Blogmas 2019 | Day 8

I know I made this big song and dance about “going easy on myself” and “not panicking if I don’t blog every single day” at the beginning of this month-long journey, but I’m just over a week in and I’m fighting myself over these very statements.  I wanted to prioritize editing my latest vlog and […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 | Treasures for Tots

Happy Holidays, friends!  I was doing a little housekeeping on my blog when I found a saved draft of this gift guide for toddlers and babies that I put together last year.  I decided to post it now as I like to have these personally for reference in my blog archive, but also because it’s […]

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Blogmas 2019 | Day 7

I planned a special “Mommy’s Day Out” for myself today.  I try to arrange for these once every few months.  I recognize I need a full day recharge from time to time.  Honoring myself with a special outing is the push I need to convince myself to take the time, because honestly I’m not sure […]

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Blogmas 2019 | Day 6

I’m sure I’m committing some sort of blogging no-no by posting twice in on day, but let’s be honest, this entire blog is a blogging no-no 😂 I’m just going to go with it and continue posting what I want when I want so another year and a half doesn’t slip by with it laying […]

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