Pregnancy Update | 32 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time! In my weekly update I share what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you. This includes general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received as gifts. Here’s the scoop at 32 weeks:

bump update 32 weeks 2015

We’re growing! 😀

Here’s the current status:

 How Far Along – 32 weeks (8 months/3rd trimester)

Baby Size Comparison – Head of Lettuce (19″ Head to Toe and 3.9 pounds)

❊ Movement  Baby Girl has started to run out of room to do a lot of fluttery kicks and such, but she’s just as active as ever!  I feel a lot of movement throughout the day, especially before and after meals and when I’m sitting or lying down.  She’s doing quite a bit of pushing/stretching in there!

Symptoms – I still thankfully don’t have a lot going on in terms of uncomfortable symptoms and haven’t even had any noticeable Braxton Hicks contractions in the past week.  I do feel as if Baby Girl has grown enough that she is now pressing more on my ribs and lungs, which sometimes leaves me feeling a bit short of breath.  I don’t mind so long as she has all the room she needs to grow strong and healthy.

 Physical Changes – That belly is getting bigger by the day!  I feel like there was a huge growth spurt in just the past two days even.

Weight Gain – 2 pounds (27 total)

 Mood – I had a great week in general, but was very affected by the terrible tragedies that took place in Paris on Friday.  As a new Mommy-To-Be I can’t help but worry about what kind of world our daughter will be born into, but I know in my heart that she will be ok because she will know unconditional love.  We will teach her kindness and compassion and how to have hope and be a light to others in dark times.  

Sleep – Most nights I sleep about 8–9 hours.  I’ve started getting up about 2-3 times per night to relieve my teensy tiny pregnancy bladder, but I fall back to sleep immediately so it’s no biggie.

Food Cravings – Grilled cheese and chicken tenders.  I’m 32 going on 8 apparently! 😉

Food Aversions – Fish and Chinese Food (but mostly just the smell).

Missing – My full lung capacity, but as I already said, it’s worth it.

Looking Forward To – All of the nursery bits and bobs I ordered that should come in soon, including the area rug and window treatments.  I’ve figured out how I want to design the closet and hope to have a chance to pick up the Elfa pieces I need from The Container Store to put that together sometime in the next week.  I also ordered a new cozy reading chair for our bedroom that’s big enough for two if one is small.

 This Week’s Happenings – I had a doctor’s appointment last week, which are now every other week.  It was a standard appointment where they checked my urine, blood pressure, and weight, listened to the baby’s heart rate (mid 140s) and measured my fundal height (31.5 cm – right on track!).  Everything looks good!

week in review baby shower 11-17-2015

My sister-in-law, Emily, and mother-in-law, Suzanne, threw me a tea party baby shower this past weekend, which was just lovely in every way.  It was me to a T!  I plan on sharing an in-depth post all about it as soon as I have the professional photos back and edited.  I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such supportive, caring, and loving women and cannot wait for Baby Girl to know how loved she is already.

I talk more about my week in this video if you’re interested:

Thank you so much for your well wishes, kind words, and helpful advice.  I appreciate your support so much!


* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


32 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update | 32 Weeks”

  1. As far as baby laundry detergent – its not worth washing baby’s items in different detergent unless you plan to wash the entire households items in the same detergent. Think about how much baby will be on you/your shirt/don’s shirt/your linens etc. I went with a dye free one and never had any issues at all!

    1. That’s a good point. Thanks for the tip! We use a dye-free eco-friendly detergent already, but maybe I’ll switch us to the unscented version so we don’t have to worry about using separate things. TFS!

  2. You’re the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen! 🙂 Your shower looks so lovely and right up my alley! I love tea and I love purple. I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear a little more about it. I’m sure it was a lovely day. You’re getting so close to meeting your daughter!!! So excited for you!!!

  3. Such an exciting time! In my hospital bag I packed an extension cord and it was the best thing I put in there! The outlets are usually so far from the bed and it was so nice to have my phone next to me for phone calls, texts and photos without having to move too much (which was helpful bc I had an unplanned c section!). So that’s always my tip for the hospital bag, I grabbed mine at Target 🙂 Random but very useful! 🙂

      1. Just an an FYI since I work in a maternity hospital, you would not be allowed to use an extension cord if the hospital staff were aware of it. Any electrical cords need to be inspected and approved by the hospital facilities department and extension cords in particular are not allowed because they are tripping hazards. If anyone has used an extension cord in a hospital, it is either because the staff was unaware of it or they were improperly trained on safety procedures! Best of luck to you in your journey, Jen!

  4. Jen, You are so adorable. I work at TCS and if you need the Elfa Friends and Family coupon just let me know how to send you one. It’s 40% off. Thanks for everything that you do.

  5. Jen, I’m so excited for you and Don! By the way you’ve looked stunning pregnant and I think your longer hair looks really pretty. I loved the butterfly curtains you chose from Restoration Hardware and can’t wait to see more of the nursery decor and baby girl’s closet. I’m super excited for a nursery tour!!! Do you have some of your fave nursery ideas pinned on Pinterest? I think lavender and white will be beautiful. I’m a little disappointed you don’t go for the white furniture though. I think that would have looked very pretty. I know you said you suffer from anxiety. Did you have to give up any of your anxiety medication to carry the baby? That’s something I will have to do and I’m not looking forward to it. (I’m not sure if you take anything but if you do I’m curious how it went.) Some doctors say you can continue taking medicine though. Thanks!

