Packing Jewelry For Travel

As a jewelry lover and collector, I like to travel with a selection of pieces to coordinate with my wardrobe on any given trip.  I’ve always preferred to travel with my most valuable items (in terms of both monetary and personal worth) with me in my carry-on bag as opposed to packing such things in my checked luggage.  I’m always on the lookout for packing tools to aid in space saving efficiency since I already carry quite a bit on the plane with me with all of the camera and computer equipment I have (see The Anatomy of My Carry-On Bag for a more in-depth look).  The travel jewelry roll I found at The Container Store during their annual travel sale this past summer fits the bill perfectly!

Source: Hanging Jewelry Roll from The Container Store

Hanging Jewelry Roll from The Container Store (photo source)

The Hanging Jewelry Roll (which is on sale right now marked down from $14.99 to $9.99!) can hold a nice selection of jewelry.  I like how it folds flat as opposed to rolling, which works well for my vertical packing method.  The blue background makes it easy to see the contents inside.  I tend to use the three smaller compartments at the top for earrings, the next compartment down for necklaces, and the lowest two for bracelets and watches.

Source: Tite-Lip Anti-Tarnish Bag 3x2" from Fire Mountain Gems

Tite-Lip Anti-Tarnish Bag 3″x2″ from Fire Mountain Gems (photo source)

I use 3″x2″ and 3″x3″ anti-tarnish zip-top Tite-Lip bags from Fire Mountain Gems to store all of my jewelry at home.  When traveling I just pop these bags already containing the pieces I’ve picked out into the jewelry roll.  Not only do these bags aid in keeping my jewelry polished, they are a great way to avoid the inevitable jewelry tangles when pieces are stored together.  The bags are clear so it is easy to see through them and identify the pieces inside even when zipped securely into the jewelry roll.

Source: Itso Narrow Fabric Tray from Target

Itso Narrow Fabric Tray from Target (photo source)

I recently discovered an effective method of organizing my jewelry for packing using a three-compartment tray by Itso, which I purchased from Target.  I have jewelry in three main metal shades: silver, gold, and rose gold.  When prepping to pack, I will sit at my vanity where I store my jewelry at home with this tray and pull all of the possible pieces I might want for my trip.  I separate the jewelry into the tray by shade.  I can then bring the tray over to wherever I’ve laid out my clothing to pack and narrow down my jewelry choices with ease while coordinating with my trip wardrobe.

This is a simple but effective way of picking out and packing jewelry for trips that saves me both time in the packing process and space in my carry-on bag.

*I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned.  All opinions are my own.  Photos are linked to the original sources.*


18 thoughts on “Packing Jewelry For Travel”

  1. I store my jewlery in a similar way but the plastic bags are an addition i never thought of but its smart what do you do with bulkier items long chains or large statemenr necklaces

  2. Jen I picked up the larger version a few months ago (and at my first ever visit to a container store) after seeing your video when you first mentioned this. I can’t wait to use it on my next trip!

  3. I love watching all your videos and now your blog. I will be visiting the USA soon and have a trip to the Container Store already planned out. I always thought I was organized but your skills are amazing and I am adopting so many of them.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, and thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. Lori

  4. Hi Jen- this is so helpful! I have never liked the small jewelry pouches/rolls I have used to travel in the past. I haven’t bought one of these jewelry organizers yet,(I believe they are out of stock right now) but I bought bead bags yesterday at Michael’s and got all my earrings bagged up. It is such a good idea to keep them together that way! Thanks for sharing- I am actuallyeager to pack for our Disney trip in May and implement all of the great ideas I’ve gotten from your videos!

  5. Love it. Thanks Jen 🙂 this is perfect for traveling. I don’t like to wear anything too bulky when I travel so this works well for me!

  6. Hi! I ended up getting a jewelry roll (but w/ a Velcro closure) in a PHP 88 store in a local mall. I’m a jewelry addict like you too, so I hate the ill feeling of losing my own jewelry with my luggage as possible. I’m considering of doing a similar method you mentiond & see if I can do something about it. Anyway, very helpful & informative too!

  7. Hi Jen! I L-O-V-E your videos so much! I just wanted to ask if you could do a jewerly collection (where you store them, how you keep it organized and also where you got your jewerly from!)
    Thank you! And keep-up with the great vlogs!

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