First Impressions: Sigma Beauty Crème de Couture Collection

I am super excited to be able to share a First Look and my First Impressions of Sigma’s new Crème de Couture collection.  You should’ve heard my squeal of delight when I opened up this beautiful package from Sigma!  It’s definitely a squeal-worthy collection!

OJ_TBBB 09-08-2013_1I love how the Sigma beauty line has expanded, first with fun themed palettes and now an à la carte collection.  The inspiration for this sweet-as-candy collection comes from French macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are coconut-based cookies).  Macarons are beautiful, delicate “meringue-based confections” (see the entire Wikipedia description here).  I absolutely love these delicacies, which are not only delicious to eat but delightful to look at.  Sigma’s Crème de Couture collection really plays to the macaron inspiration from the gorgeous pastel colors of the eyeshadows and blushes to the cute product names.  Even the packaging is reminiscent of beautiful confection boxes!  Sigma’s attention to details makes the entire collection visually appealing.

OJ_TBBB 09-08-2013_2The collection includes three blushes that remind me of various shades of cotton candy.  Blackberry Essence is described as a “gentle amethyst berry mist [that] provides a perfectly plum finish.”  Strawberry Ambrosia is a “cotton candy shade [that] creates a subtly sweet finish for a charming-sugary touch.”  Cherry Apple is “both sweet and tart, [and] adds the perfect pop of color to the apples of the cheeks.”  All three blushes boast of a soft, velvety, matte finish and swatched beautifully (although my swatching picture skills are still subpar…I’m working on improving!).  Although I was a bit skeptical upon first glance, I actually really like the packaging.  The top lifts off entirely for easy access to the product and there’s no extra bulk added with an unnecessary mirror.  Each blush has an easy to lift off plastic film for protection as well as a small card with a color swatch and description.

OJ_TBBB 09-08-2013_3I am most excited about the Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette, which includes sixteen gorgeous candylicious matte shades.  I didn’t end up photographing swatches of all of them, since my swatch photography skills still need work, but I picked five of my First Look Favorites to give you a sense of the colors.  The photo, of course, does not do the eyeshadows justice.  Each shade is nicely pigmented with great color payoff.  Sometimes light and bright matte shades like these can come off chalky on the skin.  I did not find this to be the case while playing with swatching, although I haven’t yet had a chance to experiment with these on my eyes.  The packaging is similar to the blushes.  Sigma definitely streamlined it down to the bare necessities while still managing to keep it cute and functional.  I love the card that comes with color swatches and descriptions of each shade, just like you would get in a candy box!  I don’t have anything close to this palette in my (pretty extensive) makeup collection and even most of the individual shades are unique to anything I have.  I am already envisioning some fun but everyday wearable looks with this palette.

The Crème de Couture Collection is available for pre-sale right now and officially launches next week (September 9).  Each blush retails for $12.00 and the eyeshadow palette for $32.00.  You can pre-order each item separately (see individual links above) or get the entire collection for $55.00 (a $68.00 value!).  Remember to use coupon code LJW2013 during checkout (good from September 1 – September 30, 2013) to save 10% off your entire purchase.  Sigma includes a free gift with purchase for orders over $30, no coupon code necessary.   Let me know if you pick up any of these sweet beauties! 🙂


* I am a Sigma Affiliate, which means I earn a commission from any sales made from the links I provide.   All opinions are my own.*


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sigma Beauty Crème de Couture Collection”

  1. So so pretty! I love the packaging! Might have to look into the blush, not sure the eye colors are for me – more of a nude/natural myself! Would love to see what looks you come up with for these palettes!


  2. Thanks for posting this! I got the whole collection since it said just the palette was out of stock, but I’m so excited! Don’t have any matte eye shadows actually, so looking forward to this! 🙂

  3. Those eye shadow colours are beautiful – I can’t wait to see what they look like on and I hope you will be doing a video to show us?? Hint hint??

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