Show & Tell: Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Bag Collection

I wanted to start a new kind of post on OLJ this year where I share a look at some of my favorite organizational tools and aids.  I’ve decided to call this series Show & Tell, because these posts will be just that: me showing you products and telling you what I like about them and how I use them.  This is different from First Impressions, in that for Show & Tell posts I will share things I have used and loved for awhile.  I thought I’d kickstart the series with a newer product line that’s not only caught my attention, but also has been popular in other people’s blogs and videos in the past few months.  Orla Kiely, an Irish designer known for her “retro prints and designs,” partnered with Target over the past year or so, launching tech accessories (made through Belkin), home goods, limited edition Method products, as well as beauty accessories.

The Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Bag Collection includes ten cases in a variety of sizes and designs ranging in price from $9.99 to $29.99.  The bags are split into two categories, the Graphite Collection and the Sweet Pea Collection, which each include two patterns.  Each case is constructed out of coated canvas and features smooth zippers with pull tabs.  As soon as I saw the line at my local Target last fall I knew I wanted to review and share these cases, as I believe they are not only beautiful, but also functional, well-made, and reasonably priced.  They are finally available online (with the exception of one, which I have made special note of below), so it felt like the right time to share this Show & Tell with you.


The Graphite Collection consists of five cases with two prints, including the well known Flower Stem print in blues and greens as well as the Graphite Flower (not the technical name)  print in black, grey, and white with orange accents.

OJ_OLJ_01-31-2014_02_Train Case – $24.99 – A roomy soft-sided train case with an a mesh zip pocket under the lid.

Large Hanging Organizer – $29.99 – Great hanging toiletry case with large vinyl & mesh pockets and a magnetic closure.

3-Piece Set – $16.99 – A wonderful assortment of three flat style pouches in different sizes.

Small Cosmetic Cube – $9.99 – Cute small case, perfect for tucking into handbags to corral small loose items.

Double Zip Beauty Organizer – $16.99 – More traditionally sized cosmetic case complete with two zip compartments and slip pockets for easy organization.


The Sweet Pea Collection also consists of five cases with two prints, including the multi-colored Tulip print and Orla Kiey’s signature Stem pattern in orange.

OJ_OLJ_01-31-2014_04Pencil Case – $9.99 – Traditional style pencil case with a small interior slip pocket.

Weekender – $29.99 – Beautiful large style travel case with large mesh and vinyl pouches flanking each side and a smaller, floating compartment in the middle.

Double Train Case – $19.99 – Great makeup storage with a roomy lower portion for larger items & more shallow upper portion with a mesh zip pocket and brush storage.

Medium Hanging Organizer** – $24.99 – Medium hanging style case complete with a large clear pouch, makeup brush holder, and two mesh zip pockets.

 ✻ Beauty Organizer – $16.99 – Unique design that opens flat with handy built in organizational components, great for on-the-go!

**Item not available online at time of posting

Check out my coordinating video if you’d like a closer look and to hear my thoughts on each one:

I am very impressed with this line of affordable, functional, and beautiful designer cosmetic bags.  I am currently using the Beauty Organizer as my Walking Pharmacy in my handbag (update coming soon on this!), which comes in handy every day.  I’ve swapped out my beloved MAC Hello Kitty makeup train case for the Orla Kiely Double Train Case as my go-to for packing makeup for travel.  I have also been using the Weekender to corral my planners and related accessories, proving that a good cosmetic case need not be for toiletries and makeup alone!  I love these three cases so much I wanted to share them with two of you.  The Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Case Giveaway will run until Monday, February 10, 2014 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  Each winner will receive the Weekender, Double Train Case, and Beauty Organizer like the ones pictured below:


The cases pictured above are my own.  The winners will receive brand new cases with all original packaging and labels attached.

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below.   I’ll announce the two winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.  Good luck!


Congrats to Heather V. & Carolyn F. on being selected as the winners of my Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Case Giveaway!

The Poll Results for *Which of the two Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic bag collections is your favorite?* out of 3791 entries:

The Sweet Pea Collection (2845) 75%
The Graphite Collection (946) 25%

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I’d love to know what your favorite cosmetic case is and what makes it your top pick.  Leave a comment if you care to share!


