Pregnancy Update | 15 Weeks

It’s pregnancy update time!  I thought it would be fun to post a weekly update (with a coordinating video) sharing what’s happening in my pregnancy journey with you.  I plan on including general stats such as how I’m feeling, any symptoms I’m experiencing, food cravings and aversions, weight gain, bump shots, etc., as well as what’s going on in my life that’s pregnancy-related and any baby things we’ve purchased or received as gifts.

pregnancy update 15 weeks bump

I started taking weekly bump shots at 8 weeks, but then we were traveling a whole bunch and I let the ball drop between weeks 11 and 14.  Oops!  Luckily, not a whole lot happened in that time, but now things are starting to pop out a bit.  I’ll include weekly bump shots with side by side comparisons from now on in my updates.

Here’s the current status:

❊ How Far Along – 15 weeks

Baby Size Comparison – Navel orange (4.5″ and 2-3 ounces)

Symptoms – A little bloating & some fatigue over the weekend, but both were most likely due to travel.  Feeling pretty peppy otherwise!  And very thirsty all of the time!

❊ Physical Changes – Bump more prominent.  Boobs still growing.  Oh boy!

Weight Gain – 1 pound (6 total)

❊ Mood – Happy as a clam, but definitely more prone to welling up and even crying for both happy and sad reasons.  Hormones are fun!

Sleep – 8+ hours a night with 1-2 interruptions to pee.  Sleeping like a rock and enjoying it while I can!

Food Cravings – Fruit and lots of it!  Specifically, papaya, pineapple, mango, & watermelon.  Yum!

Food Aversions – Fish, but only on its own.  Apparently I still like it mixed into other dishes.

Missing – Hot dogs, but only briefly while I was in New York. Haven’t thought about them since.

Looking Forward To – Starting to dream and scheme up the nursery.  Lots of pinning to do!

❊ This Week’s Happenings – Cleared furniture out of the baby’s room / Traveled to NYC for the BlogHer Conference / Threw a Gender Reveal Party (it’s a girl! ❤︎)

I talk more about my week in this video if you’re interested:

Please let me know if there are any other stats you’d like me to add to the list.  I’m happy to share as much as I can!  Don’t forget that it’s #BumpDay.  Share your past or present bump on social media using the hashtag #BumpDay if you’d like to participate!

Happy #BumpDay!


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  1. Congratulations again Jen. Loving your progress reports. It’s been 25 years since my last bub but I still remember the differences between my two pregnancies. My first was a boy, didn’t get overly big out front but sideways, craved toasted tomato sandwiches and couldn’t stand the smell of vegetables cooking. Hubby had to do them and I would have to go outside until they were done. Baby two was a girl and I was physically sick for the first 6 months, to the point of going to my Doctor and having a needle on two occasions to stop it. I grew out the front quite a lot and my butt increased in size too. No real cravings with that one. Hoping all continues to sail along smoothly for you now. Wishing you, Don and Miss Winnie all the best.

      1. Jen, I had my son 1/1/2015, after some big hurdles trying to conceive, including a miscarriage. His whole nursery is pb, and the quality and customer service is top notch. Even if you do not get he furniture I highly recommend their bedding and curtains, especially their blackout curtains. They wash so easily and their bedding and sheets get softer and softer. January babies are truly such a blessing. Wishing you an amazing and safe journey ahead.

  2. Oh Jen, thank you so much for sharing. I’m watching (well listening to, at this moment) your coordinating video and wanted to let you know that you are so deserving of the blessings coming your way. Your child is going to be mothered by an extremely caring and attentive woman, and I thank you for sharing so much of your journey. As a long time viewer, I am so excited to see your family expand. You’re going to be such a wonderful mommy, my heart is full for you.

  3. I think you should keep your hands off your stomach for future bump shots – just like in the first Week 8 one! That way we can see the actual bump more clearly.

  4. You and baby girl bump are soooo stinkin’ cute! I’m sooo thrilled to be able to ‘watch’ you experience pregnancy and being a mommy… thank you for sharing this journey with us, your YT/blog family!! (kenzeelee on YT)

    1. I’ll let you guys know probably on my social media accounts before we film our couple’s Q&A together 🙂

  5. Hello! I just found out I am pregnant and was searching for pregnancy vlogs on Youtube, I came across your channel and love your content! Can’t wait to see your future videos and to learn from you, you are about 10 weeks ahead of me, so thank you for showing me what to expect! The bloat is serious here too! Good luck 🙂

  6. Yay, I’m so excited for you! I’ve really enjoyed pregnancy vlogs from other youtubers I follow, and I’m happy you’re doing them too. It’s such a wonderful journey. Loved the cute little baby things you bought. I think every woman starts out buying something small and cute.

    You mentioned fitness in your video, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about a prenatal routine I absolutely loved. It’s called Ballet Baby. It’s done by the woman who created Ballet Beautiful (her non-pregnacy videos), she’s also famous for being the ballerina who taught Natalie Portman to dance in Black Swan. I’ll try to post a link here –

    Anyway, they’re wonderful videos. You don’t have to know any ballet to use them. That and prenatal yoga are great.

  7. Jen, I am so so happy for you. I have been watching you from the beginning and have been so excited for this for two reasons. First and most importantly, because you and Don will be such loving parents. And second, so that hopefully we will see lots of baby videos (products, organization)! I have a 21 month old and a 4 month old and being able to wake up to their smiling faces every morning makes me the happiest mommy ever. Good luck with everything and thank you for sharing this wonderful time in your life with us!

    1. LOL! I have been feeling more chunky than preggo up until this week. Now it’s starting to look more bump-y…at least when I look down 🙂

  8. Jen! I am so happy for you and Don. You both will make awesome parents for the princess! I also have a name suggestion Melissa! Lol!!

