and read, youtube plays while I do other things. However, I understand completely where you are coming from and respect your decision to post more on the blog and monitor comments as needed.

  4. I am so glad to see this! What a great way to solve this issue – I am excited to see more updates here or on facebook, and I think it’s great that you can be in charge of the comments section.

    I have never been one to pay much attention to the weirdos, honestly, but I love that it can maybe become a place for us “fans/followers” to interact! I have gotten great links and products and recommendations from the Facebook comments section of your posts, and people there seem mostly normal.

    Best of luck on your future endeavors! Enjoying the blessings you have been given is so important! I hope you find this to be a fulfilling and joyful new chapter!

    1. I think Facebook works a bit better because people mostly post from their personal accounts which can be seen by their friends. Keeps people accountable. I guess it’s harder to be ridiculous when people you actually know in real life can see you.

  5. Woohoo!! I am glad to hear you will be posting more on the blog side, even if not on YouTube. I love reading what you share, may sound silly but it’s like getting an update from a friend. I enjoy all your content, but as a soon-to-be FTM (June! Yay!!) all the mommy favorites & updates have been especially interesting & great to read. Glad you will still be posting Jen, and have found a way that you feel comfortable to share! 🙂

  6. Hi Jen! Blog or vlog, I’ll still follow! I’ll probably not go to snap chat, simply because it’s one more “thing” to keep up with. No we’ve never met, but I’d stake my reputation on your authenticity, which is why I enjoy your content. You have a huge heart Jen, and it shows. I think you’ll be successful in whatever medium you ultimately choose. Good luck!

  7. Thank you Jen, I enjoy reading your blogs, I have watched your video’s from the moment you first started on You Tube, I want to Thank you, as you have motivated me to organize my own home, also I love your recommendations on beauty products, look forward to your content in 2016 🙂

  8. I don’t really use instagram very often but I do follow you there and went to look at the comments. I cannot fathom why people have nothing better to do with their lives than spread hate and negativity. It’s honestly sad. You have to do whatever you feel the most comfortable with regarding your family and if pulling back is the answer then that’s the best decision you can make.

    On a sidenote, I started using organic ACV and rosewater\glycerin toner because I have very difficult skin and the results have been amazing. So thank you for sharing that!

    1. That combo is my favorite toner of all time! I can’t imagine using anything else now. The Internet is great for spreading the word on awesome at home remedies like that 😊

  9. I don’t comment a lot but i would like to say, i love everything you share with us! You seem like a really nice person! Your vlogs and blog,… give me an inside to live in America! I also love seeing your beautifull family! Lots of love from Belgium!

  10. Hi Jen, I think it is good to do things different every once in a while. I believe the reason I like living in the mid-west is because of the seasonal changes. It always gives us something to look forward too. I will follow your facebook, youtube or blogs, where ever you decide to do your thing. I am still pretty old fashion ( I still have a flip phone ) LOL. I am not sure what a snapchat is. Anyway I just want you to know I love every thing you share and have felt blessed many times by your sweet enthusiasm for life and family and your friends. Happy Spring to you and your sweet baby and husband. (and the whole clan)

    1. Nothing wrong with their old flip phone 😉 Sadly you can’t use snapchat on a web browser but I hope that’s something they enable in the future.

  11. I enjoy ur videos and like the other reader, i usually don’t have time to sit down and read but i usually listen to ur videos while doing other things. But I completely understand ur need to pull back. Being a mom brings out a new outlook on life and the need to protect loved ones. I will still continue to follow ur blog and videos. Ur daughter is so cute! As im sure u already know lol. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your continued support. And yes, I do know she’s cute but it’s nice to hear other people think so too 👶

  12. Hi Jen,

    As a long time subscriber (I remember some of your first videos circa “Day-ate”). As much as I love your content, I appreciate concern for your followers and their emotions. I will follow along on you and your families journey no matter on what platform you chose.
    Love from Florida!

  13. I feel really bad that it has come to this, but I TOTALLY support and understand you. I just don’t understand why people need to be negative, what is the purpose?? I will never understand. I’m super happy you have decided to post on your blog, at least you will not be totally gone! Thank you for sharing as much as you did, I have truly loved every minute of it.

