Plan With Me | Bullet Journal | September 2017

Happy September, planner friends!  If you’ve been following me on YouTube over the past few months you know that I’ve recently switched over to using a Bullet Journal as my main planner.  Yes, it does require some dedicated time since the entire planner is designed and drawn by hand, but I find it has been very helpful in keeping me focused and motivated.  Never before in all my years of using a planner have I looked so forward to the end of the month when I set aside a little time to work on next month’s pages.  The process of working on my bullet journal in this way helps me visualize where I am currently and where I hope to be in the near future.  It’s really working for me!

I walk you through my August pages and show how I set up my monthly pages for September in my Bullet Journal in this video:

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One Little Word
Boho Berry

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I hope you enjoyed this look at my Bullet Journal setup for September.  I’d love to know what kind of planner and planning process works right now for you if you care to share.
Happy Planning!

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5 thoughts on “Plan With Me | Bullet Journal | September 2017”

  1. I love yours videos.since that, my live loocked more pink. I feel much better,because I love organization,but last month’s or years it was very difficult,because I have depression and everything turned more difficult.
    Watching yours videos, I filed more courage to start organization, I love your work,thank you very much,because I am filed more happy. Sorry my English is not very.
    I wish the best for you and for your family.
    Thank you.

  2. Hey loveliest Jen!
    Thanks for inspiring me to drink more water with your bullet journal habit tracker. You really have been an inspiration to me for years and I am so grateful that I found you. On a practical note – do you fill up bottles of water and put them in your fridge and then drink say 4 bottles of water a day OR do you drink out of the tap? Or do you have pitchers in your fridge and pour from there. I am struggling to find a good system for my water. :/ Please help Jen? Thank yooooou! Much love <3

  3. Hi Jen! I love your artistry and journal ideas! I am just setting my first “bullet journal” up and i’d like to know what some of the things you track are. It looks like quite a list! I love how you got it all on one page – brilliant!

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