  9. I dont want to scare you. But thirst is a possible sign of diabetes. So you could mention it on your next appointment and they could maybe take your blood sugar. Some get it while pregnant, but mostly towards then end.

      1. Thirst is VERY common with pregnancy. I wouldn’t worry. You will get the diabetes test between 24-28 weeks. I’m sure you are fine! I am an NP so just wanted to reassure you.

  10. Hello Jen!

    Hope you are all doing well and congratulations on your little bundle of joy. A couple of questions for you! Will you be going on any special vacation? Like a baby moon? Will you film your labor and delivery? I hope so!

    With warm regards,

  11. Hy Jennifer! Congrats for the baby! I’ m so happy for you!! My baby boy has 8 months now. I’ m interested in a children book nook.

  12. Congrats on the baby girl to be! I just wanted to recommend a book called Baby Bargains…it’s fantastic! It helped immensely when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old. The book really does all of the research for you in helping you decide what you do and don’t need to buy for your baby. It also helps you to understand what you should splurge on vs. go cheap on. It’s a fantastic book!

  13. Ah! I remember those days! I loved doing pregnancy updates weekly on the blog and you’re def making me think back lovingly on those moments. Girl, my boobs got so big, it was ridic!

  14. Hi Jen!

    Congratulations to you and Don. I’m so excited to see how this unfolds and meet your lovely baby girl. I love watching your videos since you started and for what I’ve seen and for what I know, I can tell you guys will be great parents and that baby will be full love.
    Please keep updating and shearing with us. Are you going to share the name of your baby? are you going to show her on your videos?
    I’m so excited for you and again, Congratulations!

    Take care

    Martha Thacker xx

    1. Hi Martha – I’m going to go over those questions in a future video. We’re still considering where we stand on those things.

  15. Hi Jen.
    I had the tracy hogg book and the gina ford one. Both vooks sent me a bit crazy thinking why isnt my baby doung such n such or my baby needs to be asleep by a certain time or needs to feed a certain amount at a certain time. Now Im all for routine for babies (especially when my twin girls came aling when my little boy was 18 mo ths old) but I figured out my own routine with them. As long as you have a routine for baby and you, then thats all that matters. This business of leaving the baby to cry so they learn their routine etc…nonsesense. Go with your motherly instincts. Read books but only take from them what you think is right.
    Oh, by thr way, i got the coach poppy purse finally!!
    Thankyou!! Xxxx

  16. Congratulations sounds like you are having lots of fun getting ready. I have been really into frute latly to ever have frozen watermelon. It’s amazing on a hot day

  17. I’m a short torso girl too! I totally understand about it showing off your belly more prominently…for awhile I kept saying I felt like I had a turtle shell on backwards. hahaha.

    you look great! can’t wait for more posts!

  18. Congratulations to you both! My first daughter was born three weeks before my 33rd birthday – sounds like your timing will be similar to mine! It took us 16 months to conceive – I felt your words right in my heart when you spoke about how much you longed to be a mommy! I just had my second daughter at age 39 – and, she was a surprise pregnancy! I have heard that subsequent pregnancies are often easier but never believed it until it happened to me! Best of luck to you for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  19. First off, Congratulations. In your first video you talked about your planner and I was hoping that maybe you could share what type of things you are keeping track of during your pregnancy. We are TTC with already 1 child.

    What part of Pennsylvania are you from? We live just outside of Philadelphia.

    Thanks and Congrats again. So incredibly happy for you guys.

    1. I’ll definitely be sharing more details about my pregnancy journal in a later post. And I’m not actually from Pennsylvania, although I did live in Pittsburgh for awhile as a girl.

  20. Jen,

    I’m so proud of you and so happy for you! I decided to give up my career to stay home and raise my children. It is the greatest job I’ve ever had. On a totally differ r subject. Did you know that the name Melissa means honey bee in Greek? it may be a fantastic name for the little bee you are carrying.

    I’m so happy for you and Don!!!!


  21. Hi Jen
    I am so happy for you! I also am a long time viewer and was always hoping for you to have a baby. I thought you would be an excellent mom – I cannot wait for your Baby Organising video’s! You are glowing! Nothing like a baby that makes you glow. I have a 4 year old girl.

  22. Jen, I have just started looking at you website and vlog’s in the past several months. I love them. Congratulations and best wishes to you and Don on your pregnancy. A girl, how sweet. Ilena

  23. Congratulations to you and Don!!! I am expecting as well and will be 16 weeks on Sunday. I wanted to vlog as soon as I found out but like you said after the first trimester it just feel “safe” to share the good news.

  24. so so SO excited for you, Don & Winnie! 🙂
    Have you thought of names yet? Will you be sharing that info. Before that sweet baby gets here?
    Thanks for sharing this adventure with us all!!
    Xoxo ~ Michelle

  25. I remember from previous videos and posts that you are a knitter. Do you have any special items you are working on or plan to make for the baby? I personally love knitting baby stuff but don’t have children so my family and friends definitely get the benefit of that.

    1. I honestly wish I could, but my time management prioritizes my work and my time with loved ones over hobbies. I hope to make time to work on a project again at some point, but right now there just aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all.

  26. Hi Jen,

    So happy for you and your family. Such a wonderful blessing is coming your way. Your baby girl is lucky to have you all as her family. God bless you all.

  27. Hi Jen, From one short-waisted mom to the next, the baby will most likely move up under your ribs in the very last weeks of your pregnancy making you pray she doesn’t go over her due date.
    I craved apples throughout my daughter’s pregnancy, and I jokingly attribute this to her very healthy life-style. I think this is why I love your video’s so much as you so remind me of my sweet baby girl!
    Love your baby room excitement. Happy days always wished for you.

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