    1. I will continue to post videos & on social media but in a different way and maybe a bit less on some places. I still want to share so much tho & blogging feels right at this moment 😊

  14. I am glad you have made a decision you are happy with. Am looking forward to following you through your blog. Happy Spring and may the joy of the season bring good things for you.

  15. So sorry you’re dealing with some unhappy folks in your comments. I’ve noticed it a few times, but I don’t really read it. Instagram seems like a crazy place. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to give it up. Do remember it’s their crazy and unhappiness, and don’t let it get to you. I hope you’re eventually comfortable with vlogging again in the future. I do really miss them and those snaps are just so darn short!

    Don’t apologize for being so focused on mommy stuff. You’re a new mom. You should be focused on this stuff! Having watched your vlogs for a while, I don’t see how any of your fans would really be upset. Your videos have always been your life. Your sweet baby girl is your life now!

  16. As a new blogger I have thought about spreading my content to Youtube. I am already very protective of my son in my blog. I don’t even use his real name when I write just a nickname. Still I love watching vlogs on Youtube but I haven’t been brave enough to jump in to that pool yet. Your experiences (and I’ve been watching you for years so I’ve seen the evolution of your content) made me super cautious though. I really question now if I shouldn’t just stick to blogging. You should know you come across so genuine and sweet and I’m pretty sure you are a nicer person than I am lol. Love Don too and I miss his blog also :). Do what you are comfortable with… the only way to be truly happy I think. Thanks for the update

    1. I believe in following your instincts and doing what feels right to you. If making videos is calling you then go for it! TBH I didn’t have a big issue with negativity until my subscriber base got larger. In the beginning it was a sweet-natured community & so lovely.

  17. Hi Jen! Blogging or vlogging, I’m with ya either way ever since that first video I came across when I was looking for planning videos a few years ago 🙂
    It’s so sad that due to all these negative people we won’t get to hear your beautiful voice on YouTube as often as we’d like. Your blog content is just as amazing (which inspired me to do my own blog – though I need to keep up with it a bit more lol).
    Thank you for sharing your life and knowledge with everyone online. Lots of love to you and your beautiful family <3

  18. I’ve followed your videos and social sharing for a few years now, and have seen the rampant negative comments increasing on other accounts I follow, too. It really does feel like a minefield… you just never know what’s going to set people off, do you? The whole thing makes me really sad. I am glad that you’ll be sharing on your blog more though, as that’s the space I feel most comfortable commenting in!

    As a fellow new mama (to baby Henry, born 11/18/15!) I’m loving all of your content in that realm as it really jives with where I am now, too – finally feeling like myself again, but definitely experiencing a shift in my interests and priorities as my little one grows. One thing I would love to see more of are your Project Life albums, by the way! I’m also using their products for our 2016 family album and Henry’s baby book and love seeing what other people do with their own documenting.

    1. Congrats! I know what you mean about shifting interests & priorities. I’m loving project life & will share more about that soon.

  19. Family will always come first…yes ignore the haters…let God deal with them..miss seeing your hauls..maybe in the future…give Winnie a big hug for me!

  20. Love your content! I’ve been following for years and I’ll continue to do so no matter what platform you decide to use. Keep up the wonderful work and here’s to you and all the working mammas!! Love from Mexico

  21. I live in Canada. A few weeks ago, the Canadian Broadcast Company (the CBC, a national television/radio network) changed their policy regarding anonymous online comments on their news stories.
    If you want to leave a comment you now have to do it under your real name.
    You Tube should do the same thing. Too many vloggers have to deal with all that negativity and it must be exhausting.
    Love your videos and blog and enjoy the warmer weather with your little one !

    1. I’m not a fan of the way YouTube handles comments at all. I feel like they could give a lot more control to moderators. Maybe that will be a future change.

  22. Please do not let the ones who draw people down to have any thought into what you know you’re suppose to do. There are too many so called, “reality shows” with dis functional families and lived being portrayed. Please keep letting the world see what a healthy marriage and family looks like and encouraging others that that life IS possible. For the rest of us, we enjoy learning and growing as you share and we share back with you. Now, “Spring” it in us, what the Lord leads you to share.

    1. I plan to continue sharing but do feel the need to change it up every once in awhile so that it feels right. I appreciate your support!

