I’m Pregnant! | First Trimester Recap

Surprise!  I am beyond excited to announce my pregnancy.  I have dreamed, wished, hoped, and prayed for this for so long and my heart is filled with joy that I am finally able to share this good news with you.  I plan on continuing to share throughout my journey, but first, there’s a lot of catching up to do!

pregnancy announcement 2015

I am 14 weeks along as of this past Sunday and now officially in the second trimester.  This brings me such relief!  I feel like I can finally get really excited about my pregnancy without quite so much anxiety weighing me down.  I felt very nervous throughout my first trimester, but I’ll get into the reasons behind that in a moment.  First, I’d like to share about finding out I was pregnant at last.

postive pregnancy test 2015

My husband Don and I had been trying for a couple of years and I used both Eastern and Western medicine to help prepare my body for successful conception and implantation (more about our preconception journey in my coordinating video below if you’re interested in hearing more).  You can imagine our absolute shock and joy at finally getting that BFP (pregnancy lingo for Big Fat Positive) in early May!  I woke Don up by showing him the positive pregnancy test (you can tell it was early by how delirious we both look in that picture 😉 ).  It was a happy and beautiful day for both of us as we’d been working towards that moment for some time.

We ended up telling our parents and siblings within the next 2 weeks, before my first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks.  My doctor wanted to see me early due to some of the issues I had with conception.  I was a ball of nerves going into that appointment, because I knew it would definitely show if I had a viable pregnancy.  I had an ultrasound first where we got to see the teensy tiny embryo and its visible fluttering heartbeat.  The wave of relief that washed over me at that moment was incredible.  I had the usual barrage of first prenatal appointment blood and urine tests and they also weighed me and took my blood pressure.  All looked good!

I actually injured my back earlier that morning.  By the time we left the doctor’s office I could barely move and I was flat out and in quite a bit of pain once we got home.  Poor Don had to carry me from the bed to the bathroom and back, I was so incapacitated.  Later than night I started bleeding and I thought I had lost the pregnancy.  The bleeding only lasted for about an hour and tapered off, but I was absolutely devastated.  Even Don was concerned and he’s usually unflappable.  By the morning I was just spotting.  We called the doctor who wanted to see me right away.  They performed a second ultrasound and much to our surprise and delight, the baby was absolutely fine, its little heartbeat still fluttering away!  They located a blood clot in my uterus, which they determined was not actively bleeding anymore.  It wasn’t large enough for major concern, but they scheduled me for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks just to check up on it.

I spotted continuously throughout the next four weeks.  This is where my first trimester anxiety was rooted.  I am a worrywart by nature and the first trimester is a nerve-wracking time for many since so much could go wrong, but the spotting made me a ball of nerves.  The doctor had assured me that spotting, so long as it is brownish in color, not heavy, and not associated with pain, is not a concern.  I learned that 20% of women will experience unexplained spotting or bleeding throughout their pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.  There’s really no way to determine exactly what the cause is in most cases.  Regardless of having and understanding this information, I was still a wreck.

first trimester ultrasounds 2015

I went back in for another ultrasound at 8 weeks and again experienced that flood of relief when I saw our baby, now officially a fetus, on the screen.  We actually got to hear the heartbeat as well which was amazing!  The baby was measuring on target for our projected due date of early January and all looked well.  They could see the clot was still there but inactive, so it wasn’t a cause for concern.  This helped relieve my anxiety a little but, but I was still spotting regularly so it didn’t erase it entirely.

Just one week later I experienced another bout of bleeding (bright red as opposed to the brown of spotting).  It started in the afternoon the day after I flipped into 9 weeks.  I bled for about twenty minutes and then it tapered off.  An hour and a half later it started up again.  This cycle repeated itself three or four times and by the end of the night I was a complete wreck.  I didn’t understand what was happening, if the baby was ok, what it meant that the bleeding was coming in such uniform waves.  It was too late to call the doctor’s office, which was closed, and both Don and I decided it wasn’t a medical emergency, because I wasn’t in any pain.  I was still completely panicked, of course.

We called first thing the next morning and once again they wanted to see me right away for another ultrasound.  Once again, we got to see that the baby was ok and heard its little heartbeat.  The relief was overwhelming this time and more powerful than any of my other experiences before.  It was amazing to see how much our baby had developed in just one week since my last ultrasound!  I thought it kind of looked like a little beaver (in the cutest way possible).  The clot was still visible, but again, not active anymore and not of concern.

I had my second prenatal visit scheduled for the following week at 10 weeks and they added an ultrasound to that appointment to check on the clot and also, I think, primarily for my peace of mind.  This was a much more relaxed experience, as my spotting had started to taper off over the last week and the previous ultrasound had provided so much relief.  The baby had developed even more in just one week!  This time we could see a much clearer outline of its body with distinguishable facial features as well as little hands and feet with wiggling toes.  The baby was very active during the ultrasound and we could see it kicking its little legs.  Don swears it waved at him!  I had the usual urine, blood pressure, and weight checks.  We also decided to do an optional chromosomal abnormality test at that time, so they drew my blood for that.  The results came back a week later negative.  Good news!

The spotting stopped by the end of my 10th week and I haven’t had any since.  My anxiety also tapered off and by week 12 I was feeling much more confident and at ease.  I was so nervous for the first twelve weeks that I barely let myself talk about or research my pregnancy.  Now that I feel more confident, I’m enjoying these things, including reading books about pregnancy and infancy, surfing the web for infant-related product reviews, and starting to dream up the nursery.  Now it’s time for the fun things!

I had my third prenatal checkup at 13 weeks, which was a pretty low key appointment where they just checked my urine, blood pressure, and weight.  I also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again from a doppler machine.  My next ultrasound isn’t scheduled until my 20 week checkup, which is the normal timing.  My doctor’s confidence is reassuring.

Aside from the spotting and bleeding incidents, I was fortunate to not have any other severe first trimester symptoms.  While I did experience some intermittent queasiness and tiredness, it was nothing unmanageable.  I believe my weekly acupuncture visits and specially tailored Chinese herbs kept those symptoms at bay.  My most noticeable and consistent symptom was bloating, which persisted throughout the entire first trimester and has just started to wane.  Luckily, it was painless unless I was wearing pants, so I invested in maternity jeans early on.  I was going to have to buy them anyway and now I’ve gotten even more use out of them.  I’ve gained five pounds to date.

If you’d like to hear more about our preconception journey and my first trimester, check out this video:

I’m hoping to post a weekly update in blog and/or video form and would love your feedback on what kind of pregnancy stats you might be interested in seeing.  I also hope to share other pregnancy-related content, including hauls, my new skincare regimen, a look at my pregnancy journal, and others.
Please leave requests if you have any!

My pregnancy content will not replace my usual content.  I decided to take a mini break from vlogging this week, but I will be back to my normal three weekly posts next week in addition to any pregnancy related content.  I’d love any advice, product recommendations, or book suggestions you may have.  I am so excited to add this to the mix and can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to be able to share with you!
Happy Day 🙂


* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


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  1. Oh Jen, I’m SO beyond thrilled for you and Don! I almost burst into happy tears at seeing your photo on Instagram, I know this is something you’ve been wanting for a long time. I know you will be the best mommy and i cannot wait to see all your pregnancy content!! 🙂 congrats!!

  2. Congratulations Jen, Don and Winnie! You are going to make great parents and Winnie is going to be the best “sister” ever! I hope things continue going well and YES!!! I would love to hear updates on anything and everything! Congratulations again….

  3. OMG congratulations! So happy for you, Don and Winnie! That’s amazing news! I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Bwing a mom is the best. I actually didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 16wks!

  4. Ahhh Jen! Congratulations! As someone with fertility issues, it is so NICE to see someone who is having a successful time after a bout of issues. Wishing you luck with the rest of your pregnancy and can’t wait to follow the journey with you!

  5. Jennifer, I am so very very happy for you and Don. You will make such amazing parents, what a lucky child to have you both. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Congratulations! You guys will be great parents! Having a baby is such a blessing. Cherish every moment, even the hard ones. Much love to you an yours!

  7. Congratulations!!! My pregnancy radar did blip for you a few weeks ago so it wasn’t a massive surprise 🙂 but I am still so happy and excited for you and your family and can’t wait to watch you embark on this adventure. Right now I need to make a cup of tea before I settle down to this video, 47mins could be a new record 🙂

    1. I think I have a few old organization videos that are that long or even longer, but this one was a doozy. I could’ve broken it up into 2 videos (preconception journey & first trimester recap) but I was so excited I just wanted to say it all in one go 🙂

      1. Your pregnancy video was of a perfect length. It gave me plenty of time to celebrate with you. As for the content of your posts, anything and everything about your pregnancy is great by me.

  8. Hi Jen!

    I hardly ever comment on Youtube or blogs but I have been watching your channels for a couple of years now. You’ve helped me push past my own anxiety issues and step outside my comfort zone. I started crying when I saw this post because I am so incredibly happy for you. I am hoping to become a mother soon and I was so encouraged to hear that you are enjoying that journey right now. I will be praying for your little one until their joyous arrival. All the very best!!

  9. Congratulations Jen and Don! I’m so happy for the two of you, I almost started crying! I’ve followed you for a long time now, and to be honest I always wondered if you were trying but I felt it wasn’t my place to say anyting. I think you’re going to be a great mother. I can’t wait for more videos about your pregnancy, I would love just updates, as well as hauls and of course we want to see the nursery when it’s ready! I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing. My husband and I have been trying for number 2 for a while now, but I hope to be able to follow all your videos being just a trimester or two behind. Again, I’m honestly so incredibly happy for you! Try your best to enjoy the pregnancy (I found it really hard my first time around), because you’re gonna miss it afterwards, haha.

    P.S. I totally have a feeling it’s going to be a girl!

  10. I have read your blogs for a long time, and I wondered if you were gonna have a baby…and you announce on my 45th Birthday! Congrats!

  11. Comgratualtions Jen and Done! This is wonderful news. I knew something was different and about a month ago was thinking you were pregnant. This is awesome. You and Don will be excellent parents! I love to hear anything and everything that you would like to share. I always enjoy your videos but seeing or reading your pregnancy videos make me giddy with excitement. Congratulations again and I’m sending my best wishes as this new facet in your life unfolds!

  12. Such wonderful news!! I bled throughout my first trimester too. I was such a ball of nerves!! All was fine though and my little one just turned one recently!!

  13. It’s so wonderful to see you so happy! Congratulations to all of you, and enjoy your journey! Try not to Google too much, even once baby is here. 😉 Trust your instincts!

  14. Congrats you guys, I’m so excited for you. We have 4 girls and there is never a dull moment. Take it easy, let Don spoil you, you guys are getting ready for an exciting adventure:)

  15. I am over the moon for you both! Congratulations! I’ve been waiting for this for you guys for a long time! My son is 11 months and it’s the best thing ever!

    Pamper yourself, go on a lot of dates with Don, get everything you want to get done, because life is about to change drastically (but in the best way!).

    1. We know and we’re making the most of the rest of the pregnancy but absolutely cannot wait for the changes, big and small!

  16. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! My daughter Elisabeth is now 10 months old and it is a wonderful time! Enjoy this time!

    Greetings from Vienna!

  17. What exciting news!! I’m so happy for you and Don! What a blessing babies are and you guys will make the greatest parents! Congratulations!!

  18. Oh Jen, I’m so excited for both of you and your family! I’m sure this is has been a long time coming! I look forward to following your journey! I have a 16 year old now and I can live vicariously through you! Haha. So so happy. Congratulations!

  19. Jen!!! I am so SO happy for you two. This news put me in such a good mood! I wish you two all the happiness in the world!

  20. Oh Jen I am honestly so happy for you, Don and Winnie. I wish you much love and luck as you start on this amazing journey into parenthood.

  21. Congratulations! I had such a similar 1st trimester- early spotting and a bout of bright red bleeding at 10 weeks. So much anxiety and excitement- just a very emotional time. My 2nd and 3rd trimesters were uneventful though and my daughter is 18 months old now! Hoping the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful too!

  22. Congratulations! What wonderful, happy news … prayers and best wishes for a smooth pregnancy and healthy new addition!!!

  23. The loveliest news – all the best with the forthcoming months. Something tells me you will make excellent parents! X

  24. Jen, Don and Winnie,

    I am so excited for you! We just had our first baby, a son on May 14th and I can’t express how much fun and love and fear all at the same time you will experience. Happy and healthy 9 months to you!!

  25. Congratulations to Don, Winnie and you! What wonderful news!
    My first child will be due any day so I have already gone through all the anxiety (And still have some. I guess the worrying will not stop until they are 60 years old?) I hope everything will go well for you and I am very much looking forward to all the Baby related contend!
    Lucia from Germany

  26. I’m an avid reader and yt subbie. I never post anything on the web. I’m coming out of the shadows to say… I’m very happy for you and Don. Can’t wait for any baby content you have. I’m pregnant as well. I secretly wished you had a baby. Because most baby blogs dry.
    Good luck. Hugs!

