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I’m excited to launch my 2015 Travel Series today!  Over the next several weeks I’ll talk about some of my favorite packing organizers, travel-related gear, and how I pack for certain trips.  Today I am sharing about my current favorite toiletries and cosmetic cases and how I use them for efficient packing and organized traveling.


I take a lot of products with me when I travel.  This is one of the ways I feel more comfortable when I’m not at home.  I have fairly involved dental, skincare, and beauty regimens, which means there’s a lot to pack, even when all is decanted into travel size containers.  I’ve tested out cases in all different shapes and sizes over the years, but was never fully satisfied with the organization of any one design.  They either had too little built-in organization or too much.  I found myself getting annoyed with cases with lots of pockets, pouches, and bands, and equally so with wide open designs that I had to rummage through to find anything.  I wanted to be able to sort and store my many products during travel in a way that was both neat and easily accessible.

I found just that with the multi-piece train case set.  The basic design of this is a larger soft-sided transparent vinyl train case with a wide open lid packed with two boxy pouches and one shallow and wide zip case.  I have two such cases: one from Henri Bendel that I keep all of my skincare and daily regimen items in (on the right) and the other from Ulta that holds all of my cosmetics and related tools (on the left).  It only took one trip using both to discover that this design works the best for me.  I have traveled with both many times over the past year and they continue to serve my needs and wishes perfectly.


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The Henri Bendel Brown & White Four Piece Cosmetic Bag is an absolute beauty.  It is extremely well made with top of the line materials and excellent zippers.  The clear vinyl train case is sturdy with a double zipper that allows the top to open fully for easy access.  The included inner pouches are made from a lovely printed vinyl and lined with a water-resistant oil-cloth like fabric to help contain leaks and spills.  The entire set all nestled together measures 6.75″ high x 8.5″wide x 6.75″ deep.  The look and quality of this set is reflected in the high price tag: $98 (on sale for $58.80 at the time of posting).

I use this set to pack and store my skincare, bath and body products, dental routine items, hair things, and emergency care items.  I generally leave this as well as my cosmetic case out on or around the bathroom counter of wherever I am staying.  I love that I can keep everything in this case while traveling and still be able to easily access what I need when I want to use it.

I organize the contents to accommodate efficiency.  For example, I pack things I keep out, either in the shower or on the counter (generally just my dental products which I store in a cup) as well as items I don’t necessarily reach for every day such and hair and emergency care items in the wide and shallow case that sits in the bottom of the train case.  I keep the two boxy pouches on top of that one, which I can easily access by simply reaching into the train case lid.  Skincare items go in one and body care products in the other.  I take out the products I need when it’s time to use them and put them back right away when I’m done to keep everything together and tidy.


I use the Basics Black 4 Piece Train Case Set from Ulta in a similar way to pack and store my cosmetics.  This case has an almost identical design with slightly different dimensions: 5.5″ high x 8.5″ wide x 6.75″ deep.  This case retails at a much lower price point of $36, which is reflected in the quality.  It’s still a very nice set, just not quite as fancy as the Bendel one!  The clear vinyl train case has a double zipper for easy access.  The wide and shallow pouch and one of the two boxy pouches are made from a nylon-like fabric and the other boxy pouch is a hot pink mesh material.

I keep my makeup brushes and baby wipes in the wide and shallow bottom pouch and organize my makeup so that all face base products are in the black boxy pouch and all the rest is tucked into the pink mesh one.  I tend to take all three of the inner pouches out of the train case when it’s time to apply my makeup.  I like to lay out all of my face base products and put them back one by one as I finish using them, and then do the same with my other makeup as I make my way through the application process.  That way I don’t have too much out at one time on the counter but I also don’t have to go rummaging through the little pouches with my fingers full of makeup to find what I’m looking for.  Once I’m done, I tuck all three pouches back into the train case and store all together.


I do also use a few extra pouches for health and beauty related purposes I thought I’d share here as well:

1. Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac (medium) – I pack my hair towel, spa headband, loofah, and hair combs in this water-resistant lined zip pouch.  I could easily fit these items in the Henri Bendel case on top of the two boxy pouches since there is extra room there, but these items are pretty damp most of the time when I’m packing up to come home and I prefer to keep them separate in this sac.

2. Vera Bradley Small Cosmetic – My Clarisonic Mia and charger fit perfectly inside this little zip case.  I generally leave My Clarisonic resting on a washcloth on the bathroom counter while at my destination and stow the case until it’s time to head home.  The plastic liner ensures any dampness stays inside the case during transit.

3. Eagle Creek Pack-It Quicktrip – My husband, Don, has used this toiletry kit for years.  It easily fits all of his products.  I like the side mesh zip pocket to store his comb and another zip pocket on the other side for his razor.  He keeps the case on the bathroom counter when traveling just like I do with mine.  It’s easy to reach in and find what he needs since he has so few products and is nicely sized for packing.

4. Eagle Creek Pack-It Cosmo Pouch (small) – I like to keep my health things including supplements, teas, and apple cider vinegar, in a separate pouch.  Sadly, this handy one by Eagle Creek appears isn’t available currently.

I share more about my favorite train case sets and how I use them in this video:

It’s giveaway time! I wanted to share the train case set love with you.  The Henri Bendel Train Case Set Giveaway will run until Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  TWO winners will receive a brand new Henri Bendel Brown & White Four Piece Cosmetic Bag:


You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always.  Good luck!

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I realize not everyone travels with as many products as I do, but I wanted to share what works for me currently.  I believe just one of these train case sets could work great for someone with less products, but of course, as with anything, preferences are individual.  I’d love to hear about your favorite toiletries and cosmetic cases if you care to share!
Happy & Safe Travels!


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  1. I would love to see a packing video from your Italy trip. Please share! Just wanted to mention that I use the Eagle Creek Wallaby for my showering needs at the gym. (I shower at the gym 5 days per week) it keeps my things organized and has a hook so I can hang from the shower head. Still on the lookout for a good bag for my makeup though.

    1. Also meant to ask you what kind of razor is your travel razor? I love that it doesn’t have a cheap plastic cover over just the razor part. I just cut my thumb yesterday reaching for my razor when I was on vacation. Ouch!

  2. Hi Jen! I love the new site! Congratulations on the launch. I wish you great success this year. The site makes it easier to find previous posts. Just wanted to let you and your users know that the Henri Bendel cosmetic case is currently on sale. I received an email and wanted to make sure it was the same one you recommended and it is.

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