* Post contains affiliate links. This is not a sponsored post. All products shown, including giveaway prizes, were purchased by me. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


84 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Orla Kiely for Target Cosmetic Bag Collection”

  1. I actually love the sweet pea….I usually would be drawn to the other collection but that tangerine color really appeals to me! Thanks for sharing about the product line…

  2. Hi Jen.Great video, and blog post. I think I would use the Double Train case as a small to medium knitting project case.I would use the bottom for the skein of yarn and the project I am working on. And the top for a copy of the pattern ( although now I use my Ipad) and other tools and notions, like scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers and such. Maybe you could show us how you organize, & plan your knitting projects. 😀 I would love it

  3. A lovely video Jen! I love cosmetic bags and was really interested in the dual zipped makeup case – have been looking for one of those for ages.

  4. Hi Jen,

    greetings from Germany :). Currently I’m using Reisenthel cosmetic cases in “Berry khaki”. There are several of them in different shapes and sizes) in that particular print. I’m also using their travelling products (weekenders) in 3 sizes in print “Fifties”. I opted for those products, because they are good quality, they come in various sizes and now they introduced some new gorgeous patterns that will be available from March on. Btw, it was you who got me interested in their products :).

    Sadly we don’t have Target here, but the town I live in, has quite a few interesting private stores with handmade items, that are quite beautiful, very well made, only thing is that items like that come with higher price.

    Very nice and interesting video as always. TFS 🙂

    Wishing you a great day.

  5. I would love to win these bags! They look fantastic and I love the sweet pea collection! Thank you so much Jen for your videos! I am a new subscriber and you have inspired me to get better organized! Thanks!

  6. Hi Jen, I love these bags! There pretty and functional. I was wondering if they were worth trying, so thank you for doing the leg work for me! LOL! Hope all is well with you, Don and Winnie!
    Love always,
    Renie xo

  7. Another charming video and blog post. I do so enjoy them. You’ve chosen to give away the specific bags I’d have chosen for myself. I’d love to win a set.

  8. My “go to” travel toiletries bag is from Bath & Body years ago. It is a denim like material and has a double zip…one that goes around the bottom of the bag revealing two “liquid resistant” cases, and the other is normal zip on top of the bag. Inside of the top has a ton of elastic slip pockets, one mesh pocket, and one “liquid resistant” pocket. It also came with a matching cosmetics bag. Another favorite bag of mine is marketed for make-up but I use it for my bead crochet bracelet supplies. It is similar to the beauty organizer above. A difference being that it has two center pockets, one is mesh like the beauty organizer the other is clear vinyl. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That is so funny that your having a travel bag contest this year I am actually traveling for the first time. I’m a bit scared but you travel and organazion series are helping me out with all my planning. Thanks for the tips

  10. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful bags! I have an Orla Keily bed set that I love, and Orla Keily print dividers that I made for my planners 🙂

  11. Hi Jen,

    I LOVE these bags! I became an Orla Kiely fan for all her beautiful, fun graphic prints and love the entire collections you showed. I use the small cosmetic case in the graphite line as my ‘walking pharmacy’ in my purse. I love how it’s so firm and solid, all my stuff feels really secure inside. I use the medium hanging organizer in the sweet pea line to hold my journal, and office like supplies inside. Its great for scissors, pens, post its, stickers, and all that stuff. Thanks for sharing, I love to see how everyone uses these.

  12. I don’t have so many makeup items as you, so I only have a small pouch by Marimekko. It’s a finnish brand with similar graphic pattern as Orla Kiely. I like mine because the zipper goes down on the sides and also the case opens really wide (like the one pocket in the Double Zip Beauty Organizer). You can find Marimekko here:

  13. Hi Jen.
    I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. I’m such an organizer myself, however here in Sweden we don’t have alot of these kind of ‘helping tools’. WIsh I could get my hands on your three favorites, in a store.. Crossing my fingers and hope i’ll be lucky nr. one or two!

    Love your blogs, vlogs and and all that jazz 😉 So thank you for it all!

    Hugs from sweden..

  14. I love following you ,Jen. You are so sweet and nice .Thanks for sharing these bags, I absolutely love them. Because never win something ,hope to win these bags. Thanks a lot. Xx

  15. what a great little travel set, another lovely blog post. can’t wait to see your newest whats in my walking pharmacy post!! loving your new vlog format by the way, you seem more relaxed and its nice to know that its not adding extra pressure on you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday…

  16. The Sweat Pea collection is divine, the colours complement each other perfectly and bring a little bit of spring into your handbag!
    I love your blog and have recently got my own little Shih Tzu to adore! Big Fan from Birmingham, England!

  17. I was just wishing for a Target in Turkey while watching your video and then you mention a give away. Long shot but hey 🙂 Loving the vlogs by the way!
    Lots of love from Izmir, Turkey!

