Planner Sticker Haul | Fall 2015

I recently jumped onto the planner sticker bandwagon and I’m hooked!  I went a little shopping happy ( 😉 ) on Etsy recently and picked up some new stickers for fall.  I thought I’d share pictures of my purchases as well as some gifts I receieved.  Each shop kindly provided coupon codes, which you can find below each photo if you’d like to do some shopping, too!

paper loving mommy haul fall 2015

Paper Loving Mommy

Save 15% with code PRETTYNEAT15

station stickers haul fall 2015

Station Stickers

Save 10% with code PRETTYNEAT10 / Expires December 31, 2015

it's planning time haul fall 2015

It’s Planning Time

Save 15% with code PRETTYNEATLIVING / Expires December 31, 2016

nikki plus three haul fall 2015

Nikki Plus Three

Save 10% off $10+ with code JEN10 / Expires December 31, 2015

sweet kawaii design haul fall 2015

sweet kawaii design haul fall 2015

Sweet Kawaii Design

Save Save 10% with code PRETTYNEAT / Expires June 2016

scribble print co haul fall 2015

Scribble Prints Co

Save 15% with code PRETTYNEATLIVING / Expires December 31, 2015

piper paper co haul fall 2015

piper paper co haul fall 2015

Piper Paper Co*

Save 20% off $10+ with code PRETTYNEATLIVING / Expires February 26, 2016

lulu's luvlies haul fall 2015

Lulu’s Luvlies*

Save 10% with code JEN10 / Expires December 31, 2015

I share more about my sticker haul in this video:

I’d love to hear about your favorite planner sticker shops and sources if you care to share!


* Items marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me for consideration.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


41 thoughts on “Planner Sticker Haul | Fall 2015”

  1. Hey Jenn. I love this video. I am just getting into the planner stuff and this is awesome. You have ordered from a lot of companies I have seen before, but some I have not so it was a great verity of different collections and that is nice. Happy planning and hope you do more videos like this!!!

  2. So, so cute. Thank you for sharing. Love the nail polish and cleaning ones. Oh and the lattes and drinking water ones. They are just so so creative. Love Etsy.

  3. Since you asked for our opinions, I’m not really big into the sticker planner haul, but I did watch the whole video above! Maybe I just need to get into it myself to appreciate it? 🙂

  4. Yes, love the sticker hauls and planner videos. I got bit (hard) by the planner bug last year. I ended going with the Plum Paper Planner because the family version you can customize the seven sections in it with whatever you want.
    My problem was/is that I’ve bought all these stickers and they are still sitting in a drawer in their packages. 🙂 I like seeing how others are using the stickers to (successfully) plan.
    Thank you!!

  5. Hi Jen, I’ve watched your review videos and wanted an EC planner for so long, however, the cost was too much to send to UK. Recently I purchased a Filofax and a MAMBI 365 Happy Planner. I’ve watched so many plan with me videos. There are so many cute, beautiful stickers to choose from so I’m considering buying my own Silhouette cutting machine. It might save me money in the long run!!!

  6. Hi Jen, Great haul and thanks for getting all the codes for us.

    By the way, it would be interesting to see shops that do stickers for other planners like the Plum Paper Planner which is what I actually bought based on your comparison to the Erin Condren 🙂

    1. There must be other Planner Enthusiasts out there that use stickers in their Plum Planners – have you tried a search on Google or YouTube? I’d start there.

      1. Hi Jen! Would love for you to do a video on how you made your social media stickers in PhotoShop. They are super cute and those of us who utilize social media for our businesses could benefit from that. Thanks for the super info and I look forward to more planner videos!

        1. I don’t feel as if I’m properly well versed in Photoshop to fi;m a tutorial on it….most of the time with me it’s just trial and error. I dragged the icons in and put some dots by them 😉

  7. I also just started with the #erincondren #lifeplanner #plannerstickers thanks to a past gift card I received from you! Enjoyed the recent planner videos posted and discount codes. It’s rather addicting!!!

  8. I absolutely love that you are doing planner/planner sticker videos! I really enjoyed both videos and blog posts about it. It made me revamp my planning style and so far has helped me stay organized and be able to express myself creatively!

  9. LOVED the videos, both of them!! I’m an EC user and thanks to you my planner is looking more organized and fun! Excited for the shops to open back up and explore what they have.

  10. So much fun!!
    loved watching this haul! I have been into stickers since I was a wee one and have quite the collection. I love that now I have something I can do with them instead of just sitting in the box looking pretty 🙂

  11. I just got my first Erin Condren life planner delivered today. Thanks for all of your great videos. They were a huge help to me when making my decision on what to buy.

  12. Jen,
    Because of your vlog where you should how you use planner stickers I have fallen in love with them. I like making them from home because I can make them what I want.
    If you have a second could you please check out my blog that is all about planners! I just started it and would love your opinion.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi jen love the sticker . I am currently looking for a place to get stickers customized for school have you come across any that would be good quality

  14. Hi Jen,
    I was wondering if you would consider doing a sticker organization video? I have a ton of planner stickers and I’m trying to find creative ways to keep them easy to see but contained somehow. I recently got a small plastic accordion file with tabs to keep them, but I’m wondering if there is a better way that you have found.

    1. I haven’t organized my planner stickers yet but once I do I’ll definitely consider sharing. The accordion file sounds like a good place to start!

  15. How do you organize your stickers love the video thanks – I can’t afford any of those planner and have try to win one no luck so I went to big lots and got one for 9 dollars that I have been using for two years now only problem the month is one page and small so I need small stickers like mini who you recommend?

  16. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for your sticker haul video– really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful stickers! There was no giveaway link in your description box– oh no! Please add one and let us know how to enter! ^_^ Love that little sticker book! Thanks!

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