  27. Jen, I am so so happy for you! I mean, I can’t even express in words how extremely excited I am for you (and Don, and Winnie)!!! I look forward to watching and reading about your journey 🙂 Oh goodness, you and Don are going to be SUCH amazing parents! And although Winnie might not know it yet, she is going to be an awesome big “sister” 😀
    Once again, Congratulations you guys!

  28. Congrats!!! My husband and I are planning to try to get pregnant this summer and I am super nervous! Was this your first pregnancy? How much bloodwork do they have to take (I’m terrified of needles).

    1. Yes, it is my first viable pregnancy. They took quite a bit but nowadays they just stick you once and then draw vials from that. I’m not good at having blood drawn either but this way isn’t so bad.

  29. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The joy I felt when I read that on my news feed was as if my sister or a dear friend had just announced their pregnancy. Couldn’t be happier for you, Don, Winnie, and the rest of your family. You guys deserve all the best and you will make such excellent parents. I know I’ll be coming back to all your pregnancy-related posts later on when I have my own little bundle of joy in the near future. Take care and rest sweetie 🙂

  30. Congratulations!! I completely understand the hardship and emotion that is felt when you fight to get pregnant. I, unfortunately, haven’t experienced the excitement of getting pregnant but I wish you all the best and am so excited for you! I can’t wait to see what your journey is like and who this little one will turn out to be!

  31. Heartfelt congratulations to you and Don! The joy ahead of you is like nothing you have experienced. Happy for you both and enjoy your pregnancy, it goes fast!

  32. Congrats to you both!! Such a special and exciting time for you!! Savor every moment because it goes so fast and then the REAL adventure begins!! Looking forward to all updates and shares!

  33. I am so pleased for you both. We’ve been ttc for a few years now and I know the heartache of waiting. Can’t wait to follow you in this journey x

  34. Congratulations! So funny, I was just telling my husband yesterday I thought you were expecting. Just things another mother can pick up on! I had a similar experience with bleeding as well I even bled at 15wks. I understand the nerves because we had lost our first little one at 10wks. At 28wks, I bled so much we made a trip to labor and delivery and they admitted me right away. I knew for sure I had lost my little one. To our surprise she was very healthy and moving around. I found out I had what is called marginal placenta previa and was ordered to be on bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy. We now have a happy and healthy 17 mo old and she is such a blessing! Children will change your life in the most wonderful way possible! Blessings to you both!

  35. I am not so sure why I am SO EXCITED, but when I saw the pic on Instagram I got goosebumps!! So happy for you both!! Lucky baby to grow up with such a wonderful family (including extended!!). So happy to hear, and so happy to for baby/kids organization!! Congrats!!

  36. Congratulations! I too went through a tough 5 year struggle to conceive and carry. I also had the same spotting issues. Don’t let the worrying dampen your excitement.

    Enjoy the baby craziness!

  37. Congratulations Jen and Don! I was so thrilled to see your news I even got a little teary. We just had our miracle baby boy 4 months ago, so I am especially emotional about any baby related news:).
    How exciting! I will be looking forward to all your future baby related posts. Enjoy the dreaming, planning and shopping:).

  38. Jen,
    I’ve been following you for years and I’m so happy to hear your wonderful news. Congratulations to your lovely family.

  39. Congratulations to you and all your family! What a wonderful blessing. I’m sure everyone is over the moon happy for you all. You and Don both show us what amazing people you are in everything you share. It is easy to see you will be such wonderful parents.
    May God continue to bless you with a healthy pregnancy. I’m excited to see all you share with the many exciting things yet to come!

  40. That is fantastic news! Congratulations to both of you. That first photo of the two of you looking shell-shocked has magic in it 🙂

  41. What a blessing! I’m so glad to hear that the baby is ok. I can see how you would be so frighten. I pray the remainder of your pregnancy goes smoothly so that you can enjoy this wonderful time. God bless you Don and baby

  42. Congrats Jen! I’m so happy for you. I’m starting my second round of IVF next Sunday. Seeing your announcement makes me feel hopeful and a little sad. I’m watching your video now and getting a little teary, although it’s obviously my own choice to watch it. Since you’ve struggled conceiving as well, I’m guessing you can understand. I’m excited to watch your journey and hope I can join you soon.
    PS. I had a similar experience as you on going off the pill. First time, I basically begged my doctor to put me back on it. Second time, it took me 18 months before my cycles got regular again.

  43. Jen I would love to see anything and everything pregnancy and baby related! Share as much as you want 🙂 🙂
    I am so so happy for you! I actually got so excited when I saw your announcement that I scared my husband!

  44. Congratulations Jen and Don! I somehow guessed this when I watched your family reunion vlog. You guys were talking about how your family meetings have changed now when there is a new generation of grandkids. And Jen looked so peaceful and beautiful while saying that… I am so happy for you! All the best from Finland ❤ Hugs and kisses!

  45. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am super excited for you. I was smiling from ear to ear for most of the youtube video. YEAH!!! All the best!

  46. I am so very happy for you and enjoyed your announcement video. You and Don will be wonderful parents!! I have three children and they bring so much joy to me and my husband. You will get lots of advice from lots of people so be prepared to hear lots of stories and experiences. A good friend told me many years ago to listen to the advice of friends but trust your doctor first. Can’t wait to see everything!! Much love to you and Don!!

  47. I am so excited and happy for you guys! Our little guy was born 5 weeks ago and it what was quite a ride for us, too. Lifefactory makes awesome baby bottles by the way! Try to stay calm, relax and enjoy this time!

  48. So happy to hear about your good news. You were wondering how much you should blog about your pregnancy. I personally would love to hear about it. My daughter is turning 20 next month (how can that be? they grow up fast) but I still love to hear about pregnancy and babies. It brings back memories :). It is now part of who you are. So share away.

    1. Same here – my kids are 15 and 19 and I still find myself looking at carseats and strollers in the baby aisle!!

      Jen, someone once best described to me how it feels to have a child. It’s like a piece of your body – maybe your arm, your leg, or better yet, a piece of your heart, has detached from your body and is now walking around on its own in this world, and your sole job is to love it and protect it and raise it well. I was explaining to my 15 year old daughter the other day that her failures are my failures, and her successes are my successes, and her happiness is my happiness, and her heartbreak is my heartbreak. She didn’t get it, but it’s true. There really is no other way to explain it. My children are physical pieces of me that are running loose in the world. There is no greater fear and no greater pride.

      All that being said…congratulations!!!

  49. Congratulations!!! This is the best time of your life, I never tire of hearing pregnancy, birth etc. stories. So happy for you!

  50. Congrats! You know, I wondered about all that “tidying up” you’ve been doing. 😉 I went through some bleeding during my second pregnancy (he just turned 37) including one that sent me to the hospital. I figured that he might come early. My son ended up 3 weeks late (they let you go that long back then). I did miscarry my next pregnancy around the time I first bled with my 2nd child. My last two pregnancies were fine with no bleeding at all. Can’t wait to “meet” your baby!

    1. My son (now 19) was two weeks late. Yeah I don’t think they let you go that long nowadays. They even tried to send me home because I wasn’t dilated enough and my husband said that fire must have come out of my eyes and my ears as I said “I am 42 weeks pregnant and I am not. leaving. this. building. without my baby.” They then decided to admit me. lol

  51. I knew it!! Congratulations!!! I’m pregnant too, 5 weeks… I’m a ball of nerves because I want to get to the 12 week to be sure everything is ok. I’m so happy for both !!

  52. Congrats! This is SO exciting! I am very excited for your future baby-related videos and posts! We hope to be with you every step of the way and we hope you will feel comfortable in sharing all your details with us. As a fan, I hope you will always continue to post even after your pregnancy, though I’m sure all your schedules will change! Anyways, congrats again, you and Don deserve to go on a little vacation to celebrate – a babymoon (like honeymoon)! Will pray for you! YAY! 🙂

    1. We’ve planned our babymoon for September which also happens to be our 10th anniversary trip. I’ll vlog during that for sure!

  53. CONGRATULATIONS, JEN AND DON!!!! So very happy and excited for you and your little family. You two will be SUCH great parents! Sending you love and hugs from NYC!!!

  54. Hello Jen,

    I have been following you on youtube and your blog for several years. I could tell you really wanted children. So from Belgium i wish you the best with your pregnance and hope you and Don will have a healthy and happy boy or girl! Seeing you happy makes me happy as well :-)!

  55. Such great news! I have been following you for years! Before I had my son (now 2) I could relate to your Vlogs so much! And while I still love to watch and look forward to all of your content, I am REALLY going to love to see how you organize your life with a little baby! It was a big shift for me to go from time with just my hubby and I to a family of 3. I now REALLY have to schedule my workouts and juggle birthday parties, play dates and my “work.” You are Don will make great parents and I can’t wait to cheer you on for this next big chapter in your life!! PS – Check out Hypnobirthing. I had a Doula, water labor in the hospital and had a drug free delivery. It was the most amazing, empowering thing I have EVER done! Cheers!

      1. I’m preparing for home birth with 2 midwives… I also SecoND the hypnobirthing, esp. Since you are already a yogi!

  56. I cried happy tears when I saw your video. Congratulations!! We had our first the past February. My favorite book was ‘Bringing Up Bebe’. Not a pregnancy book, but gave me a boost in confidence for child rearing.

  57. Oh je le savais ! Je ne saurais dire pourquoi et comment mais je l’ai ressenti dans les précédentes vidéos. Peut-être parce que je suis maman de 4… 😉
    Je suis heureuse pour toi et Don. Vous serez de merveilleux parents.
    Félicitations !!!

  58. I knew it! I knew it! I dont know how but i knew it. (Maybe pregnant woman can sense other pregnant? 😉 Congratulations to you and Don

  59. So happy for you both! My baby boy turns 1 on Thursday and we have a 2 year old girl too. You will research everything I am sure but here are my top tips. We are die hard “moms on call” fans. We have two good sleepers and I think it is due to our schedules. We try to never miss a 7pm bedtime. Yes, you have to miss out on some family things and fireworks and what not but for us it’s worth having happy well rested kids and parents. Nursing…I have a lot to say about nursing but it is the hardest thing I ever did. It is not natural haha. It took me going to the lactation consultant almost daily for the first 3 weeks to feel good about it. Don’t be afraid to call for help. Its weird having a 65 year old hippy women touching your boob but just remember that is what she does and chooses to do. I cried, sweat like crazy, and turned bright red from it but it was worth it. I had to use a nipple shield for a while and one of mine had to get her lip tie fixed but we did it. Also know there is nothing wrong with formula. Both my kids used both! And they are perfect. Find a mommy and me group and go EVERY WEEK. These will become your new best friends and you need them. Don’t wait to go either. As soon as you feel well enough get out of the house. Most important. This is your baby. When people (like me haha) give you advice, take what you want and let the rest fly by. Use your mommy gut and if something seems wrong call the doctor. Don’t be nervous if its after hours. This is what they signed up for. One more thing. GOOGLE. Ugh. They one good thing about google is if you keep googling you can almost always find the answer yo want 🙂 Soak it all in mama. The first pregnancy is one of a kind.

  60. So very happy for y’all!! I personally struggled with fertility issues, we tried for 5 years before we were blessed with our own little miracle baby!! God definitely knew what he was doing!! Can’t wait to see your journey continue! It’s definitely an adventure!! Congrats and enjoy every moment!!!

  61. Such a wonderful video, I am so happy for you Jen! I am 39 and my hubby and I went to a fertility Dr for a year. My fsh was really high (27) and the Dr said there was no hope and that in vitro would even be a waste of time and money. After feeling devastated and defeated for so many months we decided to put everything on the back burner and maybe look into adoption…well the first month we didn’t go back to the dr we conceived. My little boy was born 4 weeks early on April 9th and is napping peacefully on my chest as I watch your video. I am madly in love 🙂 Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I can’t wait to see your pregnancy videos. I know you are going to be a wonderful mama!

  62. Congratulations Jen, Don, and Winnie! I am so thrilled for y’all! I will pray for you as you go through this wonderful journey.

  63. Jen, I am so beyond happy for you. I seriously cried when I saw the title and then cried along with you at the end of your video. I have also dealt with infertility in my life and it is so hard. My second and third children took 2.5 years to conceive. I am also currently pregnant with number 3, I am due in mid December. We can be pregnancy buddys!!! I can’t wait to share this new journey with you. I would love to hear everything, so post and make lots of videos about everything. I have been watching you for 3+ years and have enjoyed everything that you have posted. Wish you all the best and I will be praying for.

  64. Congratulations Jen and Don!! You both are going to be fantastic parents. I can’t wait to see you through your journey of pregnancy!! Give Winnie extra hugs and kisses.

    Congratulations, again!

  65. Jen, I am SO SO happy for you. Today is my day off and I had just grabbed my phone while lying in bed and your Facebook post was the first thing that popped up when I opened Facebook. I jumped out of bed so quickly to come read your blog because my phone wouldn’t suffice haha. I am so excited for you and Don. I know you will be wonderful parents and I’m glad to see you are sharing your journey with us! I’m so sorry you had so many scares in your first trimester, I know that can be absolutely terrifying but I’m very excited to hear that things are going much better now! Now it’s time to enjoy yourself and experience every little thing. I cannot wait to hear you’ve felt the baby kick for the first time. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever feel in your life.