  18. Hi Jen, I absolutely LOVE everything that you show us, I have to admit I am an addict.. I love the idea of using this givaway for knitting projects, I knit and crochet and have many projects on the go, mainly blankets/throws made from squares but I love the “the beekeepers quilt”… Oh my favourite is the sweet pea collection, so so pretty. Kindest regards Jane (UK)

  19. I am in love! I’ve been drooling over this line ever since my friends on our Planner Addicts fb page started showing how they use the pieces. I’m loving the Weekender in Sweet Pea, but everything else is a close second! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  20. I love all the range! The beauty organiser would make a great little bag for my camera bag to hold together things brides often need on wedding days for shoots. Such as blotting paper – wipes – small sewing kit – face powder – grips etc.

    The weekender bag would also make a great hobby bag. For example for a mobile small scrapbook on the go kit ( good for taking away) I’m going to look at what size it is to see what would fit!!

    Our biggest annoyance when we are travelling is chargers / cables / plugs/ batteries and again the train case – especially the double one would house those brilliantly in once place and the pockets where you have the space for makeup brushes and ( if I saw correctly) the elasticated little pockets would be great to put in cables ( such as USB) ones neatly wound to makes into a brush shape ( if you know what I mean).

    So many possibilities !!! and even though my preference for pattern is the graphite – the practicalities of both designs would mean I would chose on use. Both lots are very practical and useable.

    I love how you have clearly demonstrated them and I love how you use them.

    Thank you
    – Brighton UK.

  21. I loved all of the collection when you showed it. I was not that familiar with this brand. I do like trying some of the things you show. Thanks for sharing and putting yourself out there.

  22. The weekender would be perfect for knitting supplies! I love loom knitting, I’m addicted. Thanks for the great find & share! 🙂 Happy February!

  23. Thanks for sharing! That weekender would be perfect for storing my knitting/crochet projects when traveling! We usually go to WI in the car and everything gets very jumbled and disorganized – this would contain the supplies and current working project perfectly! Love your videos…I’ve gotten many great ideas!

  24. I have the double zipper train case for my cosmetics & I LOVE it!!!! Thanks for always sharing your amazing videos, I LOVE them! I think I’m going to try to find the double zipper beauty organizer bag & the orange beauty organizer for my purse…both great ideas as always! Your so clever & we love that about you! Keep the ideas coming, can’t wait to see the video on your new pharmacy bag for your purse!

  25. This is the first time I have seen this collection. Organization to this degree is not one of my strong talents, but you make it look so easy and necessary in once life. Thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Wow! If I could buy any of the bags (I’m over in the UK so no Target here unfortunately) I’d buy the exact three you are giving away. The weekender is perfect for planner organisation and art & crafts stuffs. The train case is *perfect* for makeup and the beauty organiser is ideal for everyday handbag knick knacks! Love them!! Never have I wanted to win one of your giveaways as much as this one!! Thanks, as always Jen, for being so very generous xx

  27. Hey Jen,

    i love these cases. But the the sweet pea collection is the most beautiful out of the two.
    Especially the beauty organizer, i like to take a lot of things with me on the go. So the beauty organizer would come in handy:)

    Love Xilja

  28. Hi Jen, I really like the graphite collection, train case, I use something similar to keep everyday essential makeup in. I am looking forward to your updated walking pharmacy . Many thanks again to you wonderful video and dedicated hard are a real star.. In sometimes a dak universe best wishes from a UK subscriber x

    1. Wow, all but the Medium Hanging Organizer were available when I out this post up on Friday! Looks like just the Beauty Organizer, Weekender, & Double Train case are now unavailable. Hopefully they’ll restock soon!

  29. I love the sweet pea weekender. What a great way to organize! Love it! That will definitely go on my wish list. Thanks for sharing. Michelle

  30. I’m SUCH a cosmetic pouch junkie! Seriously.. when your old walking pharmacy videos opened my eyes to the possibilities these bags hold, I was a gonner! Needless to say, winning this would rock my world, so hopefully I’ll be receiving notification from you that my wish has come true! 🙂

  31. I really enjoyed the video amd just like Stephanie O above, I love the Sweet Pea collection even though I would normally choose the other; I do really like the dark gray with a touch of orange! Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I really love watching your videos, you influence me to be organize even most of the organizing products you use are not available in my country, i just settle for whats available locally. I like your style and preference since its practical and functional. Same with yours i think my top picks would be the three pieces on the giveaways, love all of them, and the winner would be so lucky to have all three amazing organizers. Hoping im one of the two 🙂 More power and looking forward for the updated planner video 🙂

