Pregnancy Update | 20 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time!  In my weekly update I share what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you.  This includes general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received as gifts.  Here’s the scoop at 20 weeks:

bump update 20 weeks

I’m kind of disappointed my belly doesn’t look much “bumpier” in this week’s photo, because I feel like there is actually a significant difference from last week.  Baby is definitely growing and so am I!

Here’s the current status:

❊ How Far Along – 20 weeks

Baby Size Comparison – Mango (6.5″ Head to Rump / 10″ Head to Toe (!) and 10 ounces)

Symptoms – No more leg cramps thanks (I think) to my daily glass of milk!  Still experiencing some of those uterus stretching aches I talked about last week, but nothing intense or bothersome.

❊ Physical Changes – I feel like my bump grew quite a bit this week, even though the photo doesn’t really show much difference from last week.  I also just noticed I have some more hair growing on my head!  It must have been there for months, but I only just noticed it as it’s getting to the length where it almost fits in my pony tail.  More hair on my head?  Yes, please!

Weight Gain – 2 pounds (12 total)

❊ Mood – I haven’t had the same kind of emotional swings I experienced last week, but I have noticed I’m more sensitive and prone to welling up at the smallest things, sad or happy, like a sappy commercial or song.  For the most part, I am still calm and happy and really enjoying the reprieve from my first trimester anxiety.

Sleep – 8 hours like a rock!  I get up 1-2x a night to use the bathroom, but it hasn’t interfered with my quality of sleep thus far.

Food Cravings – I’m still big on my milk kick and look forward to a big glass every night after dinner.  We’ve been watching I Love Lucy  episodes and I so enjoy sipping on milk while curled up on the couch.  I also had a craving for nachos earlier in the week – more specifically, shredded cheese melted on top of small bite Tostitos.  They had to be the small bite kind!  That phase only lasted a few days, thankfully.

Food Aversions – Fish and raw meat.  I can’t be around either without running away in disgust.

Missing – This is not a constant thing, but every once in awhile I miss having sushi, which is odd considering my extreme aversion to fish right now.  I think it has more to do with soy sauce and my general preference for salty things at the moment.

Looking Forward To – More of what I’m about to describe… 😉

❊ This Week’s Happenings – I felt baby move!  Huzzah!  At long last!  I have been anticipating this ever since I hit the 14-week mark and entered the second trimester.  It actually happened midway through week 19.  Ironically, my pregnancy post had just gone up when it happened.  I had just completed some cardio on the elliptical machine and was lying on the floor stretching when I felt a very distinctive jab-like kick in my lower abdomen.  I knew at once it was baby kicking and I lay there just beaming and holding my belly for a long time.  I realized at that moment that the rumblings I’d been experiencing on a daily basis in my belly for the last week and a half had been her moving around, but I hadn’t realized it.  Of course, I didn’t feel any other distinct kicks like that for another couple of days, but I actually have every day since last Friday.  It’s absolutely incredible!  The kicks are very subtle and feel like someone very gently tapping from inside my belly.  I usually experience them when I am seated in a somewhat reclined position and working on a focused activity like editing or writing.  Words cannot describe just how happy this makes me.  It is the most amazing feeling!

All image sources that are not originally my own photos are from the links provided below.  Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links.  This does not cost you any extra when you make a purchase.  I very much appreciate your support of this blog in doing so!

I did a bit of shopping this week and thought I’d share my finds with you.  I didn’t actually need anymore summer clothes after my first big haul, but Destination Maternity is offering 20% off most of its stock at the moment and I fell in love with a couple of tops I thought I could transition into fall with cardigans.  I also got a couple of basic tanks and a fun swimsuit cover-up on sale.

maternity haul 20 weeks

Sleeveless Button Front Maternity Shirt | Sleeveless Printed Swing Maternity Top | Scoop Neck Rib Knit Maternity Tank Top | Hooded Maternity Swim Cover-Up

I also purchased a couple of Jessica Simpson Nursing Nightgowns, but I couldn’t find the same models online to link for you.  I needed some new nighties to accommodate my growing bump and boobs.  Plus, I figured these would be great after baby is born is I am able to nurse, which I am hoping to be able to do.  They’re super soft and cozy!

I talk more about my week in this video if you’re interested:

My husband, Don, and I answered some of your pregnancy-related questions in this Q&A video earlier this week:

Please let me know if there are any other stats you’d like me to add to the list.  I’m happy to share!
Thank you so much for your well wishes, kind words, and helpful advice.  I appreciate your support so much!


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28 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update | 20 Weeks”

  1. Jen. I have to say it every week. I am so happy for you! Pregnancy was the most joyous time in my whole life and I was lucky to experience 3 pregnancies. I will treasure that phase of my life forever. That being said, I’m so pleased that you are savoring the time and documenting the memories. It’s an experience like no other, so please continue to take it all in bit by bit! And, not that you asked for nursing advice, but if I could offer you one bit of advice it would be to PERSEVERE when it comes to nursing. I failed at my first two attempts and though I’m proud to say my third time was a charm (still nursing at almost 18 months) I can look back in hind sight and recognize that if only I had persevered I would have been successful. I allowed myself to have too many crutches (an emergency stash of formula “just in case”) and I let other people convince me that it was ok to stop trying, but I really wish I hadn’t stopped. I can’t change the past now, but I say give it all you’ve got and know that your body will provide for that baby. Even if it seems you’re not making enough milk, don’t fret. Just keep the baby close, let her suckle often and rest assured the milk supply will come. Take care!