  23. Jen –
    The first time I saw one of your videos was when my I was preparing for an extra long trip to Utah with my husband to visit his family and had to figure out what all I should bring;I think it was the “Walking Pharmacy” video. I now have 3 “walking pharmacy” bags – one for my tote, one for the car and one to pack for longer trips (LOL).
    Your videos and blogs are highlights of my day (I really mean that). Your feeling of happiness when you blog/vlog/snap comes from doing what you were meant to do. Your blog/vlogs may seem mundane to you, but you are performing a service for someone else. Little things, little changes in our daily lives can make such a difference in life.
    I exercise more now that I started watching your videos (actually have an exercise room – my daughters old bedroom), I bake more – which my husband loves, I scrapbook and plan (I love my planner and stickers), my closet is moving closer to being organized (Jen-like), we get compliments from the neighbors about our Ross-like garage….it’s little things like that which makes the day so much brighter for others. So, if you are blogging, vlogging or snapping – just do your thing. And know this for sure – you are making a difference in someone’s life. Who could ask for more?

      1. Jen, I’ve been a fan since “Organization 101: To-Do Lists, Part 1” !! You have really been a great inspiration. You keep on, keeping on!
        You live a good life and have helped me to do so as well. Your positive attitude, your striving for the correct and complete way to do things, and the way you are always true to yourself will keep me as a fan for always.
        Can’t wait for the next 5 years of blogging!!

  24. Hi Jen, I really enjoy your content and am glad that you are choosing to continue sharing it despite the negativity you face. I’m sure I am not the only person who really appreciates it. 🙂

  25. I agree that family always comes first. If blogging is where your comfort lies then you should always follow your gut and your heart….it will never lead you astray. Enjoy spring with your little one….we always love when we get to start heading out and enjoying the sunshine!

    1. I agree! Instead of let your conscience be your guide it should be let your gut be your guide 😉 Enjoy the season!

  26. Thanks to you I had created a Snapchat account lol… I am glad you have found way to avoid such negative people that we definitely do not need around such a positive environment… I have truly enjoyed watching you as you grow and I am loving your snapchats (I think its too short though) I am enjoying your new mama moments, and looking forward to your future posts on organizing, I need some inspiration!!!
    Wishing you the best always!!!

  27. However, whenever and wherever you decide to share, you’ll have all our support and encouragement behind you. It still baffles me how people seem to think it’s not only ok, but worthwhile to spend their time spreading negativity online, to what gain? For what purpose? Seriously, there are MUCH better things those people could be doing with their time.

    But oh well. New season, new start 🙂

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  28. I just love your sharing, so am glad you will be able to continue somewhat. Your baby is so cute, and being the new grandma of a 6-month-old baby girl, it seems great to read.

    I am anxious to see more of your Project Life! I am an addicted PL-er, and it’s mostly for my sweet grandbaby.

    Thanks for whatever you are able to share!

  29. Hi Jen
    I absolutely love your content and have done since I began watching your packing videos 3 years ago! I’m so glad you’re still enjoying sharing even if the medium you feel comfortable sharing on is changing. I get so excited when I see your snaps. They remind me of the daily vlogs you used to do. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your sweet wee family and look forward to any content it feels right for you to share with us.

  30. Hi Jen, since you are focusing more on snapping, do you think you could upload the weekly snaps vid onto youtube like you have done previously? I would love to follow you on snapchat, but I can’t get that app on my phone, so I miss out.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. I’ve decided not to for the time being. I like that they’re temporary glimpses. I hope to be able to feel comfortable sharing vlogs on YouTube once again someday.

  31. Happy Easter Ross Family!

    What a beautiful daughter you have! She looks so angelic in your latest Instagram picture!

    Have a wonderful week!

  32. Hi Jen, interestingly enough; I just saw today’s episode of the Kelly and Michael show, and Kelly Ripa just told of what happened the only time she posted a good picture to her Instagram.
    Apparently her followers got into a huge fight over the lattice atop her cherry pie!!! She said they were threatening each other over whether the lattice was woven correctly.
    I don’t mean to minimize your angst, but apparently it doesn’t take a whole lot to cause a certain group of social media followers to lose their minds. It’s not a wonder your teacup caused a stir within that forum.

  33. I haven’t been watching for barely a year, but am totally loving this website. I only first went to your instagram when you had CC so I feel you should concentrate on keeping new posts on your own website-just my take.
    Love the content, happy you moderate the comments so well. TFS!

  34. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to find a different way to share and not just give it up completely! I missed the snapchats when you stopped before, they are such a fun little glimpse of your day. I am happy those are back!