  33. Thank you Jennifer, for the great you tube vid and blog post on this great collection!! 🙂 I always enjoy
    your you tube vids, and posts. Your giveaway is very generous. 🙂

  34. Hello lovely lady 🙂
    Just want to say Thank You so so much for your amazing generosity… this give-away will maybe give the chance to someone who can’t get hold of these items to own them and that’s just great. So there u go, thank you again and may your day be beautiful and filled with love :))
    Audrey from France x

  35. The sweet pea collection is adorable. I love how you organize your pharmacy on the go bag, that is my project for today…..yay! The weekender is perfect. Hoping your weather calm a little. It is brutal here in New York.

  36. Wow, what great colors in the Sweet Pea collection. I can envision using the orange bag and combining it with the gray bag with orange zipper pulls from the Graphite collection.

    These bags are organizing paradise 😉

  37. A little hi from France and to say: ” Mais quelle Superbe collection !! ” thanks for sharing that Jennifer. Love the graphite collection. Much sober i think (spécialy the train case).

  38. Hi, Jen – I am a loyal follower on youtube. I love your videos. Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway.
    Have a great week!

  39. Beautiful collection and great use of all of the different kinds of bags. I never thought of using these kind of bags for anything other than toiletries and make-up! I am a big crafter so it would be really useful and so pretty to use for storing things in….I confess I love pretty boxes to organise my bits and bobs in but these kind of bags would be great if I was travelling with my crafty bits. Thanks for sharing and for the fab giveaway, I haven’t seen anything like this in the UK yet xx

  40. Hello I hope you Don an winnie doing great with that weather. Here in Puerto Rico wet and hot realy sticky. My daughter and I send to winnie a big huge, she so cute.
    I like the sweet pea colletion . Great color, I loved. I have a problem with the zipper in the pastin my make up bags. I hope get a new one zoon because I have a big “reguero” with my make up now.
    Thanks for sharing good things with us.
    Love Brenda

  41. Have you ever done a Disney cruise Jen? We usually do a Disney world trip but My hubby told me we are going on a Disney cruise this fall!! I can’t hardly contain myself!! So this collection would be great to win for the trip!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    1. I have not, personally, although I know others who have and loved it! I am not a big cruise lover otherwise I’d love to try one. Enjoy 🙂

  42. I really love the sweet pea graphic design and i’m more of a classic patterns and colors kind of person.

    Thanks for the giveaway and merry day to you Jen :)! x

  43. Hello Jen
    I know you get so many comments – I hope you get a gap to read them. I really enjoyed this post & video. Love the way you used the ‘Weekender’!
    Holding thumbs to win the giveaway.
    Thanks for always being such an inspiration.

  44. Thank you so much for sharing this video and how you are using these toiletries. I find these videos so helpful. I’m working on becoming more organized and following through with it. You are such an inspiration when it comes to organizing. I’ve been searching YouTube and blogs on how to go about “planning” your planner for the week and the thought process behind it. Is there anyway you can give me some tips or do a quick video on how you go about your thought process filling it out. I was inspired by your photo of you getting ready to plan out the week with your planners and cup of tea. I tried to do the same, but was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. So I closed the planner and drank my cup of tea instead

  45. I would love to have these cases, I love the sweet pea collection. Ordinarily I would see your video and immediately purchase the things I think would work for me. However, I have been out of work since December and I am unable to drive anywhere. I also am a art teacher and love colors. (Painting is my thing). However I found out I will need back surgery and I am so scared of that. Anyway, I thought having these bright colors to take with me to the hospital would brighten my spirit while I was there. I would really love to win these items.

  46. This was such an awesome video! I am starting to become planner obsessed so i am loving your planner videos too but i wanted these cases and didnt know which one to get so this was perfect review. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Hi, I don’t know if they took it off the target webpage, but all the cases are unavailable for me to buy. Do you have any idea what happend?

  48. I was late to the party on this one…totally missed these at Target, and now they are all gone. 🙁 If you have an extra Weekender and/or beauty organizer, I would be more than happy to purchase them from you. 🙂

  49. Hi, Jen. I’ve watched your walking pharmacy video, and I really loved it. After watching your video, I went to my local Target, but I couldn’t couldn’t find it.I checked target website, but I couldn’t find it, either.I’ve also checked Amazon, but I couldn’t find it.I don’t know where else I can find the beauty organizer. Is that a discontinued model? If you know where I can get the beauty organizer, please let me know.

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