    1. I haven’t made my home nursery pinterest board public yet but I will soon. And I’ve actually never taken medication for anxiety so I didn’t have to worry about that when I got pregnant.

  6. I am sooo excited! The time is coming up fast 🙂 I have been watching your videos for a long, long time being able to see you go though such a fun and exciting time in your life is so amazing! Such fun ♥ Oh, and the 18 month may be surprised that maybe in about 9-10 months she may fit right into that dress :p My nephew is only 9 months and fits pretty good into 18 month outfits already. Such cuteness! Take care Jennifer ♥

  7. Hi Jen! We got a ton of clothes both at our shower and from friends and family but we did not get any newborn clothes. Everyone says — don’t buy newborn clothes, but I needed them and I DID NOT have a small baby (as in she was 9lbs at birth) but she was swimming in the 3 month clothes which were the smallest we had. I had one thing marked 0-3 that she wore home from the hospital and the very next day I was at the store buying newborn sleepers and she wore them for a good month and it they were well worth it. And I know it’s temping to buy all these cutest girly clothes but the easiest thing when they are so little is sleepers. I had a couple little parties and outings in those months and then I would put her in a pretty dress, but other than that, one piece sleeper types are the way to go. They do make really nice (and beautiful ones) — I think you showed one in your last vlog. Ahh — all your pregnancy videos are making me want to have another one!! You are so great Jen. I love watching you, I love how you put 110% into everything. I am so excited for you and your family.

    1. TFS your experience! I’m planning on picking up sleepers & onesies for newborn and 3 months just to be prepared 🙂

  8. Hi jen sounds like your doing great. As for laundry detergent have you ever used the ecos brand it’s made in Illinois and is organic I use there unscented formula and love it. It works really well and dosnt leave a residue. I have sensitive skin so can’t use the stuff with dye. Look forward to future updates.

  9. For my first I did not pack Tylenol. My husband got a headache after the all night of labor coaching. The hospital couldn’t give him anything. It was packed the 2nd time…just in case.

  10. You’re getting closer to meeting your baby girl! Yay!
    I just found out that I’m expecting yesterday morning and have had a world wind of emotions going on about it. Your baby shower sounded fun. Tea parties are absolutely wonderful.


  11. Hi Jen, I am so glad to see that you and baby are doing so well. For some reason I am unable to comment on your vlogs so I will take the opportunity to leave my thoughts here. First of all, thank you for the time and effort that you put into all of your work. It is always exceptional, and I enjoy it so much! However, I was saddened to hear that you may no longer be doing the informal, follow you around your home type of vlogs. These are my favourite type, much more so than the sit down ones. That being said, I of course respect whatever decision you make. I understand that you have to do what is best for your family. It is unfortunate that we live in a world that makes it necessary to be so cautious.

    1. I know that many people like you enjoy my follow-me-around style vlogs and I’m honestly not sure if they’ll stop completely, but it feels important to me to limit them with Baby Girl.

  12. Yay! I can’t believe you’re so close. You look great. Seriously! What’s your secret? Looking forward to baby shower video.

    1. Thank you! I credit keeping up with a regular exercise routine, *mostly* healthy nutrition, the support of my family, and the love of a good man are keeping me in good spirits 🙂

  13. Jen it has been amazing watching your journey through your pregnancy! Enjoy every moment of alone time with Don, for when baby comes those moments will be fewer.(not that either of you will mind) You all are doing amazing! God bless you both!

  14. Hi Jen!
    Love your updates! You’re so sweet! In reading the comments I agree with having lots of sleepers and I just want to add that if you do by them get ones with zippers! Because if you’re up at 3 am delusional from lack of sleep the last thing you want to fuss with is buttons!

  15. I worry about crazy too so I do blog about my son. Just to share my approach. I show pictures of our son but never show his face fully. I reserve his full image for family and friends. I share personal stories of his growth, sleep, routines etc. I don’t currently youtube but if I did I would really limit how much our son is shown too. I do watch videos with kids on youtube and they are incredibly cute but my opinion has been when he’s old enough to understand the impact of social media then it will be his decision if he wants to be on camera. Just a thought. You do what makes you comfortable as you said. You are such a smart lady. 🙂

  16. Love the baby shower decor!!! I am 22 weeks with baby #2 on the way. I’m letting my sister handle the baby shower…in it’s entirety. She asked for a theme and I told her to surprise me. I hope it’s as sweet as yours!

  17. SevenGenerations is what we use for our family. I started out with Dreft for my daughter and she ended up with patches of eczema. Our pediatrician had us switch to the SevenGen. that we use and also, asked us to ease up on her baths for awhile. She is now two and a half years old and we use BeautyCounter shampoo and Honest Company bath soap and conditioner. We also have stuck with baths every other night, unless she has been at the park or if it was a preschool day, then she’ll get one every night.
    Switching to products that are as natural as possible has been the best thing for her. My older two never had any problems and they used Johnson & Johnson without problem.
    Definitely wash all the baby clothes before you put them on her, you will find that many brands will shrink right away, especially the Carter’s brand. We use Hanna Andersson, her clothes are organic and she has some really fun prints and the pajamas are very cute. They do cost a lot more, but they are so soft and hold up very well.
    Congrats! You are glowing and I love the “Mama Bear” comment. 🙂

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