Sigma Performance Eyes Individual Brushes

I absolutely love my Sigma Makeup brushes.  In fact, this is the main reason I decided to become a Sigma Affiliate last summer!  What I like most about Sigma’s brush collection is that they offer such a wide variety, including some particularly unique options that I haven’t seen from other companies.

If you’ve watched my TBBB videos, you probably already know how much I love the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit.  I have smaller eyes and sometimes standard size brushes are a bit too big, especially when I want to concentrate color in a small area.  I purchased this set when it first launched last March and have reached for the brushes on a regular basis ever since!

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As with any brush kit, there are a few I tend to use more often than others.  I do enjoy having the entire kit in my brush collection, but I always appreciate the opportunituy to buy brushes individually.  Sigma is finally jumping on board with this by now offering the option to buy the Performance Eyes brushes individually!  I wanted to share this news with you and feature four of my favorites.

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1.  The E36 Blending Brush is perfect for precise color application in the crease.  I use this when I want the crease color to stay within the crease and not make its way onto my brow bone or eyelid as is the case when I use a standard size crease brush.

2.  The E56 Shader Lid Brush is perfect for applying small amounts of color to specific areas of the eyelid.  I use this brush when I want a more controlled application, usually on the outer corner of the lid.

3.  The E46 Shader Inner Corner Brush is what I reach for when I want to lighten up the inner corner of my eyes with powder eye shadow.  I even use it with cream shadows for a glowing effect.

4.  The E11 Eye Liner Brush is hands down my absolute favorite brush for applying gel eye liner.  I prefer a very fine eye liner line and this brush is essential for achieving that effect.  It is the only eyeliner brush I reach for when using gel liner.

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Each Individual Performance Eyes Brush retails for $10 and is now available on the Sigma website.  The entire Performance Eyes Kit retails for $61 and includes eight brushes total.  Enter code SUM2013 during checkout for 10% off your total purchase this month.  This discount code expires on June 30, 2013.  Sigma includes a free gift with every purchase of $30 or more.  Check my Facebook Fan Page for updates on new monthly discount codes.

* I am a Sigma Beauty affiliate and receive a commission off any sales made through my affiliate link, provided above.  I purchased the Performance Eyes Kit, including all brushes shown, with my own money before I became an affiliate.  All opinions are my own. *