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I have a special bonus post today sharing a first look at the latest product launch from Sigma.  Brow beauty products seem to be everywhere right now and Sigma’s timely new collection provides a nice assortment of products to help groom and maintain your brows.


I love how they named the collection “Frame Up” as brows are thought to frame your face.  The collection consists of a brand new kit as well as some items that are sold individually.


The new Brow Expert Kit ($49) is available in three shades, light, medium, and dark.  There are seven products in each kit including a brow powder duo in the shade of your choice, highlight powder duo in Bring To Light, the Expert Tweezers, Expert Trim scissors, an E75 Angled Brow / E80 Brow Lash Dual-Ended Brush, a Brow Wax pencil, and sharpener.  I received the kit in the shade medium.


I think the new Brow Expert Kit is a much better design than Sigma’s previous Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit from a couple of years ago.  The old kit was well-rounded but bulky.  I like that the new design is comprised of individual pieces, which is especially useful for travel or if you just want to take a few essentials on the go.  I think they made good improvements to the tweezers, scissors, and dual-ended brush.  I also like that the highlighting products are in powder form now.  The brow wax pencil is a nice addition as well.  The only thing missing from this kit in my opinion is a clear brow gel.


Sigma also added several new individual products to their brow offerings in this collection, including four Brow Highlight Duo powders ($14) in a gorgeous range of colors.  Each one includes a matte and a frost shade.  Bring To Light combines a soft creamy nude matte and a neutral sandy shimmer.  Well Lit combines a cool petal pink matte and subtle apricot shimmer.  Goddess Glow combines creamy cantaloupe matte and a natural golden shimmer.  Ray of Light combines a light buttery yellow and candlelit shimmer glow.  The powders are well pigmented, soft, and blendable.  I’ve been enjoying wearing them as both highlighters for my eyes and cheeks as well as eyeshadow.

There are also four new eye pencils ($9).  Clean Cut is light and ashy in tone and meant for blondes.  Dressed Up is a universal medium shade.  Elevate is a deep brown for a more defined look.  Top Shelf is the deepest shade and great for people with black hair.

The Brow Wax Pencil ($11) from the kit is also now available for individual sale.

There are also four individual brow powder duos ($14) that Sigma has had in their collection for over a year now, including Light, Medium, Dark, and Auburn.


OJ_TBBB_05-19-2014_05I tend to take a more laid back approach to my brows in general and go in and out of phases of how I deal with them.  Sometimes I get really into powder, other times it’s pencils, and sometimes it’s just some clear brow gel.  Lately I’ve been using my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in Medium Ash to fill in any sparse areas and finish off with clear brow gel to set.  Since I’ve received this kit, I’ve swapped out to alternating between the Sigma medium brow powder duo and the Dressed Up brow pencil.  Both products match my coloring perfectly.  I have been using the Expert Tweezers from the kit, but I still prefer my super pointy Tweezerman petite point ones that I bought in a set.  I am still using and loving the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel which has been a staple of mine for years.  As I mentioned earlier, I wonder why Sigma decided not to include a brow gel with this launch, which I would personally deem an essential part of any brow kit.  All in all, however, it is a very well-rounded collection with individual products so you can customize your products to suit your coloring.

I share more about my thoughts on each product in the coordinating video, if you’re interested in a closer look:

I am always excited to see what new and improved products Sigma adds to their growing collection of offerings.  I am happy they decided to offer a new brow kit that comes with individual pieces and that they now have powder highlighters.  I feel like the online beauty community has been really buzzing about brows lately!  Do you groom your brows or do you let them do their own thing?  Leave a comment if you care to share!


  Don’t forget, you can save 10% off your entire purchase by entering the code MAY2014 during checkout (good from May 1 – May 31, 2014).  Sigma will send you a free gift when you spend $30 or more on your total purchase!


* I am a Sigma Beauty affiliate and receive a commission off any sales made through my affiliate links, provided above.  The Sigma Frame Up Brow Collection was sent to me for consideration.  Post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


4 thoughts on “Sigma Frame Up Brow Collection”

  1. Like the idea of the brow kit. I hardly have brows and use the bare esentual powder. I also have crazy hairs is that what the scissors would be used for?? and the gel would that help tame the crazy hairs. Thanks for the video. for someone like me I wish you would say where some of these products go or how. I know you say brow but there seems like a lot of products just for brow..
    thanks I love your videos.

    1. Some people use a combination of all of the products and some prefer just one over another. I go in and out of phases of using them myself.

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