    I’m heading over to watch the video now so I’m not sure what all you’ve said in there, but I think weekly belly shots would be fun (I’d like to see them, but if you’re not comfortable with that, I’d recommend it for you and Don!), weekly symptoms, baby stats, and I am SO excited to see what you have planned for the nursery because I know how well you decorate. Congratulations Jen & Don!

  66. Congrats Jen!!! This is awesome news! I love reading your blogs as well as watching your videos. Even though I’m way done with the baby stage with my kids, I do enjoy reading and listening to other people’s baby stories. Really looking forward to more 🙂

  67. how happy I am for you all♥ what an exciting time , enjoy every minute!! you and don will be wonderful parents and little Winnie will be the best big sister♥♥♥♥

  68. I am so very happy for you. I love love love that you are opening up about your fertility struggle because It really helps so many who are ashamed or afraid to talk about it. We struggled through years of fertility tx and finally had our twins last year. Many congratulations to you both on your blessing! Look forward to following your pregnancy!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!

    1. Oh and I really enjoyed hearing about your experience with Chinese medicine. I still struggle with bad cycles and plan on looking into that!

  69. Jen, I’m so happy for you and Don! I’m sure everything will be OK for you and can’t wait to follow you during this journey. Take care of you and Baby Ross. xox Chantal

  70. Congrats, Jen, Don & Winnie! I had a dream you were pregnant back in May & have just been waiting for you to announce it. . I had my son when I was 33 & was lucky to have a book pregnancy & delivery. Just keep exercising. Makes for a much easier delivery. Enjoy every minute of this journey for it goes by very fast. My son is now 23, & I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single minute of his life. I tell him all the time he makes me look like I knew what I was doing as far as being a parent. You’ll be in my prayers & congrats again on such wonderful news.

  71. CONGRATS Ross Family! That is awesome news. I don’t know why but I had a feeling about it too…..I just wanted to recommend a book for you that I found extremely helpful. Its called baby 411 (for the first year in the little ones life). There is also one called Expecting 411 and that was a great resource too since I too was very nervous throughout my whole pregnancy ( I had a miscarriage with my first) so I understand your nerves. I googled way too much and the Dr actually told me to stop. I also had bleeding at my 20th week, which sent me into a complete tizzy. Thankfully everything was ok and I carried my son to term and have a beautiful, healthy and lovable boy. You really learn what love is when you have a child. Congrats again!


  72. Super excited for you and Don! Yay! I’ve been had ups and downs during my pregnancies. I had one abortion at 18 and had a miscarriage over a year ago. But I have three beautiful children, all under the age of 4! My first was one of the worst, I had severe preeclampsia and delivered my son 10 weeks early. It was really scary. I gained too much weight too quickly and had suffered from high blood pressure. My second pregnancy was the best pregnancy. I had no morning sickness, I was very active, and I had the perfect belly. I had given birth to a very healthy baby boy. I had gestational diabetes through my third pregnancy and I had to see a specialist and had to see a doctor once or twice a week. It was really hectic. I gave birth to beautiful baby girl. The moment I found out I was pregnant which each pregnancy, I told my mom right away. I couldn’t help it.
    I saw your YouTube video. And share only what you want to share. I’d love to see a weekly update, the hauls, and some vlogging.
    Love your videos, Jen. Congratulations.

  73. I was crying my eyes out by the end of your video. So, so happy for you both. Having been an avid follower of yours for a few years now, it’s so amazing that this is happening. Everything in it’s right time… x

  74. You owe me a laptop! I started eating my lunch and spotted the news on Facebook and was SO EXCITED for you both I about spewed on my laptop. LOL I don’t think I’ve EVER been so excited for anybody in my life. Enjoy EVERY minute of the most creative time in your life! I’m So Happy!!

  75. Crying happy tears with you! It wasn’t all that long ago, I was where you are. Savor the precious moments and every happy thought as you enjoy the ride on this sweet journey. I know you asked for advice, my advice…you don’t have to listen to EVERYONE’s advice that is about to come your way. (wanted and unwanted) Just smile and say ‘thank you’, and then follow your heart. <>

  76. Great news congratulations!

    I remembered my positive pregnancy test in the early morning and going waking up my husband by shaking him very hard 🙂
    Enjoy your pregnancy!

  77. Jen! Finally this is the video that I have been waiting for!! Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and Don. I can’t wait to follow you on your journey. Please post as much as possible!!

  78. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and Don (and Winnie) I look forward to following your journey during this special time.

  79. I’ve been a follower for a long time. I started watching you with my aunt and we always wondered about a family for you! You’ve been the most inspirational nonfamily person in my life. Congratulations to you, Don, and Winnie! I cannot wait to see the new content this brings!

  80. Jen,
    I’m so happy for you and Don! It is a wonderful time for you. Once you hold your little one for the first time, all the hiccups will be history and your little family begins new adventures. You will read and hear many things from many sources about the care and needs of your baby, but I’d like to say that the most accurate information will come from him/her. Relaxing so the baby feels your calmness gets you through so much! I did read my weekly chapter in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and those passages did help through my two pregnancies. Enjoy each joyfilled moment and dream you experience as you wait to meet your little one! Congratulations!

  81. Congratulations Jen! I am over the moon for you. I have followed your youtube channel for quite some years and I am so happy for both you and Don. You are going through such an exciting time. Your video made me cry, very touching!

    I am so pleased you are going to be sharing your journey with us and am so excited for your future. I would love you to go through your charting in one video as feel it would be good for other people going through preconception. Cannot wait for the nursery organizing and designing.

    Best of love, Josie

  82. Congratulations! So excited for you both! My little one just turned 6 months, and I know how nerve wracking that first trimester can be! Enjoy this magical time, and it only gets better from here!

  83. This will by far be one of the happiest times of your life. Enjoy every second! Many congrats to you and Don! As a mother of two, my best advice is to ignore the advice of most and listen to your heart and gut when it comes to everything baby and parenting related. :o)

  84. I am absolutely delighted for you both! How exciting! When I was pregnant- I also had a rather scary first trimester and one of the best things we did that helped, was rent a doppler! When the baby wasn’t being too active and I would let the fears of trimester 1 creep back in – I could get the doppler out and hear that sweet heartbeat whenever I wanted to. My husband became a pro at finding it super fast, and I was able to record it as an audio file forever! I highly recommend looking into renting one, if you think it would ease your mind between pre-natal appointments! And once more – congrats! 🙂

    1. I read about that, too, but ultimately decided against it as I ended up having so many ultrasounds and really felt peace of mind by 12 weeks. It can be great for some, people, I’m sure!

  85. I literally shrieked when I saw this pop up on Facebook! What an incredibly special time for you and Don and Winnie. I am looking so forward to your pregnancy posts and videos. Congratulations!!!

  86. Woo, Hoo!!!!! I am beyond thrilled for you both!!!! Such wonderful news and I am sure you will be wonderful parents. My daughter gave birth to my Grandson just 4 weeks ago and reading your post took me right back to the days of pregnancy and the phone calls asking if this or that was normal…..every new Mum worries about the slightest thing, but better to be safe than sorry…… I am sure you will have a wonderful, healthy and happy pregnancy……enjoy your time carrying your precious bundle and remember to rest and take good care of yourself. I wish you both all the happiness this event can bring…

  87. I’m so happy for you and your family!! Congratulations!!! Loved the video and .. gah.. I cried happy tears for you. I love the idea of a weekly side shot of the baby bump for your pregnancy, that’ll be so fun to see and you’ll have awesome pics to look back on after baby arrives.

    You are a beautiful person. I’m all too familiar with the struggles of conceiving. Your announcement brings back memories of my own pregnancy struggles as well as the relief of finally having a healthy pregnancy and baby! Well, make that 2 kiddos, now 🙂

    Congrats, again!! I’m looking forward to watching your joyful future vids on organizing a nursery <3


  88. Jen, I am so happy for you that I cried! I have followed your YouTube videos for the past couple years, and your blog. I will admit, I wondered from time to time why you have not already had children.. so it is humbling to hear about your conception issues. I am so overly thrilled for you. Its so obvious You and Don will be outstanding parents. I look forward to your updates! By the way, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with a girl!:)

  89. Oh my word!! I am over the moon excited for you and Don. Such a blessing. Sending you hugs and lots of love from Oregon.

        1. It would be fun to have pictures to see how babybump is growing 🙂 Like sideways with a tanktop or something. From teeny to baby 🙂

  90. Congratulations!!!

    so so happy for the 3 of you!

    I hope you are doing bump shots, it is amazing to see how the body changes every week

    lots of love,

    Dani (all the way from Uruguay)

  91. Congratulations! I could not be more happy for all of you! I cried when I saw your announcement come up in my Facebook feed, I cried when I started watching the video, and then I cried again when you got emotional at the end. I just feel like there’s nobody that deserves this happiness more than you and Don. You are so generous to share your lives with us, you’ve taught me so much (from healthy lifestyle to great recipes and cooking techniques!) and now I am so thrilled for you that you get to have what your heart has desired. Congratulations to the entire Ross family! PS I want you to share EVERYTHING about the pregnancy! (Well, everything that you are comfortable sharing. As much as you can! I’m so excited to take this journey with you!)

  92. Such wonderful news…. Praying for a blessed pregnancy and delivery. I could stop from smiling while I was reading your experience so far, excited to hear/read from you soon. Best Wishes for you, Don and your entire support group (family & friends) …

  93. Congratulations Jen & Don! I am so so thrilled for you both. When I saw your facebook post it brought me to tears. It is such a wonderful, wonderful thing and you are going to be the sweetest mommy! You are going to love being a mom. I cannot wait to see how you decide to decorate the nursery! I love the cute ultrasound photos- it is such a truly amazing experience to see your baby develop. Just feeling so much joy for you!! Lots of love to your family!

  94. I held it together until you cried! I am so happy for you and your family! I totally called this to my boyfriend a week or so ago, so he’s excited now too! I’ve been watching from the start and always looked forward to this time in your life. I have my degree in early childhood and family studies, am a professional infant nanny, and basically a baby nerd. Now my favorite YouTuber is pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited! I have always thought about how amazing your pregnancy content would be; nursery decorations/organization, hospital bag content, updates, diaper bag walking pharmacy (my dream video), cute lil’ gender reveal! Ah, so excited! When Emily was pregnant I LOVED every baby related video you made. In updates I’d love to know about how you’re feeling, how Don’s feeling, any noticeable changes, changes in Winnie’s behavior, baby/mommy products, and bump shots.
    Thank you so much for sharing! Keep close the you the things you want to keep close, follow that Mommy Gut. Lots of love and good vibes to you and yours! xox

  95. I cried along with you in your video. Thanks for sharing all the struggles you have had. I am so happy for the two of you. Winnie is going to be a great protector and Gracie will have a cousin to play with. Congratulations.

  96. Oh Jen! I feel like my best friend just told me she was pregnant! I am SO excited for you guys! Prayers for a smooth pregnancy and delivery. I can’t wait to watch your journey!

  97. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m going to watch your video here in a minute but couldn’t wait to say how happy I am for you and Don! My husband and I had trouble conceiving for 13 years and just received our little blessing in April 2014. She’s 15 months now and a ball of energy. Cant wait to follow your journey. Please check out my youtube channel at Jennifer Marie..and you will get a glimpse of our miracle. HUGS!!!

  98. Jen!! I am so thrilled for you! I have been through a very similar situation, and after three long years, and the help of IVF, I am finally pregnant and due in November! I have been a huge fan of yours for years now, and have always wondered if you might be struggling with fertility as well. It is a difficult road, and isn’t talked about nearly enough. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I am so excited for you and Don!!

  99. Congratulations!!! Your story sounds so much like my own in relation to the time it took to conceive and the spotting. And I cried with you because I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. And now I have a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter. So happy for you! And I really look forward to all of your updates =)

  100. So happy for you family! I know that horrible disappointing feeling month after month of a negative test. After trying for two years exactly I finally got a test that just said pregnant. I stared at it for about five minutes looking for the “not” part to eventually show up, and then I took 3 more tests just to make sure it wasn’t wrong! It’s now 8 years later and I have two beautiful kids. I call the first one my miracle baby and the second one my surprise baby because it only took 10 weeks to get pregnant the 2nd time and I wasn’t even trying! They are only 13 months apart! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us, totally made my day!

  101. I can relate to your feelings, Jen. I had difficulty conceiving, but after three years I had my first of three girls at age 30. It was hard not to worry while I was pregnant- but the worrying kinda continues as they grow up ! What helps me still is allowing myself to be in the current moment of my life . I hope to encourage you and that you find more and more peace as your journey progresses. Soooo happy for you!

    1. Living in the moment is huge for helping me with anxiety as well. I know there will be so much more to worry about but also so much more joy!

  102. I thought you were pregnant!

    Completely understand the waiting to share as well. I bled off and on throughout the first trimester and my mother had miscarried several pregnancies before her second trimester so we were on edge until week 20. No one was told anything until then unless they were immediate family.

    Good luck and congrats to the two of you!

  103. Congratulations! I’m so thrilled that you and Don are going to be parents. It is so exciting to see couples who share your kind of love and who desire children to be blessed with them.

