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Hello friends!  If you follow me on YouTube at OrganizedLikeJen, you might have already seen my recent check in video.  In it, I share about the rebranding journey I have just embarked on, which includes reorganizing my YouTube presence.  I’ve wanted to go back to having just one channel for awhile and it seems like the perfect time to do so now since I am working on overhauling the look of my blog and my personal branding over the next few months.

I recommend watching the video if you’d like a more detailed explanation:

I’d like to emphasize that I plan to continue posting regularly both here and on YouTube and that although the look and name of my YouTube channel and blog might change, my content and commitment to sharing will not.  I am excited about this journey and will check in from time to time to keep you posted on the progress.  It might be awhile before you see a total blog facelift, but I will be certain to share the details of my journey once we get to the new Organized Jen (or Organized Jen 2.0 if you will 😉 ).

I have so appreciated your support, patience, and encouragement as my online presence and experience evolves.  I can’t wait to share more on this journey with you!



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  1. Glad you are not going anywhere. I may be a bit older but you have inspired me in a ton of ways. Heck even running PHM in a couple of weeks! Keep up the great videos and upbeat attitude!

  2. Changes are fun! It will be nice to follow your journey towards rebranding your name and content, Jen 🙂
    I have just one question: will you blog look different? I mean in terms of colors, fonts, layout and such; I think that it looks really nice the way it is now and it’s very you (if that makes sense).

    1. Yes, the blog will look different when all is said and done. I loved the design for the past 2 years but now feel like I’d prefer something a bit cleaner looking and more visually organized.

  3. I hope you keep vlogging. Your day to day experiences were what drew me in. I originally found you while searching for planner videos. I eventually found Myhousewifelife and was hooked on you vlogidays, vlogust, etc vlogs. I would truly miss seeing that slice of your life – your lovely home, your adorable dog, and the loving relationship you have with your family. I wish you all the best, and I hope you remember what drew us to you – the vlogs.

  4. I know you mentioned trying not to include your name but I had of these before you mentioned it…
    “Lifestyle by Jen”
    “Jen’s Lifestyle”
    “Lifestyle Journey”

    Hope it helps. Good luck with re-branding. Can’t wait to see your upcoming videos. You are amazing!!

  5. Hello Jennifer,
    I have been watching all of your channels for a while now and I personally love the idea of you combining them again! I like when you do things your way.

  6. Hello Jen,

    Last September I posted a lengthy comment on your blog when you did a “Check In”. It was around this whole topic of the benefits of combining your blogs and YouTube channels… and posting on an intuitive (versus schedule-driven) basis. I am SO pleased to see you beginning to take this direction, and with your temperament can’t help but believe it will be a good thing for you as well as for your viewers.

    I would encourage you to consider “going the distance” and combining the whole kit and caboodle! Meaning, also adding in Winnie’s blog and your vlogging channel to the mix. I think proper labeling would allow people to quickly choose to read/view or skip over anything you post. Having ONE place for “anything Jen” is really appealing to me as a supporter.

    I love updates on Winnie… and having photos of her interspersed on your blog would add bright spots. This would also remove pressure from you to post photos of her on a daily basis.

    But even more important than Winnie’s blog (not to minimize Winnie!), I see real value for you adding your vlogging channel in to the mix.

    Along with many of your viewers, your vlogs are among my favorite. Precisely for the reasons you said they are more challenging… because they are more personal and they are more transparent! It is because of this that I think you will always have seasons where you love and feel comfortable vlogging… and seasons where you don’t think you’ll ever vlog again. 🙂 A LoveHate relationship. 🙂

    Adding vlogging in to your ONE blog/YouTube channel would allow you the same freedom and flexibility about vlogging that you will have with other content. It removes pressure and allows you to vlog only when you really enjoy sharing. It removes the need to frequently be checking in with your viewers about your “current status” re: your LoveHate relationship.

    If you go through a phase of wanting to vlog, great! It’s all within your blog/YouTube channel, labeled “Vlog”.
    If you go through a phase of NOT wanting to vlog, great too! Because you won’t have a “vlogging channel” looking like it’s been abandoned (and people asking about it). Other posts would take up that space.

    I hope this makes sense. Of course, these are my thoughts as only one viewer. I do not know what your long-term goal is with rebranding. 🙂

    In my September comment I had suggested the names “Jen Checks In” and “Jen Keeps It Real”. I heard you when you said you’d like to remove your name from your channel… and I can certainly understand the reasoning and benefits of that.