  35. Hi Jenn,

    I enjoy your YouTube videos, but will probably stay more current with the content you share by reading your blogs. So, I think it’s great that you will be blogging more often! I live in the “boonies” and sometimes streaming video content via our internet service is a hit or miss endeavor. I will look forward to whatever content you create, however. I always learn something from what you share, and it’s like having a chat with a good friend! Take care…

  36. Your blog is my favourite way of ‘catching up’ with The Ross’s as I don’t alway have time to watch your YouTube clips. I really enjoy your content and I think you are a great writer. Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Much love 😉

  37. Loved reading this post… such a well-thought out and insightful (as always!) response about your next chapter. I’m thrilled to hear you remain open to sharing with those of us who spend time here (and have for years) because we want to be a part of the community, to be inspired and to learn new things, not to spew vitriol.

    I’ve made it a deliberate practice to only join the conversation here or on FB, and to only read comments here because I appreciate your taking the time to moderate… I want no part of any negativity.

    I do miss your longer vlogs, but I am really enjoying your Snaps too… just love the platform! Also looking forward to more blogging!

    Again, thanks for taking time to share the above and for sharing your sweet princess with us… CC is Completely (a) Cutie-pie!

  38. Hi Jen!

    I started watching your videos 3-4 years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very interested in all organization things which you shared with us.
    After my daughter’s delivery for reasons which you now understand I watched you less and less, especially when she was a newborn and needed all my time!
    That is why I really admire you now, that you find time to make any videos at all!
    I like very much your baby haul videos, now my daughter is 3,5 years old and I miss her newborn time)))
    I also very interested in baby clothes, because I also order here to Ukraine from USA Carters, I love there product for toddler girls.

    So, I wish you more quiet nights and inspiration for new videos!

    P.S. Sorry for my English))

      1. Thank you!
        I was rather excited when I found out from your last videos that you buy things on Etsy! I also have a shop there (I make crochet accessories and toys for babies/kids) and if someday somehow you will find my shop – I will be very happy!!))

  39. I love your new idea. I started watching /following you because of how honest & vulnerable you were on your first video. You were open & real & became a friend. I’ve missed you. 🙂

  40. I absolutely LOVE your snapchats! While they aren’t quite the same as day-in-the-life blogging, it makes my day each time you post a snap because it is so great to see what you are up to on a daily basis. Whether you are exercising, playing with Cici, going to a store, going on a walk, eating, whatever, I enjoy it all! Keep it up! The more you snap, the better! I would also really appreciate it if you responded to my snaps and messages through Snapchat 🙂 It would be great to get some answers to my questions and to stay in touch with you through Snapchat messenger! Hearing from you makes my day as well!

  41. Hey Jen! I would love a video or blog about how you manage self-care and how you’re handling your anxiety with the new baby. Obviously a new baby takes up a lot of time, but I know you suffer from anxiety and would love to know how you’re balancing everything…any tips would be great.

    1. I’ve been much less anxious in general in the past few years after a lot of dedicated work on it. I found therapy to be instrumental in helping me with anxiety over the years. Also time and experience has played a big part in feeling more at ease.

        1. I did go through some bouts of depression during high school & college but was fortunate to pull myself out of some pretty dark places.

          1. I would be really interested in hearing more about your past struggles with depression (and anxiety) through a video, blog, or even a 1 on 1 chat (let me know how we could do that!). I’m sure your younger viewers in high school and college who are facing similar struggles would really benefit from it.

          2. Jen,

            I would love a video where you talk about your past depression and anxiety and how you got to where you are. You are an inspiration as you are so confident and seem so happy and have made it past your darker days. Tips and tricks for how you overcame depression would be great. Would also be great to hear if you still get bouts of depression now and how you handle them.

          3. I’ve been fortunate to be depression free for well over a decade now. Anxiety took the reigns in my twenties but I feel like the worst of that, too, is behind me. It’s taken a lot of dedicated work over the years but oh so worth it! I’d love to be able to share about my journey some day by I’m not sure how just yet.

  42. So fabulous to see you back and blogging Jen! Missing your blogging and videos but really enjoying your Snapchats in the meantime. Cici is too adorable for words and I love seeing her featured on your Snapstory. Keep up the great work Jen and looking forward to more frequent posting soon 🙂

  43. How do you manage working with the baby? I work full time and am expecting soon. Worried about how I’ll manage the balance. Any time of how you balance and deal with your anxiety would be fabulous. Go you Jen!

