Pregnancy Update | 34 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time! In my weekly update I share what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you. This includes general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received as gifts. Here’s the scoop at 34 weeks:

bump update 34 weeks 2015

Here’s the current status:

 How Far Along – 34 weeks (8 months/3rd trimester)

Baby Size Comparison – Pineapple 🍍 (19″ Head to Toe and 4.9 pounds)

❊ Movement  Baby Girl has definitely kicked it up a notch this past week, with lots of rolling and stretching movements, as well as mini kicks and punches (these don’t hurt, I can just see them through my belly, which is fun).  She continues to grow and push up against my lungs and diaphragm from time to time when stretching.  She even got a foot stuck in my lower rib for a brief moment!  Fortunately for both of us that didn’t last long.

Symptoms – I’m still experiencing shortness of breath, thanks to my expanding uterus and Baby Girl’s growth.  It feels like I can’t breathe fully, but it’s not actually that bothersome.  I do notice myself getting winded more quickly than before.  I experienced my first bout of swollen feet and ankles last week, although to be fair I think it was mostly due to all of the time spent on my feet for Thanksgiving.  This actually happens to me every year, not just when I’m pregnant.  I also had a bit of an inflamed, itchy belly button for a few days, which my nurse assured me was just due to the skin stretching and not an infection.  Sure enough, it cleared up after applying a little Neosporin for a couple of days.  All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well this far into my pregnancy!

 Physical Changes – Once again, I fear my bump progression photos are not doing my belly growth proper justice.  I definitely notice a change in the mirror and in just looking down!  Baby Girl is still sitting pretty high.

Weight Gain – 1 pound (27 total)

 Mood – It was a super busy week and I did experience a bit of overtired crankiness towards the end of the Thanksgiving push, but I’ve been quite happy for the most part.  I feel so much excitement with each passing day as I get closer to meeting our little one.

Sleep – Most nights I sleep about 8–9 hours.  I did have a few restless nights last week due to the aforementioned itchy belly button issue, but thankfully that resolved quickly.

Food Cravings – My mother-in-law made a hot artichoke dip to serve at Thanksgiving and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the leftovers over the past week.  Scrumptious!

Food Aversions – Fish, as per usual, but now also all seafood.

Missing – My full lung capacity, but I don’t mind sharing the space with my little girl.

Looking Forward To – The festiveness and holiday cheer of the month.  I’m feeling even more jolly than usual this year, and that’s saying something!

 This Week’s Happenings – It was Thanksgiving central at the Ross household last week and I spent much of the time on my feet.  I was pleasantly surprised I was able to host in the same capacity as I have for the past eight years without many repercussions, aside from the swollen feet (that went down over the weekend) and a bit more tiredness at the end of the day.  I bounced back very quickly and already feel right as rain once again.  I’m grateful I’ve been able to sustain such a high level of energy throughout my pregnancy thus far.  It was wonderful to be able to share in the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones especially during this most special time.  

nursery update 34 weeks 2015

I was able to continue progress on the nursery as well now that we have the window treatments up and the rug down from RH Baby & Child.  I also managed to get the closet put together over the weekend using Elfa components from The Container Store.  What I love most about Elfa is how easily customizable it is.  This is my starting point and I can always rearrange the shelves and add or subtract elements as needed.  It will be easy to tweak the closet to grow with Baby Girl and suit her changing needs as well.

I talk more about my week in this video if you’re interested:

Thank you so much for your well wishes, kind words, and helpful advice.  I appreciate your support so much!


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update | 34 Weeks”

  1. Super cute! I loved the nursery tour. This is the most excited you’ve seemed yet. So refreshing and I smiled right along with you. Glad the furniture is on the way. I do hope you’re able to get things together before baby arrives. From someone that also held off, assuming I’d have time later, don’t count on that! My little guy decided to arrive sooner than expected and demanded every waking moment for quite some time. (Plus side! I lost all the pregnancy weight before my 6 week check up. Walking seemed to be the one thing that calmed him!) Since we were cosleeping, his crib collected baby items for weeks before I could get to it. Looking back, I wish I’d been able to rock him during the day in a tidy room I could more fully enjoy. Hopeful that Baby Girl takes her time, but I am curious how you’ve prepared for a possible early arrival?

  2. The nursery is so cute. I love the colors on the walls, curtains, and carpet. The curtains are super cute with the lavender butterflies. The mobile will look nice in there. I am excited for you. It looks like it will be a very special relaxing room for you and baby to enjoy. Wow! Only 6 weeks to go! It is so hard to wait for baby (I had 5 and so excited for each one!) to come. It is good to hear that you are not having much discomfort. May you be blessed with a good labor and deliver a very healthy baby girl.

    1. Yes! We went with the UppdaBaby Vista stroller and Nuna Pippa carseat…I’ll share a look next week as we’re picking up both this weekend 🙂

  3. I watched this video before I went to bed along with the show friends. I then had a dream that you and Don named the baby Rachel. Lol! “Rachel Ross”
    No more binge watching YouTube before bed. 😄
    Love the nursery! I wish you continued health and happiness!!

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