Sigma Enlight Collection

Hello, beauties!  I am very excited to be sharing this look at Sigma’s latest product launch, the Enlight Collection.  I received the entire collection a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love with the products.  I believe this is Sigma’s best collection yet, both in terms of wearable, workable color options and product quality.  I raved about some of the products in my latest Beauty Buzz video on TBBB (you can watch that target=”_blank”>here if you’re interested).  I wanted to include a proper blog post with some of my own photos that I took of the collection (before I started using it – the products look much more used and loved now!) and share my thoughts on the collection.

OJ_TBBB_12-09-2013_01Sigma describes the Enlight Collection as “a new take on neutrals,” with each product “created to add warmth and calmness to your makeup routine.”  I really like that description, particularly the “warmth and calmness” part.  This is a well rounded collection, which includes one eye shadow palette, three lip glosses, three eyeliners, three eye shadow bases, three powder blushes, and three eye brushes.  Throw in some mascara and foundation and you basically have everything you need for your entire face!  The colors include warm-toned rosy and taupe neutrals, which are not only extremely wearable but versatile across a variety of skin tones.  These shades are also very much in style right now if you look at popular palettes and collections available from other beauty brands at the moment.

OJ_TBBB_12-09-2013_02My personal favorite of the collection is the Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette ($39).  I have been wearing some combination of these shadows almost every day for the past few weeks.  Each shadow is soft, blendable, and extremely pigmented.  As someone with oily eyelids I’m always keen on staying power when it comes to eye shadows and these stay put all day on my lids without creasing.  I also really like the packaging, which is lightweight and stripped down to the essentials.  In my Beauty Buzz video I mentioned earlier I talked about the “travelability” (my own made up word) of this palette.  Not only does it include all of the shades I love for both day and night time looks, the size is perfect to tuck into a cosmetic case.  The palette also comes equipped with a large built-in mirror, which is another nice travel-friendly feature.

OJ_TBBB_12-09-2013_03The other products in the palette fit nicely in with the “warm and calming” theme.  The three lip glosses (in order from top to bottom in the photo above in tint, hint, and tranquil) are plush quality in wearbale colors ($10 each).  I love how thick they are without being sticky.  They have great lasting power!  The three brushes launched with the collection are very similar in quality to the new Advanced Artistry Brush Collection I talked about a couple of months ago.  I love using the E34 Domed Utility and the E54 Medium Sweeper ($12 each) to apply color to my eyelids.  The E52 Soft Focus Shader ($14) is perfect for blending my under brow highlight color with my main lid colors.  I have mentioned many times before how fond I am of Sigma’s eye shadow bases and I am happy to have three new colors to add to my collection ($13 each).  I have been using Awake the most (on the left), which is a beautiful light pink that brightens up any look.  Neutralize (middle) is a shimmery peach and Composed (right) is a warm brown color, both of which are great neutrals.  The three blushes in the collection confused me a bit at first, because they’re clearly marked as blushes, although I find one of them is more bronzer like and the other more highlighter like in tone.  Nevertheless I love them all and have been using them to create contour and color on my cheeks ($12 each).  Mellow (left) is a sandy brown, which works great as a bronzer for me.  Serene (middle) is a gorgeous warm pink that I have been reaching for as my everyday blush as of late.  Peaceful (right) is a shimmery champagne color which works perfectly as a subtle highlighter for me.  All three powders are finely milled, super soft, and easy to blend.  Lastly, in the collection are three pencil eyeliners ($9 each), including Nutmeg (top), a warm brown, Vintage (middle), a taupe brown, and Eclipse, a classic black kohl.  I haven’t played with these much as of yet so I cannot comment on how I feel about them, but the colors do compliment the other products in the collection nicely.


I love how you can buy each product separately or purchase the entire Enlight Collection, available now for a discounted price of $165 right now (a $209 value).  I think this would make the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life this holiday season!  Use code DEC2013 to save 10% on all purchases good until December 31, 2013.  Don’t forget you recieve a free gift on all purchases over $30!  Right now it’s a mini E05 eyeliner brush.  Let me know if you decide to pick up any of the goodies from the Enlight Collection.  If you do, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  🙂

signatureblue* I am a Sigma Affiliate, which means I earn a commission from any sales made from the links I provide.  Sigma sent me the Enlight Collection I shared and reviewed for consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. *