    1. I’m fortunate to set my own schedule & only work as much as I’d like so I feel like I’m not qualified to answer this really. TBH it’s been challenging to find time to post these past 3 months but I think it will get easier as I find my groove & CC is big enough to start following more routines.

  44. Hi Jen- I love your vlogs and blogs so whatever works best for you-works for me. I’ve been watching you for years and I love everything you post. I don’t do snapchat or Instagram but I do check your blog once a week. I’ve learned so much from you and I adore your energy and positive spirit. Good luck with mommy hood and figuring things out. Whatever is meant to be will be.

  45. So nice to know you WANT TO and will continue to share with us. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and from the start I always felt like you’d make a magnificent mother and I wanted it for you so much because I could see the mothering nature inside of you. I struggled with TTC so I was sensitive about not asking you about your plans for baby, but when you announced your pregnancy I was thrilled for you and excited to finally get to watch along as you navigated the experience of pregnancy and the role of mommy since you do everything else so well and (seemingly) effortlessly. I look forward to reading your blog! I also wanted to say thank you for being who you are. It gives me hope for my kids to know that there are people who are passionate about spreading positivity and encouragement. Sometimes when I am tempted to slack I think “Jen would see this through” and it helps me to press forward.

    Take care!


    1. Maria, thanks so much for your kind words. Trust me the Internet makes things look easier than they are. I’m human and flawed for sure! Wishing you all the best 😊

      1. I understand. In my personal life, I have a lot of people who tell me that they don’t know how I keep it all together (work, homeschooling 3 kids, housework and a husband). I thank them, but tell them that it’s all just effort. Something is always left undone, but I do try and when I feel myself wanting to slack I think of you and some others and it helps me get back in gear.

  46. Can you do a day in the life as you as a mom video? Would love to see what a typical day is like for you and CC.

  47. I so enjoy your videos and blog! I’m just so sorry that a few people are trying to ruin things for everyone.

    I watch you often and, however you choose to continue, I’ll look forward to seeing your vlogs/blogs!

  48. I’m just crazy about you and will definitely continue to “follow” you! I love how honest and real you always seem to be! I adore all of the content you produce – whether organization related or baby related – it doesn’t matter to me! Not that you need it, but I support your decision 100%!! We are all just lucky that you choose to share your life with us! Best wishes to you and your sweet family!

  49. Like so many others, I love your videos and catching up with you on your blog. It really is so sad that some people feel the need to be so negative. I think that is something that everyone who supports you would agree with. With that being said, it would be nice if your viewers could help by doing “our” part. By that I mean that I think it might help if there was not any feedback given to the people who post such negative comments. Hopefully, if they don’t get any reaction to their comments it will be a little less attractive for them to continue with their ” fight” in the comment section. I realize that many viewers feel the need to defend you, however, I believe it only fuels the fire. Just my thoughts, but something I would hope could help, and get you back to sharing again. Unfortunately, as long as the green eyed monster exists there will probably be those out there who will continue with their negativity. As much as they deny their jealousy, I do believe that is exactly what drives them. Unfortunately, that is the world we live in. Instead of building each other up there are those who insist on tearing others down. I wish only the best for you and your family and hopefully, there is some way to overcome these issues.

    1. Yes, I totally agree, as well meaning as your followers are by defending you, it does just keep adding fuel to the fire! if these”negative nancies” got absolutely no response to their comments they would soon get bored and move on, but i guess we cant change human nature (it is what it is) and unfortunately we all come across them in the real world as well as the virtual world. I personally am not a fan of social media sites for that very reason so I don”t have Facebook, Instagram etc , I enjoy following your blog, but I am sure you know that your genuine followers are happy with whatever you feel comfortable sharing and how you wish to share.:) btw, I love your Snapchat video’s I don”t have it on my phone (because its a dinosaur and only makes phone calls lol) so my daughter kindly added your Snapchat account to her phone so I can watch them. I watch them all at once because I live on the other side of the planet to you in Oz, so when your up snapping I am in bed sleeping, so when she gets home from uni at the end of the day I get to catch up and it brightens up my day, a couple of minutes of hearing cute baby sneezes and hiccups will do that to you 🙂
      I wish you and your little family all the best! take care

  50. Jen I look forward to what ever you do- I read your blogs- I watch your videos. I just love that you are so down to earth and share with us things that people don’t talk about. And its because of you that I started planning, getting organized, etc. You are such and inspiration! See you on snap and here on your blog! <3

  51. Hi Jen, I am a travel agent that works from home so I have some very long days at the computer. I found your blog by complete accident about two years ago…maybe a little less….when I was searching for packing ideas for a trip.