  104. Congratulations and Thanks for sharing your lives with us. You and Don will make the most amazing parents . I was crying right along with you. So very happy for you!

  105. Hi Jen! First of all, I just wanted to say “Congrats!” on your pregnancy. I knew that something was different about you lately, mainly because of that glow that you’ve had in your videos, especially your vlogs. I have been a wonderful subscriber to you on your videos for the past couple of years, but I unfortunately, will be amicably parting ways from you and your YouTube channels for a while. I am truly sorry, but it’s what my gut feelings are telling me. I will never forget how much you have helped me grow not only in myself, but as a person, especially in this society where I’m always frowned upon for having social anxiety and a learning disability. I will be reading your blog, but I won’t be commenting on it, for a few months. I appreciate your understanding in my unsuscribing for a while, but it is what needs to be done by me. I will come back and suscribe one day, but it will be quite a while. Again, my sincerest congratulations to both your families… One last question, will the content still be changing even once you’ve had your baby?
    Take care and have a great rest of this blessed year!
    Katherine M.

  106. congrats to you both! Had me in tears too! Enjoy the journey. My son and daughter in law found out the gender of my grandson at 15 weeks by going to a private ultrasound place. I’m sure in your area there are bound to be a few if you can’t wait till the typical 20 weeks or so from your regular doctor. The results were accurate and where they went you could bring the whole family if you wanted and we could tell he was a boy no problem! I was an eager grandma and as a gift I paid for the test. They wanted to know of course too! So excited for you and Don.

  107. Hi Jen, congrats to Don and you. Ive followed you both on YouTube via UrsulaMcFly and have for a couple of years now I’m a Nova Scotian mother if 6 and know motherhood is a wonderful magical event. A baby brings such positive light into the world. You and Don and baby are so lucky to have finally come together. Happy days happy days. Lots of positive vibes…and mommy vibes are being sent your way on this Atlantic ocean breeze 🙂

  108. My sister faced a very long road to pregnancy as well, SO I AM VERY happy to hear about your news! I will be praying all goes smooth for the rest of your journey. Congratulations! You two are going to be lovely parents!

  109. I too had difficulty conceiving as I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. While our challenges were slightly different, I so related to your video in all aspects. I appreciate you sharing your story, as it is the story of so many women, and you did so beautifully. My heart is thrilled for you and Don. As a Mommy of three sons now, I can say that all the struggle and heartache is so worth every single second, as you will soon see. In fact, I am grateful for it. I have such a different perspective to mothering after the “battle” to get them here, and I am so grateful for even the smallest of tasks or moments. I pray that you too will treasure it all. Welcome to the other side! God bless you richly!

  110. I’d love to see vlogs! And videos about new products you’re using. And plans! Baby shower party plans/nursery! Food you’re eating! Like literally anything. I definitely want to see as many vlogs as possible though. Those are always my fav >.< Love you! xoxo

  111. Jenn! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for someone I don’t know in real life. You are going to be such an amazing mommy! My husband and I tried for 5 years and last year we finally had a successful IVF cycle. I know the heartache of wanting a baby for so long and the joy of finally seeing that a BFP! Congratulations Jenn!

  112. I AM THRILLED for you! Thrilled! You will be such a wonderful mom. Sending good thoughts from Nashville. 🙂

  113. YAY!!!!!! So happy for you and Don!!! You will be FANTASTIC parents and I can’t wait to follow your journey…….BIG congrats!!!!!

  114. CONGRATULATIONS JEN & DON! I literally could not be happier for you! You are such a sweet and loving person and my heart is filled with joy for you. I am so excited to follow you along your journey. It’s so amazing how I have been watching your videos for years and feel like I know you because of it. I started crying the second I saw your video title, and balled along with you whenever you teared up while I was watching it. I can’t think of a more deserving person for such a great blessing. Thank you for sharing your life with us; you mean more to us than you know!

  115. My daughter experienced the same bleeding throughout her first trimester, and her sonograms never “showed” her little one so doctors thought she miscarriaged. We didn’t allow the doctors to do anything about it because I felt in my heart that my daughter was fine even when my daughter didn’t think so. Needless to say in the middle of her second trimester, there on the sonogram was her little peanut! My daughter was also told she had placenta previa and needed to be in bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. But, today, the little peanut named Briana is now three and is very happy and healthy! Congratulations to you, Don, and Winnie and may you have the very best experience throughout!!! Looking forward to seeing/reading about your journey…

  116. Awe i’m so happy for you and Don! it just shows that the longer one waits for something, the greater the reward will be 🙂 congrats!

  117. Congratulations to you and your family! I have two boys and I had the most wonderful natural births with them both. I never had any physical symptoms of pregnancy in either of the pregnancies my first pregnancy I was a heap of anxiety up until 16 weeks as I had a little unexplained spotting but once I got into my second trimester the anxiety simply left me and was replaced with excitement and the constant want to go shopping for baby supplies!
    A few tips, don’t get caught up with the Internet and baby books too much, you will develop a natural mothering instinct that takes over and you’ll know best!
    Record everything!!! Growing bump, vlog it, journal it, take photos. You can buy some lovely pregnancy journals now that make a lovely gift for when the baby is older. Don can also write and share too. Start planning now how you’ll record your baby growing up. I took a lot of photos amongst other things, but I wish I had done more to preserve those memories, such as vlogging even if I kept them private. My babies were great during the night, only woke for feeds at 2am and 6am ( went through at 5 weeks old) but those quiet peaceful moments during the early hours were some of my favourite times… The stillness of it and wondering how many other mothers across the world were doing the exact same thing. I’ll never forget those precious moments, make sure you save them in some way too.

  118. I’m so very happy for you and Don. What a terrible 1st trimester, I cried when I listened to your description of the awful times. So very happy you are out of that 1st trimester and so excited to see you doing so well now. I cried when you cried, makes me happy too! I only craved saltine crackers with my pregnancies (many moons ago). I’ll be waiting for all your videos and blogs!

  119. Everyone will give you all kinds of advice…and they always tell you how hard nursing is, or how little sleep you will get, or how much your life will change. But the thing you don’t usually hear is how much you are going to love this baby!
    The moment you lock eyes with your child for the first time YOU are forever changed. The love you will feel is a love you have never felt before. To me it is the greatest gift.
    I have an 11 yr old son and a 7 yr old son. My other advice would be in those first 4 months hold that baby as much as you want to!!! They get to a point at about 4 months where they don’t feel newborn anymore and they won’t nurse through distractions;) And they want to move and see and learn. That newborn stage is so, so short! Soak it all in (especially with a first baby…when you have no one else to take care of, and you can nap when they do;) I wish I wouldn’t have felt pressure to get so much done and I would have just held, and rocked my boys even longer. All those chores will still be there when your done, but your baby is only that small for a short window.
    So happy for you both!
    Favorite Mommy Blog:

  120. Congratulations! I totally bawled at the end of the video with you. I have two wonderful children of my own and I remember that feeling of gratitude when I was carrying my children. It’s the best feeling in the world! You and Don will be wonderful parents!

  121. Jen,
    I am so happy for you and Don! I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy remainder to your pregnancy, and healthy and fast delivery and a perfect little baby!

  122. So incredibly happy for you and Don. Motherhood and parenting is one of the greatest gifts. My children are adults now, but I still remember every wonderful day of being a young mom. Enjoy every moment, good or bad. They are life’s treasures. Your love for this baby is so abundant and flowing from you. I would love a video with you and Don at some point. This new journey is your path to the most amazing time of your life. Being a mom is the best job ever!!! Love and best wishes.

  123. Dear Jen,

    I have been following you for only a couple months but I really like your posts/vlogs and I am really HAPPY for you!!Congratulations!!
    As someone that is also trying to get pregnant for a while I would love to hear about your experience and your pregnancy journal.

    All the Best

  124. This news was just so exciting!! It will be so enjoyable to watch your journey! Congratulations to both of you!! May God Bless!

  125. I saw this while at work and have been on pins and needles to see the video when I got home! One video I’d love to see is the eastern herbs you use. We are having a hard time conceiving and I’d like to hear more about that. So excited for you and Don! Can’t wait to see more!

  126. Sleep! Sleep both of you as much as possible. You will soon be very tired and sleep deprived. I tell all my pregnant friends, SLEEP! So much, too much, alot! Congratulations! So exciting! Your life is about to change in the best most awesome way ever! Enjoy your time with Don and Winnie now. ~ <3 Abismommy

  127. So Very Happy for you and Don! What a Blessing! Enjoy every moment even the Dr. visits! My 2 children are now 29 & 25…the time goes fast! Love following you on your journey! Thanks Jen!

  128. I’d been up all night, couldn’t sleep because of neuropathy in my feet. I finally went to sleep at 11:00 AM. I just woke at 2:30 PM & like always checked my Instagram. I couldn’t believe the photo with the little booties! I had to get up & go on my desk top to your blog. By the way it looks amazing! I never read any blogs but I read this. I’m so thrilled & just cried for you & Don. Cried from happiness that is. I’m sure it’s been a frightening 3 months for you both. Now you can relax a bit, it will better for the baby. I’m so happy I could just burst. I feel like telling everyone I know but they’d think I was nuts. They don’t get the whole “I know them” feeling from YT. I look forward to I hope many videos documenting your journey. I will have to read the blog also. I hope you’ll do lots of posts. Congratulations again, you’ll be wonderful parents.

  129. Jen, please do not stress about putting out content and whatnot. Your audience will happily wait for you to have time. Do what your mind and body says is right for you and don’t worry about us! We all want the very best for you and if that means taking time away from “business as usual”, so be it! 🙂

  130. Congrats to you and Don. I loved the video as well I think it’s wonderful that you are choosing to share this amazing moment in your life. I have be watching your videos for about two years now and am so excited to see your journey. You will be an amazing mother with all your positivity and happiness you have and Don will be a wonderful father as well, with his caring and big heart. Can’t wait to wait ever week.
    I think it could be quite to do a couple videos or posts with Don a little peak into how he is feeling and such I always like the pregnancy videos with both parents. And of course can’t wait to see the nursery I’m sure it will be adorable!!!

  131. Congrats to you, Don and Winnie I am beyond excited to hear such wonderful news, as a mom who has gone through your journey as well, it is fantastic to hear such joyous news!!! Enjoy this journey as it is one like no other and it goes by so quickly, enjoy and relish in the moment, again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  132. You totally had me crying by the end of this video, I am so beyond thrilled for you and your entire family, your little Ross-lette will be SO well-loved and cherished. I have two awesome boys who are the heart and light of our family’s lives, you and Don will treasure your miracle equally well and make AMAZING parents. I can’t wait to follow you into this next BESTEST chapter EVER! Can’t wait to see nursery decor/org!!!!!
    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! (so excited!)
    Pretty Neat Living INDEED my friend! 🙂

  133. Oh what a blessed event. I am a Grandma to 3 beautiful children. I have read you blogs and watched your videos since day one and I am as excited as if I was going to be a new Grandma again! Congratulations to you family and especially to Don and Winnie! Now I have to go and wipe the tears of joy!

  134. Congratulations! I wish you (and baby) as relaxing and healthy pregnancy as possible! It is wonderful to see how all of your organizing and charting have come in handy to knowing your body during this time. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us. As a woman of 31, everyone around me seems to get pregnant so easily and I seem to be the last. You offer a glimmer of hope to more people than you know with your vlogs and sharing! Thank you so much for that.

    As for videos, I think interesting vlogs would be just your daily life. Tidbits and short clips of what you learn during this would be interesting to moms and moms to be!

    -Daily travels
    -Preparations like nursery
    -Baby supply hauls
    -Gender reveal! (if you decide to share)
    -Which phone apps you use (if any)
    -Update on how large the baby is (You know the cute little “size of a lemon” things)
    -Perhaps tell Don or a family member to record special events for you (Baby shower, surprises etc..) to capture it so you can just sit back and enjoy it
    -Baby book fill out!
    -Information on you and not just the baby! Any cravings, how your body is changing etc…

    I think most of us would be interested in anything you feel like sharing with us!

  135. I am so happy and excited for you and Don! You are going to be a wonderful Mommy. My twins are winter baby’s too!

  136. Now I’ve dried the happy tears I can see to type you my heartfelt congratulations on your absolutely wonderful news. I cried when I read the video title, but that was nothing compared to the floods in response to your emotional happy ending 🙂

    I’m very fortunate to have 2 beautiful fully grown ‘children’. My daughter who is roughly your age (32 this year), has now had 4 beautiful babies – Paige 10, Benjamin 8, Ruby 5 and Jacob nearly 1, so between us we have plenty of experience in pregnancy and childbirth.