    1. I couldn’t agree more on the nursing about persevering. My son did not latch on until the 6th day. Read what the Laleche League has to say about nursing. They are a great resource and there are many chapters in each city so I’m sure you can give them a call to your local chapter. My son was born by c section. I asked them not to offer him any water or formula. My milk came in and I was engorged a little, but when he latched on he nursed for nearly 40 minutes. It was on the day I was being discharged and the nurse kept coming in to discharge me, but he was still nursing! It’s a matter of supply and demand. Your body will start regulating the milk according to baby’s schedule.

  2. Jen I am smiling right now. I am so happy for you. Isn’t it amazing?! I have had two bellies. One 19 years ago and the other 16 (soon to be 17) years ago. And I can still remember the first time I felt them both kick.

  3. So, so happy for you that you finally got to feel a little kick! I noticed that my daughter would go crazy in my belly right after I took a shower, I would lay down for a few minutes and enjoy being kicked, elbowed and punched lol! You look amazing Jen, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jen,

    I am a long time subscriber and viewer but first time commenting. I love your organizational videos as well as your personal vlogs. Congrats on your little girl! What a wonderful thing to bring a new life into the world. I am a new mom myself to a four month old baby boy and I thought it would be useful to share with you a few of my must haves for new moms that you might want to check out.

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  5. Hi Jen, I have been watching you for many years and I was so excited when I found out that you were pregnant. Well recently I started back at school (I am an elementary education major) and found out that I have to write a paper on a pregnant woman or family. I was wondering if it would be alright if I wrote my paper on you since your story in so interesting and you write such in-depth blogs and have such wonderful vlogs. Love all that you do and can’t wait to see what is to come. 🙂

  6. Jen! I was so thrilled to read that you’ve finally felt baby girl move. There might have been some chair dancing on my part.
    You look absolutely fantastic at week 20, can’t wait for the second half of the pregnancy and accompanying updates!

  7. Jen I am so happy for you! I have been following you off and on for about a year or so now and I can’t wait to live vicariously through this part of your life. My husband and I are going to start trying for baby #1 in the next few months, so it is really nice to hear how you are doing…. I want to start now, he wants to wait, so watching your videos helps me cool off my baby fever!

    xoxo best of luck with your bump!

  8. YAY for feeling her kick! So happy for you. Wait until she rolls around and you get an elbow sticking out randomly making you have a bump in your belly! And when your belly shifts from one side to the other. So fun!

  9. Just so happy everything is going so well and moving along fast! It seems that way to us anyway!
    Pregnancy is both the slowest and fastest time in your life!
    I can remember feeling those sweet kicks for the first time! Loved it!!
    You look great!! Loves! XOXO

  10. I just wanted to say thankyou for sharing your story. I have been extremely blessed with good fertility, and am 12 weeks pregnant with baby #4. Some days it’s easy for me to become a bit ungrateful for the miracle taking place in my belly, especially on days when my morning sickness (or all day sickness) is bad. Watching you & the wonder and joy you feel is reminding me it truly is a miracle, whether it’s your 1st or 4th baby. Thanks for bringing some perspective to my days 🙂

    With Love and blessings,

  11. Yay! So so happy for your that you felt your baby girl move! So exciting, Jen 🙂
    I definitely noticed in the last few videos how your lovely belly definitely got a lot rounder – it’s so beautiful.
    By the way, I have just been listening to Renee Maynard’s interview on her last pregnancy (have you ever watch The Bachelor? She was on Season 18 with Juan Pablo. She was such a sweetheart there), and she talked about how she needed anything salty.
    This is a link, if you have time to listen to it. I’ve enjoyed it so much <3

    xox Nadia

  12. You look great Jen! I am so happy you finally felt baby girl kick. I wish you continued happiness for the next 20 weeks. I know you can’t wait to hold baby girl, but savor these moments too. They go by so quickly. My baby girl is now 21.

  13. I love your updates! I’m about a week behind you with my first baby girl too. I am so excited you have felt kicks this week! I wasn’t sure if what i was feeling was bubs until my anatomy scan yesterday. When baby kicked on the screen i certainly felt it! Wishing you a happy and healthy second half!

  14. So excited for you! I’ve been following your posts each week and have been anxiously awaiting you feeling her move! My husband and I just found out a few weeks ago we are pregnant and I’m so looking forward to experiencing all of the things you share each week. Thanks for sharing! I would love to see your pregnancy planner and how you DIY’ed it! 🙂

  15. I have been following you for what seems like forever! You helped me transform our first home when we were stationed in Portugal. You helped me through homesickness and then when state side against through my rough bedrested pregnancies. I am over joyed for you and your growing family! Please take all advice with a grain of salt. Nursing, formula, birthing plans, just being a momma in general, all of it will come. Your instincts will guide you. If you don’t feel an overwhelming instant bond after birth or you can’t nurse past week 4. It’s ok! There is no shame in doing what you feel is best for you and your family. I wish you the best of luck and will continue to follow you even post pregnancy! Can’t wait to meet baby on youtube (if you choose to do so)!

  16. Yay for feeling the baby move! That is such a magical time when you know for sure and it is a clear indication that baby is getting stronger. It was the number one thing that I missed the most when I was no longer pregnant. (My youngest ‘baby’ is going to be a senior in high school this year.) Sometime in the future baby will wake you up with the movements or keep you awake but in a way that is getting you ready for when she arrives – somehow you still find a chance to sleep when baby is resting just like when she is born. Anyway, savor these sweet moments because they are something special. Many congrats to you and to Don!

  17. Hi Jen (and Don),

    Loved the new video.
    I have a question….i take it from your video you are planning to feed the baby yourself. Go you!

    Will you have baby in a co-sleeper, cot or moses basket when she’s in your room for the first few months?

    I was planning a cot but thinking a co-sleeper (bedside cot with 3 sides) might be easier for those night feeds.
    Would love to hear your plans…

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