    I loved the casual day to day topics and before I knew it…I was hooked. I may not stop in to read every day…or even every week but when I have time to stop by, I read all of the back blog posts and watch all of the missed videos. It is my own little guilty pleasure, my “Jen Binge”.

    I am easily old enough to be your mother and not everything you write about is pertinent to my life, but your writing style is fun and entertaining so I take it all in whether it pertains to my lifestyle or not. I particularly like your planner blog/videos and your travel blog/videos but I generally find something interesting in every post.

    Are you corny sometimes?….yes dear, you can be little corny sometimes but that is totally part of your charm! LOL! You are truly a genuine person with all of the imperfections that we all have but again…that is part of what makes you….well, you!

    I have no idea what remarks were posted but in true Jen fashion, you have chosen to rise above. I am truly sorry that you have been a target for those who’s lives are so miserable that they have nothing better to do than criticize others. You have a way of making everyone…even older people like myself…..feel welcome. Don’t lose who you are or what you stand for because of someone else’s hateful remarks. **HUGS**

  52. I want to start off by saying, I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed your video and blogs. You’ve shared such helpful organizational tips over the years and you’re one of my favorite’s to follow. However, as so many bloggers do, you have elected to put your personal life out in the cyber-world. And although you kindly refer to your viewers as “friends”, in general you know few, if any of us. You’ve shared such personal information (primarily medical related) that in my opinion is too private to share and then easily accessed by ignorant and jealous cyber-bullies. As long as bloggers continue to post personal information on the internet, you will continue to see comments that are rude and heart-less. I certainly dislike reading or seeing comments of that nature, but realistically, that’s the world we live in and one that you chose to “share” with. In short, please keep blogging and posting what you feel appropriate and comfortable with.

  53. Hi Jen,
    Happy spring to you and your family too.
    Good to read that you have decided which way you’ll share what you love without having to deal with the nasty people. As a mom of two (10 and 8 yrs) I know how important it is to have mommy time but also how difficult it is to find time to do what you love.
    Please continue sharing what you love and feel comfortable with. Thank you for sharing! I enjoy following 🙂

  54. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the years and truly have missed your videos. My husband always jokes with me that I talk of you like we are old high school friends. I told him it’s because you share so real that it’s hard not to think of you as a friend. I’m happy you are doing what makes you happy!

    Enjoy being a mommy ♡

  55. Good morning, Jen. I have been a watcher of your YouTube channel for well over a year or two now. When I started watching, I went back and watched all of your older videos. I started my YouTube channel in March of 2015 and I have already started getting negative comments on my videos. Dumb things like people getting upset because I have a certain magazine in my childrens’ bathroom.

    I deal with my anxiety issues too. To help me deal with the negativity, I have set my Thumbs up and downs to private. I think some people just like to hit the thumbs down to be ugly. Second, I have to approve every comment that gets posted on my videos. If it is constructive criticism, I will allow it. If not, I delete it and no one knows about it but me.

    Granted, I don’t have nearly as many subscribers are you, but it has helped my dealing with it better. 🙂

    From one organizing lover to another, hugs and lots of love.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with online negativity. It can be difficult to navigate. There was a time where I had video comment set to approval but I get so many it’s too time consuming to keep up with. It’s kind of a choose your battles situation, you know? Wishing you the best of luck with your content 🙂

  56. Jen, I have been a follower for many years now and even missed your vlogs so much lately that I went back and watched them from the beginning. It is so wonderful how your life with Don has flourished and grown especially with CC now. I am so sorry for all of those malice people on the internet, and I wish someway we could all just encourage each other and spread joy as you do with your content. I am a high school teacher, and I spend my lunch breaks watching your videos as an escape from the hardships any teacher would know. I am so happy to hear you continue to keep sharing, and I wish you all the best with the new little one. 🙂 Thank you for all you do!

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