    I’m curious to know what type of birth you are ‘hoping’ for and if you hope to breast feed. Can’t wait to see all your coming videos over the remainder of your pregnancy and of course watching baby ‘Ross’ grow into a little person and beyond 🙂

    With much love and special wishes from
    Katrina & Ian

    p.s. Little Grace will be the perfect big cousin 🙂

  137. This will by far be one of the happiest times of your life, with many more to come. Enjoy every second because it goes by faster than you could ever imagine! Many congrats to you and Don! As a mother of two, my best advice is to ignore most of the advice others give, and listen to your heart and gut when it comes to everything baby and parenting related. :o) Those two things will NEVER steer you wrong! <3

  138. Ohhhhh! I’m so happy for you and don!!! The last couple of videos you posted on YouTube I kind of thought you sounded different. You were very short of breath, you were glowing and you haven’t been posting as much as you usually do. I had my suspicions as I am also pregnant (20 weeks) and had similar things going on. Ahhh I’m soooo excited!! I can’t wait to see the little one and am happy to be on this journey with you as this is our first child as well! Best of luck! ❤️

  139. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
    I’m SO excited and happy for you and your family! such a wonderful and exciting time! I’m in the home stretch of my own first pregnancy and i have to say, it’s an experience unlike any other. I can’t wait to follow your journey!
    I’ve gotta admit, I was wondering about this ever since I saw the appearance of the Chinese herbs in your vlogs. lol.

    SO happy for you! 🙂

  140. I am sat here sobbing my heart out! I could not be happier for you and Donald, what a wonderful family you will be! I am even more excited, as I too am 14 weeks pregnant with my first after being married to my husband for 5 years! Despite not knowing one another, I am so pleased I will see your journey and that you are choosing to share! I too have been anxious as I suffer with anxiety and being new to this, I didn’t know what to expect! I would not even entertain the idea that our dreams really could be coming true! Thank you so much for this wonderful video and blog post! I am comforted by the fact that you will be sharing your journey at the same time! Love and best wishes to you and your family! God bless you xxx

      1. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and for taking the time to congratulate me! You’re a lovely person Jen! I genuinely am so happy for you! Xx

        1. I am happy for you, too! It’s amazing how many viewers/readers are also pregnant right now. Fun times!

  141. Congratulations! What wonderful news. I cried right along with you at the end of your video in realizing how much you’ve wanted this and the struggles you’ve had to reach it. I know you realize it was all worth it in the end and when you get to hold your baby for the first time, you will feel pure joy and bliss. I look forward to seeing your journey and seeing you join one of the most special groups I’ve been part of – MOMS! Jen, it’s the best!!

  142. Congratulations! You even had me tearing up at the end of your video! It’s an exciting time – enjoy every minute. I think you said at one time you enjoyed scrapbooking so here’s my tip for you. Get the Project Life by Becky Higgins app for your phone (if you have iphone). You will be able to scrapbook this amazing time and you’ll be prepared for when the baby comes to effortlessly record the miracle of that baby.(seriously you can scrapbook on your phone – check it out!) As a mom of grown kids – I’m telling you – you will be soooo very glad you did this. So happy for you & Don!

  143. I squealed with joy when I saw the title of this post and your video! I am so excited for you, Don, and Winnie! I cried with you while watching the video. You are just wonderful. Watching your videos and reading your blog posts over the past few years, you’ve felt like a friend. I am just so very happy for your growing family! Hugs to you all from NC/IL!

  144. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your special baby news Jen and Don!

    You look so happy and it is lovely to see that your hopes and dreams are now becoming a reality.

    Jen x

  145. Jen, I’m so thrilled for both you and Don! Congratulations on this amazing new chapter in your life. I can’t wait to follow along with you! xxx

  146. I honestly say that I am so so so happy for you and your husband!! I know guys for the little time I have been watching your videos that you guys are going to be wonderful parents!! I can’t wait for you to start your nursery room, clothing hauls, etc. May God continue blessing and taking care of you, your husband and now your BEAUTIFUL BABY!!

  147. I squealed when i saw this. Congrats to you and Don on your new addition. I am looking forward to seeing the sweet little baby face in January.

  148. Congratulations on your amazing news! It is a beautiful journey that lays before you both! Cherish every moment!

  149. At the end you totally made me cry!!!! Congrats to you and Don and your whole family!!!!!!! Pregnancy is a wondrous journey and you are already such an awesome momma bear!!!!! Keep strong and enjoy, nothing else compares to it.

  150. Congratulations! Very exciting news! I just had my first baby this Valentine’s Day. It was a difficult pregnancy but he was definitely worth it. I’m looking forward to your continued updates and again, congrats!

  151. Whoohoooooooo!!! Beyond happy for you and Don! Thank you so much for willingly sharing the journey with us. You are going to be the best parents. (Winnie will adjust!) Sending big hugs from Idaho.

  152. Congrats, Jen!

    My best advice is to start reading/researching about newborns sooner rather than later. Like you, I dove into reading about pregnancy (my son is 1.5 now) but I should have been preparing more for having the actual baby! For the most part, the pregnancy is out of your hands. Take care of yourself of course, but your body is doing the work. YOUR work starts once the baby is born. Start reading about feeding a baby, infant sleep, healing from birth (I had a c-section), etc. There is so much to prepare for related to birth, your stay in the hospital, and bringing the baby home. I seriously wish I worried more about that stuff than pregnancy fruit size or whatever.

    And if you want to breastfeed join a Le Leche League or other breastfeeding support group. You can go to meetings while pregnant. I waited until my baby was here and we were having trouble nursing. I wish I looked at a breast pump before my baby was born. I wish I looked into different swaddles before, etc.

    Good luck!

  153. I’d like to join the several hundred others to say congratulations. I’m thrilled for you. That is one lucky baby to be getting two such wonderful people as parents.
    Parenthood is an adventure and although sometimes it can be hard, for the most part I’ve had a great time being a parent.
    Grandparenthood I understand is even better…but I’m still awaiting that.

  154. This brought tears of Joy ! I am so Happy for you and Don and Winnie! I wish you all the best looking forward to seeing this new journey you are on

  155. Congratulations!
    I few month ago i thought about you guys and about what a wonderful mom and dad you would be…
    I think a ‘knew’ for a while now that everything wasn’t going as easy as you would have liked… Don’t know why, i just knew… And now this great news! I’m sooooooo happy for you!

  156. I already commented on FB but just finished reading the blog now and had to blubber on some more at how excited at this news. 2015 is quite the year for pregnancies! You are the 9th person I know who is pregnant this year not including myself! This is a long time coming for you and feel horribly that you had this huge scare to start. I am so happy everything turned out ok. I’d be the same way as I am in the same boat (being pregnant) I freak at every little thing too. I’m 24 weeks as of yesterday and you wait in less than a month, your stomach will be thumping and jumping. Always thought it would be gross and weird but now it’s so amazing and cool, cooler than just seeing the baby on the ultrasound but to feel him or her, even responding to my belly rubs! Oh I’m so happy for you guys and to see you get along in the process about the same time I do, look forward to the content. Congrats!!

  157. Oh Jen! I’m so pleased to read this (and thrilled to watch your corresponding video.) My third baby was born last March and I’m almost certain she will be our last, even still I have such baby fever, I’m hoping that watching and sharing along your journey will help satisfy that desire. I also struggled to conceive my first. Ours was a two year journey and even though it was hard, I wouldn’t change it because I learned a lot about a lot of things during the process. My second and third babies came by surprise. Needless to say, I do have some experience under my belt and my best piece of advice for any new parent is to listen to your instincts. Everyone has different experiences and influences in their lives. Getting all the information you can is great, but doing what you feel is best, safest, most right for you and makes you most comfortable is always the way to go. I’ve insisted on an office visit for my LOs even when the advice nurse said it wasn’t necessary and been so glad I did on more than one occasion. I took positions on things that differed from my family’s opinion and been mocked for being a “first timer” but still after 3 carry the same notions. Bottom line is, only you and Don know what is right for the life you’re creating so trust each other and trust yourselves. Take care, best of luck and I can’t wait for more pregnancy content!!! (P.S. I’ve wanted this for you for so long because I could see how much love you have to share. You are going to be a beautiful mother!)

  158. Dear Jen,
    Congratulations! Your life is about to change in a wonderful way! So, 6 months will fly by, and you will have some time to prepare – you are an organized person, and now that you are a mother you will begin to re-arrange and prioritize your life around what is best for your baby.
    I am mother to two amazing little boys(8 & 11) and have some advice for you to mull over as you get ready for your child’s birth.
    1.Get it all straight with Don, ASAP, about your parenting styles. What do I mean? Determine before hand your ideas about sugar intake for your child, sleep habits to instill, TV/computer/electronic use and exposure.
    These are the conflicts that have risen in my life with my sweetheart, who is a wonderful parent,but was raised completely differently than I was. I made assumptions, and thought that we were on the same page, but then discovered – we weren’t and we aren’t.
    For example, too much sugar is bad for you, right? I thought everyone knew that – but then my husband took my 18 month old to McDonald’s, and gave him soda.!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!! My husband has a PhD in Chemistry, he taught at Harvard- but he likes soda, and didn’t/doesn’t see the harm in sharing his pleasures with our sons.
    Jen – go over your life with a fine tooth comb, take inventory and make sure that you and Don agree/have a copasetic understanding of the other person’s ideas about child care.
    Your children bring out the primal in you, and when you perceive their well being threatened, you can have a ferocious battle on your hands.
    Do I sound like I am exaggerating? ask around, and you’ll find that most couples have these fights.
    You have time now to talk to Don about how much TV you would feel comfortable having your children watch, about how late they should stay up, how many times a week should they bathe, are you going to insist that they finish all the food you serve them at dinner? Will you allow them to get into bed with you, or will you sleep on their floor?
    Figure it out now, discuss it now, so you will have a plan for the future and not be shocked when you come home from your first moms night out at 11:45 pm and find your husband and 2 year old, up watching TV and eating ice cream.

  159. Congrats to you and Don. I know it was a long journey but always remember that this is the way God intended your path to be. Babies are a blessing, I am still waiting for my first Grandchild. You and Don’s parents must be thrilled. My kids are 28 and 18, my only advice is to cherish everyday, enjoy your pregnancy and let Don spoil you rotten. Best wishes.

  160. I am so incredibly happy for you both!!! I have followed you for years and have always thought you would make such a wonderful mother. On my wedding day almost two years ago I was feeling anxious and needed something to help me relax so I took some time and watched one of your vlogs. I don’t know what made me do that (other than you being my favorite youtuber, of course!) but it did the trick and helped me to unwind. I’ll always remember you as a part of my special day and I can’t wait to follow along during this special time in your life! Congratulations!!!

  161. So happy for you Jen. I hope and pray that all will go well and smoothly. Can’t wait to see you holding your baby and sharing your experience with us. God bless you, Don and the little one xx

  162. Congratulations to you both. I have watched your videos, and read your blogs for a long time and never commented, but had to this time! I am old enough to be your mother and I cried at the end of your video. I had my first and only child when I was 40, (he is now 15)after trying for years without success – actually believe it was “not meant to be”. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and everything had been going fine, doctors were all happy, but he was born in my 25th week (naturally). We had 3 months of anxiety (to say the least)but he survived with few problems and is now nearly 5ft 10ins and doing extremely well at school. Miracles DO happen!!! I am so pleased for you, Don and the rest of your families – I suspected you were pregnant a few weeks back, and I think the 4th July picture confirmed it for me (boobs!) Whatever you share will be done with your usual style I’m sure – love all of your videos. Lorna

  163. Congratulations to you and Don!!! I’m so happy for you both. Sending many prayers and blessings your way 🙂

  164. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and Don! That sweet baby will have the best parents ever! :)Blessings to you all! So excited for you!

  165. Yay!! I have been waiting to hear this AWESOME news:) My husband and I have a journey of our own as well and can relate to the ups and downs of trying to conceive. We now have 3 healthy children! Enjoy this time as it is so precious and goes super fast. The first pregnancy is always the most special!! Congratulations!!

  166. Ahhhhhh I am so excited for you both!! I have wanted this for you so long! For my hubby and I it took 11.5 years to get our little one implanted (and stick!)as well and she was born 6/2014. Super excited to watch how your channel is going to change and watch as you go thru your pregnancy and your family grows!!! Congrats!!

  167. So happy for you and your family! You are glowing in this video! Can’t wait to follow your through this exciting journey 🙂

  168. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and Don. I experienced a miscarriage, got pregnant again right away and had bleeding through my entire pregnancy with my daughter. I absolutely understand that fear! I am so sorry you had to experience it too. I cried tears of relief and joy when I finally saw her strong heartbeat! Overall though, I had a wonderful pregnancy and an amazing birth. I hope you do as well! Enjoy every moment of growing your incredible human. Nothing else compares!

  169. Congratulations to you and Don (& Winnie) from the Netherlands! I wish you a very good pregnancy and hope to read al the joyful moments you will experience. Love…

  170. Yay I am so over the moon for you guys. Such exciting news. Can’t wait to see your bundle of happiness. And she/he is going to be born in our birthday month so cool. Winnie is gonna have a sibling to play with yay. Congrats to all of you!

  171. Huge congratulations to you, Don and Winnie! Super happy for you all – exciting times ahead in the Ross household!!!!

  172. Congratulations!! I am so very happy and excited for you and for all the new videos to come on your channel. If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind sharing with us what you did to finally get the bfp? My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years and also thought about going through IVF, but the cost was beyond our means. I can totally relate to how you feel a mix of so many emotions! infertility is a daily struggle and it would be so helpful to hear how you overcame your struggle.