    On the flip side, people KNOW you as Jen… and that’s honestly why people follow you… for YOU! 🙂 Name recognition is pretty important in the field you are in. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and I would hate to see that jeopardized during rebranding.

    My suggestion for your rebranded blog and YouTube channel is “ReOrganizedJen”.
    First, it honors the roots of your on-line life… how and where you got started.
    Second, it lets people know you’ve evolved and changed.
    Third, it allows for complete freedom for you to continue to evolve and change… to constantly reorganize yourself and your content.
    Fourth, if people are doing searches for OrganizedJen it would most likely pop up since the same words are contained in the name.
    Fifth, I can’t think of a Lifestyle topic that couldn’t fit under this name.

    On your ReOrganizedJen blog, in an “About” tab, you could share your history and how your on-line life has evolved. This would bring your long-term, loyal viewers along with you in your new journey. It would honor them as well as honor your new viewers by giving them a thumbnail sketch of what brought you to today.

    Thanks again for allowing my lengthy comment. YOU are the one who will live out the results from your choice to rebrand. Because of that it is good that you consider people’s opinions, like mine, but that you also make your decision independently and from a strong place of “knowing”. From Colorado, I do wish you the very best as you make this transition!


    1. Carla – thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness! You make some valid points about putting the vlogs on the one YouTube channel instead of keeping it separate. I have been thinking about this a lot today and your comment makes a lot of sense. So thank you for that! As for Winnie’s blog…well it’s really just a tumblr and a lot of online personalities have a separate tumblr these days. I’ve never felt a lot of pressure to keep up with it altho I do like to, so I think I’m going to keep it separate for now. I may try to find a way to better show it on a sidebar of this blog or something with a recent Winnie post. We’ll see what evolves. I also really liked your auggestion about the name and appreciate the thought you put into that. Thanks for your awesomeness! ((HUGS))

  7. I am excited for your new changes!

    Ideas …
    At Home With Jen
    This Is Jen

    (Something) Home
    Maybe something about your house or town? Maybe pair home with a quirky tea related word?

    Lifestyle branding can be difficult, but I know you’ll come up with something great!

  8. Change is good. Consolidation even better. I did not know for a while, how much you did and how spread out you were. I have my favorites and I am glad you will continue them. I never really watch the Vlogs. I thought well, they weren’t at my comfort level. I am not too comfortable peering into other people’s lives. But I always found I learned a bit from them like about tea and those earth bowls. That’s what I call them. Jen’s Earth Bowls. You know when you scramble leftovers into breakfast and stick them in a nice bowl with healthy toast. Perhaps there can be a way to share these types of things while still maintaining a personal life. I like the tips and advice but, for me personally, I feel people’s personal lives are personal.
    As well, keep in mind that keeping “organizing” or “organize” is good for searchability. Talk to the people you work with about SEO. People will look up: organization tips, cooking tips, exercise tips, travel tips, recipes, etc. etc. On your back end data, see where you get the most views and highest numbers. Find out what people are searching for and see if that helps you come up with a name. The brilliance of Organized Jen is that it tells us a lot with very few words. Have fun researching, thinking and creating. Martha Stewart Living is a good name but I think it showed up after people knew the name (and brand) Martha Stewart.

    1. Thanks for your tips! I don’t know the first thing about SEO and all of that but I’m hoping to hire some very knowledgable people to help me learn 🙂

  9. I totally understand why you would want to I guess downsize, there was a time when 3 channels worked for you, but it´s good to change it when it gets too hectic or just doesn´t work as well. I look forward to seeing how your channel progresses and grows! 🙂 I hope you will keep your vlogging channel, it´s my favourite and that´s how i discovered you, but of course I understand it must be hard putting out your personal life.

  10. Hi Jen! As you were talking, the idea came to mind for a name .
    It was “Jazzed with Jen”. Jazzed about everything that interests you. Best to you in this fun journey!

