Pregnancy Update | 35 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time! In my weekly update I share what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you. This includes general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received as gifts. Here’s the scoop at 35 weeks:

bump update 35 weeks 2015

Here’s the current status:

 How Far Along – 35 weeks (8 months/3rd trimester)

Baby Size Comparison – Canary Melon (19-20″ Head to Toe and 5.5 pounds)

❊ Movement  Baby Girl continues to be very active with lots of movement especially around mealtimes.  She loves stretching her legs out and gets the hiccups a few times a day.

Symptoms – Shortness of breath is the main one, which has been a common theme of my third trimester thanks to decreased lung capacity as Baby grows.  I also notice myself getting winded faster and fatiguing more easily, which I believe is related to my cramped organs and carrying almost 30 pounds of extra weight.  None of these symptoms are particularly bothersome, just noticeable.

 Physical Changes – The bump continues to grow even if my progression photos are deceptive.  Baby Girl is still sitting pretty high and I haven’t noticed her dropping just yet.

Weight Gain – 1 pound (28 total)

 Mood – I’ve been downright jolly this past week!  I’m just so excited about the holidays and counting down to Baby’s arrival.  It’s such a joyful time!

Sleep – Most nights I sleep about 8–9 hours.  I notice I get up about 3x a night now to relieve my ever shrinking bladder, but I always manage to go right back to sleep.

Food Cravings – I’ve been really into onion dip lately, which is not something I was overly fond of pre-pregnancy.

Food Aversions – Fish and seadfood.

Missing – Just like last week, my full lung capacity, but I don’t mind sharing the space with my little girl.

Looking Forward To – The nursery furniture delivery, which is scheduled soon.  I’m also planning to start washing baby’s things once the furniture is in place so I can put everything away.

 This Week’s Happenings – It was a pretty chill week after the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle of the week before.  I spent quite a bit of time nesting around the house.  I’ve been working on purging through the kitchen and mudroom and making room for baby’s things on the first level of our home.

carseat pickup december 2015

We picked up our infant carseat and stroller over the weekend, which we purchased from local shop, Galt Baby.  We decided on the Nuna Pippa carseat and UppaBaby Vista stroller.  It was such a pleasure to shop at Galt Baby as we were able to test out all of the models we were interested in a few months ago and recieved great advice from the staff.  They also assembled our stroller for us and a certified carseat technician showed us how to properly install our carseat bases.

I do plan on putting the carseat in the middle, which is the safest place for baby to travel, but it was easier for the technician to show us from the passenger side so we could learn, which is when the photo on the left was taken.

I talk more about my week in this video if you’re interested:

Thank you so much for your well wishes, kind words, and helpful advice.  I appreciate your support so much!


*This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update | 35 Weeks”

  1. Hi Jen,
    In all honesty, I don’t check your pregnancy posts. It’s just not the kind of content I’m interested in.
    That said, I thought I could contribute from my experience, from one “new” mom to another (my boys are a year old now so I don’t know if I can call myself new).
    This is something I wish I had started from day one and if you haven’t thought of it yet, I encourage you to do so now – a daily diary/journal.
    Since I know you’re going to be busy and exhausted (and hungry! Breastfeeding will make you famished), my suggestion is one of those one line a day types of diaries. All you need is 2 minutes at the end of the day (by which I mean at night because for the first few months there will be no such thing as end of the day), to write down in a sentence or two what happened that day. Things like “successful feeding” and “first smile” and even “ew green poop” will become an invaluable record of your family’s life.

    Your post says you’re week 35 so good job getting to 35! This should not be taken for granted so pat yourself on the shoulder and allow yourself to feel accomplished.
    Good luck on your journey to motherhood!

  2. Jennifer, I am curious if you have tried the “Necklace” test just for fun. Have your husband hold your necklace over your pulse. The necklace will circle for your little girl, and then will tell you what future children will be. Swinging back and forth will indicate a boy. Do the same test on Don’s wrist, and it will indicate the same as yours. Within my husband’s large family we have done this on every member and recorded the results. 102 family members (my husband has 7 siblings who also have large families), 102 correct results.
    Wishing you exquisite moments of happiness upon meeting Baby Girl.

  3. Just wanted to encourage you to look into vaccinations and autism. Just a suggestion. They are giving so many shots now it”s scary.I’ve watched some of your vlogs and I know you like to do research before you make a decision. Just a thought.

    1. While I do think it is always better to have knowledge and research I don´t think it´s okay to scare and stress a pregnant mom. A lot of the vaccinations have been around for ages and they are safe and recomended for a very good reason, it´s the ones that pop up very fast we should be concerned about and that hasn´t always had enough testing and side effects occur, but doctors know more than we do and we need to have an open discussion with them and trust them. And autism is not always just a side-effect so even if you don´t vaccinate it´s not a guarantee.
      I have autism and I had traits even as a newborn. Before shots. My siblings have had the exact same vaccines and they are not. And still, is autism really that scary it´s a cause of scare or is it just in need of better knowledge and less horrific portrait in movies?

  4. Wow, Jen! I can’t believe you’re st 35 weeks already! I’m excited to meet your baby girl! By the way, have you heard of a small machine called Tens? It’s wonderful for the days that you gonna have the contractions, it really helps to easy the pain, like a miracle, haha. Take care. Xo

  5. Well I know there are more serious things to discuss … but Winnie in that photo is adorable she’s like “Umm, is there something you’d like to tell me??”

  6. Hi Jen,
    I live in IL with my 3 sons and our daughter. You may have received this information, but since your due date is nearing. I thought I would give you some great advice I was given. My first job after graduating college was in labor & delivery as a RN. A couple of years after my marriage I learned I was pregnant and i wanted to do provide my children with the best possible nutrition they could receive, and I received many type of advice about breast feeding, but I felt so strongly about. I will admit my oldest was the hardest only because I had never done it before. I had one fellow nurse that gave me the best advice. First the hardest part many new mothers experience is getting their baby to latch on properly. They make it look so easy in the movies, but to be honest it hurts. I can remember my oldest son trying to latch on and I would hold my breath and curl my toes every time it was feeding time. But I was determined to do this. Once he was latched on it only hurt for a couple of minutes until it was time to change sides. My friend knew how bad I wanted to nurse and have that special bond only you and your child can have. After you finish nursing on one side you burp you baby and change sides. Once they are latched on the opposite side you then squeeze out alittle colostrum or milk and massage it around your nipple they first nursed from, if your able let your nipples air dry for about 5 mins so the milk can heal if you would develop cracked nipples. Babies can still nurse with cracked nipples. I was told to give it 1 month and if it still was to painful or I didn’t feel comfortable, look at it as I gave my best effort. I was so glad I was determined to breast feed, because after that 1 month I really enjoyed it, pain free for 14 more months. The only reason I quit was because I became pregnant again. By then I was only nursing in the morning and bedtime. I wish you and Don the best exciting new change that is coming into your life. You will be great parents and by the smile on your face Jen it shows. Time goes by fast so document as much as you can because that is something you will regret. Even if you don’t share all of them with your fans.
    Congratulations and just take everything all in. God Bless you. From a regular subscriber.

  7. Greetings from Germany, Jen 🙂

    Thanks so much for helping me organize my life! May you and baby girl always be happy and healthy.

  8. Jen, what was the deciding factor in choosing the Nuna Pippa over the Uppababy car seat? We purchased the Vista and matching car seat just for convenience. I figured they naturally go together. I know you thouroghly research these things so I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much! I followed you long before CC, and now My husband and I are enjoying your momma journey more then ever while we await the arrival of our first child.

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