  173. Congratulations Jen, Don, Winnie and family! Timing is a funny thing, I literally just had a pelvic and internal ultrasound this afternoon. We have been trying for 13 months now. Good news, all was healthy and perfect. Bad news, all was healthy and perfect. It is all a journey and, as you say, each one is different 🙂 Look forward to all of your pregnancy details over the coming months. Enjoy it!

  174. I am so happy for the both of you! I am excited to be able to see you progress through your pregnancy. God bless your little baby!

  175. Oh Jen!!!!! I am so thrilled for you both … What wonderful news. You and Don will be an amazing Mommy and daddy what a lucky baby!!! I got a bit teary at the ultrasound pics
    Over the moon for you both
    Sue from Spain xxx ….. Extra new kiss X

  176. Congratulations Jen and Don! I’m so happy for you both. Wishing you lifetime of joy, happiness and laughter with your little one!

  177. Congratulations! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see these new exciting changes. God bless your growing family!

  178. Congratulations! So happy for you. Such a blessing. I remember all the worries and anxiety. I had 9 ultrasound with my oldest daughter who is now 10.

  179. Pretty Neat Baby! I’ve been wishing you and Don would have a baby! Your going to be awesome parents.

  180. Congrats! What an exciting and emotional time! Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear about your journey and especially nursery decorating and baby products. 🙂

  181. Congratulations Jen and Don! I’m still in tears from your video, I can so relate to the struggle you’ve been through. When you started to cry, I cried too. The way you expressed your feelings about this, it was as if you’ve been reading out loud from my diary. I am so, so happy for you, and I believe this will be an amazing journey for the both of you. I feel so blessed that I will be able to take part of this, thank you so much for sharing with us!

  182. Congrats Jen! Please vlog your entire pregnancy with us on youtube! – Bump date, maternity wear, any sickness, etc… Can’t wait to see your wee one! 🙂

  183. Jen and Don,

    This is such wonderful news!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all that you went through to get to this amazing point in your journey.

    In Judaism we say, “b’sha’ah tova” or in a good time, when someone announces their expecting. We don’t say congratulations because there is still so much to happen. But my wish for you is that everything happens in the right time in the right way.

    Blessings and love to you all,


  184. Congratulations Ross family! I am truly so excited for you!!! I’m a Mommy to two fabulous kids, ages 7 and 9 and there is nothing better than being a Mom. I can’t wait to follow along with you on your baby journey. Cravings are a funny thing … with my daughter I craved oranges. I never ate oranges prior to being pregnant and I was eating 4 and 5 of them a day. I was curious to see if I would continue to want them after having her and I never ate another one. However, she LOVES oranges. 🙂 With my son, it was cheese, crackers & grapes. Funny what our bodies request during that busy baby making time. Rest up, enjoy and have fun planning!!

  185. Sweet Jen, I am so overwhelmed with joy for you and Don. I was tearing up throughout this whole video and was crying buckets of joy by the end. This is my biggest piece of advice, starting now and going through forever. Do not worry. I know this is hard,but cast your worries to Jesus, the only one who is in control. There will be countless instances to worry about throughout this pregnancy and throughout the rest of your life as a mother. Do not let that take over the most amazing and precious gift in this life, your sweet precious child, who will grow up before your eyes, so please don’t worry their life away 🙂 thank you so much for taking us along on your new adventure!

  186. A huge congratulations to you and Don on your wonderful news! I’m so thrilled for you both and wish you a lovely, smooth, uncomplicated rest of your pregnancy. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading about your experiences and can’t wait to meet your little one after he or she arrives early next year. I can empathise with the struggle to conceive – my husband and I have been trying for 3 years with no success so far. It can be a very tough journey emotionally and physically. I’m so happy for you both that you’ve finally been able to achieve and maintain a pregnancy, although it must have been terribly exhausting emotionally dealing with the added stress of the bleeding during your first trimester. All the best for a trouble free pregnancy and birth!

  187. One thing I found absolutely the best thing ever was the travel swing, and the travel high hair. My Abby used them everywhere. If you don’t already have these children’s books they are great: The Crayon Box That Talked and the No David series. Also, Abby was given a Little Einsteins toy that played music and lit up like the smoke stacks of a cruise ship. She still has it at 11! It’s very soothing. Just watched your video and cried along with you. 🙂

  188. Congrats to you and Don! So happy for you! My favorite pregnancy book was “The Pregnancy Book” by Dr. Sears. I have loved all of his books and they have been really helpful all throughout pregnancy and childhood.

  189. Congratulations! What exciting news!!! We welcomed our third little one at the end of last year. Children are such a blessing . I recommend getting a baby carrier – I have used a moby and an ergo with all three of my littles. The moby when they are under a year and the ergo after that. Good luck!!

  190. Jen and Don, my heart is so full of happiness for you two!!! Reading this made me tear up so much. I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes without a hitch, sending you lots of love and good vibes! Yay! xoxo

  191. I left a comment on you video, but wanted to leave one here as well. I am so very happy for you. I have a 13 month old, and she is my miracle baby. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, and was so worried when I found out I was pregnant again. I was considered high risk due to my miscarriage and being in my late 30s. All during my first trimester with my daughter, I had to take progesterone in order to “make it stick” (as my doc said) LOL! I understand your anxiety during your 1st trimester, and your relief now that you’re in your 2nd. Enjoy this trimester, it’s the best! Everything I had to go through, I would do it all again for my daughter. She is the light of my life, my pride and joy.
    I’d love to see baby bump updates, in whatever capacity you are comfortable in sharing, and anything else you’d like to share.
    My advice would be to do prenatal yoga, and add Pilates if you don’t already do that. Both are absolutely wonderful during pregnancy. As a dancer, I found both to help keep me in shape once I was no longer able to dance as I did before I was pregnant. Tap and basic ballet were about my limit.
    Love all your posts! Looking forward to following your journey. Welcome to motherhood!

    1. I’m doing ad enjoying both! I haven’t done pilates in years but am enjoying prenatal pilates recently.

  192. Congratulations!!! I have been praying for you for a while now for this happy day. This will be one blessed child to have you for parents!!!

  193. So i just watched the video. Im so excited and happy for you and to see you cry almost made me want to cry too. Im excited about all the baby fun to come and to see you and Don on this amazing journey. My heart is full of joy for you today 🙂

  194. Congratulations!!! What wonderful news! I can’t wait for all the videos. I’m pregnant (after years of trying) and currently just entering my 3rd trimester, so your videos will be perfect timing for me.

    Also it would be interesting to hear if you are going to hire a nanny or not. It will be controversial, but pretty much anything you post people pick on so don’t let that stop you 🙂

    Best wishes for a great pregnancy! -Annie

    1. Congrats! I don’t have plans to hire a nanny, but never say never until you’ve been there, you know? I don’t know yet how being a full time Mommy will affect my work, but Mommy-hood is my absolute priority, so we’ll see how it goes!

  195. Congrats Jen and Don and thank you for sharing your story. It is very personal and only the people going through the same can really understand the struggle of trying to get pregnant. I can’t wait for the hauls and the nursery decorations!

  196. Woo-hoo!!!
    Can’t wait to go on this journey with y’all.
    I pray God’s hand of protection on both you & your unborn child.

  197. Loved your video, brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to you and Don. The time will go by faster then you can imagine. Enjoy every minute of it! I always look forward to your videos, it’s like sitting down the an old friend and catching up. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special journey!

  198. My husband and I are beginning our journey to create baby number three next week! Hopefully you and I will be pregnant at the same time! How exciting Many prayers and blessings to you and your hubby during this wonderful time!!!!

      1. Jenn,

        Found out yesterday we are PREGNANT! Due May 15, 2016. Sending you and Don well wishes from one preggers to another! 🙂

  199. Wow! I literally was thinking about an added addition to your family. Congratulations on such beautiful and exciting news! This experience is so precious! I too went through a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot outside the uterus) so I can definitely relate to the scare! When are you due? I had a January baby too! 1 day late from New Years lol. Things will change, but it will be the best feeling ever to have a little one.

  200. So excited for you and Don! Have been watching your videos for a long time and I know you both will make such loving parents <3 Best wishes. I would love to see: updates, hauls, general thoughts.

  201. What wonderful news! You are about to experience the most wonderful blessing in the world. I have enjoyed your blog posts and videos for years and just feel like you are a close friend! You, Don, and your family are just precious. I always seem to smile when I see you have a new blog or video post for us. Can’t wait to hear all the exciting news in the days ahead. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and that you will continue to feel strong. God bless you and Don.

  202. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so So SO excited for you and the fam!! You and I are the same age (I think you’re one week older 😉 ) and I’m hoping that this journey will likely start for us within the next year too! It’s really reassuring when I hear people like you and Kate from Small Things blog share your ups and downs with starting your families. We haven’t started trying yet, but I have the same fear that you did – it’s totally unfounded but it is in the back of my mind for sure. I don’t have a lot of friends who are at this stage in their lives yet so I truly appreciate the level of “personal” things that you share. BIG Hugs and a happy dance to you!!

  203. Jen, I am just so excited for you and Don ! I would like to see your baby hauls, the nursery being done, your pregnancy clothes hauls, I would like to see your baby bump every month. (it doesn’t need to be your actual belly) I think food cravings are fun to hear about. Geez ! I bet your mom is so excited too and is already shopping for cute baby stuff. Are you going to find out the gender ahead of time ? We all love you ! You are a joy to watch and we have enjoyed watching you and Don do videos together. You are so perfect together ! Lots of Love and Blessings to your “growing family” !

  204. Hi jen and don i dont really like to comment on blogs. But ive followed you for a few really long time since your first volg. Out of all the youtubers im extremely happy for you. Im love you guys and how honest and the love you both have for one another. Congrats. ❤️U guys truly happy for you

  205. What a joy!! Congratulations to you and Don. Almost 13 years ago a friend said to me, “The days…and the nights…can be so, so long. But the years are so, so short!” May you have a happy, healthy rest of your pregnancy and a safe delivery!!

  206. I am so happy for you and Don. I had a feeling all this time what was going on! My husband and I went through all that for 5 years with no luck. I was crying tears of joy with you because I really understand how it feels! I can’t wait to meet Baby Ross and again I’m so happy for you. Congratulations! Stuff I would like to see on your YouTube channel is anything you’re interested in sharing! Stats are pretty much what you named in your video.

    Get ready for those baby gifts to start pouring in! 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer Metts

  207. Omg Jen, I’m so incredibly happy for you, Don, Winnie and your families. Congratulations and blessings on a beautiful new journey. You two must be beside yourselves with joy and expectation. I’ve wanted this for you guys ever since I first started watching you and now my prayers have been answered. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing news with us and for being willing to share your journey. So incredibly happy for you both, Lisbeth.

  208. Congrats to you both! I went through a similar journey over six years ago in Los Angeles. I still swear by traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility. My acupuncturist told me that as long as I drank the herbs (taste like mud and look like it too) I would have a healthy baby. At 41 years old I gave birth to a healthy baby girl who was perfect! I’m so glad you both get to experience it all! Take it easy and enjoy every minute!

  209. Hi Jen,

    I am so elated for you! I just know you and Don will make the most wonderful, giving, warm, kind, supportive parents! That little one is so lucky to have you guys! You are such a natural with kids, this is your true calling in life! I have often thought you would make the most wonderful nursery school/kindergarten teacher! All the very best to you. I hope this pregnancy is very easy! XOXOX

  210. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys!! I cried watching your announcement video. Thank you for sharing.

  211. Hi Jen,

    I am so elated for you! I just know you and Don will make the most wonderful, giving, warm, kind, supportive parents! That little one is so lucky to have you guys! You are such a natural with kids, this is your true calling in life! I have often thought you would make the most wonderful nursery school/kindergarten teacher! All the very best to you. I hope this pregnancy is very easy! XOXOX

  212. What joy! I cried even before you did. Thank you for your generous sharing. I always watch you on youtube….I HAD to come here to send love and let you know you and Don are in my prayers.

  213. Congratulations to you and Don! You are such a special lady, you deserve only good things. By only watching you on You Tube I have come to feel as though I have made a friend. Not in a crazy person way! Lol! Thank you for being such a genuine person and for sharing. Your joy just sparkles and reminds me of when I was expecting my daughter, who is now 17! Yikes, does time fly!

  214. It was so nice to hear this news!! Congrats to you and Don! Not too long ago I saw a pic you posted and thought she’s pregnant! I was right! Lol
    Can’t wait to watch this journey……all the best 🙂

  215. Congratulations!!! Wishing you a smooth pregnancy and delivery. I had bleeding with my oldest son and he’s 25 years old now. I was told at that time to do no travelling because of it ~ how times have changed. :0)

    What a wonderful and special time in your lives. You all (Winnie too!) are in my happy thoughts and prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. All the best 🙂

    PS-One of my favorite bloggers (actually the first blog I ever read!) started growing her own family recently. She has posted a number of family related posts, which could be helpful to you. Not to mention Kristin is an incredibly talented food blogger with all sorts of yummy recipes!

  217. Jen, I am so absolutely ecstatic for you and Don! I’ve been watching Youtubers around my age start to have children, and although I’ve always been slightly afraid, I noticed that watching other women from all walks of life go through pregnancies pretty much diminished my fears. You and Don will be wonderful parents!