  11. Hi Jen!
    Thank you so much for your lovely advice on my last comment that I wrote to you. I really appreciate it! I have a question for you concerning change: how do you deal with it if it’s something that you struggle with? I am normal? Are Over the past year, I have moved to a new city with my family, started college for the first time also in a new city, have had TWO older cousins become engaged (I strongly dislike their future husbands!), and worst thing of all, I lost touch with one of my best friends and we’re both no longer speaking! So many changes have happened to me over the past year and it’s been really difficult for me to adjust to it all. Your YouTube channels and website were sort-of like a solace for me, a way to escape from my problems. Plus, it gave me some inspiration on starting both my own YouTube channel and my own blog, so thanks! When I watched your video today, I burst out crying thinking: “Oh no! Now Jen has gone and changed things…” I am normal? Are these feelings that I’m experiencing normal and acceptable through the eyes of today’s society? I understand that change can be a good thing, but for me, it’s something that I don’t handle very well, and in my surroundings, it makes it difficult for me to express these thoughts. As a loyal subscriber of yours, over the past two years, please bear in mind that I’m both excited for you to see what changes come your way over this coming year, HOWEVER, it will be difficult for me to accept all of these overwhelming, new changes that you will be making! I’m sorry if I’m coming across for being blunt, or anything, but I’m just here to express my thoughts to you in hope that you will understand. On another thought, I was browsing through your Pinterest account, and I spotted an obnoxiously, rude comment that some extremely insensitive person wrote and I blocked this person off of your Pinterest account. Was this alright? The same situation happened to me, and I thought that if it were me, that’s what I would do.
    On a second-note, I received an iPad 2 for Christmas this year and I saw on one of your old videos that you also had an iPad 2, but you had a wireless keyboard accessory for it. I’m currently in the market for one, and I was wondering if you have any ideas? I’ve already searched everywhere that could possibly have one, but no such luck. Also, I bought the “Blog Inc.” book for my iPad and read it over the holidays. The book was AMAZING and it gave me so much advice, as a newbie blogger. Also, as a Downton Abbey fan over the past year, I would recommend catching up with the show through Netflix. I discovered the show, through my cousin, that lives in the UK.
    Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!
    Take care,
    Katherine M.

    1. Changes are an inevitable part of life and sometimes it can feel like a lot of things change all at once (hence the old adage, “when it rains it pours”). Accepting that change it hard for you and your honest feelings about it is a good start. It’s only in acceptance that I’ve found I am able to move through difficult times and eventually adapt. Ultimately letting go of what I cannot control only happens once I’ve properly worked through my feelings. Also realizing that I cannot change or predict what I do have not have control over takes a lot of pressure off of me. And I hope you don’t worry too much about the changes I am making. I’m really just going back to having one channel (but with virtually the same content as before), giving my blog a facelift, and putting a new name on my online presence. The bulk of my content and my commitment to sharing will not change. I wish you all the best on your life journey! Learning to accept change with grace is something we all work on our entire lives.

  12. How about something like “Jen’s Beautifully Busy Life”.
    That combines your style, the busy bee name. Whatever you come up with, I know it will be good.

  13. Hello Jen!
    I just wanted to say I am so happy that your not going anywhere. I love your blogs and video’s so much, they have become part of my weekly routine and I would hate to see you go.
    I think your ideas are wonderful and such an incouragement. I love crafting and organizing, and you make it all just that much more fun.

    Can’t wait for more of your video’s, Hugs*

  14. Hi Jen! Rebranding is a great idea. It always feels so refreshing to make changes. Like rearranging furniture 🙂 While watching your video, before you mentioned getting away from your name in the new brand name, “Life Like Jen” came to me. I always love it when you say in your vlogs that although someone might not do things exactly or even remotely like you do, we can often gain inspiration and spark another really great idea. That is so true! You have inspired me (and from reading other comments I am sure many, many, many others) to make positive lifestyle changes – taking more baths, reading more for fun, appreciating family more, getting creative at dinner parties, organizing luggage, organizing a closet, doing a half marathon…the list is really endless.

    My fiancé (who often overhears your videos in the background :)) suggested “Life in Strides” – as in taking strides forward in life with every new thing you discover or learn and share with others. Enjoy coming up with the name – brainstorming is fun! I spent about 3 months coming up with the name for my blog, Awaken & Begin. I wanted to be able to write about all kinds of lifestyle things, including organizing, yoga, healthy recipes, inspiring books, and wanted a name that would allow me to grow with it. I also stayed away from including my name in the brand for the reasons that you are probably considering now. But, your brand is already so you, I don’t think you could go wrong if you tried 🙂 Think “Erin Condren” 🙂

    1. TFS your thoughts! Love you blog, btw, especially your posts that encourage considering your dreams and wishes in life. Very insightful!