    I’d love to see updates in general (feelings, cravings, nesting, organization, product reviews, etc.) as well as some reactions or tips from Don.

    I may not be far behind you, God willing, and I do take your reviews more seriously than most. I feel like your thought process if very similar to mine. You educate us and articulate your views in such a thorough manner. I can’t wait to see what your new adventure holds!

    Congratulations! 🙂

  218. What a beautiful video and exciting time in your life! Thanks so much for sharing the story and allowing us to be a part of your journey. I will continue to be a devoted fan!!

  219. A Blessing…more blessings yet to come. Enjoy this journey you have been given. A continued prayer for you, Don and doggy Winnie.

  220. Congrats! This is my best advice and I will share it early! I have 3 children and 6 gbabies….. expose the baby to a variety of music…. the baby will chose the song that soothes them… that is beyond helpful to know what it is before they are born! For example…. my daughter had twins…. the girls always settled to music but it was obvious that one song was “the one”…. they are almost 10 now and you can still see them visibly relax when it is sung. The gbabies have picked everything from Pachabel’s Canon in D to Loch Lomond to You Are My Sunshine!

  221. Oh, Dear Jen! Congratulations to you, your husband and Winnie! I´ve been watching your videos for a long time and it was so exciting to hear this wonderful news just like if you hear it from a dear friend. Also, I would like to say to you “thank you” for the company, for the shared tea talks, for the good advice, and mostly for being there as a friend-through-the screen that makes the inner light of many sparks: in a creative way, in a heathy way, in a self awareness way, in a economic-awareness way, in a business way, etc. You are a person with real values and a enormous heart, so I wish you the best. You are a true lioness now. Take good care of you and the little star. Love xoxo, Sil (from Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  222. I am over the moon for you, Don and Winnie! I have been telling my family that I thought you were pregnant for the last month or so and I’m thrilled (for you) to finally find out I was right! When I saw your blog post I had to holler at my kids to come see. They were excited too! It is funny to feel like you know someone you have never met, right?
    Your life will totally change with a baby but it will change in a great way. I’m so happy for you guys!! Congratulations!

  223. Jen Ive been watching you since your whats in my disney carry on video and i have to say i was over joyed to see your instagram post, i was on my way home for work when i saw the post we rushed home so i could wacth your amazing video. I cant wait to watch all your pregnacy videos and beyond! i look for inspiration in alot of your videos and my fiance greatly appreciates your organization blog posts and youtube videos.i am hoping to become a mother soon as well and i have a similar back story to your pre conception. you have once again shead some light on a topic which i know nothing about!!! i am so happy for you and Don!! and adorable whinnie too!!!

  224. Congratulations, Jennifer! I have been following your blog and youtube content for quite some time now, and really enjoy your style and personality! I would love to hear anything you and Don feel comfortable sharing. We too had a long and difficult journey complete with polyps in and behind the uterus. We needed the IVF though. Our Best Ever son (I am sure your child will be second best 😉 ) will be 10 years old January 14 2016. So I’d have to say January is an excellent month! We always wanted three children, but we had to give up on that dream. My husband and I figure it’s because all of the awsomeness we had to give and all of the luck one can get all went into our son 🙂
    I truly wish you a child that is as easy going, as happy, as caring and as smart as ours…

  225. omg that such wonderful news 🙂
    im so happy for you and don. congratulations you guys are going to be great parents xox

  226. Congratulations Jen & Don! I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a blogger/vlogger’s announcement!

    The video was incredible, the last 3 minutes broke my heart. I am so impressed by your self-knowledge. You are so hardworking and analytical. I would love to watch a follow-up video of how you went about developing your self-knowledge regimen. My husband and I are talking about beginning to try some time in the next year (I’m 31) so I want to prepare myself but I’m not really sure where to start.

    Congratulations again, I can’t wait to see all your upcoming videos and following your journey.

    1. I recommend checking in with your OB if you’re ready to start trying within the next year. They’ll probably have great advice on how to start prepping your body before you’re really ready.

  227. Congrats Jen! Your family was already so beautiful. This baby just makes it perfect. You are going to be a great mom. Best wishes to you all from Argentina.

  228. I cried with you for the last 5 minutes! Congratulations to you and Don- you will make fabulous parents! I have loved watching your Christmas/ holiday organisational videos, and have taken such inspiration from them. With two little ones myself I will be interested to see how you adapt and adjust your traditions and make new ones. Such an exciting time and journey- thank you for sharing it! X

  229. Jen, I’m so happy for you guys! You and your baby will be in my prayers. I don’t know you but I get the impression that you guys will make amazing parents. Good luck with everything! x

  230. Thrilled to bits for you Jen.
    Just a lovely heartfelt and emotional video. I was sobbing along with you.
    I have been on a similar journey, not quite as long as yourself but we’ve had some devastating news along the way and now (fingers crossed) i find myself just a few weeks behind you, i am soooooooooooo excited to follow you on what will hopefully be the most amazing journey for us both! I cannot wait for all your new videos and baby hauls and to hear about what products you pick up and your nursery decor.xx

  231. OMG!!!!!! Jen, I am SO happy for you and Don (and Winnie)! You have always been my favorite YouTuber and its so exciting to see you guys enter a new chapter in your lives. I’ve seen such a difference in you over the years and your determination to better yourself and find happiness and be comfortable in your skin has motivated me. I’m 25 now but I’ve been watching you since 2011 and I feel like your positivity and your videos have been important to me as I’ve moved into my adult life. You will be an amazing mother, there is no doubt in my mind about that!! You asked what we’d like to see: I’d like to hear about how you’re feeling, what you’re craving, organizing your nursery/baby stuff, maybe hear how Don is feeling about everything, workout routines, and some good honest advice/info. I always hear people say “and they never talk about this…” , which freaks me out for when I start trying to have children, lol. Anyway, I’m ecstatic for you!! Best of luck to you and your growing family. 🙂

  232. I’m SO happy for you all. My own sweet daughter is expecting her first baby in 9 weeks, and went through similar things that you went through (including surgery to remove polyps.) She also has a dog who is her baby, just like Winnie. She absolutely hates it when people tell her that her dog will not be that important anymore!! She knows better! Prayers for a wonderful, healthy pregnancy for you and I can’t wait to see your pregnancy updates!!

  233. Congratulations! I’m not pregnant yet, but I’m so excited to follow your journey. I can’t wait to hear your reviews on baby products and see how you decorate the nursery 🙂

    Even though we aren’t expecting {yet}, my husband and I both really enjoyed Bringing Up Bebe, BabyWise, and my husband enjoyed reading The Caveman’s Guide to Pregnancy. We also read Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life in our efforts to green up our home. Blessings on you as you walk along this journey…thanks for inviting us along for the ride!

  234. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!! How exciting! I too recently had a DNC due to after the procedure found out multiple polyps not just one. Those little suckers can wreak havoc on your uterus. The medicine I took the night before affected me the same exact way! The doctor didn’t believe me until the procedure and then he said basically the same thing along the lines of “messy” So I can sympathize with you as I was up all night in pain from that darn pill!
    I had my children years ago but I had a similar experience with my first born so I can completely understand your worries/anxiety. A joyous time can also be quite stressful. Best wishes to you and Don on this amazing journey!

  235. What a lovely surprise! I must be one of the few that actually know you as a “blogger” as opposed to a vlogger, so I haven’t even watched the vlog yet! Can’t wait to hear more about your new season of life. Sending lots of positivity and prayers your ways for a happy and successful journey for you and baby and Don AND Winnie =)

  236. Jen!! I’m super duper excited for you and Don. I always had a feeling that you guys were probably trying and just always felt a need to pray for you both. My husband and I have been trying for a couple of years. We miscarried in February but expecting again with our rainbow baby due in February! Look forward to hearing, reading, and seeing your pregnancy updates! Congratulations!

  237. Jen I am so happy for you all, I cried with you at the end of your video it was so lovely and I could tell how much this meant to you and your family.
    Ill be watching as always from Ireland
    I wish you all the best with everything

  238. Congrats to you, Don, Winnie and your whole family. Your happiness and joy are infectious! My eldest has now graduated from college and my twins are about to begin college in the fall, but I am so excited to follow you on your journey. Like you, I had years of fertility treatments and relate to all you are saying. I know it’s hard to fully enjoy the moment because of past disappointments and fears, but try your best. My only advice right now, since you asked us, is that you not read too many books. Even 23 years ago there were a ton of books out there and you could find all sorts that directly contradicted one another. I felt my intuition was stifled because my head was swimming with conflicting information. Find a couple that speak to you and stick with them. Have fun and best wishes!

    1. So far I’ve only read one and I’m thinking that might be the only pregnancy info I need. Looking into a few books about babies, but I’ll try not to go too crazy. You’re absolutely right! Plus, a mothers instinct and knowing your child seems to be the #1 advice over books.

  239. Congrats Jen & Don!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!
    I also bled during the first trimester of both of my pregnancies and I now have two cute little boys!!
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!!!!

  240. Congrats to you and Don! You guys are going to be great parents 🙂 The best book I read during my pregnancy and first years of parenting was the ‘What to Expect’ series! Very informative and helpful! What an exciting adventure that awaits you!!

  241. i just thought to myself “I wonder what Jen’s up to?” and what a fantastic surprise! I’m beyond thrilled for you both. As a mother of two, now, I experienced a very rocky journey to get here and happy news like yours nearly always brings a tear to my eye! Congratulations, you’re going to be a fantastic mother to this very lucky baby, with much love xxx

  242. Congratulations Jen, Don, & Winnie! Such amazing news 🙂
    It’s been really cool to watch you over these last few years and feel like you would both be such great parents, and to know that that’s happening now is really exciting to see 🙂
    Thank you for being so open with your experience in this video – I feel like it’s an honour to hear people’s journey with this, and in particular because of how challenging it can be for many women/couples. A few friends in my life have struggled with this (conception/pregnancy), and other women sharing about it really helps to reduce some of the stigma for others who may be struggling. Thank you.
    Your heart shines through in this video 🙂
    Here’s to an easy (as much as possible) and enjoyable pregnancy!

  243. I’m so happy for you, Jen! My husband and I are going to start trying in the next couple of years…What a gift to all of us that you will be sharing your journey so that people like me can learn from and be inspired by your experience! Sending love and prayers to you and Don and your little one!

  244. Oh Jen I am so very very very happy for you!!!! Huge congratulations to you, Don and Winnie! Looking forward to following your pregnancy journey!!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing about your journey thus far and the steps you took to get pregnant. My DH and I have been trying for 5 years (omg seriously – yikes!) off and on, took a few breaks in between because as you know it’s so very very emotionally hard to try for so long…

    I’m not a fan of “drugs” either but will probably have to go that route since we seem to be unable to conceive naturally…

    Anyway I just wanted to say that you sharing your journey thusfar has been encouraging and inspiring to me, thank you for your bravery in sharing and I look forward to following your journey from here on out 🙂

  245. Congratulations Ross family! I’ve only been watching for a little over a year now and was wondering when I’d see an “I’m Pregnant” Video. I too was worried, extremely worried my entire pregnancy (I was high risk) and didn’t really get to enjoy being pregnant. Enjoy every second, it flies by.

  246. Jen, I have been following your blog/channel for just a few months and I absolutely adore your family! I have found bliss in pretty organization that is also functional! I first found you through your wedding planning video and I know that it will be a challenge for me to conceive as well! I pray for the best for you, Don, and Winnie! I can not wait to see if you have a Christmas baby!

  247. Hi Jen,

    I absolutely never comment on any website nor blog post, but I felt it soooooooo necessary in this case. I am so so happy for you and Don! I screamed with Joy when I saw your video this morning. Your videos always bring a smile to my face and have got me through some tough times. They are mentally soothing. I feel like we were sisters in another life 🙂 Good Luck through your pregnancy and I cannot wait for the new and exciting content!!!

  248. Congratulations! You and Don will make amazing parents. This baby will rock your world. And I mean that in a good sense. So looking forward to all your baby blogs,videos.

  249. And here I am once again Jen, I woke this morning thinking of your video and how deliriously happy you was, it made me smile. knowing the feeling of a baby growing inside of me and feeling somewhat uncomfortable at times with baby kicking you on the inside was a joy, the discomfort will last nine month Jen but the joy of becoming a mum will last a life time. I felt that the kicking on the inside in comparison with someone kicking me on the outside was a welcome kick loll. Giving birth is and always will be my greatest achievement, don’t wish your pregnancy time away Jen, enjoy every day because each day brings a little more love for the child you will love for always and a day. Much love Margaret xxx

  250. Congratulations! I am so incredibly happy for you both! Poor Winnie…she has no idea what she’s in for! Our cat was none too happy about losing the “baby” title. I came home from the hospital….to a house full of toilet paper. 🙂

    You guys will make wonderful parents! You had me crying by the end of your video! Your relief, excitement and joy were so palpable. 🙂 Enjoy every minute of this!

    Enjoy the showering of love, the support, the excitement, and even the maternity pants! :). Oh, and Don can enjoy the boobs. (Sorry-couldn’t resist) LOL
    Wishing you lots the best!