  15. I’m late to the game with this post, but I just wanted to say good for you! I will be excited to see what direction you take your re-branding and I appreciate your willingness to share the process. This sort of nerdy thing interests me! Yay! 😉 I finally have a blog and got my own domain, but I still have so, so much to learn, and like you there is much I want to add/change… I actually used a background that designerblogs offered since you had mentioned them. Thank you for that! I would love to see you at a conference at some point in the future! Vlogger/Bloggers unite!

    Kathryn 🙂

  16. I love this! I am pretty new to your social presence and I love your posts. However, the one item I struggled with was all your channels, blogs, and just general presence and it was a struggle for me to decipher what they all were and how, where and what you posted. I am so glad you are making ONE place for all of your great content.

  17. Hi Jen,

    Finding this new development interesting and I have a question, if I may?

    You have said previously that you don’t do YouTube for money, or need the money it generates, so I wondered why the need for branding etc? These blogging/SM conferences are designed to help bloggers generate more income; to use affiliate links effectively, to use SM to their advantage, to get the best from Adsense etc. You said that you just like to share (sharing is caring!) so why has this now become about your brand and how to generate more revenue?

    By becoming revenue motivated you lose your authentic voice, which is what people started watching/following you for. I remember your insistence that you were, “a housewife and proud of it!” and you said that’s what you always wanted to be too. So what changed? I understand the need for something to focus on and be occupied with but it would be a shame if you lost what is intrinsically *you* by following ‘the rules of blogger branding’ and became another same-old-same-old, copycatting other bloggers.

    Lead, don’t follow. You were a pioneer housewife vlogger, where you lead many have followed and tried to copy. But they aren’t Jen. You are your brand Jen. You said you don’t want your name in you new channel name, but most of the ideas for channel names people have proposed include you name, because *you* is why people watch.

    With regard to content, conferences and rebranding…

    – Content should be what you want to share; not plugging things because you get a kickback, not vlogging because people demand it, not subscription box openings because “that’s what everyone else does”. Also filming content about making content and how hard it is, is never going to go down well, recognise what people tune into you for and focus on that.

    – Conferences are a great way to meet like minded people and learn about this career path. In your Alt Summit summation you said that blogging is not always recognised as a career path, I don’t think this is true at all. Blogging/being a SM Journalist has been a valid career path for many years, it may be new to you but it’s definitely not a new concept. The reason a lot of your followers call you out on calling it “work” or your “career” is not because it is not recognised, its because *you* were insistent you were a housewife; you enjoy being gentle on yourself and taking breaks often, so I could see that some people who work 9-5 might feel the word ‘work’ is being diluted here.

    – Rebranding. Just be you. Decided what *YOU* want to do, what *YOU* enjoy… And do it. Don’t do something because everyone else is doing it or because it’s the latest thing, or because you heard about it at the conference. People followed because you were you. If you want to move forward and capitalise on that, great! But stay authentic. Sit down, decide what you like doing, what you want to do going forward, what you want your blog to look like etc etc…and just do you.

    You are only here once… Enjoy the ride.

    1. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. This new path I’ve chosen is a natural progression of my online sharing. I want to rebrand not to be marketable but because I want my content to be framed in a way that makes more sense to me right now. I enjoy attending these conferences, because they motivate and inspire me. I like to learn. And right now, I’m very enthusiastic about blogging and making videos so that I can share. Everything I am doing with these changes is in line with that enthusiasm. I am doing what I want to do and what I enjoy and am so excited to share this journey with my followers. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on this with me.

  18. Hi Jen!
    I love the look of your media now, but I understand that we want change from time to time. Putting everything together vs. keeping things separate is a personal choice. There are so many tools – many of which you already use – to link things together while allowing a separate identity. There are pros and cons to both methods, and from what I’ve learned about you thru your blogs and YouTube channels is that you’re not diving in without having considered it carefully.

    Such things I explain to friends as being a “pockets person.” Like you, I like pockets in my purses, and kits and lots of cosmetic bags so things stay together but separate. One friend is SO good at incorporating every aspect of her life into this “whole” that makes sense for her. I admire that so I tried but it just didn’t work for me. If friends from work and from school and from Church were to show up at the same party, it would completely throw me! I’m not different with any of them, but they have their own “pocket” in my life and that’s just the way I am – perhaps it’s an introvert thing? I don’t know.

    So I wish you the very best as you look to combine/minimize/alter your media presence. Just remember that what has attracted so many of us to you is YOU – whether in multiple places or a single place, we are following Jennifer Ross. And I for one, will continue to follow regardless of the aesthetic changes. And am excited to see what’s coming!


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