  251. I am beyond happy for you and Don and Winnie. Congratulations I cant wait for you to share baby organization tips! Sending tons of positivity and love your way

  252. Congrats to you and Don! I hope you feel good through the rest of your pregnancy. Enjoy time flies by my baby will be 3 in 9 days! So the only advice I will give, is follow your instinct and heart. Do what works for you and your family b/c everyone will give you their 2 cents about your pregnancy and raising your child. What worked for someone else’s family might not suit yours. I can tell you what products we loved and couldn’t imagine being without the first few months. Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper. Seriously it was a life saver and space saver. It’s easy to travel (by car anyway) with and move around the house. We had a swing and bouncer too and our son liked both we just used the Rock n Play more. JJ Cole Bundle Me Car Seat insert. I live in Nebraska it gets cold here. It was so easy to buckle our little guy in and keep him warm. Aiden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets. We still use them on occasion. Pottery Barn Chamois Stroller Blanket they are so soft and though my son isn’t attached to this he does still enjoy the softness and using it. We used a bottle warmer not an necessity, but we certainly liked having it. I will say, we bought a travel system and if I had to do it again I wouldn’t have. I would of chose the infant car seat and then got a jogging stroller and maybe a snap and go for errands. Again Congrats! I’m so excited for you!

  253. I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago and absolutely love them. I am thrilled for you that you are pregnant! You are going to experience the journey of your life. My husband and I experienced eight years of infertility many years ago. We finally were able to adopt a darling two year old girl. When she was four I miraculously became pregnant, without any medical intervention. I had an easy pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl. When she was two I got pregnant again and had my third daughter. My daughters are all grown, and one is married and has a beautiful baby boy. I am writing to let you know I wept with happiness while watching your video. You, like myself will experience overwhelming joy and happiness in the experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and raising your child because it was something so desired and such a miracle! I will pray everyday for you that you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

    1. I’ve heard many stories of women conceiving after adoption. It’s amazing! Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  254. Hey Jen!

    WOW!! I’m so so so happy for you.
    When i saw your video i had little tears of joy in my eyes.
    I feel so over the top happy for you!!
    You and Don are going to be gorgeous parents!

  255. I am not trying to discount your story, but I do not think what you related was actually infertility. I have been trying for 11 years to conceive and it looks like it will never happen. I am approaching the age it will become dangerous and risky to conceive.

    As soon as you turned to Western Medicine they were able to identify what the issue was preventing you from conceiving and as soon as you decided to have it corrected, you conceived after your VERY NEXT cycle. That is not infertility. If you had consulted a doctor while drinking your herbs and accupuncture two years ago, you would most likely already have a child.

    As someone struggling with very real infertility, your video was somewhat hurtful and overly dramatic. Please consider shortening your vids…no one needs to hear “stats”. Nor do we need to hear EVERY single detail of bleeding, mucus, etc.

    If you feel you MUST share keep it short and not so medically involved. That is between you, Don, and your doctor.

    1. I am sorry you felt hurt by my video, but I never actually used the word “infertility” and made a point to emphasize that everyone’s journey is tough no matter what the circumstances if it doesn’t happen the way you want it to. I wish you all the best in your own journey and hope you can find comfort in the support of your loved ones. I share what I choose and it is your choice what to watch or read. Perhaps there is another YouTuber or blogger more suited to your liking. I will continue to share as I like and I strongly suggest you find another outlet if my style is not to your liking. All the best to you!

  256. Tears of joy while reading this. I’m so happy to know your family is growing. I had a scary first trimester as well, but different reasons, and now I’m 24 weeks with a very active boy. I will be praying for your family’s health. I won’t recommend any book in specific because by my experience they are general topics (that’s my personal opinion). What has help me a lot are the doctors recommendations because they are personalized. Enjoy this journey. I look forward to this kind of topics.

  257. Just had my second child a couple months ago. For books you should read natural hospital birth by Cynthia gabriel. I’m not a crazy “natural birther” – both mine were born in hospitals with epidurals (gasp!), but this is a great book. It really has you look at what kind of birth you want, what birth is like, and how to have as natural a birth as possible, or as natural as you want. How to avoid unnecessary medical interruptions, etc. I recommend it to everyone I know and I will re-read it wother each of my pregnancies.

  258. Hello Jen!

    I have been watching you for a while now since late 2011, early 2012. I have to say, you are such a courageous and beautiful person! You have given me hope and strength just by being you. Thank you! I cried when I heard your wonderful news. Many Blessings to you and your growing family!


  259. Dear Jen- I hope you feel the love from this community as you see the outpouring of congratulatory wishes. Everyone has their own story and it’s nice you welcome them to share. My advice for the pregnancy and for when the baby is here: Don’t be afraid to use the on-call Dr. #… I have agonized at times trying to decide if this or that was actually an “emergency” not wanting to put anyone out or take them from a ‘true’ emergency. But the 2 times in my pregnancy and 2-3 times I’ve called when something has not seemed right for my son have brought me such peace and each time the Doctors could not have been any kinder and reassured me calling was the right thing.

    I will be praying as your sweet little blessing develops! I’m sure you and Don are already loving being parents as my husband and I were from the start. He would talk to our little ones every night before bed and give them kisses through my belly…sweet memories.

  260. Congratulations to you, Don and Winnie!

    Continue sharing whatever you like to share. I certainly enjoy your videos and have watched them all and many old ones since I found you through your Kon Mari Videos.

    What you share will help and inspire some, others may disagree or be hurt like Karen, but that is all about them and their journey. You are very gracious in your replies and you continue to show what a wonderful person you are.

    For those who feel this or any video is too long you may want to consider a product like Enounce which allows you to speed up videos. I listen/watch to 80% of all materials: videos/books/training at double speed. Once you get used to hearing it that way it is very easy although it will be an adjustment.

  261. What joyful news! Congrats! Parenting is incredibly hard, but so worthwhile. Echoing others: baby hauls please. Baby supplies are the cutest (and don’t forget to treat mom!)

  262. Dear Jen,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Like others in your community, I wish you and your husband the very best as you start your family. Thank you for sharing your news and your story–you are a very brave woman to share such a personal story with the world, opening yourself up to comments that may not be loving and supportive of your news. I appreciate how you handle negative feedback with grace, affirming your truth while also treating the other person with respect. You share a lot of your life online and clearly spend a great deal of time on your informative videos and blog posts–thank you for the work you do and for the positive environment you’ve created in your corner of the Internet.

  263. Hi Jen,
    congrats on your pregnancy !! Children are beautiful gifts from God 🙂
    I just had my baby, he’s 2 months today !
    I also experienced bleeding during my 1st trimester, actually I was 6 wks when it happened, (which was a frightening experience) we rushed to the doctors and had a very close follow ups during all the rest of the pregnancy. Thank God I can hold my precious baby now 🙂
    I wish you a smooth rest of pregnancy, a very short labor and most of all a healthy baby !

  264. Congratulations!!! I just found your website when I was looking for info on organizing and have to say, as someone who is a bit organizationally challenged, I really enjoy your perspective not only on organizing but other lifestyle topics as well. Thanks you have some great ideas!
    I had fertility issues and then bleeding during my pregnancy so I understand your anxiety, that was awhile ago though, as my daughter is now eleven. Time does fly – try to enjoy each moment : ) Sending positive thoughts for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

  265. Congratulations Jen and Don. I am so happy for you guys. I totally understand the struggles you both went through as my husband and I went through the same tough times. Our ending wasn’t has happy but that’s not important right now. This is about you guys and how amazing this moment is for both of you. I know we don’t know each other but I can tell you are going to be a super awesome mom. Congratulations again and hugs to you all.


  266. Congratulations Jen! Could not be more happy for you and Don.

    Just thought I would point you towards ‘A Model Recommends’ pregnancy blog (http://www.theuphill.com) in case you haven’t come across her, although chances are you already have.

    She also had similar success with Chinese medicine (through the use of acupuncture and herbs) that I thought you might be interested in what she had to say about her pregnancy journey. Read about that specifically here – http://www.amodelrecommends.com/2015/06/05/the-john-tsagaris-clinic-and-my-fertility-journey/

    Good luck with everything Jen. I am honestly, honestly from the bottom of my heart so happy for you guys.

  267. Look at all the wonderful comments! Please add my congratulations to all the heartfelt joy expressed at yours and Don’s good news. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with your child. It will be the most magical moment of your life. Happy Dance in Ohio!

    Preparing your nursery. How you are feeling each day. Talk about your parents child rearing philosophies and how they most likely will influence your own. Exercise – so important to women of your generation – what will be your workout routine. Thank you for sharing! It’s such fun to see your “organized” self delve into all of what’s to come. Take care!

  269. Congratulations!!! You have no idea how excited I was to hear of your big announcement today!! (We have been on vacation all week so I apologize for being a little behind) You have such a genuinely wonderful heart and will be an amazing Mommy! My 2 daughters are my absolute life and I cannot even remember life before them. You will receive more advice than you know what to do with but you will know what to do…trust your instincts. Becoming a mom made me stronger and braver than I ever imagined I could be. You’ve got this all under control, Mama…more than you even know. You, Don and baby (girl!) will be in my prayers! God bless you 🙂

  270. Books I liked (although I haven’t been pregnant for 24 years!) included What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (I guess there’s an app for that now!), What to Expect the First Year (as I was getting closer to giving birth, and A Child Is Born (for super pictures of unborn children–very inspiring). Good luck. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and rides like a roller coaster sometimes (as you’ve already learned).

  271. So So happy for you. I watched the video with your sister in law when she had her little girl. Then I got pregnant and I watched those videos when I then got pregnant and had my son. I would listen to your videos and I swear he loves watching videos of you still because he recognizes your voice lol Anyway now you are pregnant! I am so happy for you both.

  272. I only recently discovered your blog and videos, but I nearly cried with happiness for you, as I watched this video, so much of your fertility journey has been similar to my own, so I understand how joyful this announcement is for you. Thank you for sharing!

  273. Darn youtube is acting up and wouldn’t let me post my comment there, so I will post it here.
    Jen, I nearly screamed when I saw the title! I’m incredibly happy for you and Don and your whole family 🙂 This is such wonderful news!♥ I am glad I get to hear and see your experience. I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to see all the pregnancy related videos 🙂

  274. Congratulations! So happy for you guys!

    Just a thought I wanted to share- I can relate to the very painful periods that can lead to vomiting. My response to the pain was vomiting, too. When I went into labor, contractions weren’t so bad because I was used to the very painful period cramps. However, when they got more intense in the car ride to the hospital, I definitely vomited in the car…which was no fun! So, you might want to consider bringing something along in the car in case that happens….

    Good luck, Jen! Enjoy this time!

  275. Congratulations to you and Don! Wonderful news. I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog for a long time now. So happy for you guys.
    BTW, did you know there is a new Hallmark Christmas ornament called “Mom to Bee”? You have to check it out if you haven’t already.
    Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Are you going to find out the sex or be surprised?

  276. Congratulations! I am really happy for you! We had our son when I was 33, after being 10 years married and after trying for 4.5 years. Today is his birthday, he is 15! All I can say is enjoy the journey of pregnancy. My wish is you have a pregnancy with no problems and a healthy baby.
    (After the Italy trip, I was guessing you were pregnant, too many signs, so glad everything turned out as you wished for!)

  277. Congratulations to you, Don and Winnie! I am so happy for you…I cried when I saw your YouTube video title. I am 25 weeks today and enjoying every moment of this pregnancy. I have been a crazy mess of emotions. Crying over something as simple as being stuck in traffic. I hope and pray this journey is as smooth as possible for you.

  278. I just saw your announcement on YouTube and I am thrilled to bits for you, Don, amd Winnie. I haven’t stopped smiling since I watched the video. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I am so looking forward to all the posts and videos you do about everything from your pregnancy stats to the decorating of your nursery.

  279. I just want to say one thing. RELAX. A few more things,Just be you. Don’t overly worry. Of course as a new parent,you will worry a bit. Pray. A lot. God gets us through everything, whether we realize it or not and prayer helps take away worry. Please, please, please rest when you need to and leave the worrying to your doctors and God. You’re going to be fine! You all have been and always will be in my Prayers Jen. Congrats to you and Don!! (please don’t worry) 🙂

  280. Congratulations! I’m a YouTube viewer (though I don’t comment) and I’ve enjoyed your channel for about a year. Although you didn’t talk about it, I could tell you and your husband wanted to start a family soon, maybe because my family is in the same position. I’m so happy for you! I also found out I was pregnant this spring and I’m about 19 weeks now. I had some first trimester woes too, glad to hear everything is ok. My husband and my dog were great sources of comfort. Enjoy your pregnancy! I’m sure you will be a great mom, with great style, too!

  281. Every woman is curious to know various things during their pregnancy. What are the stages and how to cope up with it etc. etc. Ladies you must be knowing that there are 3 stages in pregnancy – First Trimester, Second Trimester & Third Trimester. Now days it’s very easy to find information on pregnancy online. Being pregnant I was also looking for some information and found an interesting post “Your Guide to the First Trimester of Pregnancy” on WhatToExpect – https://www.whattoexpect.com/first-trimester-of-pregnancy.aspx.

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